tagIncest/TabooMom & Sister's Power

Mom & Sister's Power


It was a Saturday morning around 10:30 A.M. My mom was downstairs cooking breakfast. As I woke up I could smell the breakfast she was preparing for me and my dad. My mom is 41, She has Blonde Hair, Blue Eyes, Tan Body and Weighs around 134 pounds. Not to mention her big luscious firm tits which are 34d. As I Made my way downstairs I could smell that she was making pancakes and eggs my favorite. We all sat down at the table and mom said "Eric your sister is coming home today from college"

I said "Oh Great" Me and my sister never really got along we had a normal brother and sister relationship going on, Until she rang the doorbell. My mom went and answered the door while I ate my breakfast at the kitchen. My sister Jessica walked into the kitchen looking GREAT! She has blonde hair, slim tan body and a nice great ass and big tits. I couldn't believe the change she had made since she left home. I was practically staring until my sister kept yelling at me



I broke out of the trance and said, "Hi Jessica its good to see you how have you been.

She replied "Its been great I'm so happy to see you" I mumbled yea its grreeeatt to see you too. She made her way up to her room to unpack. While my dad went to work. Later that day I saw her sunbathing by the pool with my mom. They both where showing off their great asses and tits. I felt my cock growing in my pants, I couldn't stand it. I whipped out my cock and started jerkin off to my mom and sis as they sunbathed out by the pool. I started to cum all over the place, I quickly jumped in the shower and then went outside to talk to them. As I walked outside they were happy to see me, but not as happy as I was to see them. My Mom said

"Eric I hope you don't mind me and Jessica sunbathing out her, the sun feels great on our body."

My sister noticed my boner in my short and said

"Mom Eric doesn't mind look at his cock in his shorts"

Yes my cock was very hard and I wanted to jerk it but I couldn't whip it out because I knew my mom would get mad at me until she said

"Yea I see it now Jessica, Eric take off your shorts and sunbath with us"

I hesitated but I finally got them off. They were staring at my dick and how long it was.

"Holy Shit he's so fuckin big" Jessica said

"I hear ya Jess, Eric I wish you would of shown me this before"

Well they all decided to go for a swim naked. Eric couldn't take his eyes off his sister and moms shaved pussies. His sister swam over to him and brushed against his dick with her leg and he grew hard again.

"Eric I can't take it anymore" she said as she started to firmly stoke his cock underwater. Eric and Jessica's mother turns around and notices what is going on and can't believe it. She started to watch longer and she felt kinda wet between her legs. She swam over and went underwater and started to suck Eric's dick while Jessica sucked her moms tits. MMMMMMMM he moaned, I'm gonna cum he yelled UGHHHHH and he shot his load underwater in her mouth. Eric started to suck her tits as she moaned Eric suck my tits like you did when you were younger baby mmmm this feels good. Jessica was rubbin his balls underwater.

They finally got out of the pool and walked inside. Eric stuck his monster cock in his sisters pussy and started fucking her hard. She yelled OMGGGGG UGHHHH FUCK ME HARDER!! Marie (his mother) was fingering her pussy and she was also close to cumming. Eric pulled his dick out and walked over to his mom and shot his cum on her tits. He said mom spread your legs wide bitch I'm gonna fuck your tight cunt. He fucked her until he could fuck any longer.. He pulled out and his sister started to suck his cock as he shot his cum into her mouth... They all laid their tired and naked, Until their dad was standing in the doorway surprised...

To be continued..

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