Mom Needs Son's Help to Strip Naked


Yet, when she compares herself to how little she weighed in high school, which is her weight measuring stick, she used to weigh 105 pounds, she's being so unrealistic. At 5'5" tall, barely more than one hundred pounds is just too skinny for her womanly frame. Now she weighs a voluptuous 135 pounds. Because she's put the extra weigh in all the right places, her hips and her boobs, while maintaining her flat tummy by all the bending and stooping she does, she's perfect, as far as I'm concerned. In the way that I'm always ogling her, I love my Mom's body.

Because she refuses to wear jeans, she has a collection of long, denim skirts of varying lengths, colors, and styles. Further, because the skirts she wears are long, usually below her knee, she thinks that no one can see her panties, whenever she squats down to pickup bottles and cans. Only, I can and routinely do, especially when squatting down along with her and far enough away from her and in front of her to give me a good view, on the pretense of helping her pick up the bottles and cans, too.

She has a collection of tops, too, that, when leaning forward, her top falls open and because I'm so much taller than my Mom, even when squatting down, I get a great view of her bra clad breasts and abundant cleavage. I just love my Mom's tits and would so love to reach my hand down her blouse and feel her breast through her bra, while fingering her nipple. Every time we go hunting to collect trash, which is what I refer to it as, but she calls it recycling, she collects bottles and cans and I collect new masturbation material by ogling my Mom's panty and bra. Always looking and always excited to see, while imagining more, I never tire of stealing peaks of my Mom's panties and bra.

I realize the sexual attraction that I have for my mother is not normal and just a stage that I'm going through. With all the testosterone that surges through my body, I can't stop myself from looking, whenever she's showing. I'm always horny. All it takes for me to get an erection is to see my Mom's panty or bra. All it takes for me to want and need to masturbate is to see her panty clad pussy mound and pussy slit or to see her cleavage or to see the impression her nipples make through her bra and blouse. Oh, my God.

My Mom has big nipples, too. Oh, God, just writing this makes me want to stroke myself, while thinking of my Mom sucking my cock, as I fondle her round tits and finger and suck her big nipples. Ever since she was in my bedroom and I was masturbating with my eyes closed, while wearing my headphones, I think about masturbating for my Mom. I'd would love for her to watch me masturbate, again, only this time with my eyes open, while I watched her watching me. I wonder how long she was standing there watching me. I wonder if watching me masturbate was as exciting for her, as it was for me to have her watch me masturbate.

Even though ogling my Mom is sexually exciting, it's sexually frustrating, too. While imagining more, I always want more, but I'm afraid to take that first incestuous step. Probably for the better, it's as if there's a hidden wall stopping me from taking that incestuous step.

Hopefully, once I graduate college and find a girlfriend, my incestuous addiction to my mother is something that I'll outgrow. Without having to do so much studying, always home alone with my mother, I'll have time for a girlfriend then and will hopefully have regular sex with a female, instead of with my hairy hand, while thinking about having sex with my mother. Between school, studying, and going with my Mom to collect bottles and cans, there's no extra time left for me to pursue a normal relationship with a woman my age.

Just as I don't have time for a girlfriend, my Mom doesn't have time for a boyfriend. So involved with her community activities, especially now with Earth Day quickly approaching, she's content to hang out with me, while collecting bottles and cans. I can't help but wonder if she gets horny. I wonder if she masturbates and if she does, what she thinks about, while masturbating. I can't help but wonder if she knows that she's flashing me her panties and bra and that I'm looking. Maybe women are wired differently than men and are above the titillation of exhibitionism and voyeurism, especially when the exhibitionist is the mother and the voyeur is her son, but I can't help but wonder if she masturbates to what she's showing and all that I'm seeing of her.

Because I've been so horny, lately, even hornier than usual, after my Mom accidentally flashes me her panties and/or bra, I been flashing her, too, lately. As if I've taken the next step to crossing that forbidden incestuous line, every chance I get, when I know she's coming up to my room, I pretend I'm sleeping naked or changing my clothes. It's easy to flash her in the summertime. Not wearing a lot of clothes, we don't run the air conditioning at night, rather we leave the windows and our bedroom doors open for the cross breeze.

My Mom is a night owl and because it's so hot in the house, I'll strip down naked and lay on top of the sheet. Sometimes, as if I've fallen asleep reading, I'll purposely leave on my bedroom light. Through the slits of my nearly closed eyes, I've watched her coming up the stairs and pause at the top of the stairs to look at me naked in my room. Then, she'll quietly come into my room, right up to the table behind my bed and turn off the light. Oh, my God. Always, as soon as she leaves, I masturbate to the thought of her seeing me naked.

As if she's looking at me, staring at me, it takes her a few seconds longer than necessary to turn off my bedroom light. Knowing she's getting ready to head up to bed, before she comes upstairs, I stroke myself to a semi-erection. It excites me to know that she's seen my cock, but it would excite me more knowing that I excited her by showing her my cock.

Always, I wonder what she was thinking. Was she embarrassed seeing me naked and doesn't want to embarrass me by having me know that she saw me naked? Or was she excited seeing me naked and did she have as much difficulty staying on the other side of that incestuous line as I did?

Always, I wish she'd touch me. I wish she'd stroke me. I wish she'd take me in her mouth, while blowing me. It excites me to remember her looking at my cock, while I masturbate that night or the next morning.

On the pretense of going to the bathroom early in the morning, I look in her room to see if I can see her, but it's always too dark to make out the details of her body, other than her shapely form. I know she's in there naked, but I'm too afraid to walk in her room. It's almost as if there's a barrier stopping me from taking that one step closer to what's so forbidden. Besides, on what pretense would I walk into her room? Even though I'd love to see her naked, I'd really feel like a pervert, if my Mom knew that I was ogling her naked body. For now, until I get a girlfriend, always hoping to see more of my Mom, I'm content to continue to ogle my Mom's panties and bra, while masturbating over all that I saw.

In knowing her routine, whether peering down her top or squatting down with her to ogle her panties up her skirt, I angle myself, before she squats down to give myself the best vantage point to see what I need to see now to masturbate over later. I have no idea how many up skirts and down blouses I've seen of my mother, maybe hundreds. I have no idea how many times I've masturbated over all that I've seen of my mother, maybe thousands. I've seen enough to keep me in masturbation material for the rest of my young life. I masturbate so much over my mother that I think my cock will fall off, but it never does, or that I'll run out of cum, but I never do.

As if seeing her bra and panty for the first time, I don't understand why I get so excited when seeing my Mom's underwear again, but I do. I'd think by now that I'd be tired of ogling my mother, but I'm not. Always hoping to see more, in the way of a voyeur ogling women on the street, I'm just so sexually attracted to my Mom. As if she's personally giving me a different show, she has a huge collection of bras and panties and every day, she wears a different one. She has so much lingerie that she could probably wear a different bra and panty for a few months without having to wash her sexy underwear.

Even though I fantasize about it, while masturbating, I don't think I'd have sex with my mother. My thing is voyeurism and I'm such a voyeur when it comes to ogling my mother's hot body. Also, a dream come true, my big thing is fantasizing about my Mom blowing me, while I play with her C cup breasts. Always, I imagine what it would feel like to have my cock in my mother's mouth, while she's looking up at me and while I'm fondling her big tits. That's always a fantasy that gets me to cum.

Having gone through her laundry hamper, whenever really horny and when imagining undressing her, while masturbating, I know she takes a 36C bra. Sometimes I hold her panties or her bra in my hand, while masturbating. I love feeling her lingerie, while imagining she's wearing it. Feeling her underwear, while stroking my cock, allows me to imagine that I'm feeling my mother's body through her underwear, while giving her a massage.

I can't help to think by now that she knows that I'm looking, while hoping to see something. How could she not know? Maybe she doesn't care what I see of her. Maybe it turns her on knowing that I'm looking. Maybe she knows that I masturbate over her and she's purposely flashing me. Horny and sexually frustrated, like mother like son, maybe she's just as much of an exhibitionist as I'm a voyeur. Maybe she masturbates over me seeing all that she's showing. I don't know. I have no idea, but it's exciting for me to think of all that, while masturbating.

Only, deep down inside, I know she's not purposing flashing me in the way that I sometimes purposely flash her my cock. It's just my incestuous perversion that makes me think that my Mom is just as sexually attracted to me, as I'm attracted to her and as sexually twisted as I am. If she was purposely flashing me, I would have seen more than her panties and bra by now. I would have seen her pussy, tits, and ass by now, but I haven't. Certainly, if she was purposely flashing me, I would have seen her naked by now. All I've seen of her is just her panties and bra, while imagining the rest. I'm the one guilty of flashing her my naked body. She's never flashed me her naked body.

Enjoying all that I'm seeing of my mother, while it lasts, I really don't see anything wrong with masturbating over the thoughts of having sex with my Mom, that is, so long as I don't actually have sex with her. It isn't as if I'm having sex with her. I'm just thinking about having sex with her. Besides, my Mom isn't like that. She'd never have sex with me, her own son.

Yet, in reality, so focused on collecting her recycling, I think she's just oblivious to my stares, no doubt. For such a smart woman, sometimes, she's just such a dumb blonde. Then, again, maybe she's just the trusting mother that figures her own son wouldn't ogle her and invade her privacy by always trying to incestuously see her panties, bra, and more. Maybe she figures that I'd never masturbate over the naked thoughts of her, while imagining having sex with her. If she only knew the incestuous thoughts that go through my mind, while masturbating over her, she'd probably kick me out of the house and disown me. Now I feel like the pervert that I am.

Recently, my Mom threw out her back dumpster diving. Unbelievable, something that I wouldn't do, she actually climbs in dumpsters for bottles and cans. Eww. Gross. With the possibility of rats, roaches, and diseases there was just no way that I was going in a dumpster, just for the sake of collecting more recyclables, but my Mom doesn't care. A concentrated effort, her just reward, she finds more bottles and cans in the few minutes of dumpster diving than we do scouring the streets for an hour or two.

When she hurt her back climbing inside, I climbed in the dumpster after her to help her. I picked up my Mom and gently lowered her outside of the dumpster. No easy feat of strength stretching myself like that, holding and supporting her weight, while trying not to cause her anymore undo pain, I took the opportunity to feel more of her body. My excuse was the pretense of helping her out of the dumpster without hurting her and I touched her ass and in tits.

I touched her where no son should ever touch his mother and I couldn't wait to masturbate over all that I felt of her. Even when she was in obvious pain, I couldn't suspend my perverted nature by not touching her. Feeling her body in that way was erotic fun and now dumpster diving has become one of my favorite activities to do, so long as it's my Mom going in the dumpster and me helping her in and out, and so long as she doesn't hurt herself.

She's never said anything to me about me feeling her ass and tits, while helping her in and out of the dumpsters. I guess, she's so focused on collecting recyclables that she doesn't even realize, at least, I don't think she realizes, that when helping her in and out of dumpsters, with her skirt hiked up nearly up to her waist and her legs spread wide open, that I have an uninterrupted view of her panties, while copping cheap feels of her ass and her tits and stealing peeks of her panty and bra. One time, when I was really horny and wanted to see more of my Mom, I purposely hooked her skirt on an exposed bolt on top of the dumpster, while helping her out of the dumpster, so that when she hit the ground her skirt would rise about her waist.

Oh, my God, that was so hot. I know it was wrong but, after spending the day with her flashing me her panty and bra, I was so out of my mind with horniness and incestuous lust for my mother that I couldn't help myself. I couldn't believe it. It worked like a charm. Her panties from the front, the sides, and the back were completely exposed. Reminding me of that old Little Rascals scene where Spanky's Mom has her skirt caught up in the stage curtain and, as the curtain goes up, so does her skirt, this was just like that, only better because it was my Mom's panties.

It took me a while to get her unhooked, partly because I didn't want to unhook her. Because the denim material was stretched so tight with her being on the ground, she actually had step up on the dumpster for me to remove her skirt for me to unhook it. That was so hot. I masturbated over seeing my Mom standing next to me in her panties for months. I so wanted to feel my Mom's ass and pussy through her panties, but all I did was stare. We were lucky no one happened by, maybe because we were in a dark and deserted, back alley.

Maybe because I'm her son, she doesn't think that I'm the pervert that I am for feeling up my own mother, but I am. She's so hot. On a MILF scale, she's a ten. If she wasn't my mother, if she was some neighbor woman that I was helping, with all that I've seen of her and by how much she excites me, I would have made a pass at her and tried to have sex with her by now.

While masturbating over my mother, I've imagined all kinds of sexy scenarios. I've imagined finding her passed out and having to remove her blouse and bra to give her CPR. I realize, of course, that I don't have to remove her blouse and/or bra to give her CPR, but it makes for a better masturbation session, when I imagine that I do.

I've imagined rescuing her from an intruder, who had tied her naked to her bed and was about to rape her. There I am in my Mom's bedroom fighting off the intruder and untying her naked body. Then, as soon as she's untied, she wraps her arms around me and kisses and kisses me, while I touch and feel her everywhere.

The last time we went dumpster diving, she did something to her back again. Only, this time, after I lifted her out, she could hardly walk. As this has happened to her before, the doctor had prescribed a cream and she still had some of that left. The last time she hurt her back, she had me apply the cream to her back.

With my Mom laying face down, she lifted up her shirt, undid her bra, and unzipped and lowered her skirt. Oh, my God. Overload of a sexual kind, that was the first time that I got a good look of the entire sides of my Mom's breasts, the top of her panties, and her ass crack, all in one view. While I massaged the back cream in her soft, smooth skin, I could feel my cock swell.

Nearly forgetting she was my Mom, I so wanted to reach down her panty and feel her hot ass. I so wanted to reach my hand around and cup her sweet tit, while fingering her nipple, but I didn't. I was too concerned and felt bad that she was in such pain. Even though I had an erection and was terribly horny seeing so much of my Mom's hot body, I was more intent on nursing her through her injury than I was in getting more masturbation material.

Only, this time was different. Her injury was more severe and she was in more pain than before. She had pain shooting all through her back, instead of only in one spot. I know it was wrong for me to think more about an opportunity to voyeur my Mom than to think about the pain she was in, but I was hoping to use her back injury as a way to see more of her hot body. Only, I didn't know how to use her injury to my advantage. I know it was wrong for me to think this way, with my Mom in pain and barely able to walk, but I was already hoping that I was in for some hot voyeuristic, albeit incestuous fun.

"Lean on me, Mom," I said helping her to the car, from the car, and inside the house.

Pretending that I was her husband or her boyfriend, and her lover, instead of her son, it excited me to wrap my arm around her back and hold her in that way. My Mom has such a sexy figure and I imagined dancing with her, before kissing her and feeling her. With her left breast in contact with my right side and my right fingers in contact with her right breast, I was in tit Heaven in copping cheap feels of my Mom's tits. Then, while helping her to sit in the car, I slid my hand down to her ass, as if carefully and slowly positioning her in the seat. I could imagine feeling her ass in that way, while bending her over and fucking her doggie style and reaching up to fondle her big tits. I couldn't believe I was feeling my Mom's firm, round ass, but I was. Even when putting the seatbelt on her, my hand and my arm brushed by her breast allowing me to cop another cheap feel of her tit.

"Oh, my God, Paul. I'm in such pain," she said, when we finally made it in the house. "Maybe if I took a hot shower."

A hot shower? How in the hell is she going to take a shower? She could barely stand. There's just no way she could get out of her clothes. It was then that I started to imagine all the scenarios of helping my Mom undress and seeing my Mom naked, while taking a shower with me helping to wash her. I couldn't help but think of that movie, Spanking the Monkey. I loved that scene, where the son helps his mother take a shower because she has a broken leg. That was so hot and I was hoping the same thing would happen to me now. Only, for sure, my Mom is way hotter than the Mom they used in that movie, even though she was hot, too.

Only, just as I knew my Mom would never ask me to help undress her, allow me to see her naked, and ask me to help her take a shower, I couldn't even imagine what would happen next. I can't make up this stuff. If this wasn't a true story, I wouldn't believe this really happened myself, but it really did.

"Actually, Mom, when I hurt my knee playing football, they wrapped my knee in ice. If you're going to take a shower, it should be a cold one. Then, later, maybe you could just soak in a tub loaded with ice," I said imagining her sitting in a tub of ice cold water, her breasts exposed, her nipples erect, and me walking in the bathroom to check on her. Oh, my God.

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