Mom and Son Together


He was slower in the realization and then in bed one night he brought it up. We clung together like lost lovers that night and I began urging him to accept the offer. It was doing something he'd always wanted and was good at, plus the salary offered was greater than any of the other students had received. It was a tough month for us but he did as I'd asked and accepted it.

I was like a Princess at his graduation and then helped him pack his things for the journey. I began urging him to look for a girlfriend and be slow and gentle with her.

What I thought would be our last night together we clung and pretended it was all for the best. I thought it would be but couldn't help crying after he was on his way. I felt empty and yet he too had urged me to find a man. How could I? I was barely skilled at anything anymore although at one time I'd been quite good in my work after my own graduation.

I'd lost a few pounds after we'd begun making love and my things fit better. I vowed to look for a job even though I was still receiving alimony and had a trust fund left by my parents.

Fortunately I applied at just the right time to a company about to lose a longtime employee and I was hired. My days became quickly filled and I spent fewer hours except in the night thinking of my son. I did well in my job and the boss liked me.

He liked me well enough to totally surprise me one afternoon when he asked me out to dinner. His wife had passed away three and a half years earlier and he too was lonely.

My son at first drove home once or twice a month but slowly his visits had become less frequent. When he was home we made love as often as possible and yet his visits became less frequent and I'd begun to wonder. Then one Saturday he telephoned that he'd met a sweet girl and been taking her on dates. I was both happy and sad as I urged him onward.

It was near this time when the boss had asked me out. We went to dinner and I got to know him much better and we seemed to click. It was almost two months before I went to bed with him and I was amazed at what a good lover he was. He'd never be as good as my son and wasn't nearly his size but he was a good man and I grew fonder of him.

My son's visits were far less frequent and yet we still enjoyed each of his visits as if we'd never had love and sex before. He was now fucking his girlfriend and she wanted to get married. He brought her home one weekend and I loved her. She was everything I'd hoped for him. On a weekday in a short vacation she had to do some research for her job at the local library.

He might have stayed there with her but begged off and came home. It was our first bed together in over three months and it was perfect. As he prepared to pick her up at the library he told me they were going to marry and arranged for me to come to the wedding.

It was new and yet it was fresh as I waved goodbye to them and they pulled out of the driveway heading home.

My own romance was budding and my new lover was spending more time in my bed too although he was a very busy man running his business. Another few weeks passed and suddenly one evening he asked me to marry him. I knew I would accept but I put him off three days before I answered.

My son was married almost exactly one month before my own.

My son and his new wife attended mine and we had two hours sex time together the day before my wedding. The time was short and our efforts desperate to avoid being caught. It was as if we were virgins again together and the fear of being caught made the sex even more exciting as I cleaned and kissed his cock goodbye.

We both have great sex lives now but even so we seem to manage an hour or two of remembrance together each year except when his wife was about to deliver and I was invited down to help her. Those days and nights I kept my son satisfied so that he didn't stray from her.

He's thirty-one now and we sometimes celebrate our wedding anniversaries together as one large family. My son and I haven't had sex together now for almost three years and yet we still kiss and fondle when alone together.

I can't endorse incest but if extreme care is given to insure no one can be hurt and there's no possibility of a pregnancy I suppose it's understandable and even inevitable with some people.

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I remember the one and only time I had sex with my mom. She wa living in a rented home that used to be a group home for battered women, so it was a large place with lots of bedrooms but she was the onlymore...

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