Mom Cleans House For The Last Time


"Hey little brother," she said to Dad, giving him a hug and an affectionate kiss on the cheek.

"And look who we have here!" she exclaimed turning to face me. "Come give your Aunt a hug."

Standing, I moved into her outstretched arms and received a warm bear hug. Her perfume smelled like honeysuckle, one of my all-time favorite scents. Dad grabbed her suitcase from the truck and we went inside. Mom and Grandma were huddled on the couch looking like the cat that ate the canary. When all the hugs and kisses and hellos were finished, Dad said he would take Marcy's bag upstairs.

"I'll go with you Tom. I need to freshen up a bit," Marcy said, then followed Dad up to the bedrooms.

Both Mom and Grandma had smirks on their faces as they watched Marcy's tight ass climb the stairs. I sat on the couch next to Mom and asked what was going on with the two of them. Snickering, they told me not to worry about it. Knowing they weren't going to tell me what they were up to, I opted to broach the subject of Dad and Marcy.

"So you've known about Dad and Aunt Marcy all along Mom," I asked her in a hushed tone.

"Yes. I've known since right after your Father and I were married," she quietly answered.

"But..." I tried to get my thoughts together.

"Listen Tommy. I love your Dad and I know he loves me. So if something makes him happy, I can look the other way," she said, as if that was all the explanation I needed.

"But Mom! He's been cheating on you all this time. And with his own sister no less," I persisted.

"Yeah. And now I've done the same. With my own son no less," she countered.

When I said I was confused, she told me that in the twenty-five years they have been married Dad has always been a loving and supporting husband to her. A claim not too many women could make nowadays she stated. Just look at Marcy she reminded me. A smile appeared on Mom's face when I changed the subject to what Dad had said about being back to his old self. With the new medications Dad was able to perform just as good as before she informed me. It wasn't something I wanted to hear, but her happiness was all that mattered to me. Besides, she could always come visit I told myself. As though she could read my mind, she reached over and gently rubbed my crotch.

"Don't worry baby, I can take care of my men," she said.

"If she can't, I know someone who can," Grandma said with a chuckle.

"Oh Mom, you're incorrigible," Mom laughed.

"Got that right sweetie," Grandma shot back.

Dad's footsteps let us know he was coming down; having been up there longer than I thought would have been necessary. Grandma excused herself, saying she forgot something in Marcy's room and headed up the stairs. Mom said she would finish dinner and went into the kitchen. With the women busy Dad and I decided to have a couple more beers out front. A couple turned into a few and I was getting a nice buzz going.



"I was just wondering why Aunt Marcy's marriages didn't last," I said, and then added, "She is a sweet and beautiful woman after all."

"Yeah, she is that," he stated in a far off voice.

"Her first two husbands wanted kids, but Marcy got sick when she was very young and can't have children. The dick she's married to now hates kids," he explained bitterly.

"Oh. Okay," I said.

Late afternoon swiftly turned into evening when Mom called us into dinner. Going inside, we found all three women at the dinning table waiting for us. After washing up, we had a nice meal of pot roast with all the trimmings. Talk around the table was genial, everyone wanting to catch up with everyone else. When we were done we all pitched in and cleaned up. The women said they were going to change into something comfortable and left Dad and I in the front room watching TV, him on the couch and me in one of the armchairs. Mom returned first, dressed in her white lace-topped slip and sat next to Dad on the couch. The creaking of the stairs made us look as Grandma and Marcy came down them. Grandma had on a dark blue slip that covered her modestly, while Marcy wore a mid-thigh length black one. Nothing tantalizing was visible on any of them, but it didn't stop me from imagining. Dad just smiled, as if this was an everyday occurrence around here.

"When in Rome, do as the Romans do," Marcy offered as an explanation for dressing like Mom and Grandma.

Since they had gotten comfortable I decided to do the same. Rushing upstairs I pulled my pajama bottoms out of my suitcase. With just them and my t-shirt on I went back downstairs. When I returned all four of them were on the couch. Marcy was on the end closest to the TV with Dad sandwiched between her and Mom. Taking my seat in the armchair I became aware that I had a good view up all three slips. Mom noticed too, and without hesitation she opened her legs and flashed me a look at her pussy, before quickly closing them again. When Grandma smiled broadly and did the same, I knew they had planned this. My cock twitched and began to slowly swell.

As usual Dad was completely engrossed in his favorite comedy, oblivious to what was going on right next to him. Marcy was a different story however. Each time Mom or Grandma flashed me; Marcy would look over at them with a puzzled look on her face. It didn't take long for her to figure out what was going on. I saw the flash of understanding cross her face as she glanced from them toward me. When her eyes landed on the tent in my pajama bottoms she blushed deeply, then glued her eyes to the TV without another glance in my direction. I continued to receive pussy flashes for another forty-five minutes, until Grandma said she was tired and headed up the stairs after saying good night to everyone. I did the same; only I gave Dad a pat on the shoulder and Mom a kiss on the cheek. Dad didn't even turn in my direction, but Marcy took one long last look at my tent before I left.

When you open the door to the bedroom I was sharing, the first thing you see is the big bed. Grandma was on it with the blankets pulled up to her chin, her slip a crumpled heap on the floor. There was a soft yellow glow from the lamp on the nightstand casting enough light to see clearly, without being too bright. Closing the door behind me I walked to the side of the bed but was uncertain if I should get undressed or leave my pajamas on. Grandma answered that question by pushing the blankets down her naked body to her hips and turning her back to me.

"Spoon me boy," she said, patting the bed near her back.

Naked I crawled in and scooted up against her back, putting my arm over her after pulling the blankets up. She lifted her top thigh enough for mister stiffy to snuggle into the warm cleft of her hairy pussy, before relaxing her leg and trapping him in her warmth.

"Like the way you did last night," she whispered, and then pushed the blankets to one side of us. I guess she hadn't been asleep last night after all.

Sliding down I held the shaft of my cock and began rubbing the head into what was already a very wet slit. Apparently all that teasing downstairs hadn't just got me aroused. Pushing upwards my dick slid past the hairy outer lips and into Grandma's snug tunnel. I continued to push until the whole seven inches of hard cock was buried, then slowly began to move in and out in short strokes. Wanting to use both hands on her I held her waist and rolled onto my back. She rolled with me until she was lying on top of me with her legs spread to the outside of mine, my cock still embedded in her cunt. It was not a position for deep penetration, so I settled into a short rocking of my hips, moving my rod in and out mere inches. Pinching her nipples with one hand I used the other to roll her big clit between my thumb and forefinger, alternating the tightness of my grip until it became fully erect.

Somehow we had not heard the door open but a soft moan drew our attention in that direction. Mom was leaning against the door jam. She had one hand rubbing her chest; the other one was under the hem of her slip as she watched our coupling with lust filled eyes. Stepping into the room she silently shut and locked the door, her eyes never wavering from where my dick pushed into her Mother. Moving Grandma's legs wider apart Mom climbed on the foot of the bed over my legs and leaned forward. I let out a little gasp when I felt her tongue run up the underside of my cock. She went lower and licked my balls briefly before her hot tongue traveled up my shaft before she latched onto Grandma's clit with her lips. Grandma's hips started bucking wildly, her cunt spasmed around my cock forcefully as Mom continued her relentless attack on her engorged clit. I could feel my seed bubbling toward the tip of my dick when Grandma's orgasm erupted. She thrashed about so violently my cock popped from her juicy hole and I had to cover her mouth with my hand so no one would hear her screams. Mom immediately covered the head of my cock with her mouth and rapidly stroking my shaft with her hand. She gagged a little as I shot a mass amount of spunk down her throat, but she did manage to swallow all of it.

I lay panting with Grandma's trembling body still on top of me, the head of my shrinking cock nudged between her slick meaty cunt lips as Mom climb off the bed. She walked to the side of the bed, bent down and gave us both a kiss on the forehead.

"You kids try and get some sleep. Tomorrow might be an interesting day," she said, then unlocked the door and disappeared.

As usual, I awoke to an empty bed. Half asleep I stumbled to the bathroom and opened the door, the major piss hard-on I was sporting screaming for me to relieve myself. Sitting on the toilet, the sound of her urine trickling into the bowl was Aunt Marcy, her wide eyes staring at my bobbing penis. All she had on was a pair of white cotton panties that were pulled down around her knees. The light brown areolas and pointy nipples sitting proudly on her remarkably firm breasts were crinkled and hard from the morning chill. Futilely I tried to cover myself, as I backed out of the room apologizing profusely. Her jaw hanging open as she sat there in stunned silence was the last sight I had of her before I shut the door. Forgetting about underwear I threw on some jeans and a t-shirt, bolted downstairs and straight out the front door. I still had to piss like a racehorse. When I was a couple yards deep in the orchard I yanked what could no longer be called a piss hard-on out and watered at least three trees for the week.

Not wanting to return to the house but desperately needing my morning coffee, not to mention a pair of shoes, I reluctantly went back. Everyone was at the dinner table except Marcy, who I imagined was still sitting on the toilet too shocked to move yet. Fixing myself a cup I joined the group and half-heartedly tried to listen to their banter. My mind was definitely somewhere else. Twenty or so minutes later Marcy came down and joined our little gathering. She was wearing blue silk-like jogging shorts and an oversized blue tank top with large armholes that showed a good portion of the sides of her braless pale boobs.

"I'm so sorry Aunt Marcy. I should've knocked," I apologized again.

"It' okay. It was my fault really for not locking the door," she said as she sat next to me.

When everyone gave us a quizzical look I explained what had happened without going into any details. Both Mom and Grandma found it funny and Dad just gave me a shit-eating grin. Even Aunt Marcy said it was kinda funny so I figured she wasn't mad at me. After I finished a couple cups I went up and took a shower, changed back into what I had taken off and joined the group at the dinner table again. I was awake enough now to notice that Mom and Grandma had on drab looking brown housedresses that buttoned all the way down the front. Dad was wearing his usual work attire, jeans and snap-buttoned shirt with boots on his feet.

No one wanted breakfast so we just traded gossip for another hour, then Marcy said she wanted to walk around the place. Dad, all too eagerly I might add, volunteered to go with her. As soon as they were out the door Grandma went upstairs and came back down with a bulky cloth purse. Without asking if I wanted to go the two women shared a glance and went out the door too. With nothing to do I went and parked my ass on the porch, sipped more coffee and watched what little traffic zoomed by on the main road.

I had been sitting here for about thirty minutes when out of the corner of my eye I saw Dad and Marcy emerge from around the side of the maintenance shed. When they reached the house both gave me a cursory hello before going inside. A few minutes later Mom and Grandma came around the shed in the same place as the other two had, but instead of going inside they sat on the porch with me. Grandma reached into her bulky purse and pulled out a nice looking DVD camcorder, handed it to me and asked if I knew how to hook it to the TV. She told me that there were some cables and a remote control unit that had come with it, so I said sure I could hook it up. When she heard that Grandma went inside saying she would get the cables. Looking over at Mom I noticed she had a gleam in her eyes.

"What are you two up to," I asked.

"Nothing sweetie, just thought we could watch a home movie is all," she answered.

"Home movies huh?"

"Sure. I also thought it would be nice to have a barbecue today," she continued.

"That actually sounds great Mom. Does Dad have any propane for the grill?"

"Come with me," she instructed, taking my hand and leading me around the side of the house toward the backyard.

I use the term backyard loosely. Mainly the yard consisted of more bare dirt just like the rest of the farm. When we got there I was surprised to see a new rock walled barbecue pit and large wooden picnic table, complete with sturdy benches on both sides of it.

"Your Dad built the table and benches with wood from the old oak tree," she said.

I told her he had done a fantastic job. The table had been sanded down to a very smooth finish and looked as if it had several layers of varnish covering it. Walking over to it I sat down; it felt like being with an old friend once more. Mom came up behind me and hugged me to her breast.

"I thought you would like it," she whispered in my ear.

We sat out back for a while then went inside and told Aunt Marcy and Dad about the barbecue. Both loved the idea and I could tell Dad was especially happy about it since it gave him an excuse to suck down brews all afternoon. I helped him set up the pit and got it fired while the women prepared more food to go along with the chicken we would have. We also filled a couple coolers with ice and beer so we wouldn't have to make trips back and forth to the shed.

With Dad working his magic at the pit I popped the top on some beers, handed him one then sat at the table. The women soon joined me, each grabbing a beer before sitting down with me between Mom and Grandma. Aunt Marcy sat sideways on the bench across from us with her elbow resting on the table, giving us a good view of the side of her pale tit. When she leaned just right we would get a flash of her perky nipple too. We stayed outside long after we ate, drinking and chatting as if we hadn't seen each other for a long time. Dad and Marcy out drank the rest of us by quite a bit, their speech becoming more animated with the passing of time. I became a little worried when Mom and Grandma's free hands began to rub my thighs up and down, sometimes all the way to my crotch. I was pretty sure with Dad sitting next to Aunt Marcy he couldn't see anything, but that didn't lessen my anxiety any. About four o'clock Mom asked if we wanted to watch a movie.

"What kind of movie," Dad asked.

"A home movie. I'm sure you'll like it," Mom answered.

Dad and Marcy said that sounded like fun. With fresh beers all around, we piled back inside the house. While I set up the camera so it would play on the TV, Mom and Grandma closed all the curtains casting the front room into a slightly darker light. Grandma had Dad sit in the middle of the couch with Mom and Marcy at his sides; her and I sat in the armchairs across from them. After making sure everyone was ready Mom tuned the TV on then hit play on the camcorder's remote. A menu appeared on the screen and Mom scrolled down to where it said play disc and pressed the button.

It was a few seconds before the image on the screen showed Dad and Aunt Marcy entering the bedroom upstairs. I could tell it was recorded at the time that Marcy had arrived because she was dressed in her white tank top and short shorts. Not knowing what was on the disc I stared wide-eyed as they reached the center of the room. Marcy turned around and Dad scooped her into his arms planting small kisses up and down her neck before locking his lips on hers. His hands cupped her firm ass and he ground his pelvis into hers, as their passionate kiss grew more intense.

"OH MY GOD!" Marcy shouted.

"What the FUCK is this," Dad hollered, starting to stand before Mom placed a hand on him and told him to stay seated.

"I think I'm gonna be sick," Marcy whimpered.

"You two just be still and enjoy the movie," Grandma told them.

For some reason that seemed to take the wind out of their sails and they leaned back on the couch with horrified expressions on their faces as the scene played on. It showed Marcy reach down and stuffed her hand into Dad's pants as we watched his fingers dig deeper into the cheeks of her butt. This went on for several minutes before they broke their embrace and started talking. Unfortunately there was no audio so we were left in the dark as to what they were saying.

"Shit. I forgot to turn on the mic," Grandma uttered to herself.

Mom hit the pause button, then turned to look at the two mortified people next to her and bluntly asked, "So Marcy, how long have you and your brother been fucking each other?"

I was sure Aunt Marcy was going to faint. Her already pale complexion became a few shades paler as she sat there just stammering incoherent words. Dad didn't move. He kept his gaze pointed at the floor and in a low voice spewed out apology after apology. Reaching over and pulling Dad to her, Mom told him she had known about it for a long time. Both Marcy and Dad looked at her dumfounded.

"I don't know how you two got started, but I do know how some things can happen when you least expect it," she said looking directly into my eyes.

"I'm sorry Doris. It started when we were young, just messing around and somehow it escalated into what we found to be a highly enjoyable pass time," Dad tried to explain.

"We tried to stop but it just felt so right, even though it was incest. We've only done it a few times in the last couple of years," Marcy pleaded.

"Calm down, I'm not mad at you two. If anything your love for each other has made my marriage stronger," Mom told them.

"How is that possible," Marcy whined.

"Tom could have cheated on me with anyone, but he didn't. With you Marcy, it's like I'm sharing my husband with a sister. One I also love," Mom replied.

With tears streaming down her face Marcy said, "I don't know what to say."

"Don't say anything. Let's just watch the rest of the movie," Mom told her.

"There's more," Dad groaned.

"The best is yet to come," Grandma piped in as Mom hit the play button again.

The picture resumed with Marcy and Dad still talking for a short time before they both left the room. A minute later it showed Grandma enter and reach for the camera before the screen went blank. So that was what Grandma had left in the room I thought. Her and Mom must have set this whole thing up. I had to give them credit for being so devious. The screen came back to life showing Dad and Marcy as they headed deep into the orchard. Now I understood the drab brown housedresses Mom and Grandma still had on, they would have blended into the orchard quite nicely in those colors. My admiration for their sneakiness grew.

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