tagIncest/TabooMom and I Ch. 04

Mom and I Ch. 04


A few weeks after mom and I talked about the cross dreesing thing, I started to wonder if I was getting too caught up in the fetish thing. A few pairs of women's half-glasses and beaded eyeglass chains and it started to bother me a bit.

What if I were to meet a woman I really liked and after a bit of time we got serious. How would I get her to go along with this? Would I even want to bring this subject up?

I know that if she wore glasses for reading I could keep them spotless for her and make her a nice eyeglass chain so her glasses would fall across her hopefully large bosoms. Would that be enough for me?

I was at my mothers place in early February and decided to talk to her about this.

"Mom I want to talk to you about some things."

"Sure, I have a lot of time we could talk, want me to put up some coffee?"

"Yes, thanks milk two sugars."

So I sat there on the sofa wondering how this was going to work out. I saw her half-glasses on the coffee table but did not take and clean them.

Mom came back into the living room with coffee and a few doughnuts, I could not believe it.

"So what would you like to talk about, John?"

"What do you think of this interest I have with women's half-glasses?"

"Do you not like them anymore?"

"I do but if I met a woman, is she going to think I am weird?"

"It will depend on how you feel about it, If you feel strange about it, so will she."

"I understand that mom but I think I should be able to really get turned on by a woman herself than to need her to wear her half-glasses."

Mom smiled.

"John, it is very good that you feel that way, because it should happen that way. You are right. If a woman thought you needed her to wear her half-glasses she would most likely feel it was them you got turned on by and it is not likely the relation would work out."

"I have given that a lot of thought, mom."

"I know you have and I can help you with this.

"Oh, how could you do that mom?"

"When you are with a woman in the sack, how long does it take to get hard?"

"Too long, or so it seems."

"That's what I figured." Said mom."Then what happens?"

"Well I bring up the subject of women who wear glasses and ask her if she thinks it is o.k. for a guy to be turned on that way."

"AND?" Asked mom.

"She says she likes the idea and that she would not wear them if she did not need them and if a guy likes her in them that's fine, But it is like I am making good use of her feelings some how."

"That is right John, maybe you need to be with her longer before things happen. You get nervous and her half-glasses get you turned on. But John, you have to learn to get yourself hard with out the fetishes, otherwise things will not work out right for you."

"Later on when you know you can really get turned on with out the fetishes, well you could ask her to do things with your fetish BUT and I mean it, You have to be able to satisfy a woman without any of these fetishes."

"Finish up your coffee and doughnuts."

I did so and she takes her half-glasses with beaded eyeglass chain and looks through them.

"You did not want to clean your moms half-glasses for her?"

"I was thinking about other things mom."

"No excuse, You are to clean them an make them spotless when you are here. Now follow me.

I did so, right to her bedroom.

"Take my clothes off and enjoy my body."

I took off her white ruffled blouse and bra, then her skirt; slip;panties and heels were removed and she was on the bed. I then stripped off my clothes and hopped up.

I knew what mom was doing, she wanted me to just enjoy HER body. NOT her half-glasses and beaded eyeglass chain and /or her heels JUST her body.

I began kissing her allover her neck and nibbling on her ears while my hands were cupping her lovely bosoms. I was enjoying her feminine fragrances and her smoothness of skin and this was really nice. I know not how long I played with her bosoms,licking and kissing but I was getting hard and my cock was rubbing on moms belly.

"Oh, this is so nice John."

I kept playing with her bosoms as I started licking her belly. Short fast licks or slow, long and loving. I was really enjoying the moment getting intimate with mom and I was getting harder and I had no fetishes here. I started licking her thighs still fondling her beautiful bosoms. Her nipples were erect and redder than ever and she began bucking her hips.

"Keep kissing an doing my tits!"

Mom is getting very turned on and so am I.

I spread her legs and went to her soft silky haired muff and kissed it in a thousand different ways. I nibbled her labia and sucked them and I don't know what I did not do to them but they liked it.

"Fuck me NOW"

Faster than greased lightning I was in my mother. I was hard as ever and she was so wet It slipped right on in and I was loving her tightness, and warmth. No words can ever describe how good it is. Hands at her side I began thrusting.

"Give it to me hard and fast John!"

I was giving my mom the screwing she wanted. Good and hard, good and fast and she would want it again and again.

Word had all ready gone round that mom was looking better and no one knew why. Just that there was a spark in her eyes. Not like the time I wired a doorknob to a Ford T coil and sent ten thousand volts up her arm. No this was a spark of a different kind.

Mom was uttering throaty sounds and I knew she was getting what she wanted. I was rock hard, and I could feel her lovely pussy juices sloshing against my battering ram. And then I came, and It sure felt great as what seemed to be a couple of quarts of liquid love blown way north of her pussy. That liquid love would course through every living molecule of hers giving her a zazzz that would last a while.

To say mom was very pleased her son did her with no fetishes was like saying I was quite glad to hit the lottery for five mil.

We got cleaned up and dressed and mom was very pleased.

"See that John, all you needed was more time to explore a woman's body and enjoy her sexuality. It's not rocket science."

As I headed back to Sarasota I had a feeling that things would really work out. And I would get to thank mom for that, many times over.

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