Mom Catches Son Watching


"Of course I understand, mom." Bronson replied. "It would be disastrous if dad discovered me spying on you two."

"I don't like that word, spying!" She continued. "If I did not welcome your presence, then it would be spying. But tell me something I have been thinking about. It was very hard to see you through that crack, were you really playing with your peter while you were watching us?"

"Watching you!" Bronson corrected. "Yes, I was."

"And was it big in hard like it is now?" Annabel questioned.

"Yes! Sorry mom." Bronson replied, then apologize. "I was hoping you wouldn't notice."

"Hard not to! Watching us, I mean me, the other night, I can understand how you might get an erection," Annabel said, then asked. "But what is causing it now? "

"Sitting here with you dressed like that, I guess." Bronson replied. "You usually have on a housecoat."

"Like the housecoat I had on this morning." She stated more than asked. "They do tend to cover up a lot. I bet it would surprise you to know I was naked underneath that housecoat this morning at breakfast?"

Bronson stared at his mother, speechless.

"I must say, I probably dropped the ball this morning." She said, reaching to stroke her son's erection through the thin material of his pajamas. "If I had opened that housecoat this morning, things would have been different, I bet."

(Somewhere in a motel)

Cora had just come out of the bathroom, still naked as she retrieved her book and positioning herself on the bed for more reading. Glancing up at the laptop, her breath caught and her hand went to cover her mouth, as she saw Annabel gently stroking the bulge in Bronson's pajamas. She glanced quickly at Daniel, finding him snoring as he lay on his right side facing away from the laptop.

"Holy fuck!" Cora said under her breath.

Her mind reeled as she ran through the possibilities. Was this the first time? If not, how long had it been going on. The questions were many.

She shuffled over to her bag and retrieved the earphones off her I-Pod and pulled a chair up close to the table where the laptop sat. She plugged them in and turned the volume up, all the while glancing repeatedly to ensure the man on the bed was asleep.

(On mom's bed)

Bronson's stare was now on his mother's hand, feeling the intense pleasure as she gently stroked and then squeezed his erection through the material.

"Mom, are you sure about this?" Bronson questioned.

"Honestly, no, I am not sure about anything." She replied. "I do know that something happened the other night that changed me and I think you to. Our relationship has changed and right this second I want to explore the possibilities. You with me?"

Bronson rolled to his left, taking his mother in his arms and kissing her passionately, as his hand slipped under her nightgown to cup her left breast. Their legs intertwined, with his knee pushing hard into her crotch. She struggled to push her son's pajamas down to grab hold of his bare cock, yanking it as his knee rubbed her crotch. Their tongues fenced as the incestuous lust flowed through. They groped each other and struggled to dominate each other as they rolled over the bed.

Bronson disconnected himself from his mother long enough to strip his clothes off. Seeing his son doing so, she followed suit and they pounced on each other again, their naked bodies trying to mess into one. Bronson noted where surprise, his mother's hairless pussy.

(Somewhere in a motel)

Cora stared and listened to the action on the laptop, with more than occasional glances at the man on the bed.

Mother and son seemed to be more engaged in a wrestling match than making love. There was no verbal communication, only moans of pleasure and exertion as they sucked, probed, massaged, squeezed, and yanked at each other. They both seemed crazed by their incestuous, elicit lust. It was unclear her motive are objective, but the female, the beefier of the two, seemed to have the advantage.

It was almost as if the mother was trying to climb atop her son, but he soon pinned her on her back and forced himself between her legs. It certainly was not going to be a rape, because Cora could clearly see the mother's hand reaching between them to obtain her son's cock, positioning it to the entrance of her treasure, her pussy, her fuck hole. Cora's right-hand went to her own pussy as she watched the ample cock, of the son's, disappear into his Mother's pussy. Cora was struck by the deep red color of the pussy. It was a color in stark contrast to the milky white milky white skin surrounding it.

"Fuck that baby fat, honey!" Cora whispered to herself as her finger began to stroke her clit.

(On mom's bed)

"AAAaaaaaa! Push it in me! Deep, baby!" Annabel begged. "Oh my god! I never thought anything could feel so good!"

"I know! I know, mom!" Bronson exclaimed. "It's so good to be in your pussy! To have my cock in your belly!"

Mother and son fucked with the same passion that had brought them to the point of coupling. Bronson supported himself above his mother and slammed his cock into her treasure, claiming it as his own. Her legs too heavy to hold up for any length of time, Annabel folded her knees back to her flapping breast and lifting her ass up high to meet her son's hammering thrust.

(Somewhere in a motel)

Cora's middle finger slid into her wet pussy as she watched the son's cock withdraw nearly to the head, only to disappear back into the mother's Martian red pussy. She was not aware of Annabel's last fuck with her husband, Annabel losing control with her son watching, but she was now witnessing a woman lost in passion and participating in a most glorious incestuous fuck. Cora was fantasizing that it was her pussy that was receiving such a glorious fuck.

"Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!" She heard Annabel plea.

" Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me until I can't move!"

Bronson was answering his mother's call. He had been fucking her at breakneck speed for a solid 20 minutes, making her delirious and his back to ache. Needing a rest, he maneuvered her to lie on her side without losing penetration. Now, in a more restful position he resumed the hammering into her pussy, still to her delirious enjoyment. One hand free, he reached to massage and squeeze his mother's heavy tit.

Somewhere in a motel, Cora had a better view of mother and son's sexual organs meshing together in incestuous lust.

"I'm going to come, mom." Bronson cried. "Do you want me to pull out when I come?"

"Why?" Annabel exclaimed, and then remembered. "Hell no! Don't you dare! It okay! Make my pussy yours! Fill my belly with your cum, baby!"

"I'm COMMINGGGGG!" Bronson cried. "AAAaaaggggggggggg!"

"Yes! Yes, I feel it!" Annabel joined his passionate cry. "I feel your cum shooting in me!"

Somewhere in a motel, Cora's own strong and satisfying orgasm swept through her as she watched Bronson's cock jerk repeatedly as it spewed semen into his mother's belly.

Bronson pulled his semi erect cock from his mother's pussy. He maneuvered her to her back, slipped between her legs.

Annabel, again, lifted and positioned her heavy legs against her breast and reached to guide her son's cock back into her.

Bronson began a moderate rhythm and monitored his mother's reaction to his fucking of her. Hearing her moan with a particular thrust, he tried to repeat it. So focused, he soon had his mother moaning continuously, her ass reacting with reciprocity to his thrust.

"I want you to fuck me forever!" Annabel moaned. "If you have to move out, you have to move somewhere close! You can't move far away from me! Promise?"

"I won't, mom. Promise." Bronson replied.

Bronson had now found his mother's honey spot and was fucking on automatic as he stared at the headboard, listening to her moans.

"Fuck me, baby!" Annabel exclaimed. "Fuck your mama good!"

"I'm going to fuck you!" Bronson assured her tenderly. "I'm going to fuck you as long as you want and any time you want."

Every stroke now was answered by a labored moan. Bronson, on automatic, continued to fuck his mother with a rapid reciprocating rhythm that flattened her clit with every thrust and sent an electric like shock through her body.

"Fuck me, you sweet mother fucker!" Annabel cried, as she neared orgasm. "You mother fucker! Damn you! YOU MOTHER FUCKKKEERRrrrrrrrrr!!"

Bronson continued is robotic rhythm throughout his mother's orgasm and continued fucking her until she begged him to stop.

"Stop, baby!" Annabel moaned. "Please! Please slow down. Just a moment!"

Bronson, his rock hard erection ready and willing to continue, quickly stilled, remaining deep within his mother's pussy.

"Let me rest a minute or two, baby." Annabel sighed. "Let this old lady rest a second and we'll go some more! I'm not ready to quit yet!"

Bronson lifted off his mother, giving her an audible slap on her ass, smiling as he left the bed to go pee. Returning, he moved in close to his mother and cuddled as he sucked on a nipple.

(Somewhere in a motel)

Cora sat long moments watching the mother as she lay on the bed looking lovingly at her son, who was out of sight of the camera. She could hear the water splash in the toilet bowl as Bronson relieved himself. No doubt the door was open and Cora felt the sensuality that the mother was certainly feeling. Watching the other sex piss was not just a man thing.

Rising from the chair, Cora kept her eyes on Daniel as she moved towards his suitcase. Careful not to disturb anything, she found what she was looking for; Daniel's address book. Searching for the number, she then moved cautiously to the phone and called the number.

"Hello." Bronson said as he scrambled to answer the phone, fully expecting it to be his father.


"Yes. May I ask who this is?" Bronson queried, surprised by the feminine voice.

"You do not need a name. Let's just say I'm an acquaintance of your father." Cora replied "Do not be alarmed and don't show your mother your surprise, but you two are being videoed by a camera your father secretly installed next to the TV, focused on the bed. I'm looking at you right now."


"Stop! No questions! The camera has been there for years. He has quite a collection of your mother masturbating. I'm in your corner, honey. I'm calling you to tell you how lucky you two were tonight. On two accounts, I suppose. You two fucking in that room, one that bed, and ya'll not getting caught doing it. On a more personal note, you may be pleased to know you gave me a hellva good orgasm. We must get together one day. Your father is a pig and I wish you and your mother a long sensuous relationship. Do you have the know how to take care of that video so he won't find out or suspect?"

"Yes. I do"

"Then, I'll say goodbye." Cora said.

"Thank you. Bye."

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