Mom is Dominant, Mom is Submissive


As she walked back to Dad, giving me a fine show of her tight, firm buttocks, she said, "Tell your son how proud you are of him, Slave!"

"Thank you, Mistress Victoria," said Dad in a small voice. "You did well, Thomas, I'm very proud of you. Thank you."

Mom reached down and took up his leash, forcing Dad to his knees. "Clean me up, Slave!" Dad immediately began licking his own semen off Mom's inner thighs before again burying his face in Mom's hairy crotch. Mom looked up at me and said, "Go to bed, Thomas. Mom and Dad love you."

I stood up, gathered my clothes and mumbled, "Good night." I went upstairs to my bedroom, scarcely believing that it had actually happened. Still, I only fell asleep after jacking off again, reliving the entire naughty, nasty spectacle in my mind. My dreams were filled with insane, erotic and powerful images of Mom and me fucking and sucking with Dad hovering in the background, sometimes involved, sometimes watching from the shadows.

I awoke wondering if it was all a dream, but knowing deep inside that it had all happened. I got a shower and dressed, the smell of bacon wafting upwards from the kitchen. In the kitchen, I found Mom fixing breakfast and humming happily to herself. I watched her from the doorway, feeling my cock harden as I recalled last night yet again. Mom was wearing jeans and a off the shoulder blouse that showed barely a hint of her lovely bosom. You would have thought she was wearing a sheer negligee from the reaction my cock had just seeing her. My heart pounded and I knew that I would never feel the same about my mother again. Simple fantasies were now replaced with the exciting knowledge of my Mom's overpowering sexuality.

"Good morning, Mom!" I said, my voice thick with desire.

Mom spun around and smiled at me as she had almost every day of my life. "Good morning, son! Isn't it a beautiful day?" She came over and kissed me on the cheek and then returned to the stove to finish scrambling the eggs and frying the bacon. Mom set a plate down in front of me and then began chatting about the weekend plans.

I listened eagerly, awaiting word that what had started last night was about to continue, but Mom rambled on about going out to shop and about her singing a solo tomorrow at church. I ate my breakfast in some confusion, wondering again if maybe I had just imagined and dreamed the whole thing.

Mom took up my plate and gave me a couple of chores to do around the house and told me she was off to the malls. As she gathered up her car keys and purse, I worked up the courage to say, "Mom, could we talk about last night?"

Mom paused in the door and studied me. She sat down her things and walked over to me. I had scooted my chair away from the table to face her and without breaking stride, Mom swung one long, jean clad leg over me and sat down in my lap, straddling me. Her arms went around me and Mom hugged me tight as she stared into my eyes.

"Son, last night was incredible, naughty and fucking fantastic." Mom kissed me tenderly before continuing. "But, let's take our time and not rush things. We both need to take a few days and think about what happened and what could happen."

My expression was one of disappointment, but Mom reassured me by rolling her pelvis against my obvious erection and saying, "Don't worry, son. Mommy isn't done with this big thing yet." She climbed off me, letting her hand slip across the bulge in my jeans. "And don't think that your mother didn't notice that her son is a lot better hung than her husband!" Mom winked at me then, the sort of wink that promised all sort of future naughtiness!

After Mom left, I sat at the kitchen table for a long time, pondering Mom's words and actions. I was thinking about maybe going back upstairs and jacking off when Dad walked into the kitchen, still looking sleepy and tired.

"Morning, son," he said, trying to look me in the face, but blushing as he did so. Dad poured a cup of coffee and took some bacon off a plate, came and sat down across from me. "Are you okay, Thomas?" he asked.

"Yeah, I reckon so," I replied. I grinned. "Well, maybe a little freaked out."

Dad grunted and sipped his coffee. "I imagine so. Not every day you find out your parents are kinky perverts."

I laughed and said, "I don't think you guys are perverts. Kinky, um yeah, but nothing wrong with that."

Dad sighed and nodded. "Well, we raised you to be open minded." He looked up from his coffee. "So you're okay with me being such a wuss?"

"I don't think you're a wuss, Dad. I mean, if I understand this whole dominant-submissive thing, you're just doing what turns you on. You do like the way Mom treats you?"

"Oh yeah, son! Like you wouldn't believe! Your mother just barking orders around the house makes me um, hard as a rock! And when we're really into the whole BDSM thing, I'm in heaven. I feel my best as a submissive."

"And what happened last night, Mom having me, um, cum on your face. You enjoyed that? You enjoyed getting hit with that whip?"

Dad shrugged his shoulders, wincing as he did so. "Yeah, I love being submissive, being humiliated like that and I confess I'm a bit of a masochist too. You know, beat me, beat me, I love it." Dad blushed deeply now even as he laughed. "Your mother and I are a perfect fit. Your mother was born to be a dominatrix and I was born to be her slave."

"And now, I'm going to be joining the fun and games?"

Dad smiled and again shrugged his shoulders. "Well, it's been a fantasy of your mother's for a long time. She's dreamed of fucking you and rubbing my face in it...the ultimate humiliation of seeing yourself replaced by your son."

I was dumbfounded to hear my father talk like this. "And you're okay with this, Dad? You're not going to be mad if I fuck Mom?"

Dad just laughed and said, "Son, my cock's hard just talking about it. If I didn't have strict orders not to, I'd be masturbating in a heartbeat!"

"Wow!" I said, not able to think up anything more intelligent to say. It was slowly becoming clear to me how much this was a part of their lives.

"Well, if I can't jerk off," said Dad, "I might as well be out playing golf." Dad got up and walking around the table, patted me on the shoulder and tousled my unruly dark hair. "Just remember, son. No matter what happens, your mother and I love you."

And that was all that was said about it for the next few days. I stayed home that night and it was just a regular night at our house. Mom fixed a killer meal, we watched an action thriller DVD and after the news, Mom and Dad went on to bed. Neither said a word about what had happened Friday night.

The only hint of things to come was at church the next day. After Mom sang her solo, she joined Dad and me in the pew, sitting between us. As the pastor gave his sermon, I glanced over at Mom and she turned and smiled at me as any mother might look lovingly at her only son. Then she winked that sexy wink at me and her hand came to rest high up on my thigh. I spent the rest of the church service with a monster hard-on.

Sunday came and went. I spent the afternoon and evening with my buddies while Mom and Dad had dinner with Reverend Marshall and his wife. I remembered Mom's words, "We were very active in the swing scene of this town. You'd be shocked at what goes on, son," and my imagination ran wild. I had visions of Mom and Bonnie Marshall, a short, big breasted woman, Mom in her black corset using her whip to urge a naked and dog collared Bonnie Marshall to eat her pussy.

Things were still normal on Monday and Tuesday. I was working at a building supply store for the summer, and I spent my days in a funk wondering if anything was ever going to happen. Mom had turned back into her usual bossy June Cleaver self and hadn't as much as hinted at what had happened between us. Dad was busy with work, not getting home until very late. I think he knew this was weighing heavily on my mind and a couple of times we exchanged knowing glances and then he would just shrug and smile. My frustration grew as Wednesday became Thursday.

In my frustration, I gave what might happen a lot of thought. I considered all the possibilities of where I would fit in this relationship. I wondered how I would react when the time came. More importantly, I wondered what my place in the relationship would be. Fantasies and my own secret desires pushed to the surface

Friday, I awoke with a start, the sun shining through my windows, and realizing that I had overslept. I reached for the stupid alarm clock, but Mom's voice stopped me in my tracks. "It's okay, Thomas. I turned it off. I also called you in sick. Your boss said he hoped you would be feeling better soon."

I sat up in bed and looked around. Mom was sitting in my office chair in front of my computer, turned to face me. She looked incredible. She was wearing a black baby doll of sheer silky material. I could see her breasts completely through the transparent fabric, my eyes drawn again and again to her large, thick nipples. Mom stood up and walked over to the bed. The hem of her negligee didn't quite reach Mom's crotch and I got another good look at the black thatch of pubic hair between her legs and extending outwards in a rough "V" pattern to end high above her pubic mound

"Mom?" It was a question, no, many questions in a single word.

Mom stroked my face with the back of her hand. "All questions get answered today, son. Go shower and get cleaned up. Go downstairs and get some breakfast and then come up to Mommy's bedroom." Mom ran her forefinger and middle finger over my lips. They were wet and I realized that I could smell my mother's scent. I licked my lips and realized she'd just smeared her own pussy juices on my mouth. "Mom grinned evilly at my surprised look. "Hurry," she said softly and then turned and marched out of my room.

You bet your ass I hurried! I showered and shaved. I dressed casual, just some gym shorts and a T-shirt. I went down stairs and gobbled up a couple of bowls of cereal and then sprinted up the stairs two at a time. Standing in front of Mom's door, I collected myself. I mean, I was breathing hard and my heart was pounding. I hesitated for a second before knocking on the door. This was a big step, a step way beyond my wildest fantasies. As I went to knock, Mom opened the door and smiled at me.

"Whatever are you waiting for, Thomas?" Mom asked with a laugh. She preened in front of me, showing off her mostly naked body and then pressed herself against me, her breasts pillowing against my chest and her hairy bush brushing against my shorts. As she leaned in for a kiss, I could smell her perfume mixing in with her scent, the heady mix making me dizzy and making me hard! Her tongue slipped into my mouth and our tongues teased and danced for long seconds.

Finally, ending the kiss, Mom took my hand and said, "C'mon in, darling. Momma's going to rock your world." She led me into the room and walked over to a door next to her closet, pausing only to pick a set of keys off the dresser. I knew that Mom and Dad had converted the bedroom next to theirs into a store room and additional closet space, but the entrance to the room from their bedroom had always been locked with a serious deadbolt. Frankly, it never really piqued my interest and I had never tried to get into it.

Mom unlocked the door, flicked a light switch and led me into a short, but wide corridor. I gasped as I looked on the walls. All sorts of sex toys and costumes and other things were on shelves and hooks. Mom paused and laughed as I took it in. There were vibrators and dildos and what I recognized from the girlie magazines as vibrating eggs. There were several leather outfits and masks and various types of dog collars including the one Dad had been wearing that night a week ago. There were manacles and handcuffs and chains. There were paddles and whips and feathers and things I flat out didn't recognize!

Mom squeezed my hand and said, "We call this the Toy Chest. C'mon." She led me through the passageway and unlocked a second door. If I was stunned by the Toy Chest, I was absolutely shocked by what we next entered. "This is the Play Room, Thomas," Mom said.

It was a fucking dungeon is what it was! "Omigod, Mom!" I whispered as I stared. The walls and floor seemed to be a mix of foam and rubber, soft, but barely yielding to our weight. On one wall, chains and manacles were inset. An A-frame device in one corner also appeared to have chains and manacles for both arms and legs. An oddly shaped block of furniture also had manacles and I realized that if a person was draped over this face down that their ass would be offered up on high. My cock throbbed at the possibilities. In another corner were a comfortable easy chair with a adjoining mini-fridge and a bookshelf with books and CDs and a CD player.

Mom pressed the keys into my hand. "These are yours, son. You now have access to our little secret playground. The big key lets you in and the smaller key works on all the cuffs and little locks." Mom turned and put her arms around my neck. "Now, it's time to ask you to willingly join our fun and games." Mom leaned into me, again grounding her body against me. In a mocking, teasing voice, she said, "Is my little Thomas ready to become Mommy's slave?"

In a split second, I had an epiphany. I knew what I had to do and I embraced it heart and soul. "No." I replied.

Mom was grinning, rubbing her breasts, nipples hard and swollen, against my chest. "Mommy's going to love..." Mom's eyes opened wide and she looked up at me. "Did you just say 'no?" she asked me, stepping back in disbelief.

I grinned at her and took her by the wrists, pulling her back against me, thrusting my groin against hers. "Didn't you ever consider another possibility, Mom? You've been the master for so long. Didn't you ever think that your master would arrive someday?"

Mom's eyes went wide and she exclaimed, "Not you. I'm the Mistress here and like your father, you'll serve me!" Even as she protested though, I could feel her nipples actually swell larger against my chest and the sweet, pungent scent of her cunt thickened in the air.

"Come now, Mom. You raised me. You served as my inspiration. You made me the strong willed individual I am. Tell the truth, Mom. You raised me and trained me to one day become your master." Just talking like this to my mother was a turn on. My cock felt like it would explode as I held Mom firmly against me. I leaned in and kissed her passionately, my turn to push my tongue into her mouth.

I'll give Mom credit, she fought back, struggling to break my grip on her wrist, trying to turn away from my kiss, but I pressed on, forcing my tongue between her lips. I almost came as I felt her moan and yield, giving me...offering me her tongue. We kissed like lovers, long and passionate and wet.

I ended the kiss, a long streamer of saliva joining our mouths. It snapped and splattered into her cleavage.

"Who's your master, Mom?"

Mom snarled and spat at my face. "Fuck you!"

I laughed and tightened my grip on her wrists, making her cry out. "Yes you will, Mom, but first acknowledge that your son is your master!"

Mom's face was a mask of pain and lust. "Never, you little dog! I'm your mistress! Let me go!"

It flashed through my mind to rip her clothes off, but I had a better idea. I squeezed her wrists tighter and Mom sobbed as she began to lower herself to the ground.. "Stop, Thomas. I -- I'm your mother! You're hurting me!"

"That's right, Mom. You are my mother and now you're my slave too and you love it!" Mom's knees hit the ground and I let her go. I loved the image of Mom on her knees before me and the taste of power was sweet! Mom looked up at me with tears in her eyes, but she was aroused. Her chest was heaving with excitement, her nipples swollen and erect, piercing through the filmy material of her negligee. Redness spread over her upper chest, her sexual flush betraying her true feelings.

"Admit it, Mom. You're excited. You want me to dominate you, to own and possess you. You've needed this. As much as you enjoy dominating Dad, submitting to me is an even bigger turn on."

Mom shivered and glared up at me, but said nothing. "Take that nightgown off, Mom. I didn't give you permission to wear it. Strip naked for me right now." Mom remained defiant and didn't move. "Your ass now belongs to me, Mom! Get naked for me now and your punishment will be light. Keep me waiting and I promise you it will be harsh!"

Mom gasped at the harsh tone in my voice. I'd never spoken to her this way before, with so much menace and control. Fingers shaking, Mom reached up and pulled the straps of her babydoll off and let the thing fall apart and down. Now she was naked. "Very good, slave," I replied and scarcely believing I was doing it, I reached down and took Mom by her long dark hair and dragged her across the room to the bench I'd seen earlier. Yanking her up and over it, I stretched Mom across the bench.

My own hands were shaking as I locked Mom's arms into place and then her legs. The second set of cuffs had the effect of spreading Mom's legs wide, revealing her wet pussy in the middle of her furry muff which was sopping wet with her cream. I had a hard time getting the ankle cuffs on her, my face just inches from her beautiful cunt!

"Oh, Thomas, please, you can't do this to me. I'm your mother," Mom whispered hoarsely as I stood over her, admiring her helpless and exposed body, ass raised high offering me her most private parts.

"Yes, you are. You're my mother slut of a slave." I replied. "But I didn't give you permission to speak, did I?" I turned and walked back to the Toy Chest. I picked up a few items. Standing in front of Mom again, I held up a leather face mask. It had air holes to breath through and removable Velcro patches for the mouth and eyes. Mom gasped when she realized what I was about to do.

"Oh no, no, no, no, son! You can't, you wouldn't!" Mom said, struggling in vain to get loose.

"Oh yes, Mom! My momma slut slave needs to learn her manners. You can't speak unless given permission." I knelt down and with a minimal amount of struggling, pulled the face mask over Mom's head. Her protests were feeble and quickly muted. I could hear her crying through the leather.

"That's better, Mom. Learn your place, my little mother fuckslut whore. But punishment is still in order," I whispered in her ear. Quietly, I moved around behind Mom, now admiring her tight ass and the way her pussy was so wet, her juices were running down her thighs and dripping from her cunt to pool on the floor. Mom moaned again through the mask, but quieted down. I stood silent for several minutes as Mom strained her head pick up a clue, a glimmer of what I was doing.

A full fifteen minutes passed and then without warning, I lashed out with a wooden paddle I had taken from the Toy Chest and slapped it across Mom's shapely cheeks. Mom let out a squall that both broke my heart and made me almost lose my load. I gave her another whack with the paddle and another. Ten licks with the paddle in all before I stopped. Mom's asscheeks were bright red and I knew she'd be sitting a bit uncomfortable for the next day or two. I was about to cum in my shorts which were damp with precum. I knew that if I even touched my cock I would come. Mom's body shook enticingly as she cried.

I walked around and removed the Velcro patch over her mouth. "So, Mom, do you think you'll remember to not speak without permission from now on?"

Mom's mouth pursed into a pout and I thought for a second she was going to scream and curse, but she just nodded and said, "Yes, son."

I laughed and replied, "From now on, the proper response will be, 'Yes, my son and master,' understand, Mom?"

Mom snuffled back a sob and replied, "Yes, m-m-my son and master."

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