tagIncest/TabooMom and Son Afternoon Swim

Mom and Son Afternoon Swim


She'd spent most of that first year I was at college drunk and apparently angry at everything. Her divorce to dad was only about 18 months on now, but he had remarried, and she'd had problems with that. She drank more, and her phone calls were progressively less coherent.

On the other hand, college had been good to me the first year. I'd had sex a couple of times, and some of these events were really good, and highly instructional. When I came home for summer, I left all that behind for 3 months, so I was building up to a massively horny state.

As the summer moved on, I spent a fair amount of time at Mom's. By turns, she was sad, manic, argumentative, and at points, aggressive in her affections...even enticing. One night she'd tried to get me to stay over so we could grocery shop in the morning, and had asked for a "special kiss" before she'd let me leave. When I kissed her, there was a quick tracing of her tongue over my lips, and a drunken, glassy eyed smirk as I left. As I drove home, I found myself thinking, what just happened? Did she expect me to sleep on the sofa, or with her? And if I'd slept with her, would we have slept?

I next saw her on the Tuesday after the 4th of July holiday. I'd taken the day off, and with everyone doing something, I called Mom to see if I could help her with anything. She sounded pretty drunk, and worried, I went to her apartment.

When I got there she was in a thin robe, glass in hand, sitting on the sofa. She went to the fridge and came back with a cold beer, and gave it to me. As she came towards me, I was aware she was naked inside her robe. Her breasts bobbed and jiggled inside the thin fabric.

I asked her what was wrong, and she said angrily, "Uncle Mac (an affectionate name for her best friend's husband)! He only comes around to fondle me and see if I'll give him a blowjob."

My mouth dropped open in shock. In the wake of her marriage to dad, I'd not heard her ever say she was dating, and to hear this was even stranger. I asked her, "So...what happened?" She looked at me and said with disgust, "Oh...I sucked his stubby cock."

Then I was really shocked, and didn't pursue any other questions. Mom got up to go to the kitchen for another drink, and said, "Just once I'd like him to actually fuck me." This last statement blew my mind, as I'd simply not looked at my mom, especially as an alcoholic, as either sexy or sexual.

My mom had been an elegant woman prior to alcohol. She was about 5'6" and had the kind of shape that was not too much of anything at any place. As drink took her, she didn't put on weight, but she did get some abdominal bloating. I'd always tried to visualize her breasts, but she'd mostly worn dark colored knit tops, so it was hard to tell their size and shape. As she came back to me with her drink, I noticed her breasts again moving inside her robe, her nipples hard. She was laughing, and said, "Want to take a swim? Bet you could use something to cool you off. I know I could."

Because I kept swim trunks at her apartment, I said, "Sure." She told me to get changed, and headed to her bedroom to change. I went to get a glass of water, and as I walked back down the hall, I saw her standing in her darkened bedroom naked. From the rear, she had the semi soft ass of a 40+ year-old woman. She'd taken her hair out of the pony tail, and it fell to the middle of her back. She'd only closed the door ½ way, and I stood and watched her work into her bathing suit. I could feel my cock stir.

I went into the bathroom, and turned on the light, and pulled the door partially closed. Then I turned the light off. I don't know what possessed me, but I stripped and stood there in the dark naked. I heard her coming from the bedroom, and she paused at the door, and asked how I was coming. I put on my suit and joined her.

When we got to the pool, we found we had the area to ourselves. She had brought a cooler with OJ, Vodka, and beer for me. We fixed drinks and took turns swimming and sunning. At one point she asked me to put lotion on her back and the backs of thighs and legs. As I grabbed the bottle of lotion, she turned away from me and took her top down and laid flat. I got a glimpse of the supple skin of the sides of her breasts. The sun and the beer, and the sight of my Mom's bare back started a stirring in me.

As I put the lotion on her back she murmured lowly, and sighed as my hands worked the skin on the side of her back and then her breasts. She didn't move as I applied the lotion to the visible sides of her breasts. As I rubbed the lotion on to her upper and inner thighs, I felt her stiffen slightly, then relax, and then actually move a little into my touch.

We continued our day. At some point she asked if I needed lotion, and I got the same treatment. Her hands on my back felt good. When she moved my swim trunk legs up a little to put lotion on my thighs, I felt myself stiffen some. Another 4 inches up my legs and she could touch my balls. The sun and booze were starting to warp my thoughts. What if?

I got in the pool to cool off, and found myself flushed and shaky. Mom got up and lurched to the pool, got in, and waded towards me. I noticed the mold of wet suit to her bosom. She asked me to swim her around the deeper end, as she didn't swim well. I said sure, and she came into my arms and wrapped her arms around my neck. I sort of walked her around the 5-6' mark, and she leaned against me and slurred in my ear, "You're more fun that Uncle Mac. And so much better looking."

I said, "Thanks Mom." She started to nuzzle my neck and kiss my earlobes...chuckling as she did.

"How about a "special kiss", she slurred. I turned towards her and tried a chaste lips together kiss, but she moved into me, her tongue moving into my mouth. This was deliberate. And with her French kissing me, and the feeling of me stiffening against my suit, I said to myself, "fuck it".

I sucked on her tongue, then snaked mine into her mouth and she mashed her lips to me. I maneuvered her to the side of the pool, and she brought her legs up and wrapped them around my hips. I started to grind my pelvis a little in to her, my bone now hard and pressing, and she started responding back, grinding her pussy against me.

We continued kissing and she'd begun moving with a little less control, so I cupped her ass cheeks and moved her crotch more towards me, and ground into her harder. She's starting to make little grunting and groaning noises, and then stops and pushes me away. Her face looks shocked, dazed, and several strands of hair are plastered across her forehead.

She looks at me for a moment and kind of comes to a focus, and says, "Oh my...uh...I think I need another drink". She lurches out of the pool, heads to the cooler, and then turns rapidly towards the elevator. I don't know what she's doing. I wait for a minute, then get up and follow her.

When I get to the apartment, she's at the fridge fixing a drink. Now it is mostly Vodka. She hands me a beer and says, "I'll get you a towel so you can change". She brings one to me, and goes to her bedroom. As I walk down the hall she is pulling her suit down. She hasn't bothered to close the door at all, and she is in fact turned partially towards me. She bends and picks up the towel and begins to towel her hair. She turns more, and I can see it all. She has medium size breasts with the slight sag of age, and large areolas and thick nipples. Her belly is that of a forty five-year-old woman, full and round, and above her relatively toned legs is a full and untrimmed bush, with barely visible lips.

I can feel myself throbbing, and again say to myself, "fuck it". I simply drop my suit, and walk towards her. She starts to look up and see me, tumescent and near her, and gasps slightly and turns away. I come up behind her and fit my torso, penis down and stiffening, against her ass and butt rack. I realize that I am breathing hard, but can hear her breathing hard too.

She stiffens, then relaxes back against me. And I let my hands free. They come up almost with a will of their own, and cup the underside of her breasts, massaging, and moving to pinch and rub her nipples. "Oh God", she says, letting the phrase go like air from a flattening tire. I turn her towards me and kiss her, backing her to the wall of the apartment. She can only move forward. And then she starts to respond.

Her hands are back around my neck and she's pulling her mouth to me. I'm now rubbing her nipples hard, rolling them between my thumb and forefinger, and our tongues are dancing. I'm waiting for her to push me off, when one of her hands leaves our embrace, and takes my stiff member in her hand. She's stroking up and down, and rubbing my balls, and then she stops. Our lips separate, and her other hand comes into play and pushes me back. I'm waiting to hear "we can't", "this is wrong"...anything.

Instead she's holding my cock like an Italian sausage and looking at it with glazed eyes, and a look like a person dying of thirst staring at a fresh water lake. And she says it again, eyes fixed on my throbbing bone, "oh God."

I take that moment to simply lower my head and take a nipple in my mouth. I'm sucking and nibbling it, thumbing the other, and I hear her start to moan loudly. And she starts to stroke me again, firm strokes, then fondling my tightened scrotum, fingers tracing the line from my sack to my anus. I pull from the nipple, and say, "ah yeah Mom...like that", and then go back to sucking. But I want to feel her sex. I want to be in her.

She's building to a louder moan and I simply spread her legs, and use my middle finger to part her pussy hair and open her. She opens easily and is wet and hot, and I move my finger in and out of her heat and up and over her clit. She's even noisier as I work that button, fully aroused now. She's moving against me and we're kind of lurching and off balance, so I stop, take her hand and lead her to the bed.

We get on, and move together quickly, and get back to our intense foreplay. She let's out a loud, almost whimpering, "Oh God" as I move three bunched fingers into her pussy. I finger fuck her hard, her juices all over my hand. She's rubbing the head of my cock in a circular motion and every nerve is crying out. I can take no more.

I rise and in one motion move between her legs. She is not going to stop me, and in fact spreads wide for me. I take my swollen cock in my hand, and guide it into her opening. I move slowly into her, and at one point, she kind of pops open, and I slide all the way into her. She let's out a loud, "oh JESUS!"

I begin to slowly, methodically move in and out of her wetness. I look at my Mom's face and she's looking at me with open mouth, glazed eyes, and is breathing quickly and shallowly. She says to me, "So good".

This spurs me on, and I begin to drive into her harder. She's crying out, and then she grabs my ass cheeks and clings to me. She's moaning and bucking up to meet my hard thrusts. I can hear buzzing in my head and my own heavy breathing, and then the rise of my orgasm in me.

Then I'm up on straightened arms, and cry out at the nearly painful spurting of my seed into her. Somewhere in that hazy moment I hear her cry out too. We continue our fucking until I start to soften, part, and drift into sleep.

Somewhere in the a.m. hours she stirs. She rises and goes to pee. When she comes back, she collapses heavily into bed. I ask, "Are you alright?"

She says, "God son...oh god. I can't believe we did that. And worse, I can't believe how good it felt".

I simply said, "Me too". And we drifted off to sleep.

The morning was stiff and strained. She kissed me close mouthed at the door. She said nothing. But it was the start of an amazing summer.

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