Mom Seduces Virgin Son on Nude Day


What's so wrong with a mother expressing her love for her son through sexual contact and a son expressing his love for his mother through sexual climax? If she thought it was wrong to show her son her naked body and for her son to see her naked, she wouldn't show him her naked body nor would she allow him to see her naked. If she thought it was wrong for a son to show his mother his naked body, she wouldn't look. Yet sexually fantasizing over seeing her son naked while masturbating over the thoughts of seeing her son naked, she wanted to see her son's cock as much as she wanted to show her son her tits and pussy.

With him no longer a minor and both of them consenting adults, with her alone and lonely without a man in her life, what they do behind closed doors is no one's business. What they do behind closed doors is not open for inspection, discussion, commentary, or judgment. With her his mother, this is her house and he's her son. Who the Hell are they, whoever they are, to make her feel guilty? Why should she conform to a rigid puritanical society when men are doing much worse behind closed doors than what she'd like to do with her son?

When there was no one there to help her in her hour of need when her father was stripping her naked and raping her, why should she pay attention to what people think now? Where were all the Bible thumping, goody-two-shoes when her father was forcing her to have sex with him and impregnating her with Michael? How dare they judge her when she was the one who was so sexually used and incestuously abused?

'Fuck them,' she thought without saying her thoughts out loud.

She wondered if everyone was like this when it comes to incestuous sex or is it just her fucked up family. With a father driven to have sex with his daughter, maybe there's something to Freud's Oedipus complex of a son wanting to have sex with his mother but is there a complex for a mother who yearns to have sex with her son? Maybe because she's a woman, the daughter having inappropriate feelings and/or sexual desires for her father or the mother having the inappropriate feelings and/or sexual desires for her son, what she feels is categorized under the broad heading of incest. Whereas, if she was a man, the father having inappropriate feelings and/or sexual desires for his daughter or the son having inappropriate feelings and/or sexual desires for his mother, instead of calling it incest, it would be categorized by a more important sounding Greek name, the Oedipus complex.

'Why is incest so much more sexually exciting when it's a blood relative that she lusts over,' she thought?

First it was her father wanting her in the way that she wanted him and now it's her son wanting her in the way that she wants him. Getting what was coming to her, had she not teased her father and with him finally having enough of the teasing and calling her bluff, he never would have stripped her naked and raped her. Not all her fault, with her coming of age in feeling vulnerable, horny, sexy at 19-years-old, and troubled after the death of her mother, being that he was the responsible adult, her father should have exerted more self-control. Only, he was missing his wife too and seeing too much of his wife in his daughter, once he started drinking the incestuous outcome was inevitable. Yet, going back and forth from blaming her father to blaming herself, even though she was the responsible adult now, she still had no control of her sexual actions when it came to her son. Now, if she forgives herself for her incestuous thoughts and actions for her son then she must also forgive her father too.

After having just blossomed into a woman from a girl, had she not tortured her father by constantly and continually flashing him her body, especially when he was drinking, she wouldn't have her son, the spitting image of his grandfather, and may he rest in peace. Or maybe she would have had a son and/or a daughter with a normal man, a man not so driven by incest. Who knows? Never married but with the responsibility of an incestuous child born out of wedlock, having incestuous sex with her father and now wanting to have incestuous sex with her son, her twisted perversity changed her life's path forever.

* * * * *

"I've been invited to a Nude Day celebration party. I have no idea what to expect," he said. "I guess I don't need to worry what to wear. I'll just wear nothing," he said with a nervous, albeit sexually excited laugh.

Nude Day? In the way that Pearl Harbor is remembered, Nude Day was her dark day of infamy. Taking her years to realize, the only convoluted silver lining in her dark cloud was the birth of her son. As if that day was stacked against her in her marked deck of cards of life, Nude Day wasn't just any horny, naked day to her. Nude Day was the day that had changed her life forever. Nude Day was the day that her son was conceived by her father's seed.

She did a lot of growing up in that one day. Scheduled to begin college but saddled with a new born baby at only 19-years-old, she barely graduated from high school when she was pregnant with her father's son that summer. Conceived in July on Nude Day, the only day they had sex, born nine months later in April, he was her Nude Day, new born baby boy. With her being the daughter of her father, convolutedly confusing, she was now the mother of her father's son.

'Happy fucking Nude Day to me,' she said to herself while thinking how weird it is that her life has come full circle and is so reliant upon Nude Day.

She has a love/hate relationship with Nude Day, first with her teasing and flashing her father, now with her wanting to have sex with her son, and her son always trying to see her naked. As wicked in her incestuous desire for her father was and as wicked in her incestuous desire for her son, maybe she's the deranged one and not her father nor her son. Knowing full well that their game to play was incest, thinking that she could beat men at their own perverse game, maybe she's the instigator, the taunter, and the cockteaser.

Whether aunt, uncle, cousin, grandfather, grandmother, sister, brother, daughter, son, mother, and father, is everyone in the world looking to have incestuous sex with their blood relatives? Why aren't people happy having sex with their girlfriends, boyfriends, wives, or husbands? Why must sex be kinky, wicked, and/or incestuous to be any good? What's wrong with her to be so twisted to want to have sex with her son?

Something she never did nor had the chance to do and still wishing she could do, to be naked in public for Nude Day, wishing she could be present at his Nude Day celebration party, she swooned at the thought of her son being naked in public for Nude Day. In the way that her father forbade her to go and then stripped her naked when she told him that she was going to the Nude Day celebration anyway, she wanted to strip her son naked too. In the way that she had her father's baby, knowing that it sounded so crazy to contemplate, she now wanted to have her son's baby. Finally coming full circle, it was now that she realized the lust her father had for her then by the lust she had for her son now.

She wondered his reaction if she dared strip her son naked. Easy to do in the way that he walked around her nearly naked while wearing just a tee shirt and pajama bottoms without underwear, whether he's aware or not, he teases her with the outline of his erection and/or flaccid cock. Just once, she'd love to see his cock pop out of his pajama pee-hole. Just once she'd love to reach out and touch it, feel it, stroke it, and suck it before fucking her prick.

She imagined squatting down in front of him as if to pick something off the floor or as if to suck his cock, she could depants him with one swift downward pull of his pajama. Maybe he'd think it was a joke but seeing his cock was no joke to her. Imagining her poised there in front of him, she wouldn't be able to help herself from taking his prick in her hand before taking his cock in her mouth. It's been a long while since she's sucked a cock and she's hungry for one now, especially for her son's big prick.

Dizzy with desire for him while imagining her son naked, all she could imagine seeing in her mind was his round, firm ass, his big, swollen cock, his drooping testicles, and his blonde pubic hair. Wondering where she left her camera, as if he was leaving for his senior Prom in his spiffy tuxedo instead of leaving her for the Nude Day celebration in his swim trunks, she wondered if he'd leave the house naked. Wanting to stick her tongue where no mother should ever stick her tongue in her son's ass to toss his salad, she imagined saying good-bye to him at the front door while staring at and licking his naked ass before sucking his cock.

She imagined him turning to wave good-bye to her to flash her his hard, hairy prick. As soon as he turned to show her his prick, she'd fall to her knees again to beg him not to go and leave her alone before taking him in her mouth to suck him in hopes that he'd stay to celebrate Nude Day with her. Starting with a father lusting over his daughter to a mother lusting over her son, now with her son lusting over his mother, will this incestuous cycle never end?

* * * * *

"Nude Day? Seriously? You've been invited to a Nude Day celebration?" Cursed by what happened to her on Nude Day, she hated Nude Day. Nonetheless her detestation for that one day of the year, she gulped her sexual excitement along with the vision of her son naked. "As in naked Nude Day?"

Again the imagined image of him naked flashed across her mind. In the way that she imagined her son's mind was filled with her naked body, her mind was filled with her son's naked body. Twenty years later, with her past coming back to haunt her in her present, she couldn't believe that her son was invited to a Nude Day celebration in the way that she once was but wasn't allowed to attend.

"Yes," he said with a laugh. "It's as embarrassing as it is sexually exciting to imagine walking around people naked that I don't even know. To be honest, Mom, I'm not sure if I can strip off my clothes and I won't know until I get there. If I do strip naked, I'll probably embarrass myself by having a constant erection," he said looking at her with a mixture of embarrassment and sexual excitement.

Imagining him with an erection, Susan imagined her son stripping off his clothes as if he was standing before her now undressing. Imagining him removing his shirt, pants, and tee shirt and stripping down to his boxer shorts, she imagined him having a huge erection when he removed his boxer shorts too. Returning from fantasy to reality after making herself so horny for him, she wondered where he was going. Suddenly wishing she had a pair of binoculars or a camera that had a high powered zoom lens, she'd love to follow her son to the Nude Day event and record his naked image to use as fodder for her masturbation later.

Always having enjoyed a good relationship with her son, nonetheless, with teenagers always so secretive, especially with their sexual life, she couldn't believe that he was talking to her so openly, honestly, and personally about sex. All she could think of now was her son's erection. Fixated with his sexual appendage, she wondered how big his penis gets when erect. She imagined her son's erection as swollen for her mouth as her pussy lips were swollen for his cock.

If only enjoying the thought of it and if only for the sake of making him feel more comfortable and at ease, yeah right, she wanted to ask her son if he wanted to practice walking around in front of her naked. Thinking better of asking him that question, unable to control herself, there's no telling what she'd do if she saw her son's naked, erect prick. With Nude Day her excuse to get Michael naked, Susan wondered if he'd fall for her ruse in the way she did with her father or if he'd see right through it.

If she did convince him to strip naked in front of her, a visually telling, sexual sign, she wondered if he'd have an erection in front of her, his own mother. In the way that she wanted him, hopefully the same way that he wanted her, she'd stare at his cock in the way that he always stares at her breasts. If only he'd walk around her naked and with an erection, a sexual fantasy come true and the beginning of something beautiful, she'd touch his cock and feel his cock. If only he'd walk around her naked with an erection, she'd grab his cock and stroke his cock. If only he'd walk around her naked, unable to control the sexual lust she had for her son, she'd suck his cock and fuck his cock. Just as she'd be as wet for him as she is now with the thoughts of seeing his cock, she imagined that he'd be as hard for her when's he's masturbating over the thoughts of showing her his prick before having sex with her.

Being that it was Nude Day, her chance to see her son nude, daring herself to ask him to walk around her naked, she again wondered if he'd fall for her ruse and get naked or if he'd see right through her motherly help as her sexual intentions to seduce her son. In the way that her father wanted her, how embarrassing would that be if he knew she wanted him in the way that she hoped that he wanted her and rejected her sexual advances? Jealous of him going where she was never allowed to go, she wished she had a Nude Day celebration to attend too but no one invited her anywhere anymore. Except for her son and her father before him, no one wanted to see her naked. Being that she still had a hot body and a shapely figure, she was sure that lots of men would want to see her naked but her captive audience of one to flash, it was only her son who was there with her now.

She was still young, attractive, and sexy but even if she was entertaining a bevy of other men, other men seeing her naked and her seeing them naked wasn't the same as her son seeing her naked and her seeing him naked. Unless she could attend the Nude Day celebration with her son, even if she had an invitation to a Nude Day party, she'd never go after what happened to her on Nude Day. If she did attend the Nude Day celebration with her son, she could only imagine how those people who knew that they were mother and son would talk. She could only imagine the women's shocked surprise and the men's sexual excitement to seeing mother and son naked together. She wished they lived elsewhere, a place where no one knew that they were mother and son. Maybe then they could have sex as if they were boyfriend and girlfriend or husband and wife.


"I'd be so embarrassed to be naked," he said again.

Excited by the continuation of the sexual conversation she was suddenly having with her son about Nude Day, wanting to prolong the erotic exchange and sexual interaction, she abandoned doing the laundry. She walked downstairs with him to confront him face to face in a more comfortable setting, the living room.

"Why are you embarrassed? It's just your body Michael," she said as if she was a European fashion model acting so cosmopolitan in being able to hide her lust for her son. "Everyone has the exact same bits and pieces, some smaller and some larger," she said imagining him having a larger penis than a smaller one and being glad that she had big breasts instead of small ones.

She played the mature motherly part when surmising that he'd be just as excited parading around her naked as much as she'd enjoy seeing him naked. Susan looked at her 19-year-old son with lust in the way that her father used to look at her. She could feel herself changing into something she never thought she'd be, a pervert and a sexual deviate. Teasing him and taunting him to touch her, take her, and have his wicked way with her, in the way that she paraded around her father nearly naked then, she paraded around her son now. In the way that her father was a predator then and she was the sexual victim, she was a predator now and her son was her sexual victim. For her to have the forbidden thoughts of seducing her son, she was a cougar on steroids. For her to want her son, she was just as twisted as was her father.

* * * * *

Ready to cross the line with her son in the way that she did with her father, she wondered if the incestuous lust that she harbored for her son was something inherited or instilled in her because of what happened to her in having sex with her father. Except for teasing and flashing her father she seemed normal. Maybe it just takes this long for her incestuous lunacy to blossom and materialize in her sexual attraction for her son. As if Nude Day was her keyword needed to release her sleeping hypnosis, just as it happened with her father on Nude Day, her sexual feelings for her son exploded when he told her his plans for Nude Day.

Forget about how she felt about him before, sexually attracted to him, teasing him by flashing him, and masturbating over the thoughts of having sex with him, she wanted him now. She had to have her son. Insanely and possessively jealous of any other woman who she imagined would see her son naked, not only did she want to see him naked first but also she wanted him all to herself. Thinking of him as someone else other than her son, Susan wanted to have sex with Michael. Maybe there's an incest gene in her DNA that made her father illicitly want her then in the way that she wants her son in such a forbidden way now. Remembering all as if it happened yesterday, it was twenty years ago today, Nude Day, that her father had his wicked way with her naked body.

"Com'on, don't be so shy Susan. Let's have a little fun. Come have a drink with me," said her father walking in her bedroom and closing the door behind him before grabbing her, touching her, and feeling her. He was always groping her.

Not the first time her father touched her, felt her, and groped her, this time was different. This time he was drunk. This time she knew that he wouldn't be taking no for an answer.

"Daddy don't," she said mildly protesting when he touched and felt her breast through her blouse and bra or felt her ass through her short skirt and panty.

She looked down at his hand as if his hand belong to someone else and as if it wasn't her breast that he was touching and feeling. Then when he felt the firm, roundness of her ass through her clothes, it was as if his hand ignited something that slept dormant inside of her. He had been distant, withdrawn, and depressed over the death of his wife and with him not there helping her through her grief, she had faced the death of her mother alone. Now here he was paying attention to her, albeit sexually, his fatherly touch was what she seemingly needed to help her through her grief.

As much as she was frightened by his drunken aggressiveness towards her, she was drowning in her mixed emotions that constantly and continually hit her in the face as if they were buckets of cold water. She used to talk to her mother about everything, especially her feelings and now she had no one. Unable to admit it even to herself, with some kind of attention better than no attention, she was excited by her father's lust for her. In the way that he leered at her, it was obvious to her that he wanted her. With her thinking that she could replace her mother and help her father through his grief, he made her feel like a sexy woman instead of a nineteen-year-old girl. With her being a virgin, no man had ever touched her in that way.

"Take off your clothes Susan," he said lifting up her short skirt.

He held up her skirt high enough and in place long enough to expose her white, bikini panties to him while feeling her breast through her blouse and bra. Immediately she felt a warm wetness between her legs and felt her nipples pushing against her bra. It was when he forced his hand between her legs, cupped her pussy through her panty, and tried unbuttoning her blouse that she pushed him away. She pushed him away not because she didn't want him but because she was embarrassed that she needed him, if only in that sexual way, especially in that sexual way. It was when he touched her where no father should touch his daughter that she responded in the way that no daughter should respond to her father. As much as she was disgusted by his touches, it felt good for a man to touch her where she's only touched herself.

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