Mom on Top


Everybody having sex in this story is over 18; everything is all good and legal. Feedback is always appreciated, thanks for reading and enjoy. The Celebrity Templates are:

Garcelle Beauvais is Selena Saunders

Ziyi Zhang is Cynthia Karlson


"That will be sixty dollars ma'am."

"What! It says forty on the package!"

"Sorry ma'am, we had to put the price up due to demand."

This woman was Selena Saunders, and she was trying to buy a race-car set for her two sons. A recent divorcee, her husband ran off with a younger woman. She was married for almost 15 years and had two sons, Shawn, 12 and Michael, 10.

Selena was a Haitian-born beauty with dark, sensual curves, firm breasts and a full, firm ass. Selena's dominant 5'9 frame had got her some modelling work, but she quit all that after getting married.

Selena was still considered to be highly attractive, but at 43, she didn't feel fully confident in flaunting her dynamite figure.

Her husband left her the house, and it was a large house, so the up-keep for it was another expense. To make matters worse, the settlement money was frozen by his lawyers. Money was tight, so Selena had to cut back on a few luxuries. Only having $40 on her, Selena didn't want to disappoint her children.

At that moment, she had a flashback to a conversation she had, with her new neighbour...


"Wow! how did you afford a rock like that?" Selena said in amazement as she held a woman's hand.

"Oh husband, very rich man," replied the woman.

Selena was at Cynthia Karlson's mansion-home for tea and biscuits. Cynthia was a very attractive Chinese woman who recently had married a rich white man. Cynthia had a son as well, he was in his teens.

Cynthia had very delicate, beautiful features to her, along with a nice firm body. Selena had not only marvelled at the ring on Cynthia's finger but also at how smooth and delicate Cynthia's hands felt.

Selena had taken a quick shine to Cynthia. She liked the way she laughed and behaved, Selena thought that Cynthia was really cute, it could be said that Selena had a mild attraction to Cynthia.

The way she dressed and her attitude to life quickly dispelled the myth of the demure Asian wife, Cynthia was wearing a tight white tank-top and beige knee-length shorts.

"You should show more skin, you very sexy woman," Said Cynthia.

"Oh I don't know about that," replied a hesitant Selena.

"I dress like this now, and men do anything I say. Clean the gutter, wash the car, cut the lawn, all I need to do is ask while dressed like this."

Selena checked out what Cynthia was wearing and upon closer expectation, noticed she had no bra on.

"You just let them hang out like that?" said Selena while pointing at Cynthia's breasts.

Cynthia flashed a big smile and said, "Yes, Husband says they better like this."

"He ain't wrong there...".


Back at the toy store, and with only $40 in her pocket, Selena had a plan.

"Look kids; Mr Fuji!"

"Mr Fuji!" said the kids in delighted unison. They then ran off to the inflatable playground. Once they were out of sight, Selena made her move.

Selena had on a blue blouse and black trousers. She put the race cars down on the counter and got a foot closer to the cashier. He was a Caucasian nineteen year old working his first real job, he had brown hair and stylish glasses.

Selena unbuttoned the top buttons of her blouse to show the top of her breasts. All that running around after her kids had accumulated a nice sweat on her tits, and gave them a nice sheen.

Selena gently bit her lower lip, made her voice deeper, and said, "Now, young man, is there anyway you can lower the price? Because I would really, really appreciate it."

The cashier was left speechless; he looked and admired the details on Selena: her smooth breasts, the edges of her purple bra, her sexy dark skin.

After he had finished gawping at her, he pulled $20 out his own pocket, took the $40 Selena had and completed the transaction. Selena buttoned her blouse, winked at the cashier and said, "Thanks."

She felt an immediate wetness after she had flirted with the cashier; she quickly called her kids over and drove home. Selena felt very liberated, being in control, and making the man do whatever she wanted, was a huge turn-on for her.


Selena went to sleep that night, thinking about what she had done, gently rubbing herself in her 'special' area. It was not just her actions that made her all wet, but also the feelings of power and control that gave her such a rush.

The next morning, she awoke early to pay the milkman; the kids were asleep when the milkman knocked the door. Selena slept naked, whenever the milkman came over, she would get dressed.

On that day, she had another idea. Instead of greeting the milkman fully-clothed, Selena wondered what would happen, if she greeted him while dressed scantly-clad.

She put a loose-fitting sliver robe over her naked body. The robe had a big plunging neckline, which just about covered her nipples, the robe also showed off a lot of leg. She looked at herself in the mirror, and felt very excited. She heard a knock at her door, and went to greet him.

When she opened the door to the milkman, his jaw was flung wide-open, he was momentarily speechless. Her dark, exotic body was driving the plain white milkman wild inside; he had a very visible hard-on.

"G-g-good morning," the milkman stuttered out.

"Moring... so, how much?" she calmly asked.

"Ur I, umm," before he could finish what he was saying, Selena turned around, bent over to pick up the newspaper, and in a flash, the milkman saw Selena's juicy, smooth ass and shaven pussy. It took only half-a-second for Selena to have the milkman in her hands. "Umm, for today, it's free!" he said with a noticeable crack in his voice.

Selena smiled and shut the door.

She had completely worked the milkman, her plan was executed perfectly. From then on, Selena always made sure to wear very little when she paid the milkman, sometimes she wore a robe and other times it was a towel, either way, she always got free milk.

Selena loved her new-found power over men, it made her feel invigorated and very, very excited.


Later on in the week, Selena went shopping with Cynthia. As they were walking around the mall, Selena told Cynthia about her encounters with the cashier and the milkman.

"Oh very good, you make progress being sexy, yes?"

"I so did," replied Selena, "I didn't care that it felt slutty, I felt like I was in charge, on top, like I'm the alpha-woman using my ways to control these men."

"Very good!" Cynthia then suddenly got an idea, "Umm Selena, you go that way and I'll go this way, I want to buy you a surprise."

Selena agreed, and they both met up later at the food court.

"So, what you get me?"

Cynthia opened a bag, looked to see if anyone was around, and showed Selena a leopard-print bikini/thong set.

Selena looked at Cynthia with concern, and said, "Umm, don't you think that's, you know...kinda wrong for me."

"Oh, this very important lesson, you must know this: men love stereotype, it makes them go wild, no? See, me, I Asian woman that smile and nod, yes? You black jungle woman, grr!" Cynthia made a claw with her hand, "grr! grr! See? You wear this, they think you lion woman from fantasy, and they do what you say."

Selena could not be offended with Cynthia, especially with her cute little lion roar. She thought about it, and agreed with her.

"But, why would I need a bikini and a thong?"

Cynthia giggled excitedly, "You were telling me earlier, about the pool-boy who want to be paid: I have plan. Me and you go to your pool, I join you. You put this on, he can't resist, you no pay!"

Selena put her thumb on Cynthia's chin, smiled at her and said, "You're just a devious lil girl, aren't you?"


Later on that day, Cynthia came over to Selena's house in a robe. They had both planned to relax by the pool, and do a little extra as well.

Cynthia came in the house, and when she took her robe off, Selena was stunned. The bikini top was black and tiny; it barely covered her nipples and fit snugly on her. The matching thong was what stunned her: the thong-line was almost invisible, her whole ass was exposed.

Cynthia turned around and looked at Selena, "You like?" she asked.

"Uhh, Honey, you do know you're going outside in that thing?"

"Oh, I know."

Cynthia walked out the room, and sat on one of the poolside chairs. Selena went over to look at her bikini and when she did; she noticed that Cynthia had gotten her a tight-fitting bikini, almost a size too small. She went into her bedroom to get changed, as she did, she looked down her window to see Cynthia, laying there almost naked, she was glad her sons were not home.

Selena came on out to the pool-area, in her bikini and a sarong to cover her thong, as instructed by Cynthia. Selena's tight bikini-top slightly exposed the bottoms of her breasts, which was Cynthia's intention when she brought it. Selena sat to the right of Cynthia.

Both ladies attire got some male attention, and a quiet audience was formed. Both women could hear hushed comments from the open-windows and gardens of near-by homes.

"I love that Asian woman, I love her! Look at her! Wow!"

"Damn that black milf is so hot! I wanna be all 'groovy' and 'fly' with her, they still into that stuff, right?

"Dude! Look, Ms Karlson's ass cheeks can be seen! Come look bro! Her butt is awesome!"

Five minutes after the ladies had been seated; Chavo, the Latino pool-boy, arrived. He came from the backyard gate, and went up to Selena. He was taken aback by Selena's clothing; he had always seen her as a downtrodden mother, not as a sexy woman. He regained his composure and began to speak.

"L-look here Miss Saunders, you didn't pay last week, and this pool needs to be clean. Your kids swim here, so it should be clean, yeah...So you owe me, like, thirty dollars!"

Selena got ready to stand up. What the pool-boy didn't notice as he spoke, was Cynthia, while he was speaking, Cynthia discreetly untied Selena's sarong. So as Selena stood up, the sarong came off.

Selena's stood there, almost naked, clad in a leopard bikini/thong, as she towered over the pool-boy, her bare, perfectly shaped, chocolate coloured, full, juicy ass on display, along with wild, untamed hair, pouty, full lips and sweat all over her body, she looked like the perfect black woman fantasy.

Chavo was overcome with lust as this jungle-woman glared at him. An audible gasp could be heard from the peeking men. At the same time, Cynthia was tactfully rubbing lotion around her pert breasts.

"About the thirty dollars, umm, what's your name again? Oh never mind that. How about... I pay you half to clean the pool, and your reward is...That you get these two ladies wonderful company."

"Sure!" he said excitedly.

"Oh, my pool too," said Cynthia as she pointed over to her house.

"Ok, sure! Noooo problem, hee-hee."

"So that's both our pools, for fifteen dollars, and let's call today a 'free trial.'"

Selena later fired the pool-boy and hired the local guys around the neighbourhood to not just clean her and Cynthia's pools, but wash her car, empty her gutters and mow her lawn, all for free.


Making men do her chores was useful, but that was not going to solve all her problems. Selena needed cash, so she decided to up her game and take things further. She had a meeting with her husband's lawyer, and decided that she was going to flaunt her 'persuasive' skills.

She wore a white blouse, black skirt, stockings and high-heels to the meeting; she got some cat-calls on the way there. The tightness of her skirt made her ass look like an "onion", according to one heckler.

Selena walked into the lawyer's office, and sat across from him. The lawyer was a middle-aged white man, with dark hair, and a less-then-impressive physique, he also had a pompous attitude; Selena took an immediate dislike to him.

"So, it looks like you'll have to wait three months for the settlement."

"Three months! That's just too long to wait."

"Well, you're just going to have to wait. These things take time, and I'm swapped as it is."

"Can't you speed things up?"

He gave of a pretentious laugh and said, "I don't think you know how these sort of things work, three months is at the very earliest you would get it."

"Well, all right, I'll have to wait...".

After a long pause between the two, Selena asked, "That your new assistant?"

"Yes, fresh out of college."

"How many cocks you think she sucked?" She said bluntly.

"Excuse me?" said the flustered lawyer.

Selena then picked up a framed photo from the lawyer's table. "This your wife, she looks frigid, not a good lay, is she?"

"I think you better leave."

"Sugar, you don't want me to leave."

Selena then walked around the lawyer's desk and stood right in front of him. The lawyer was left speechless.

"We're going to make a deal; I do something for you, you do something for me," Selena got on her knees, "Understand?"

The lawyer nodded intently.

She proceeded to unzip his trousers, take his underwear off and stick his erect cock out. She first put her tongue on the tip of his cock and licked it ever-so-softly, like it was an ice cream cone. This drove the lawyer wild, he had to hold his desk to keep his balance.

She took her time licking the edges of the cock, really making the lawyer savour it. After the cock was sufficiently moist, she put it in her mouth. She took long, deep sucks, putting her whole mouth in. The lawyer moaned in delight, trying not to be too loud, so that he didn't alert anybody.

After a few more sucks, she took her mouth out, put her hand on his cock, and transitioned into a handjob.

A quick couple of strokes later, and his cum was on the ceiling, Selena made sure that none of the liquid went on her.

She grabbed some nearby tissues and wiped her mouth, and left the tissues on his cock.

Before leaving, she looked back at him, and said, "I want my money, and soon."

As Selena was turning the doorknob, the lawyer said, "What makes you think...," the lawyer needed a second to catch his breath, "What makes you think, I'll get your money so soon?"

Selena looked at him and confidently stated, "Because, I know what size your cock is, and I know what kinda underwear you wear. You really shouldn't have worn Transformers underwear, it's such a giveaway."


Two days later, Selena got her settlement money. With all her money problems solved, Selena could finally relax.

Even though she had whored herself out, Selena felt no regret over what she had done. Sucking that lawyer off didn't make her feel used or abused; it made her feel powerful and in-charge. She may have been the one on her knees, but it was her that benefited the most.

Life was so much easier for her when she used her feminine ways; she was thinking of more situations were she could use them, and thinking of her limits, of which she had few.

A week after getting her money, Selena was lounging around at her home. Her kids came back from school, they were disappointed about something.

"Hey, what's wrong?"

Both stayed silent before Shawn spoke, "We both tried out for the football team, but the coach said there was too many of 'us' already. What you think he meant by 'us', Michael?"

"How would I know? All I know is, is that we were the best damn guys there, and we still got cut. It's a screw job!"

"It's totally not fair! I'm so mad right now, I could, I could..." Shawn did a little mock cry into his arm.

"There, There, Shawn," said his brother as he slapped him on the back.

"What?" she said in shock, "I'll work this all out, you go over to your Aunt Cynthia's house, I'll be right back."


An hour later, Selena was knocking on the coach's door; she was wearing a grey overcoat. The football coach was a man of high-status in the middle school, it was rumoured that he was paid more then the principle.

The coach was a tanned, bald, stocky middle-aged white man with a gruff demeanour. He opened the door and said, "What you want?"

"I'm the mother of Shawn and Michael; I want to ask why you rejected them?"

"Oh yes, see? It was for political reasons; see, since we have enough...Um... we have enough people in the team."

"May I come in? "She calmly asked.

"Won't do much good talking about it, but all right."

"Anyone home?"

"Not right now."

"Good," after saying that, Selena removed her coat to reveal a purple lace bra and thong set she had on underneath.

The coach had a stunned expression on his face that quickly changed into a perverted grin.

"Let's finish this talk in the bedroom," Selena then proceeded to walk onward to the room

As Selena walked up the stairs, the coach watched in delight as she swayed her sexy black ass. He immediately took off all his clothes, ran into the bedroom after her, and leaped onto the bed.

"Now, let's make this clear, we go by my rules," said Selena as she removed her bra and thong.

"Yeah, whatever the fuck you want," said the eager coach.

A man like the middle-school football coach already had many mothers on their knees for him, so Selena went up a notch, and decided that she needed to have sex with him, but she would be in charge.

Selena carefully positioned herself, took a condom out from her bra, put it on him, and inserted the coach's modestly-sized penis inside her. She started to ride him gently, on top, just as she liked it.

The coach remembered when he and his perverted friends used to talk about black women's nipples, the coach wanted to feel some for himself.

He pinched Selena's dark nipples; Selena immediately slapped his hands off and said, "No pinches!" The coach then cupped Selena's round breasts.

He rubbed his hands all over her tits while telling her he, "wished all the moms were like this."

He moved his hands over to her firm ass and took a good squeeze of it.

"Damn!" he said in amazement, "your ass is like two bowling balls, do all women like you have asses like this?"

"Uh, excuse me? All women like me?"

"Oh I, I meant all beautiful women," the coach said with a nervous laugh.

"Hmm, Good save... and no fingernails in my ass!"

After Selena reprimanded him, the coach took delicate feels of her gorgeous butt. After a few more minutes of Selena rocking back-and-forth on the coach's cock, she decided to talk business.

" sons, they in the team?"

"I don't give a fuck," he replied, "They can play every fucking game for all I care."

"I'm going to hold you to that."

"Yes, yes, whatever, oh don't stop."

Selena replied with a smile and decided to finish up. She rode his cock and transitioned into a quick handjob. A few strokes later and he was cumming. She quickly rolled over, and picked her clothes up.

"Don't forget," Selena said while getting dressed. "If you don't play my boys in every game, I'll tell your wife you're circumcised."

The coach just replied with a simple nod. By giving him five minutes of pleasure, she held something over the coach that she could use for many, many years. Selena may have prostituted herself, but it was the coach who was humbled.


Later at Cynthia's house, Selena had arrived. She stood by the door and had her hands behind her back. She was breathing heavily and her hair was dishevelled. Her sons came to greet her.

"Boys, I got a surprise," she said with a smile

She then tossed them two football jerseys. The boys cheered and ran off back to their own house, delighted with the outcome.

Before Selena went back to her home, she went to see Cynthia.

"Thanks for looking after the boys."

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