tagIncest/TabooMom Knows Best Ch. 04

Mom Knows Best Ch. 04


Jessica took Josh by the hand and led him out of the bedroom. Josh paused at the bathroom door in the upstairs hallway. Jessica turned ever so slowly and smiled at her new lover and gently tugged his hand. Josh had a look of confusion on his face, but he was not about to argue with Jessica. She seemed to know what she was doing so far.

Jessica continued to tug Josh along in tow. Her sexy bubble butt swayed and jiggled nicely as she walked and Josh was staring at it. He was practically hypnotized by her sexy round ass cheeks and did not seem to notice when she led him into his Mom's bedroom. She continued across the room toward the bathroom adjoining the master bedroom.

Steam was flowing out of the bathroom through the crack at the bottom of the door. The hot steam washed over Jessica and Josh's nude bodies as she pushed the door open.

Josh froze instantly.

His mom and sister were on their knees in the shower sucking the sports reporter's hard cock. Josh was speechless as his mouth fell open. He was angry at first, but it passed and he began to feel turned on watching a man get his cock sucked by two beautiful women. Mary Beth dark tanned skin looked slippery from the hot water and steam as she gyrated her entire body in a sinful rhythm that sent John's cock in and out of her glossy pink lips.

Mary noticed them first and stood. For the first time, Josh noticed how sexy and long his Mom's muscular legs were. She glanced down at her son's semi-hard cock covered in cum and shared a knowing smile with Jessica.

"So, you have gone and gotten yourself all dirty," Mary said to her son. "Well, I hope you don't plan on just jumping in the shower and rinsing off?!"

Josh just stood there and felt his dick twitch as it grew harder when his Mom lowered her eyes to his cock. He wondered what it would be like to stare into her light green eyes as she knelt before him and sucked his cock. The thought of her lips on his cock made it grow harder.

"Jessica," Mary continued. "You can't just wash his cock off with soap and water! I know you are new at this, but do you really want to waste all that cum sticking to his cock and tummy by just rinsing it off and letting it disappear down the drain?"

Mary Beth stopped sucking John's cock and stood up. She walked over to her Mom's side and was amazed at how big her twin brother's cock was. She felt a twinge in her pussy as she thought about what it would be like to have his thick cock in her.

"Jessica, get down on your knees like this," Mary said as she kneeled in front of Josh.

Jessica did as she was told and got down on her knees beside Mary and looked up at Josh.

"Now, take his cock in your hand and clean it off by licking it with your sweet young tongue," Mary continued. "Nothing tastes as good as fresh cum."

Jessica took Josh's dick in her hand and slid it all the way inside her mouth in one quick motion.

"No," Mary interrupted. "You have to lick it clean and use your tongue to get all of that cum off his abs too. Like this."

Mary leaned forward causing her heavy breasts to stretch downward. She hesitated for a split second and then licked her teenage son's hard cock with her tongue. She swirled her tongue softly against the underside of his shaft before bringing the tip of her tongue up along the side. Mary then slowly pushed her head away from Josh's waist licking the length of his cock until her lips were on the fat tip. She flicked her tongue, gliding it over his swollen tip bringing a few drops of almost dried cum into her mouth. Mary's light green eyes met her son's and she moaned softly as she tasted and swallowed his cum while squeezing her full breasts.

"Mmmm," Mary purred. "Like that Jessica. Now you try it."

Jessica stared up into Josh's eyes as she brought her face to his abs and licked a pool of cum off his skin, tasting his seed. Her eyes rolled back in her head as she tasted him. She let her tongue slip back out of her mouth and it found the base of his cock. She licked back along his shaft tonguing him slowly. Her soft warm tongue clung to his flesh until she reached his tip. She squeezed his cock in her hand causing fresh cum to ooze out and quickly dipped the tip of her tongue into it. She pulled her tongue back into her mouth and smacked her lips as she tasted his hot cum slide over her tongue and down her throat.

Mary Beth was enjoying the show as her twin brother stood paralyzed while her best friend and mother took turns licking delicious cum off his dirty cock.

Mary Beth dropped to her knees between her Mom and Jessica and began to rub her pussy as she watched them suck and lick his hard cock. Josh's dick had new life and was fully erect as the two women took turns tonguing his hard-on.

Mary Beth joined in. She leaned forward and took her brother's cock in her hand while the other hand continued to rub her wet pussy.

"Let me try," Mary Beth begged as she leaned forward. She held his cock so it was pointing up and began to lick his balls as she slowly stroked his hard dick in her fist. Her tongue teased his balls as her hand pumped him slowly. Her technique was rewarded as fresh cum began to pool up on the tip of his cock. Mary Beth arched her back so she was staring up into her brother's face as she placed his cock in her mouth. She pushed his hardness against the inside of her cheek. The soft skin rubbed against Josh's cock and it twitched causing more hot cum to pour out into her eagerly awaiting mouth.

Mary Beth held him inside her mouth and swirled her tongue over his shaft cleaning every drop of cum off of it.

John stood behind the three girls as they sucked Josh's cock and stroked his own dick keeping it hard.

"Oh my," Mary announced. "I can't believe this, but I am horny again. I have to have a cock in me now!"

She stood up and took Josh's hand in hers. Mary turned and eyed John, "Why don't you join us?"

The threesome walked into the bedroom with Jessica and Mary Beth following closely behind.

"I want both of you," Mary stated matter of factly. "And, I want you now!"

She pushed Josh down onto the side of the bed so his legs were hanging off the side. Mary climbed up on the bed and straddled his waist with her wet pussy hovering inches above his hard cock.

"Josh, baby, will you fuck me?" she begged. "Will you be a good boy and fuck your Mommy?"

Mary did not wait for an answer and used her hand to guide Josh's young hard cock inside her tight, soaking-wet pussy.

"Ohhhh, yes, that feels wonderful," Mary moaned. "Now, I just need a fat cock in my ass."

She looked over her shoulder at John as she demanded to have a dick in her ass. She reached back and spread her big juicy ass cheeks open exposing her dirty back door.

John rushed up behind her and pressed his hard dick against her tight anus. He slowly eased his cock inside her as she bounced up and down on Josh's dick. John slammed his hard, thick cock deep inside her tight ass until his balls were pressed against her round, firm ass cheeks.

Mary loved it. She screamed as one young cock fucked her pussy and another rammed deep inside her ass.

"Oh, yes!" she screamed. "Come join us Jessica and Mary Beth."

Jessica was first on the scene. She hopped up on the bed and began to kiss Mary as she had two cocks penetrating deep inside of her body. Jessica kissed her deeply and then moved her mouth down until she was sucking Mary's huge breasts as they jiggled while she was being thrust up by Josh and forward by John.

Mary Beth climbed up on the bed too. She lay down beside her brother and kissed him deeply. Their tongues swished against each other as they French kissed. Mary Beth loved kissing her brother. It was naughty and yet felt so good and hot. She wanted more.

She sat up on the bed and moved so she was straddling her brother's face. She lowered her young pussy onto his mouth and almost came when his tongue slapped against her swollen clit and wet pussy lips.

Mary Beth leaned forward and began to kiss her Mom as Jessica's tongue went back and forth from one set of bouncing titties to the other while she rubbed her own wet pussy. Jessica wanted more and sat up and shared a kiss with mother and daughter.

John shot a heavy load of cum in Mary's ass when he saw the three women kissing and tonguing each other's mouth like a three-way kiss out of a porn movie.

John pulled his cock out and climbed up on the bed and began to kiss the three horny women. Their four tongues danced and melted together and they swapped spit.

Josh, meanwhile, was fucking his Mom and eating his sister's pussy. And, he was doing a good job.

Mary and Mary Beth both began to moan louder as the kisses intensified and then shrieked as Josh made both of them cum.

As soon as she came, Mary felt dirty and was repulsed at what she had just done -- even if it had felt wonderful. She quickly stood up and went into the bathroom where she began to clean herself off with soap, hot water and a hard sponge. She dug the sponge into her skin as she washed herself, scrapping at least one layer of dead skin off with each stroke.

Mary Beth did not seem to share her Mom's horror. She simply leaned forward and began to suck her brother's hard cock in a 69 until he came in her mouth. He came hard with cum erupting from his cock. The thick globs almost choked her as they rocketed into her mouth and off her tonsils.

Jessica and John were leaning over the twins kissing each other as the siblings ate each other out. Jessica pushed John back and held him at arm's length.

"John, I want you to do something for me," Jessica said. "Will you?"

John did not care what it was Jessica wanted, he wanted to cum. He was lost in lust and did not think as he said, "Yes!"

Jessica smiled. An evil grin spread across her round face and there was a spark in her light brown eyes when she heard John's answer.

"Good," Jessica said. "Let's go in Mary Beth's room so we can be alone."

This is the fourth in a series. Please share comments and suggestions to help make the next story better.

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