Mom Goes Clubbing


“Well, this bitch is right out of it.” He said. “She was drunk when I picked her up a couple hours ago, and she was drunk while I rode her pussy a couple minutes ago. If you want to climb aboard, kid, you might as well, ‘cause she’ll never know what’s going on. Do it, kid, she’s a hot bitch, and I got her cunt all loosened up and wet for you.”

With that, he grabbed his jacked off the other bed and walked out the door, leaving me and mom to ourselves. I looked down at her splayed, limp form, unconscious, sticky, sweaty, white, and inviting. I had no choice.

I dropped my shorts and ripped off my shirt, my still-hard cock growing stiffer as I climbed onto the bed and raised myself up on my knees, towering over my drunk mom. I picked up her ankles and spread them even further apart, forcing open those creamy white thighs, with just enough fat on the insides to invite a guy’s attention. I didn’t want to stop looking her over, but I couldn’t wait. I raised myself up along her torso, supporting my weight with my right hand. I used my left hand to guide my cock into her slippery cunt. Oh, the moment of penetration was heaven. I could feel the black guy’s still-warm sperm squishing out from my mother’s womb as I pushed my shaft into her. God what a thrill to push my steel-hard cock into the moist belly of my own mother.

I put my left hand up by my mom’s head and drove my cock all the way home. Slowly, I started to rock back and forth, pulling my cock almost all the way out, then ramming it back deep into her womb. I looked down to where we were joined in a delicious unholy coupling, and then it struck me hard – I was fucking my own mother. My manhood was penetrating that sacred place where my life began; I was going back where I came from, and where another man had just been, too. I was about to spill my life-giving seed into the womb that gave me life. My cock grew even thicker, and I was so grateful that I had jerked off in the shower, so this fuck would last longer.

As I slowly picked up speed, I could feel my mom’s pussy muscles start to come back to life. They grew moister, and gently started to squeeze the turgid shaft that was pummeling them. But the black guy had really stretched her out, so she couldn’t squeeze me as tightly as she’d have liked to. I started to really plow into her, mercilessly sawing her in half. Images of her pretty face, stuffed with a big black cock, floated through my mind, images of a black penis spitting sperm all over her face, sticky come dripping down her chin. I pictured her on her hands and knees, a big black body builder ramming her from behind, just using her cunt for his own pleasure as he towered over her tiny frame. I pictured her at my university, flat on her back on a dirty mattress on the floor of the dorm, the sperm of a dozen guys dribbling out from between her thighs as yet another guy took his place on top of her. I pictured her at home, her belly swollen with my baby growing inside it. But at the final moment, I just blanked out and looked at her face, her unconscious, unknowing, mom face, and I roared as my back arched and shivers and tingles rippled up and down my spine. What a feeling, to release a flood of sperm into the womb of my own mother. I pushed and pushed and pushed my pelvis hard against hers as my cock jerked and spurted inside her searing hot cunt, my come joining the sea of sperm already inside her. I wondered if she was still old enough to get pregnant, and if so, would my brother be a black bastard or would he be my own son!!

Eventually, I withdrew my still-hard cock and stood up, mom still passed out and unmoving. I looked around the room, then pulled the covers over top of my mother’s sleeping form. I gathered up my clothes and went next door, being sure to lock the door behind me, so that nothing would be suspected. I’d let mom sleep in, wake up on her own and try to figure out why her cunt was so sore. She was so drunk, she probably won’t remember a thing about getting picked up and fucked by a black guy, and I know she won’t remember her own son making use of her, either. But I’ll remember!! As I drifted off to sleep, I heard the rhythmic knocking of a headboard against a wall coming from one of the rooms above me, and I smiled.

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by Anonymous

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by shang4005/13/18

Watching mom with a young guy is very intoxicating

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by Anonymous01/25/18

re anon 10/21/16 'BRILLIANTLY CONCEIVED &...' (mom had no bikini top or bottom under thin summer dress)

I was a voyeur son & was spying on my mom, very much like above anon.
I believed it was very likely my mom was cheating on my dad. I knew i would never rat on my mom.

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by Anonymous12/12/17


Would have been better for the guy to get the son to suck him, then a so who raped his mother. This is just a common rape story

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