tagIncest/TabooMom is Lonely

Mom is Lonely


I was sitting nude in the dark in my bedroom typing my latest story to Literotica. As usual I was playing with my hard cock, so I was typing with one hand. I heard the door open, which caused me little concern, as it could only be mom. I felt her hands placed on my shoulders.

"I couldn't sleep." Mom said. "I heard you come in a while ago. I was hoping you would not be asleep yet."

"You know me, mom, I always need to unwind before I go to sleep. I figured I'd write a story to send off.

"I see it must be a good one." She teased, plainly seeing my hand toying with my cock. "You going to be much longer?"

"I can stop right now if you wish?" I replied.

"No, I'll just be over here waiting for you, just take your time."

Mom knew I would not tarry. I let go of my cock and began typing with both hands, taking quick glances towards my bed and mom as she lifted the light night-grown over her head and removed her panties. When she entered the bed, I put my most of my attention on finishing the last couple of paragraphs.

"You know mom, we get feedback on these stories that I write. Would you believe that some of the stories have gotten over 100,000 reads. What's really funny, is the negative comments. I use "Word" to write the stories and the program underlines misspelled words in red and grammatical errors in green. I review the stories once or twice and you read them at least once. You have pointed out errors before. Some words just get by me. Of course, these dumb asses that point out words and punctuation never comment on the overall content of the stories. If I was a professional writer, I wouldn't be writing for free, now would I? You and I have been fucking a long time and I have a lot of experience to pull from. And as you can attest I have a great imagination. Rearranging certain events can give you a lot of creativity."

I tapped the keys a couple more times.

"I'll send this tomorrow night after you have read it." I said, as I cut the computer and monitor off.

"Your not too tired are you?" Mom asked, as I entered the bottom of the bed, moving to lay to her left.

"Hey! You're the old person in the crowd. If you're not too tired, I'm not going to admit to being tired."

"When you see an old person you slap 'em!" She challenged, as she rolled to face me.

"On the ass!" I teased, as I slapped her smartly on the ass.

We kissed on the lips briefly before I moved my kisses to her neck and shoulders, moving down to her breasts to suckle on each nipple. Slowly, I moved to her belly and then down to mound.

"Not tonight, Sugar." She whispered. "I just need you in me tonight."

Her legs spread and lifted as I moved between them. Her right hand reached between us to take hold of my cock and place it to her pussy.

"AAgggggg! That's good!" She exclaimed.

Time takes its toll on all of us and lustful desire diminishes with age like everything else. I am lucky and do not have to take any pills to get my dick hard and keep it that way.

I began to fuck mom slowly, knowing that tonight it would be her desire.

"Your cock is always so hard." She whispered, nipping at my ear lobe.

"You keep doing that and I'll touch her belly button. From the inside!

Mom chuckled as she always did when I said that.

"Would you change anything, Charles." She queried.

"Not a thing, Mary." I assured her, using her name as I usually did when we were intimate. "Are you going to come tonight?"

"I don't think I'm up to it." She replied, with a hint of loss in her tone. "I just wanted you in me for a while. I know you've been writing and what it does to you to, but give me that while longer."

"I've watched a couple of movie clips too." I teased.

We fucked in silence for many long minutes before I reached to grab mom's buttocks with both hands.

"Did you watch the one where the husband is drunk and asleep and Mama was expecting him home for their anniversary and her son caught her dolling up in the bathroom?" Mom narrated, knowing it would have an effect on me.

"Yesssss!" I moaned. "It's my favorite."

"And then her son was sitting next to her on the sofa in his boxer shorts. He kept playing with her thighs. She moved them and told him that he shouldn't be touching her that way, that she was his mother. Her son told her how pretty she was and that it was not his fault his hard cock was showing. He told her to stand up and show off her pretty, sexy outfit that his father was not interested in seeing. And how surprised she was when her son pulled his cock out and began pumping it. She looked surprised, putting her hand to her mouth, but she kept on showing off for him."

"I'm close, Mary!" I moaned.

"She was on her knees on the sofa looking back at her son and his hard cock. She asked him, "are you going to fuck mama now?". And he asked, "do you want me to fuck you?". And she said, "it's so wrong! But yes! Fuck me!". And he stuck his cock in her pussy and started fucking her doggy-s..."

"I'mmmmmmm commiinnnnng!"

The last couple of years, mom has learnt how to make me come in short order.

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