tagIncest/TabooMom & Son Enjoy Each Other Ch. 03

Mom & Son Enjoy Each Other Ch. 03


Jane had watched from the hallway as mother and son committed there act of incest; as his sister and her daughter stood there tweaking her large nipples on her big chest between her fingers, her milk began leaking down her belly.

"I know I am 8 months pregnant but I still need a good fucking you know." She said with a wicked grin on her face.

John looked at Sue in disbelief. They had been caught red handed by a lonely and horny Jane, who had came round to stay the night at her mom's as she was only a month from giving birth and didn't want to be on her own when the time came. John stared at her huge melons as he licked his lips thinking about sucking on her large nipples; he had always wondered what it would be like to taste breast milk and now it looked like he would get the chance to try it.

Jane dropped her coat by the door and then took off her open top and maternity bra. Her bump stood out proud and was slowly being covered in her breast milk. She then unzipped the front of her short denim skirt and let it fall to her ankles. Now she stood there in only a skimpy pair of white cotton panties.

John stood up and helped his sister to sit on the sofa as he openly stared at the big breasts in front of him. Sue noticed that his prick had grown back to full hardness as he stared at his sister's milk filled boobs. The more his eyes glazed, with the look of lust, the harder and harder his cock looked to get. Sue began smiling when she saw John's hypnotic gaze and what was happening to him. She could however not ignore what was happening between her own legs as her own juices were dripping out of her love channel.

John placed his hands on his sister's breasts. Very tenderly he cupped them and started a massage the large orbs. Although they sagged a little due to all the milk inside and felt soft they were still on the firm side. He bent forward and took her lactating nipples alternately in his mouth as his sis threw her head back and moaned out in sheer delight.

Sue let a little moan escape from her mouth and a shiver ran through her body. As she watched John sucking on Jane's boobs she began to smile, and knew the tremendous feeling that John would be giving his sister as Jack had given her all those years ago when he drank from her breast.

John could have sucked on Jane's milk filled tits like this for hours but he let go of her engorged nipples, of which he could only have dreamt about sucking on before this night. He reached for his back pocket and took his wallet and pulled out a little packet with a condom in it. Sue looked surprise and wondered why he needed a condom to fuck his sister when she was already pregnant.

"I think you are a bit late to be thinking of condoms in my state." Jane laughed.

"Oh the condom is not for your protection sis." John said as he turned to face mom.

Sue looked back at John who was sitting with a wicked grin across his face as he thought about fucking his mom. Now the shivers she was feeling in her spine went straight to her wanton pussy.

"I know you are not on the pill mom as dad is never here so I thought about a little protection unless you want to be in Jane's condition in 8 months time." He snickered.

"Thank you John for thinking about that, it makes me happy to know that you will be careful in the future when you are intimate with another girl."

"Do you mean you're still a virgin John?" His sister asked.

"Well seeing mom has just let the cat out the bag, yes I am still a virgin." He said as his face flushed beat red with embarrassment.

"Wow mom that means you will get to deflower your own son." Jane beamed.

Sue saw John fumbling to open the condom packet and reached over and took it from his trembling hands. His mom tore open the packet with her teeth and popped the condom into her mouth; she took her sons ridged cock into her mouth and used her tongue to roll the condom down his shaft as his cock sank into her throat again and then pulled her mouth back off his prick.

She stood up and signaled for John to sit in the big arm chair and then she straddled him. Once she was hovering over his engorged manhood she took him in her hand and guided him to the entrance of her sopping cunt . As they kissed each other on the lips Sue began rub his condom covered cock over her wet pussy until the condom was covered enough with her juices and then lowered herself on to his cock.

Finally, the head of his cock was just inside her opening. Very slowly she lowered herself onto his hard-on more and more until it was deep inside her hot cunt, and John was completely in her pussy. Sue bent forward with her mouth opened wide at the sheer size of her son's cock. Sue raised herself a little until only the head of his cock was still inside her then she bore down on him again slowly. They were now both moaning as John bent forward and took one of her nipples into his mouth and he began to suck.

Meanwhile Jane was sitting there watching on as her mom began to ride her brother's cock. Her hands were massaging her large orbs as Sue began her assault on her son's cock; bobbing up and down faster as she got more aroused by her son fucking her in and out of her love channel as their moans became louder and louder.

As his cock penetrated her cunt faster and faster provoking yet more and more moans and screams, shocks went through her body caused by him sucking on her nipples as he massaged the teats with his mouth and tongue. There was no place in her pussy that wasn't being touched by his monster of a dick. She felt her climax building as she fucked faster and deeper up and down on his giant member.

John was also feeling his cum starting to boil in his balls as he began moaning on her left nipple, which began to send his mom nearer and nearer her orgasm. As he looked over at his sister who was now lifting herself off the sofa and moving towards them. As she stood beside them she lifted her leg up onto the low arm of the chair so that John could slide his fingers into her now sopping cunt as she held on to her mom for support.

"Perhaps it would be better if we joined you on the sofa." John said between breaths.

As Sue saw her son's fingers thrust up into her daughter's pregnant cunt she knew it wouldn't be long before her orgasm ripped through her.

"Oh fuck yes, I am almost there. Keep fucking her cunt with your fingers John!" She hissed as her orgasm was imminent.

A few more deep thrusts and Sue began to go rigid and began to arch her back as her orgasm ripped through her. Seeing this and feeling John's fingers thrusting in and out of her cunt Jane too began to have her orgasm as she held on tight to her mom. John could hold on no longer and began to spurt into the condom as he shot load after load into it.

Moments later as they bathed in the afterglow they decided to move over to the sofa for the sake of Jane's safety.

John had to admit to himself that this felt much better than masturbating while thinking about fucking his mom. As they lay there on the sofa with John in the middle Sue took the condom off John's cock carefully and took it to her lips and drank half of its contents then passed it to Jane who drank the rest of John's cum.

This made John's cock begin to lurch back into life as a jolt of electricity ran through as he watched his mom and sister drink his cum from the condom.

"Holy fuck that was so fucking hot watching you two both drink my spunk out of the condom!" John said excitedly as his cock bobbed up and down in front of him.

"Well I enjoyed tasting your cum the first time and I wanted to taste it again." His mom said.

"Yeah John your cum tastes really good for virgin." Jane whispered into his ear.

"Glad you liked it sis cause it's your turn next to have my cock inside you." John beamed.

Very softly John began stroking his sisters clit which gave her several electric shocks throughout her body. Jane opened her legs wider to give John complete access to her pussy.

"Oh god yes that feels so damned good!" Jane said between breaths.

Meanwhile mom wasn't wanting to be left out of the action and began to stroke John's erect cock again. As She got up on her knees and took her son's cock back into her mouth and began to suck on it like a lollipop. Jane looked up at the sight of her mom sucking her brother's cock as he ate her pussy and that sent her over the edge again into another shattering orgasm.

While Jane rested Sue sucked on John's cock and kneaded his balls as he lay back and enjoyed the feeling of her hot mouth around his big dick.

"You know Jane, instead of that jerk Paul you could have had John make you pregnant then he would have been here for you." Sue said as she pulled her mouth off his cock before going back to suck on his balls.

John could feel the sap rising again in his balls and pushed his mom off his cock and turned to his sister as she lay there with her legs still parted. He moved off the sofa and she moved her butt to the edge of the seat as he got between her legs and lifted them over his arms before plunging his hard-on into his sister's cunt in one thrust.

As he began to thrust his cock in and out of her slick pussy mom got her body behind her daughter's and cupped her breasts from behind and massaged them while John began to fuck Jane in earnest. Both mom and daughter lay in each other's arms and watched as John fucked Jane with long slow strokes.

"Oh I'm almost there, keep on fucking me brother!" Cried Jane.

"Yes, yes, yes!" John yelled as he felt his cum rising from his balls into his shaft and on up into his sister.

John now felt his sister's pussy milking his cock as her orgasm again tore threw her, and made him shoot with stronger spurts again and again until finally his balls were empty; he fell onto his back on the floor as his cock came out of his sister's cunt with a plopping sound. Sue looked at her son with love in her eyes as she held her daughter in her arms and her milk laden tits cupped in her hands. As Jane flopped down onto the sofa Sue managed to get off and bend forward towards her son on the floor.

Sue sucked and licked her son's cock clean tasting her daughter and son's cum together. As she moved up his young body their lips met and they began to French kiss. John was able to taste his cum and Jane's love juices off his moms lips as they kissed with a passion. When they finally broke the kiss they looked into each others' eyes and both knew that what happened was a unique event, but it was something they would hopefully be repeated after his sister had her baby in a few weeks time.

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