Mom Strips Naked for Nude Day Ch. 01


"Your creative writing class?" She looked at him with shocked disbelief. "Do you read these stories about me in class in front of everyone, including your teacher?" She looked at him in horror. "I'm mortified. I'm humiliated," she said slapping his mattress with her hand. "I can never show my face at your university again with everyone now thinking that we have an intimate, incestuous relationship. How could you so violate me with your words? How could you so privately embarrass me and so publically humiliate me."

"No, mother. I haven't read any of these stories in class. These are just stories that I write on my own and--"

"And what?"

"I post them."

"You post them?" She looked at him with shock. "What do you mean, you post them? You post them where?" Not giving him a chance to answer, she repeated her question. "Where do you post these dirty stories about me fucking and sucking you?"

As soon as she said fucking and sucking him, he couldn't help but think of her naked. He couldn't help but think of her on her back with her legs spread ready to accept his hard cock in her warm, wet, tight pussy. With her finding his stash of erotic stories, with her now knowing his incestuous secret, with him so attracted to his mother before, it didn't take much to get him aroused now. His mind was filled with the forbidden imagined image of fucking his mother. His mind was filled with the imagined image of his mother on her knees and sucking his cock.

"I post them on the Internet," he said softly, not believing that he was telling her everything, but relieved, actually, that she knew his secret.

"What? Oh, my God," she said clutching her chest, as if she was having a heart attack. "You post them on the Internet? God help my poor boy," she said signing herself and looking up at the ceiling with her hands tightly pressed together, as if God was there looking down, while listening to her. "You post them to Facebook?"

"No, Mother. I don't post my stories on Facebook," said Jason.

"Oh, my God. Everyone knows your name, now. No! Oh, no! How dare you? What's wrong with you, Jason? I'm so embarrassed," she said staring at her son.

"Just as no one knows who you are, Mother, no one knows who I am," said Jason but falling on deaf ears, as his mother was no longer listening to what he had to say.

"We're going to make an appointment to see a psychiatrist today because there's something seriously wrong with you," she said waving her stiff, index finger at him. "For you to write such filthy, perverted, and incestuous stories about me, your own mother, that's so horribly disgusting. I have no words to express how badly I feel. I just can't believe all that you've written about me. I'm mortified."

"I don't use my real name, Mother. No one knows it's me writing the story about you or that it's even you in the story. I don't even use your real name or description," he said trying to calm her panic by assuaging her fears that her identity was not known worldwide. "You read my stories, nowhere does the name Elizabeth, Liz, or Beth appear in any of my stories. The name that I use for the mother's character is always the same. I use Julie and she's blonde with blue eyes and has D cup breasts, instead of a brunette with green eyes and C cup breasts."

"How do you know what bra cup size I am?" She looked at him with shocked embarrassment, while folding her arms across her breasts and reaching her hand up to clutch the collar of her blouse closed.

Oh, oh, he was busted again. He wondered now, if she suspected that he masturbated, while fondling her lingerie. Playing the innocent victim card, he persevered in his lies.

"I've seen your bras in the laundry hamper, Mommy," he said, as if he was still her little boy, while thinking about all the times he masturbated, while holding, feeling, and sniffing her bra and panty. "And I don't post the stories on Facebook," he said again, in case she didn't hear him say that the first time.

He loved her underwear. Maybe because they belonged to his mother, but her bras and panties were so erotically sexy. When all of his friends' mothers were older and fatter, his mother was a MILF of a mother. When all of his friends' mothers wore underwear bought from Wal-Mart and K-Mart, his mother wore Victoria Secrets' underwear. In a multitude of materials, styles, and colors, in the way that he's written so many times about her bra and panty, he'd love to see his mother model her sexy bra and panty just for him.

"What site is it that you post these dirty stories about me, then, if not Facebook?"


"What? Liter what?"

"I post them to Literotica.

"Literotica? What is that some incestuous porn site for perverts and degenerates, who sexually fantasize about their mothers fucking them and sucking their cocks? Oh, God help me. My son has lost his mind to incest," she said looking up at the ceiling, while signing herself again.

Every time his mother used the words fuck and suck in reference to all the stories that he wrote about her, he was dizzy with sexual excitement. Every time his mother used the words fuck and suck in reference to all that he's written about her, he couldn't stop himself from imagining fucking his mother, after she sucked his cock.

"Literotica is a writing site and just as not all my stories are about you, not all my stories are dirty stories, I mean, erotic literature. I write some non-erotic stories, humor, poetry, and stories about other people, too."

"Why do you post them online, if the stories are just for your creative writing endeavors and are, as you said, personal?"

"Because Literotica has writing contests, Mom. This new story is for the Nude Day contest and, if enough people vote for me, I can win some money to help with my college expenses. I was only thinking of helping you in defraying some of my educational costs, by entering these stories about you in their contests," he said hoping she'd believe him by taking what he said, as his altruistic excuse to write his incestuous stories about her.

"Can it, Jason. That's bullshit. I'm not an idiot," she said looking at him, as if he was deranged.

"Sorry, Mom, it was worth a try."

"How much?"

"How much what, Mom?"

The perverted son that he was, he imagined his mother was asking him how much he'd pay her to have sex with him. If he had a thousand dollars to give his mother for sex, he would, but he didn't. Maybe she'd take an IOU for her to give him a blowjob. He'd do anything for his mother to suck his cock, while he played with her big tits and fingered her nipples.

"How much money can you win in these writing contests?"

"Oh. Well, it's not very much money for the work and effort put forth to create, develop, write, and edit such quality stories, but it may lead to something else, an e-Book, perhaps, or a writing job with a publisher. First prize is $150, second prize is $100, and third prize is $75. Only..."

"Only, what?"

"I'm stuck, Mommy," he said looking at her with sad puppy dog eyes, the same eyes he looked at her with, before she bought him a used car to travel back and forth to college. "So prolific before, my writing has dried up now and suddenly stopped. Alas, I can't write a thing," he said putting the back of his hand to his forehead and looking at her with sadness. "I've been staring at the same blank page for hours, days, in thinking of what else to write. For the first time, my problem is that I'm having a difficult time writing about you."

To be continued...

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