Mom Cleans House


Constantly adjusting my grip on her thighs I felt my sweats going lower and lower, until the waistband was pulling my stiff cock straight toward the floor. I could feel her oil slicked pubic hair sliding down my abdomen just as the waistband of my sweats released its hold on my turgid cock. Freed from the pressure of the waistband, my oil-soaked cock sprang up like a missile, grazed between Mom's ass cheeks and lodged into the folds of her saturated cleft. With me trying to hold her up, and her tightening her thighs on my sides, we were still unable to slow the downward progress of her slide. Both our breaths caught in our throats as half my cock slid easily into her oil covered pussy.

"TOMMY NO!!" she wailed, her eyes wild looking.

Trying to ease her down to the floor I started to kneel but lost my footing in the oil. She went to the floor on her back with me firmly between her legs; the impact caused me to slam the rest of the way into her.

"AAAAAGGGGHHHHH," she moaned under me.

I was sure she was hurt, until I felt the unmistakable clinching of her cunt muscles along my shaft. I couldn't believe it. My mother just had an orgasm with my cock buried inside her. The feeling of her clamping down on me made my cock start to twitch, and I knew I was about to shoot a load. Mom must have known too.

"Take it out, Tommy! TAKE IT OUT!!" she yelled.

The sensation of her walls encasing my shaft as I pulled out was too much for me. As soon as my cock was free of her tight grip I began to shoot ropes of hot cum all over her exposed tummy and pubic mound. Lying flat on her, the shaft of my cock on her clit, I rocked my hips up and down until my orgasm was over. Mom just lay there unmoving.

Carefully, I rolled off her and somehow managed to stand up. When I finally got her to her feet I noticed what a mess she was. There was oil in her hair, my semen stained the black slip and was dripping from her bush to the floor. Looking at her, I felt only a deep shame.

"I'm so, so, sorry, Mom," I profusely apologized.

She stood there looking from me to the front of herself for a few seconds before slapping me across the face.

"How could you," she said, before running for the bathroom.

I didn't know what to do. It wasn't like I'd woken up this morning and decided I would bone my mother. I heard the shower running as I went about the difficult task of cleaning up all the oil. I glanced up when she emerged from the bathroom but she never looked at me, she just went to her room and shut the door. It took close to three hours to completely clean the mess, but once done I turned on the coffee maker and headed for my own shower.

Feeling clean again, I went to the kitchen and got a cup of coffee and sat at one of the two dining room chairs. Mom must have smelt the fresh pot because she came out swallowed in my robe and fixed herself a cup. I could see her eyes were red from crying.

"Mom?" I pleaded.

"Not now Tommy. We'll talk later, I just need to think right now," she said as she headed back to the bedroom.

After another cup I put on a sweatshirt and jeans, then strolled down to the beach to do some thinking of my own. The best thing to do was give her some space I thought. Hopefully she would understand that it had all been an accident. The day was a little chilly so I was pretty much alone as I sat in the sand and watched the waves crash in. My mood was somber as I pondered what would happen between us now. A few hours later I still felt like the biggest shit of the century as I made my way home. Mom's car was gone when I got there and a note on the table said she went shopping. I turned on the television and tried to relax, but it wasn't long before I was sound asleep.

My name being repeated over and over brought me out of a deep sleep, filled with images of Mom and I making passionate love. Opening my eyes, I saw she was sitting at the dining table and there were two plates of food on it.

"What time is it," I asked.

"Almost 7pm," she told me.

I had slept the entire afternoon away and still felt drained.

"Mom, I want you to know how sorry I am," I began when I sat down.

"Hush and eat your food. We can talk later."

The meal was a quiet affair with neither of us speaking. After we finished I cleared the table and washed the dishes, then went back to watching some more TV. Mom had vanished into her room. I was thinking she would stay in there, but twenty minutes later she came out and sat on the other end of the couch. She had one of her white slips on, and as she tucked her feet up under herself it slid up on her thighs.

"I'm sorry I slapped you, Tom," she finally said.

"I understand, Mom. I deserved it for what I did to you," I replied.

"Oh sweetie, please look at me," she softly spoke.

Turning so one bent leg was on the couch and my back rested on the arm of it I gazed over at her. I could see her age clearly now. Little lines and wrinkles appeared near her mouth and eyes and several grey strands were visible in her hair. She was still a beautiful woman though.

"What happened with you is all biological," she began. "It would have happened to any man under those conditions."

"But I came on you, Mom," I stammered shamefully.

"Yes. Yes you did baby. But I realize now it wasn't entirely your fault," she whispered softly.

"How so," I asked, not really sure what to say.

"I don't know any other way to say this, so please forgive my bluntness. Mommy came on you too," she stated, her face blushing bright red.

Sheepishly I said, "I know, I felt it, and that is what pushed me over the edge, Mom."

"Oh my," she said placing a hand over her mouth. "That still doesn't answer a question I've been wondering about all day."

"What's that," I asked.

"Why were in the first place," she managed to ask.

"Certainly I didn't get you so excited," she continued before I could say anything.

I wasn't sure were this conversation was going, but I decided to be honest and open with her.

"Mom, you've been exciting me since I was a boy," I told her.

"I remember all the times you wanted to help me around the house," she chuckled. "And the times you climbed that tree too."

"What can I say, Mom," I said, my face red from embarrassment.

"But I'm your mother, Tom. Plus, I'm an old lady now, not something a young man would get aroused by."

Scooting closer to her I looked into her eyes, put one hand on her shoulder and the other lightly on her thigh.

"You are a vibrant, sexy woman, Mom. Please believe me when I tell you that any man would crave you, no matter what his age was."

Our eyes locked as we sat there. An uncontrollable urge to kiss her came over me. Leaning forward, I moved my hand from her shoulder to the back of her neck and pulled her head to mine. I could feel her stiffen until my lips touched hers. With her soft lips pressed against mine her resistance began to fade, until we were lost in the most smoldering kiss I'd ever had. Her arms came up and encircled my neck, pulled me tighter into her warmth as my other hand rose up and cupped her small breast through the smooth slip. Instantly I felt her nipple harden as my palm softly rubbed against it. Suddenly she placed her hands against my chest and pushed me away. Her eyes wide with fright and what looked to me like lust.

"Oh God, what are we doing. This is so wrong," she blurted out, before jumping off the couch and running to the bedroom.

Dumfounded, I just sat there. I couldn't believe that I had made a move on my own mother. Was I some sick twisted pervert I wondered? A few minutes of reflecting on this thought gave me no answers, so I decided to go to bed and pray that tomorrow would be better.

I was stretched out on the office couch for ten minutes or so when I heard the shower turn on. The first thing that popped into my head was that Mom was trying to wash my filth off her. The shower didn't last long; I heard her leave and then the sound of the bedroom door being gently closed. I lay there for another ten minutes before making up my mind to go and apologize.

Reaching the bedroom door, I was just about to knock when I heard a humming sound coming from her room. Putting my ear against the door I could barely hear her soft whispers.

"Yes, yes, ohhh shit, yes," I heard, followed by, " OOOHHH... GOD...TOM!"

Did she just call my name while getting off on that toy of hers? Shock gave way to immense arousal. My cock expanded in my jeans as I rushed to the bathroom, dropped my pants and boxers, then furiously stroked my hardness to a knee shaking orgasm. It was only after the euphoria had started to fade that an idea dawned on me. She could have been calling my Dad's name, not mine. Drained, I went to bed for what turned out to be a long and restless night.

Sunday morning I found Mom sitting at the dining table, wearing my robe, with her hands wrapped around her cup of coffee. I made one for myself and sat down across from her. She just stared down absently into her cup but I could see she was nervous. I knew I should say something but didn't know what. Seriously, how do you apologize to your mother for accidentally shoving your dick in her, and then coming on to her later? I didn't have a clue. We sat in silence for a while then she looked up at me. My heart sank when I saw the sadness in her eyes and the worried look on her face. When she began to talk I could hear the reluctance in her voice.

"I want to apologize for what happened yesterday. If I hadn't been on that stool..." she left the rest unsaid.

Reaching across the table I took one of her hands in mine.

"You have nothing to apologize for, Mom. If I hadn't been acting like a complete perv by staring up your slip, things wouldn't have ended like they did," I tried to reason.

"But they did end like they did, and I'm so ashamed of it," she said, almost in tears.

Confused I asked, "What do you have to be ashamed of?"

"The fact that I couldn't control myself," she answered, leaving me even more confused than before.

"I'm sorry Mom, I'm not following what you're trying to say."

"Oh baby, its just when you were in me, it felt so good that I couldn't stop from..You know," she struggled to say.

"You mean having an orgasm," I softly asked.

Blushing, she said, "Yes."

"Hell Mom, if I hadn't had sex in four years I would've came as soon as I saw your bare butt on that stool," I laughed.

This seemed to lighten her mood. I got up and made us another cup then sat back down and asked what she wanted to do today. She told me to look outside first. When I peered out the kitchen window I saw sheets of rain pouring down, something that happens here a lot. So much for taking a nice stroll on the beach I told her. I said she could choose what we would do and she suggested we just cuddle on the couch and watch TV all day. Neither of us was hungry, so we carried our coffee into the front room and made ourselves comfy on the couch. Mom sat next to me with her legs tucked under my too big robe and sipped her coffee. We scanned through the on-demand channels and planned our viewing pleasure for the day.

With our empty cups on the coffee table we settled back and Mom snuggle up against me. The first movie was kind of boring, but being this close together seemed to make it watchable. Halfway through though I noticed Mom kept twisting her shoulders back and forth as if trying to loosen up her back.

"Back hurting you, Mom," I asked.

"A little. I think it might have gotten wrenched yesterday," she answered.

"I can fix that for you," I said, getting up and bringing out a thick comforter from the office.

Moving the coffee table out of the way, I spread the comforter on the floor, told her to lie down and I would give her a back rub. After some feeble protesting she stood up and removed my robe. Underneath it she was wearing a pale blue slip that was more of a nightie than anything else. It hung to mid thigh and her areolas were just visible through the satiny material. I gave her a throw pillow off the couch and watched her stretch out on the comforter with her hands tucked under the pillow. Carefully I straddled the backs of her thighs and placed the palms of my hands at the small of her back and began to gently rub little circles in that area. She let out a little sigh of pleasure and told me that what I was doing felt good. Five minutes later however she complained that my jeans, the same ones I had slept in, were chaffing the outside of her thighs. Standing, I told her that I would put on some sweats.

"Do you have underwear on," she asked, turning her head enough to see my face.

"Boxers," I told her.

"Just remove your jeans then," she said, as her head settled back on the pillow.

I was barefoot so it didn't take long to pull the jeans off and toss them on the couch. The feel of her bare skin on mine was electric when I reclaimed my spot on the back of her thighs. I started in the same place and rubbed outward to her sides, gently kneading her muscles as I went. Gradually I went higher on her back and noticed that her slip was doing the same on her thighs. Running my hands down her sides to her hips then back up caused the hem of the slip to travel high enough that the beginning swell of her asscheeks started to show. I could feel my cock starting to inflate.

"Could you scoot up a little honey, you're hurting my knees," she said into the pillow.

Looking down I saw that I was almost sitting on the back of her knees. Sliding forward, I sat on her thighs so high that my crotch was almost touching her ass. She didn't seem to mind, so I began massaging her again.

"Sorry," was all I said.

"That's okay baby, just keep doing what you're doing, it feels so good."

Her slip was completely off her ass by the time my hands reached her shoulder blades and my cock was hard as a rock. Pushing my hands gently down over her rib cages and upwards, I felt the outer swell of her small breast graze against my fingertips.

"Mmmmm," she moaned, as I let my fingers linger on the sides of her tits a little longer than I should have.

Moving my hands back up, I leaned enough to rub her shoulders and my crotch pressed against the soft roundness of her ass. The pressure of being against her cheeks caused my cock to shift, before I could do anything about it all seven inches was laying between her butt crack. If she felt it, she didn't say anything. She just kept moaning softly into the pillow.

Slowly I worked my hands lower on her back, at the same time I slid further back on her thighs until my cock nestled at the junction of her womanhood. My pre-cum left a trail from the small of her back, all the way down the crack of her ass, then began leaking onto her fur covered slit. I was no longer able to stop myself. Leaning forward and lifting slightly, the head of my cock slid down past her slickened ass then into the wetness of her slit, and plunged inside the velvet smoothness of her pussy. I felt her cunt clamp down briefly, then slowly expand to allow more of my cock to enter her.

"NOOO, TOMMY!! We can'" she moaned.

Her mouth said no, but when I felt her push back on me and take all my cock in, I knew that she wasn't going to stop. Using my hands on her hips and pulling backwards, I got us into a doggy position. Not wanting this to be rushed, I got into a slow rhythm and gently stroked my cock in and out of her. After only a few minutes, I felt her pussy contract around my shaft and she started roughly slamming her ass back into me.

"OH GOD! OH GOD! OH MY GOD!!" she wailed.

She began to shake and tremble as her orgasm ripped through her body, her pussy clamped down on my shaft so hard that I could barely move in her. The hold on my shaft relaxed as she slowly collapsed to the comforter. I stayed in her and continued to pump slowly as she fought to catch her breath. I rode the sweetness of my mother's wet hot pussy, reveling in the immense pleasure my nerve-endings were feeling. When her pussy began to tighten again I shortened my strokes to almost a complete stop, just enough movement to tickle her walls.


I started to really pound into her then. My pelvic bones bounced off her soft round ass making her cheeks jiggle. Knowing what was coming she began to twist violently trying to throw me off.

"NO, BABY!! I can get pregnant!" she screeched at me.

That brought me to my senses. Reluctantly I pulled my stiff rod from her drenched hole and lay down beside her, both of us having a difficult time breathing. Turning onto her side facing me she reached over and gently stroked my face. All I could see was love in her eyes.

"Oh Tommy, I'm so sorry I let that happen. It was wrong, but its all I've been able to think about since yesterday," she whispered.

"Mom, I love you more than anything else. I just want to make you happy," I told her.

"You did, honey. I'm almost sore from happiness," she chuckled, placing a hand on her mound.

Gently pushing her onto her back I told her I would fix that. She had a puzzled look on her face as I made my way down, spread her legs and climbed between them with my face hovering above her mound.

"What are you doing," she asked with a frown.

"Shhhh," I told her, before running my tongue up through the hair on her slit.

"Honey, don't do that. It's unsanitary," she protested.

Gazing up over her mound, I watched her reaction as my tongue flicked out and lapped flatly against the nub of her sensitive clit. Her eyes rolled back and she sucked in a sharp breath. Encouraged I began to lick and suck on her pussy with gusto. Fighting through the abundance of hair, I managed to trap the inner lips of her pussy in my mouth and began to gently stretch them out, at the same time rolling them across my tongue. Her hips started to come up and meet my face when I stuck my tongue as deep as I could into her hole. The taste and aroma was intoxicating.


Her thighs wrapped around my head pushing my face deeper into the folds of her twitching cunt, until I thought she might smother me. My tongue burrowed into her sweet Mommy hole before returning to lavish attention to her engorged clit once more. Her fluids began to leak out and coat my chin in her slickness.

"SHIT! OH SHIT! No ones ever done this to me before," she cried.

With her clit firmly clamped between my lips, my tongue relentlessly batting it back and worth, I moved my hand from her thigh and softly slide my index finger into her very wet hole. She began to shudder as I twirled my finger around the tightness of her cunt, then she went off like a bomb, brutally slamming her crotch into my face.

"FUCK! FUCK! FUUUCCCCKKKK!!" she screamed over and over before collapsing.

At first I thought she had fainted, but when I crawled up beside her I saw her eyes wide open, staring blankly at the ceiling. Her chest heaved as she tried to control her breathing, her diamond hard nipples poking through the top of her slip with each breath she took.

"God Tommy, that was the most pleasurable thing anyone's ever done to me," she managed between breaths.

"No one has ever gone down on you?"

"I've only been with your Father sweetie. And no, he certainly hasn't done that to me," she laughed.

"WOW! That's hard to believe, Mom," I said.

I was lying on my back and when she turned on her side to face me, her eyes fell on my still erect penis. She stared at it resting on my stomach, as if in a trance for some time, before placing her hand on it tentatively.

"Do you have any condoms," she asked, still fixated on my hard pole.

"No," I said sadly.

Gently rubbing her fingertips up and down my shaft she said, "We can't leave you like this."

Getting to her feet, she stared down at me with a look of concentration on her face. I've seen that look before. It was her problem solving face.

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