tagIncest/TabooMom and I Ch. 05

Mom and I Ch. 05


I had not ridden a motorcycle since the early 80's which would put me in the 25 to 28 age line. Now it is thirty years later and I've decided to ride again.

Back in the mid 70's I bought a HondaCL360 that could kick some serious ass as was proved when I was pulled over on route 25 just north of the Bourne bridge.

"Do you know how fast you were going?" Barked the State trooper.

"Yup, between a hundred and ten and a hundred and fifteen."

"You probably won't be around to pay the fine." The trooper grumbled as he walked back to his cruiser, got in and split.

He probably figured another trooper would be peeling my remains off the high-way and was he worth taking the time to write out a ticket?

Thirty years later I am driving by Jim's Harley Davidson dealer in St. Pete Florida. But this time something told me to go on in and see what they had for bikes. There she was, a 1991 Sporty with black tank and fenders; chrome exhaust pipes; large S&S chrome air cleaner; shorty carburetor and chrome tubes for the lift rods. Left side had a battery box; horn and oil filter in chrome plus the ignition switch.

Both sides of the V-45 degree 1200 C.C. engine are in chrome as is the kick stand. The engine has a five speed transmission and electric start.

I gave the dealer a hundred dollar bill to put down and I went to the bank. I came back an hour later with the balance, a helmet and a pair of goggles.

A few days later I rode down to see Mom in Sarasota and she was quite happy to see me.

"Where is your truck John?"

"Back at the house, I took the bike."

"Bike? what bike?"

"Take a look out the window, mom."

"Oh that is a nice bike." And mom went out to take a good look.

"Damn that chrome really sparkles."

"Oh yeah, that's Purple polish, best stuff I ever used."

I was wearing faded jeans; Herman survivor work boots and a heavy shirt as the weather was getting a bit cooler.

"So John are you going to give me a ride?"

The way she asked me, I could not tell if she meant on the bike or on the bed, either being quite fine though.

"How about on the bike? at least for now." She wickedly grinned at me.

I liked that last bit,'at least for now' as it seemed there would be a good chance of getting intimate with Mom later on. I gave Mom a good fitting helmet and we took off to St. Pete. I loved the feeling of moms large sexy tits pushed into me with her hands wrapped around me.

By the time we got there I was starving and mom was hungry too. So we went to the waffle house, a stones throw from the Harley dealer.

Mom had her sexy silver half-round glasses, the ones she used to get me off with a few times, still hanging by a pearl beaded neck chain and the memory of what was done made me tight down there.

"Oh John, this is great, my son taking me for a great ride over the Sky way bridge."

"Well Mom I loved it too." and I am looking at this hot looking lady with her half-glasses down her nose as she looked at the menu.

I heard a couple of bikes pulling into the parking lot and they entered the waffle house at the same time Mom asks,

"So John, have you been enjoying the half-glasses and bra I gave you and what else have you been doing?"

"Can we talk about that later Mom?" I really did not want a couple of bikers knowing their kind liked to fool around with a few pair of lady's half-glasses with beaded neck chains and brassieres.

She knew what I meant. "Oh yes, I know what you mean. "

"The bike gives such a smooth ride, John."

"Yeah it does, I like that it looks like it rolled out of the 50's and being able to stand up feet flat on the ground is good too.

Mom was eating a waffle and I saw a few drops of syrup land on her glasses.

"Mom, your half-glasses just got hit by the syrup, want me to clean them for ya?"

"Would you like to do that for your Mom?"

"Sure." So they were spotless when I got finished with them. Mom looked through them and she knew I knew what to do with a pair of lady's reading glasses.

"Would John like to give his Mom a nice ride on the bed when we get back to the house?"

Mom asked as she looked at me over the tops of her glasses with those sexy pearl beads gently swaying.

"Sure, and did you like going over the Sky way bridge?"

"Yes, I loved it and you are going to take me for many other rides too. . .right?"

"Hell yes Mom, some even on the bike."

Mom gave me a smirk, "I will look forward to that."

The sun was setting in the west as we headed south over the Sky way bridge and we were feeling great.

I loved having Mom on the back of my Harley with her nice big tits stuffed into my back and her hands around me. Mom wanted me, because as soon as we were in the house, she had her hand between my jeans and belt and lead me to her room and yeah I was nude in seconds, and mom had her bra,panties on. They were sexy black with a lot of lace and I liked the way her silver half-glasses looked against her brassiere. Mom had slipped into a pair of patent black pumps with short flared heels and in my mind I knew that as we were doing each other, the room lighting would sparkle upon those heels and they'd take on a life of their own.

"Does John want Mom to touch him down there?" Mom is using her silver half-rounds as an extended finger, pointing to my fat red shaft.

Mom is a lovely woman and those one hundred miles with a biker chick only made me horny as hell. I was on top of her and I started to nibble on her ears and kiss her neck, slowly working down to her sexy mounds, her nipples like the sweetest of strawberries and then moving to her belly button.

"Oh John, please don't do anything yet, I so want to enjoy having a man on top of me."

"No problem here dear." And I resumed kissing and licking her nipples, her brassiere of course was removed before she hit the bed.

"John, Mom wants you to kiss and lick her sexy silver half-rounds and maybe suck on her beads, you will do that for Mom. . . right?"

"Yes Mom." I did. I felt I was being dominated and one of my fantasies was to have Mom as my Dominatrix

Again Mom asked, "Want me to touch you down there with my half-glasses you so much love?"

"Not today Mom."

"Do you not like them anymore?"

"I do but as you showed me once, a woman should be enough to get me hard enough to satisfy a lady."

"Tell me john. . . Do you still do things with the few pair of glasses and brassiere I gave you?"

"Oh yes Mom, that bra has so much cum in it, it can walk on its own!"

"I was thinking I could do something wild with my patent black heels."

"And ya know, I'd love that but not today."

"I picked up a pair of larger round glasses, would you cum them for me so I can lick the bug juice off them?"

I never heard of cum being called bug juice! Mom's questions were curiously getting me hotter. I began to go into my Moms soft tight silky muff, nice and slowly then pull out a bit and going back in. It seemed I did this for a good thirty minutes, it felt so great I did not want to stop.

"In more John." and I did. GAWD Mom is so tight as if she had a new cylinder and me with a ring job, great compression here. I was licking her belly and boobs on the in stroke. Mom's sex juices were slurping and sloshing around my manhood. I could hear and feel her sex parts laden with moistness as I gave her the fucking we both so wanted. Moms half-glasses caught the light of a lamp as they jiggled around by her boobs and I found something of a real turn-on in that.

Well I was doing sixty and it was quite nice but I decided to roll on the throttle and bring her up to at least ninety five.

I have a twelve hundred C.C. engine, might as well use as many of them as I can and see where it takes me. In my head I could hear the throaty roar of that Harley engine as my piston was filling my Moms lovely cylinder with something that would make her eyes glow as if she grabbed a spark plug wire.

"Oh John, what have you done to your dear old Mom?" She chortled. "This will have to last until the next time and when will that be?"

"Next time I'm over."

"And we can do the fetish thing and bondage?"

Moms voice rose a bit at the end of that sentence. Bondage? yeah that's worth getting tied up over.

"I have this friend, Janet, her hubby died a year ago. Kidneys went. Imagine that, after like sixty five years, his kidneys went out on him."

"They just don't make things like they used to, Mom'

"Well as it turns out, her hubby had a few fetishes but was too embarrassed to tell Janet. After he died, Janet found a letter he wrote to her, asking what she would think if he told her he wanted to be ordered to wear her clothes and be tied up

But what is really interesting is, he was a biker, he had a Triumph, made in England.

"We should not cheat your friend out of something nice, how about fixing us up when she comes over to see you. How old is she?"

"Mid sixties John, and yes she has about a dozen pair of half-glasses. I could tell her I know a guy who'd be very happy to keep them spotless for her. She is lonely, a bit on the big side but her boobs should be enough for any guy, and she has a nice personality, rather funny or wise-ass at times. I bet you'll like her.

"Think she'd be interested in a long term sentence?"

"How did you know that John?"

"Know what Mom?"

"Janet loved a long term relationship and sometimes called it 'a lifetime sentence."

I got myself dressed and ready to hit the road, I told Mom I'd be there next Wednesday and to work on getting Janet to meet me.

As I rode back on my trusty Harley I wondered what the hell kind of marriage Janet had and could I get a three-some started?

And as I was thinking of getting it on with two fine ladies, I could feel a real tightness growing in my pants.

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