tagIncest/TabooMom & Mary

Mom & Mary


Jenny was in her room reading in bed. At forty, she was still a beautiful woman. Divorced for almost ten years, she had raised her daughter by herself, and it was her daughter that now broke her concentration from her book. She dropped her book in her lap and cocked her head, listened to strange noises coming from down the hall. Jen put her book down on the night stand and walked down the hall to her daughter's bedroom door, but stopped as she realized what the noises were—Mary was masturbating.

Jen peeked through the door and stood quietly in her nightshirt, watching her daughter move her hand frantically between her legs as she whined and pleaded for her own orgasm. Jenny sighed and cleared her throat loudly, giving her young daughter a chance to recover before entering her room. Mary flipped over quickly in her bed and pulled the covers up, obviously embarrassed at having "almost" been caught.

Jen walked in and sat at the edge of her daughter's bed. Mary was a "Mini-Jen", with long blond hair like her mothers, and the same beautiful blue eyes. Her breasts, still growing, were already a 34B, and would one day match her mom's 36D.

"Trouble sleeping, dear?" asked Mom casually.

"Um, yeah."

"Come to my room for a minute," she replied, and walked out.

Mary wiped her wet fingers off on her sheets and walked down to her mom's room in her t-shirt. Her small pert breasts pushed her hard nipples through the light material, the same way her mom's did. She walked in and found her mom sitting up against the headboard playing with the TV remote.

Mary walked in and sat on the bed, but Jen patted the spot next to her, so Mary scotched over and sat next to her mom, propping the pillow behind her. It was a Friday night, and already almost midnight. Mary, although eighteen, rarely dated because she worked two jobs to help her mom pay the bills. Without a dad in the picture, finances were a bit tight each month.

"You know, it's okay to masturbate," said Jen quietly to her daughter.

"Mom!" exclaimed Mary, mortified.

"Seriously. I do almost every night myself. It helps me sleep. Sometimes more than once," she said with an evil smile.

Mary was beet-red.

Jen reached out and squeezed her hand. "Look, dear—we're two adult women living in this house together, and I think it's about time you became more comfortable living in your own home. If you need to get yourself off before you go to sleep, it's okay. I don't want you to feel like you have to sneak."

Mary shook her head, and dropped her face into her hands. "Oh my God," she said quietly, still too humiliated to look at her mom.

Jen pressed the play button on the remote and a porno movie came on. It was a solo act of a woman masturbating with a vibe, and she was very loud as she tried to get herself off.

"Mom! You watch porn?!" exclaimed her very shocked daughter.

"Oh, please." Said Jen. "Like you never do. I want you to learn to be comfortable in this house. It's your house, too, and you are too old to act like you don't need to cum. And quite frankly, I'm tired of sneaking around just as much as you are." She pulled her nightstand drawer open and pulled out a small white vibrator. "Do you use your fingers or a vibe?" she asked nonchalantly.

Mary was too stunned to speak.


"I don't have anything. Just fingers," she said sheepishly.

Jen turned up the sound and slid down in her bed, getting more comfortable.

"Relax. Watch TV for a little while. I never get through this video without cumming," she said.

Mary was too stunned to reply. Her mom and never talked to her about her own sexual practices. Their only "talk" had been the birds and bees about 6 years earlier. Nevertheless, Mary slip down in mom's bed and watched the screen. The woman was now fingering her asshole and pumping her pussy with a large vibrating black rubber cock.

"God," said Mary quietly.

"I know. It gets me so wet," said Jen quietly. "Let me show you how to use this. You will cum so much harder than with your fingers. First, you wet it with your mouth," she said, as she slid it into and out of her mouth like she was sucking a cock. "Then, you open your legs..." she said as you lowered her comforter and spread her legs wide, with her knees bent. She pulled up her nightshirt and showed her daughter her just shaved cunt. "Pull your lips open a little like this," she said quietly, now almost talking to herself as she got into the zone. She used two fingers to open her pussy lips. "Then turn it on and hold the wet tip right here..." she twisted the small vibe on, and held it so it barely touched her swollen clit.

"Oh God!" she said in surprise as she came almost instantly. The act of doing it in front of her daughter had gotten her so excited she shocked herself with an instant orgasm, but kept it there against her clit, and soon began riding a slower wave.

Jen wasn't an actual "squirter", but she did get extremely wet. Wet to the point of having been embarrassed on more than one date. She continued using the vibe and forgot everything around her as she started sliding it in and out of her soaked cunt. Mary rolled on her side, very close to her mom, and watched her beautiful mother riding another orgasm. It was incredible. Taboo. Shocking. Outrageous. Wrong. And so fucking hot. She reached over and traced her mom's nipple through the nightshirt without even thinking about it. Mom's breasts were so beautiful. For some reason, she just wanted to see them. She pulled her mother's nightshirt up over her breasts and her mom turned to her, pleading with her, "No....just watch."

Mary ignored her and leaned closer, and then shocked them both by sucking her mother's swollen nipple into her mouth. She used her hand to hold it and suckled it like she had almost eighteen years earlier. She sucked harder and harder and she could hear her mother getting ready to cum again.

"Oh my God, Mary," she cried. She used her free hand to squeeze her own tit and push it towards her daughter's face. "Suck harder....please...suck it..." she cried, and began cumming again.

Mary sucked so hard she left hickies, as both she and her mom squeezed her D-cup breast. Her mom switched to her other tit and held it towards Mary—she didn't have to ask, and mary changed nipples and started sucking again. Jen pushed the vibe deeper and started having huge vaginal contractions, her cream now running down her ass and thighs. She was screaming as loud as the slut on TV and having a multiple orgasm.

Mary threw her own leg over her mom's and began humping it. She sucked her mom's tits and rubbed her own wet pussy against her mother's smooth thigh, now lost in her own hunger. After Jen came again, she dropped the vibe and pushed Mary off of her, catching her breath. They locked eyes. It was so wrong. But...

Jen climbed on top of her daughter and kissed her. It wasn't like any other kiss in their lives together. Their tongues found each other and they sucked hungrily. They were both murmuring and moaning and grinding against each other's body. Jen broke the kiss and pushed herself up so she was over her daughter's body.

"God, you are so beautiful. I'm so sorry, baby. I should never have let this happen...but...I can't help it now..." She slid down her daughter's athletic body, kissing first her hard little nipples and then her flat belly. Past her belly ring, down to the wet pussy that had been shaved recently as well. Like mother, like daughter...two shaved, smooth, wet hungry little cunts. She pushed her daughter's legs wide and buried her face in her daughter's cunt, sucking and licking like a wild woman. She had never done it before—never had any lesbian tendencies whatsoever before, but this was different. She lapped at her daughter's cunt and slid 2 fingers up Mary's wet pussy, and Mary started cumming like a porn star, screaming and bucking against her mom's face. She grabbed her mother's face and pulled her close, fucking against her mom's tongue as she came over and over again. When her mother pushed a finger up her asshole, she squirted allover her mother's face and screamed so loud she might wake the neighbors. Her mom never missed a lick, allowing her daughter's wet mess to shoot all over her face and tongue. She wasn't surprised that her daughter was a squirter, herself having made such wet messes before.

When Mary finally collapsed and let go of her mother's head, she was completely exhausted. "Oh my God, Mom. That's the hardest I ever came in my life." She panted.

"And I never even got to show you how to use the vibrator," said Jen, wiping the cream off her face.

"Next time," said Mary, as she curled up against her mother and fell quickly to sleep.

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by Anonymous07/23/17

Incredibly erotic

Wow, I jerked all the way through that story. Really good, would love to hear more. I love mother daughter and mother son incest.

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