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Mom and Son Love


Mom and Son love, be advised this is a true story

It was mid July 1970; I had just been discharged from the army after 3 years. I hadn't been home for that length of time and was anxious to see my mom. She picked me up at Ontario airport at 6 pm. My flight had just touched down. I walked to the gate and there was my mom. I looked at her, she was beautiful, she was 37 years old, (she had me young 17 years old) she was 5'4" tall, she weighed 117 pounds, her hair was a light brown shoulder length hair, piercing brown eyes, her makeup was put on perfectly. We hugged and then got my bags and headed to the car. She looks at me and could not believe how I have grown up; she couldn't take her eyes off me.

Mom had been alone since dad had left her when I was 15 years old; she dated other men quite frequently, and am sure she has had her share of sex over the years. As we drove she wanted to stop and eat something so we stopped at a Denny's, I sat across from her in my army uniform, she stared at me, and she said you're so manly in your uniform. I said thank you, I had grown up a bunch since being away for 3 years. She said she liked what she saw, and was really proud of me, we finished lunch over casual conversation, paid the check and we went home.

At the top of the stairs and to the left was the master bedroom, and to the right were two smaller guest rooms, she told me to take my pick. Just next to her room was a full bathroom and next to it was a quest room. I settled into that one, it was nice and comfortable, and soft bed. Unlike the military bunks. I laid down for awhile and napped as jet lag had over come me. I slept for about 2 hours and got up, and headed to the kitchen, I only had on my shorts, with no top on. She looked at me with amazement, she said wow, and you have grown up. Thank you I said, and sat down and had some wine with her, although my 21st birthday was October 2nd, a couple of months away. We talked about the last 3 years, and I ask her was she seeing anyone, she said no, she had not been with a man in over a year.

I said oh really....she said really, I had noticed her top was thin and she wasn't wearing a bra, and her nipples were a little hard, maybe from the A/C, or maybe from excitement. She went on about how long it has been, and how ive grown, she sat there with her top on and her shorts, I looked her up and down; her legs were firm and tanned. I told her she looked good too, she said thank you and drank her wine. I drank my wine, and told her I needed to see some friends tomorrow. She said sure, its ok you can use the car, I accepted her generosity, we talked for hours, then she said she had to take a bath, and shouldn't be too long. She excused herself and retreated to her room with a glass of wine.

I sat there drinking wine, and could hear the water running, I had been gone 3 years, I was a normal male adult, and my hormones were out of control, I hadn't been with a woman in 6 or 7 months. I was 5'7" inches tall, brown hair, blue hazel eyes, 165 pounds, and pretty muscular for my age, I had a strong sex drive, I could get hard at a drop of a hat. I was a gifted male with my sex drive, and the size of my shaft. When it was hard it would reach its max of a full 11 inches, and 4 inches in diameter.

I sat there and had my wine, I decided to go to my room and pull out some of my clothes, as I topped the stairs her bedroom door was ajar and I could see in her bathroom on the other side. I took a peek and saw her in the tub with no clothes on; I stared at her, thinking what a beautiful body my mom has. Her tits were firm, and her body looked so soft, I stared then I left and went to my room, unpacked my clothes, and put things away. After awhile I could hear her going down the stairs, I followed her, she smelled so fresh and clean, she was wearing her night gown, as we sat at the table, I stared at her.

I said....mom.....I ah well I ah haven't been with a woman for 6 or 7 months.

She said well what was on your mind..... I said I well, well, I needed to do something tonight, she said like go out, I told her no.

I said well.....uh.....uh.....I said oh never mind it is so stupid, she said no its not stupid, tell me, I said mom I'm a man and I have hormones, and they get in my way sometimes, and I need to be taken care of, quite often. I said uh ...uh ... would you come to my room and wank me off later after I shower, she said what....you want your mom to play with you. I said well no, I guess I can do it alone, but mom you are beautiful, and your body does something to me, I said I know it's not normal, but it feels ok. She said when you were away did you play with yourself, I told her I did and my thoughts were on her, she blushed, my son playing with himself and thinking of his mom. I told her yes. She said she didn't know what to say. I know her thoughts were on what I said; I could see it in her eyes, and her face.

She got up and got us some more wine, she says tell her more, I said I think your body is beautiful, and your tits are firm, and your nipples were nice color of a pinkish brown. She blushed again, and said thank you. I knew that my mom was starting to get a little excited by the way she moved in the chair, she was thinking she couldn't believe her son thought that of her it was a compliment, and after all I hadn't been with a man for a year, maybe 14 months, I had quit counting the day or months. I looked at him, I said maybe, I ask if I can see her privates, she said her pussy; I said yea, uh...uh...your pussy. She stood up and in a slow shy way started to lower nightie bottoms. With her thumbs in the waist band she began to move her hips back and forth, and slowly pulled her bottoms down to reveal the top of her mound, I was rising fast, she moved back and forth and lower her bottoms would go.

She moved back from me and lowered them to her knees, and then pulled one leg out of them, she let them dangle around her ankle and on the floor, I watched her not removing my eyes from between her legs, she spread them, I saw her pussy glistening in the light, and she was shaved clean, I had never seen a shaved puss before, and hers looked elegant, and firm, I wanted to touch it with my tongue, I went to my knees, she stopped me, she said look not touch......mister. I got up she put her hands on my shoulders; she said in a soft sexy voice, she would jerk me off. I took a shower at 10 pm, and went to bed, later she came in and slid under the sheet with her breast toward my back, and her arm over my waist, she fondled my cock until it fully erect,

She said wow, oh my god, she got up and turned on the bedside lamp, she had to look, and she could not believe her eyes, she looked at my cock with glazed over eyes, she looked at me, she said I didn't know, I....I....I....I....UH, I, cant believe my eyes. She turned out the light and snuggled close to me with her hand on my shaft and moving it up and down, she rolled me on my back, and went down on my cock, she tongued around the head at first, then took it in her mouth, she was delighted, I reached for her pussy she pulled away, she whispered in my ear not yet......Mister. She told me she was getting excited, but wasn't ready to be punched yet, I said do you think there will be any problems, she said she didn't think so, but wanted to play, we did play, she had my cock fully erect and ready, I told her the first time might be quick, but later would be better. She placed her body on top of mine, and felt her hand between us, she grabbed my shaft and put it between her legs, and slowly pushed her pussy down on it, I said mom you are so soft inside, your pussy is so wet, but firm, and my cock is in you, she whispered in my ear to enjoy it.

She was happy as she bounced up and down on my cock, it went deep in her, I was amazed to how she could take it, she told me she was gifted when she was born with a large vagina, and large lips, we finished and she got a wash cloth and cleaned my cock, she said good night, and moved to her bedroom for a good nights sleep, as I did the same, the best sleep I have had in three years, and the best pussy I have ever had in my life. I was home, and I was feeling good tonight as I slowly drifted off to sleep.

...............TO BE CONTINUED............

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by Anonymous

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by prop6911/02/17

True story.

Love and tenderness
A beautiful story

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by Anonymous06/27/17

Mom and Son love, be advised this is a true story

When it was hard it would reach its max of a full 11 inches, and 4 inches in diameter. ?????? -- Yeah right. Am I the only one with a 6 inch cock? I'vemore...

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