Mom Becomes A Cheating Slut Ch. 01


Mom puts one foot on either side of my legs, lifts up her dress and with her back towards me lowers herself onto me, agonizingly slow!

While her wet cunt sluggishly slides down my throbbing cock, she holds on to the seats in front of her for support, drawing the attention of our two neighbors again... they get up on their knees again and lean over their seat just as before. When mom's finally down all the way, I gently put my hands in her sides and push her up, then back down, over and over again; slowly at first, giving her time to adjust to my size and length.

Gradually the up- and down motion turns into mom riding my cock, arching her back and undulating her hips back and forth on my throbbing cock. Desperately trying to impress her and the two ladies watching, I am constantly concentrating on not cumming, yet staying as hard as possible to maximize mom's pleasure.

It takes some creative thinking, forcing all sorts of ugly women (and men) to pop into my head to postpone my orgasm; I manage to keep this up long enough to give mom an enormously powerful orgasm; at one point I fear that she's going to scream and alert the entire plane of what we're doing, but instead she just claws her nails in the two seats in front of her, moaning deeply.

The blonde smiles and says, as she runs her hand through mom's hair:"God, this is so hot."

Not even Superman could have stopped me from cumming right then and there; I sit up and put my arms around her, push her tits out of her bra and squeeze her against me as I deliver the last few powerful thrusts, penetrating her deeper than before, actually bumping the head of my cock against her cervix.

This sends new violent jolts of pleasure up and down her spine...

Mom, still in the middle of her last orgasm, doesn't know how to deal with the excess pleasure and starts convulsing wildly, trashing her head about and whimpering:"Oh god, oh god... you're so big!"

Her words of praise and the admiring looks of our two neighbors make me feel like the manliest man alive as I empty my balls deep within her; under the watchful eye of the blonde and the brunette in front of us, I keep fucking mom as long as my cock is hard enough, which is about another minute or so.

By that time, mom is exhausted and slides off me, going completely limp in her seat. "You guys are wild!" the blond says as she and her friend turn to face forward again.

I turn my head and look at mom: matted strains of hair in her face, her tits hanging out of her dress and her cunt fully exposed, leaking cum.

"You look like a ten dollar whore!" I whisper.

"Then I guess you owe me ten dollars!" she pants.

We chuckle and relax for a few minutes.

After we've cleaned ourselves up and readjusted our clothing, we doze off, tired from the strenuous workout.

The captain's voice wakes us up about forty-five minutes later, informing us that we'll be landing soon at Alicante airport, Valencia.

Once the plane is safely on the ground, everyone starts getting up and opening their overhead compartments; while mom and I are still gathering our bags and stuff, our neighbors are all packed up and ready to go.

"Bye, it was fun meeting you guys." the brunette says with a sexy smile.

"Very exciting!" the blonde adds with a wink.

I stare at them as they walk away, suggestively swaying their hips.

"If Lizzy only knew!" mom snorts, with a bit of jealousy in her voice.

I turn to her, put my hand under her dress and whisper as I cup her crotch:"Yeah, if she only knew..."

Mom smiles seductively, pouting her lips, not offering the slightest resistance. When we're ready to go, we're – not surprisingly considering our seating - last in the queue; as mom signals dad to go on ahead and meet up with us at the exit, I keep fondling her ass and upper legs, under her dress.

It takes forever for our plane to taxi to the gate; I can already hear mom sighing, tapping her feet impatiently.

I lean in closer and whisper in her ear:"Bored again?"

"Yes." she sighs.

"How about for every five minutes those doors don't open, you take something off?"

She looks back at me and smiles, as she feels my index finger pushing her panties up the crack of her ass.

Four minutes later, the plane finally comes to a complete stop and mom whispers:"Seems you're out of luck!"

"We're not moving yet... one minute left!" I reply.

About a minute later, I lean in close and whisper:"Time's up!"

Mom puts down her beauty case and reaches under her dress with both hands, pushing off her panties as inconspicuously as possible; my cock bulges when I see her sliding her black panties down her legs and then kicking them away, under a nearby seat.

Neither of us says anything, but I can see she's getting nervous as the next five minutes are almost up.

"Time's up!"

"Unclasp me." mom whispers.

I undo her bra through her dress and enjoy seeing her wiggling out of it for the next two minutes or so. Then she turns towards me, whips her bra out of the front of her dress and drops it on the floor. After I kick it under a nearby seat, she turns to face forward again.

"Two minutes and forty seconds..." I whisper in her ear, while I run my finger up the naked crack of her ass.

Suddenly a voice over the intercom announces that it'll be a little while longer as we're waiting for the transport busses to arrive; mom looks at me with an irritated look on her face, but smiles when she sees how horny and impatient I am.

"Time's up!"

To my surprise, she steps out of her left shoe.

Having overlooked her shoes in my evil plan, I am a little disappointed and whisper, not about to let her get away with it twice:"The other one too... they count as one item!"

Reluctantly, mom steps out her right shoe and kicks it away.

Impatiently, I don't take my eyes off my watch, literally counting the seconds. When there's only one minute remaining, I take out my cock and, anticipating the inevitable finale, start wanking it, insolently slapping it against her ass over and over again!

She ignores me and peeks out of every available window, looking for any sign of a bus.

"Time's up!"

She looks at me, annoyed... then turns around and crouches down, making herself small enough to fit behind the man directly in front of her. Then, she pushes off one strap of her dress at a time.

As her dress is now being held up only by her rack, she nervously glances around the cabin one last time before pulling her dress down further; once the top of her dress is below her tits, it drops to the ground, leaving her butt-naked!

I can't control myself any longer and grab her ass forcefully, pushing my rock hard cock up between her ass cheeks until I reach her moist cunt and penetrate her in one swift, savage, motion. Surprised at the coordination and speed of my actions, mom claws at the isle seats left and right of her as I start pumping her like a mad man.

Adrenaline is pumping through our veins as the risk of detection is growing with each passing second; fortunately, this spectacular and unique situation drives me to orgasm in no time at all.

I pull out and jerk yet another load of cum out of my balls, spraying it all over the small of her back, just as the cabin crew finally opens the doors and the queue starts moving towards the exit.

When I am done, mom quickly spins around and gets on her knees, cleaning me with her eager mouth for about ten seconds, then stands up and whispers:"Go, I'll be right behind you."

I zip up and follow the queue, hauling all of our belongings with me, as mom disappears between some seats, gathering her clothes and putting them back on. Forty seconds or so later, mom cuts back in line, readjusting her dress and putting on her shoes.

She turns to me and asks:"How do I look?"

I smile and whisper:"Let's see; you're glowing like you've just been fucked, your tits look saggy as usual and there's a little bit of dried up cum on your right cheek... perfect!"

Mom smiles and turns towards the front of the line, picks up her beauty case and a few other bags, but does nothing about the cum on her face. Figuring this incestuous play will be over as soon as we get off the plane, I keep fondling her ass and thighs as long as we're in the queue, even reaching around her and groping her tits several times...

When, after several minutes of queuing we eventually get on the transit bus, mom puts one arm around dad's middle and gives him a gentle peck on the cheek as she reaches back with her other hand and cups my crotch, squeezing my spent cock through my shorts.

An irrepressible grin appears on my face as I realize maybe mom doesn't want stop playing just yet...

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by Anonymous09/13/17

My mom was cheating on my dad. I was a very observant son; I spied on my mom because i was totally infatuated with her

My parent had a very large circle of friends & they entertained a lot.
When my mom fancied a man she was very boldly flirting with him & hitting upon him.
She was in her late fourties when she asked amore...

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