tagIncest/TabooMom Helps Me Use Her Sex Toys

Mom Helps Me Use Her Sex Toys


Nineteen, junior college cheerleader, pretty, blonde, athletic -- and sexually frustrated? It drove Jenny crazy. She'd had sex with half a dozen boys in the last five years, and could probably make it an even dozen inside of two weeks if she put her mind to it. But that wasn't what her mind was on. Jenny was tormented by her desire to have sex with a woman -- a desire she'd had absolutely no luck acting on.

She had decided to go on to college half to get an associate's degree and half to work up the courage and find the opportunity to satisfy her bi-curiosity. Even at a commuter school, she thought, there would be parties, sexual risk-taking, even, somewhere -- her dream come true -- a girl just like her, a lesbian virgin, aching to try a girl but too intimidated to work up the courage to approach a hard core dyke.

She'd meet this girl of her dreams -- her name would be Penny, Jenny and Penny -- they'd become close friends, share everything. They'd each feign surprise that the other was curious, and decide that the safe zone of their friendship was the best place to see if they liked another girl as much as they thought they would. No reason to get hurt, they'd never hurt each other in a million billion years, so why not? They'd start off hugging, caressing, her hands on Penny's ass. Then Penny would make the first move, kissing her ear. She'd inhale the scent of her hair and her knees would buckle. They'd kiss softly, then harder, licking each other's tongues and sucking each other's full lips. They'd feel each other up, grind each other's crotches together -- they would have agreed at the outset to stop as soon as either one was uncomfortable, but that time would never come. They'd rip clothes in their haste to get them off, then luxuriate in each other's naked bodies. Well, bras and panties, at first, then naked. Penny would be so wet, her panties would be damp. One hand massaging Penny's nipple under her bra while Penny massaged her ass and sucked her neck. The other hand tucking itself under Penny's damp panties, feeling the hotness of her mound, the slickness of her labia, the nub of her clit. Then...

But it never happened. Maybe with "Penny" she'd made the perfect the enemy of the good, but she just didn't have the courage to approach anyone if she wasn't sure they would be, well, willing, and wasn't attracted to anyone who would obviously be willing. She wondered -- she was taking a Psych 101 class -- if she really wanted to have sex with a woman at all, or if her sabotaging herself meant that she really just wanted to anticipate it. For the rest of her life? She couldn't bear the thought. But there was nothing she could do.

One particularly frustrating day, Jenny had chatted up a fellow cheerleader, they'd had lunch together. Jenny was sure she'd acted completely weird. She'd tried too hard, been too obvious about trying to draw out her friend's latent lesbian desires. They weren't there. Jenny would be surprised if her friend would so much as look at her again, she'd come off so pervy. A small, dark cloud hovered over her head as she returned home.

She dropped her keys and books on the table noisily, and stomped up the stairs to the bathroom, the cloud following her. As she walked in to the bathroom her mother, Melanie, was walking in, too, from the door that led to the master bedroom. She looked flustered. "Oh-- hi, honey," she forced, brightly as possible, as she hurriedly shut the door to the bedroom behind her. Jenny mumbled something, it wouldn't be the kind of day it was if her mom said, oh, sorry honey, did you need to use the bathroom? and gone back in the bedroom. She turned around huffily and left for the downstairs bathroom.

Melanie's heart was racing and she sat down on the toilet. She'd been to the neighborhood sex toy party weeks ago, brought home a treasure trove, for some reason, but had never tried anything, till today. She yelled at herself for getting started on an afternoon she knew Jenny would be home after lunch. Composing herself, she went back into the bedroom to put everything away.

Downstairs -- two levels, in their split-level house -- Jenny had turned on the computer, ready -- really ready -- for an AOL chat room. She double clicked and heard the "hwonk" that said the cable Internet connection was down. It wouldn't be the day it was otherwise, she thought. She actually brightened, it had become comical how bad her day was becoming. And after all, if the worst day of her life involved not being able to coax a fellow cheerleader into revealing and acting on her long-suppressed bi-curiosity, the Internet being down and having to use the half bath downstairs, things were ok.

She took her shoes off and padded up to the kitchen, where she drank a glass of water. Then she padded upstairs to find out if her mom knew the cable was down. She walked into her parents' bedroom and said, "Mom, did --"

Melanie gasped and torqued her front side away from the door, fumbling with something in her hand. "Mom, what --" Jenny saw a huge vibrating dildo, a bottle of edible lotion, something else that could only be a clit massager and a big strap-on lying on the bed. She didn't register any of it, just gaped, mouth open -- and then started to laugh! Melanie was more mortified than before. Finally succeeding in snapping her jeans, she turned, thought better of it, and turned away again. "Jennifer, please!" she croaked.

Jenny held her hand up to her mouth, smiling broadly. "I'm so sorry, Mom," she said. Re-orienting herself to the absurdity of it, she tried to break the tension. "Nice toys. From your party a while ago?"

Melanie was bright pink and still couldn't decide whether to face her daughter or hide. "Yes," she said dolefully. "I still don't know if I got my money's worth!" Jenny laughed, and Melanie relaxed a little. Jenny was 19, for crying out loud, not 12. It's not as though this extremely awkward moment was going to lead to The Talk before she was ready, or was going to scar her for lilfe.

Jenny sat down on the bed, still trying to connect the idea of her mother to the idea of the sex toys scattered on her bed. She picked up the vibrating dildo. "My goodness!" she said.

"Jennifer, don't touch that," Melanie moaned.

"Mom, I'm sorry. It's not like this is going to be any less embarrassing for either one of us if I run out the door and downstairs." Melanie laughed despite herself. "And out the front door and down the street to the Harrises'," Jenny chided. "Or farther, as far away as possible!" Melanie wrinkled her nose in a fake sneer.

Jenny examined the dildo, wondering how to balance being a, well, woman, and being her Mom's daughter in this particular situation. She couldn't figure out how, so she put the dildo back down. She stood up. "I really am sorry. I shouldn't be barging in here without knocking, or letting you know I was there."

"No, honey, I'm sorry," Melanie said, trying to look natural while gathering the toys into a pile. Some needed to be... cleaned up, but she didn't want to do that with her daughter standing there. "I knew you were coming home, and I certainly knew you were home after you came up to the bathroom."

The strap-on registered in Jenny's brain. Before even thinking about what she was saying or who she was talking to, she said, "you use that one on another girl, you know."

"I know," her mom said matter-of-factly, and Jenny felt like she'd been smacked in the forehead by an invisible hand. For her part, Melanie's embarrassment was interrupted by her wondering what would make her daughter point that out, of all things. She picked the box the toys were kept in off the floor on the other side of the bed.

Her daughter had always had boyfriends, sometimes more than one at a time, but that hadn't been the case recently. The working theory was that college was an adjustment, and while it couldn't be difficult to meet people, it might be difficult to choose the right people in a place that big. The remark about the strap-on made Melanie wonder, though. She hated that her mind was racing instead of keeping cool and in control.

Her internal edit function compromised by the kinds of thoughts involving strap-ons one shouldn't have in one's parents' bedroom, Jenny said, just as matter-of-factly, "I completely understand getting carried away. The Internet's down, and I was all set to hit a chat room."

Melanie's eyes rotated in daughter's direction while she absentmindedly replaced the toys in their box. "I wouldn't say I got 'carried away,'" she said. "You usually get on the computer first thing when you get home, how was I supposed to know the Internet was down. What kind of chat room?" she asked, facing Jenny.

Jenny ignored the question. "Do you know how to use i-- those things?" she asked.

Melanie, who had been lightening up, started turning redder again. "They demonstrated -- well, explained how to use them -- at the party, but I hadn't even had them out till today," she replied.

"Here, let me see," Jenny said, reaching for the box. She pulled it toward her and, through superhuman effort, resisted pulling the strap-on out first. "Well, this," she said, brandishing the vibrating dildo, "is fairly self explanatory."

"Yes, it is," Melanie said warily. Jenny was acting strangely, and she wanted to get to the bottom of it.

"This," Jenny said, picking up the clit massager, "this you would probably only use if you were by yourself."

"Well, exactly who am I supposed to use any of this with? Your father?" Jenny knew the idea was ridiculous.

"I don't know," Jenny said, flustered. "Why buy them? This--" she hadn't seen the much smaller, penis-shaped vibrator before now. This must have been what her mother was playing with when she walked in, she thought, her breath catching. "This is more or less like that other thing..."

"No, it's not," Melanie said frankly, eyes on her daughter.

"What do you mean? They're both... you know..."

"I know what they're both, but they're not both for the same... location."

Jenny's mouth felt full of cotton. Of course, her mom was right, and she, the 19-year-old who had probably slept with more boys than her mom, had just been schooled on the proper use of a butt vibrator. Her mother's matter-of-fact discussion of her box of sex toys had Jenny reeling.

"Here," Melanie said, the fact of her superior knowledge not escaping her, as she took the toy from her daughter. She turned it on. Jenny was mesmerized. "Kind of small, see? Especially compared to that monster," Melanie said, nodding at the dildo. "And this one just vibrates, doesn't twist and turn." She turned it off.

Jenny couldn't imagine any topic whatsoever being off limits at that particular moment, so she blurted, "you were using that when I walked in." Melanie blushed again.

"Jenny, this is awkward for both of us. But we don't need to--"

"Can I try it?"

Melanie was struck dumb. She'd wanted to act as cool as possible and also figure out why these toys interested her daughter so much. But this was starting to get out of hand. Before she could say anything, Jenny took the butt vibrator into the bathroom. Melanie heard water running from the sink. She was mortified at the idea that her daughter was going to take her sex toy into the bathroom, clean it up and use it, while she, Melanie, sat awkwardly in her bedroom. She got up to follow.

She was mostly determined to tell her daughter to give her her toy back and leave the room. Mostly. Partly, she was starting to wonder what was going through Jenny's mind -- and how she'd act on it.

As she got to the door, Jenny was walking back in. melanie was startled. She seemed to have no intention of using the toy anywhere but her parents' bedroom. Now. Melanie gulped for the right words. "Look. You--"

"It's ok, Mom," Jenny said, completely oblivious to how awkward her mom might feel being in the same room while she tried out her sex toys. She thought Melanie was concerned about being a corrupting influence, and aimed to reassure her. "I'm 19, I think I can figure it out." Besides, she didn't exactly want her mom leaving the room at the moment.

She was momentarily startled to realize that. Here was an opportunity to play with sex toys in front of a beautiful, mature... sexy... 42-year old woman. Jenny's head spun. She would give anything for a girl she liked and trusted to want to play with her. After months of frustration, could she possibly want her mother to play with her? Nothing seemed impossible.

"That's not-- I mean, look--" her mother stammered.

Jenny unsnapped her jeans and pulled them down, turning away from her mother as she did so and sitting on the edge of the bed. She turned the toy on and buzzed it around her pussy lips, through her panties. Melanie looked away, completely at a loss about what to do. Jenny was right, she was 19, so she couldn't exactly yell at her and ground her. But this was a pretty extreme invasion of her privacy. And yet, as she'd said, she still didn't know if she'd gotten her money's worth.

And if Jenny was having a tough time with her sexuality somehow, something that made her not want boyfriends, made her, as inhibited as she was, bold enough to play with a vibrator in her parents' room with her mother watching -- Melanie's head spun. What? She needed help? Or her daughter could help her?

Melanie would never use these things, and Jenny was right: Why buy them? She realized she bought them because of a fantasy. Something unfulfillable, especially the strap-on. Except there was a 19-year-old blonde cheerleader in her bedroom with her pants down, buzzing a vibrator along her pussy. Melanie's head swam. This was crazy, unreal.

Jenny hooked her thumb into her panties and pulled them down, balancing from cheek to cheek as she did so. She was torn between wanting very much for her mom to look at her and being too embarrassed to look at her mom. She slid the vibrator up and down her bare pussy lips, which were getting very slick.

"No," Melanie said, and Jenny's heart lodged in her throat. "No, honey-- I don't know how they say to do it on AOL, but you need some of this." She picked up the bottle of lotion. Jenny was stunned -- all her muscles gave out for a second. If she'd been standing, she'd have fallen down.

Walking around to Jenny's front, Melanie opened the bottle and took the vibrator from her daughter. She slathered it with lotion, as Jenny's circuits overloaded and she fought the urge to pass out cold. She looked her daughter in the eyes and brought the vibrator back down to where she'd gotten it from. Jenny took it from her and buzzed her lips and clit again, having mostly forgotten what she was supposed to be doing by that point.

Her mother watched quietly for a few moments, then said, "here. Lie back." Eyes as big as saucers, Jenny lay back on the bed. "Scooch up," Melanie said, and Jenny moved more onto the bed till her legs were out straight. Melanie gently grabbed each leg and said, "now, bend your knees." She did, so her knees were up in the air and her feet on the edge of the bed.

Melanie took her daughter's hand with the vibrator and guided it toward her anus. Jenny spasmed as the tip of the vibrator poked gently against her asshole. Her mother helped probe the outside, getting it slick with lotion. "Now, just put that there," she said, guiding the tip to her daughter's sphincter as Jenny's breath became ragged. "Push," she said, and she helped her daughter push the vibrator against her asshole. "Don't go too far too fast, just push as long as it feels good. Before you know it it'll be in."

Two of Jenny's hands and one of her mother's eased the vibrator into her ass, slowly. Her mind was racing with the improbability of what was happening and the exquisite anal sensations her mother and the vibrator were giving her. Her hips and ass ground against the vibrator as the fullness of the sensation filled her up. Somewhere deep in the back of her mind she wondered if she should be saying something, but she couldn't have figured out what even if so.

Melanie left her daughter gasping and in control of the vibrator and quietly sat on the bed beside her. Her mind was positively buzzing. Either her daughter was an uninhibited sex fiend -- who nevertheless didn't know how to use a butt vibrator -- or there was something else going on with her. Since she knew her daughter to be awfully inhibited, that pointed to something else. What that something else would be would be determined in the next few minutes, as her daughter lay writhing on her bed with a vibrator stuffed up her ass -- a vibrator she'd helped put there.

As if in a dream, Melanie rummaged in the box for the dildo. She slicked it up with lotion, then realized she probably should have taken her pants off first. She undid her jeans again, hands tacky with lotion, and dropped them and her panties. She laid on the bed with her daughter, and buzzed the dildo around her pussy. Fireworks erupted in her head as the buzzing, contorting plastic dick worked its way around and into her hole.

Jenny couldn't believe her ears, or her eyes. The feeling of the vibrator in her ass -- buried as far as it would go, now -- was heaven, but it wasn't lost on her that a gorgeous half-naked woman lay next to her, getting off on a dildo. She extracted her vibrator and turned to face her mother. Her eyes were closed, her face contorted. "Mom," she whispered. "Do you want some help?" She couldn't believe how lame she sounded.

Her mother's eyes were open, now, and she didn't say a word, just looked her daugher in the eyes. Jenny moved around to her mother's legs and lifted, like she'd done for her, till her knees were in the air and feet flat on the bed. Melanie rocked backward a bit as Jenny buzzed the vibrator at her mother's ass, a lump in her throat and her pussy throbbing with desire. Her mother let out a throaty moan, and Jenny beamed. Slowly, she pushed the slick vibrator into her mother's asshole, while Melanie worked her pussy and her clit with her own toy.

Her mother's lower body spasmed to two vibrating sensations, and Jenny pushed, very slowly. Her mother was panting. She pulled, just as slowly, then pushed again. "Harder," came her mother's ragged voice. Jenny's heart soared. She slowly pumped the dick-shaped vibrator in and out of her mom's ass, as both women's breathing became more labored. Jenny was entranced. She tried to take in what she was doing, to a lovely, sexy woman. She couldn't even grasp the fact it was her mother. It was enough to be fucking a woman's ass with a vibrator, half naked herself, pussy dripping. Jenny's mouth watered and she licked her lips. She squirmed a little.

Her mom let out an "oh!" that made Jenny jump. "oh... GAWD," she drawled. She tensed, and Jenny eased the vibrator out of her ass. Her mother was wracked by a powerful orgasm, wave after wave spasming her. An orgasm Jenny had given her by fucking her in the ass. Her heart thumped against her rib cage. The scene was a work of art, to her -- this gorgeous thing, this mature, trustworthy woman whom she loved, coming in droves in front of her.

As Melanie panted her way back down, extracting the dildo, Jenny fumbled for the strap-on. When she found it she got to her knees and faced her mother, who was drenched in sweat and quite flushed. Jenny didn't know if she could string out the moment or if Melanine would be shocked back to reality by the passing of her orgasm, but she would have given anything to keep going. She wordlessly handed the strap-on to her mother.

To her relief and delight her mother took it and reached for the bottle of lotion. "You don't need that," Jenny croaked as she hastily took off her shirt and lay back on the bed, but her mother just smirked and drizzled lotion onto her hands. She finished undressing herself -- why always with the lotion first! she thought -- and put on the strap-on and straddled her daughter.

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