Mom, You're Gorgeous!


"Probably, possibly. Who knows?" said Carl. "Time will tell. Caroline?"


"Did you mean what you said?"

"About fucking you? Yes, I did. I guess it will have to be when Mom's not around, but yes, bro, your prick felt so good in my pussy I'd kind of like to welcome it back sometime, in a more shared way, I think."

"You mean next time, if there is a next time, and if you're on top again, I can actually feel your tits?" Carl said, laughing.


"Good. For now, I'm going for a swim, to cool off. You're getting me all hot again, and with Mom at home, well, you know."

"Yeah, we have to behave."

Caroline joined Carl in the water and they swam for a while, then got out and sunned themselves, Carl managing not to get erect while he was rubbing sunblock into Caroline's back and legs. "And my butt," she reminded him.

"And your butt," he said, rubbing the sunblock in with a caress, admiring the firm muscularity of Caroline's ass. As soon as he'd finished, Caroline rolled over and held out her hand for the sunblock.

"I'd better rub this into my tits myself," she said, "else you'll get turned on again."

"I already am," said Carl. "It's only a massive effort of will that's keeping me this soft."

Caroline regarded the half-erect penis in front of her with a smile. "Lie on your stomach, Carl, and I'll do your back, too."

Carl lay face down on his towel, adjusting his prick to the most comfortable position. Least uncomfortable, he thought, amused, then groaned as he felt Caroline's hands begin to rub sunblock into his back.

"Will you do mine when you've finished Carl's?" Their mother's voice took them both by surprise. Judy was standing next to them, a short robe covering her down to mid-thigh.

"Sure, Mom, just lay yourself down," said Caroline, resuming her application of sunblock on her brother.

Judy shrugged off the robe and knelt on her towel beside Carl. She was wearing a blue bikini, modestly cut. About to lay herself down on the towel she paused, looking at the twins, gnawing at her bottom lip. She obviously came to a decision because her hands went to her back and in a moment she had discarded her bikini top, muttering, "Oh, shit! I hope I don't regret this."

Carl and Caroline gasped in surprise, for Judy had obviously decided to join them in their celebration of Nude Day.

"That's as far as I go," said Judy.

"Mom, you're gorgeous!" said Carl, admiring the pretty sway of Judy's breasts as she knelt beside him. Judy was almost as slender as her daughter, but with slightly fuller, slightly lower-hung breasts. Erect nipples, Carl noted as Judy lay on her front a yard away from him.

"Thank you, son," she said softly. There was a high spot of colour in each cheek as she looked at the twins. "I nearly didn't, but the two of you looked so good I just had to,"

"We're glad you did, Mom," Caroline said quietly. "You look great."

"Thanks, honey. I kinda feel good, too."

"Wait until you have a swim, Mom. That feels even better."

"Later. For now, I'm just going to enjoy the sun and the unexpected afternoon off work."

Finished Carl, Caroline began to apply sunblock to her mother's back. She worked down to the small of Judy's back, then put her head close to her mother's.



"Are you sure you want to keep the bottoms on? You're going to get sunblock on them. I can rub it on down to the top of them, and again on your legs up to the bottom, but it will probably spread. You'd be better with them off."

Judy looked at Caroline, a wry expression on her face. "You're trying to get me completely naked, aren't you?"

"Yes, of course I am. It's Nude Day, Mom, and you owe it to yourself to join in."

"Sweetheart," Judy said softly, "if it was just you and me, no problem. I guess I'm shy around Carl. I was embarrassed just showing my breasts."

"Mom, by now Carl will probably be lying on a boner. Believe me, if I turn him over he'll be the embarrassed one. So let me just untie these bikini bottoms and get you naked."

Caroline reached for the ties on her mom's bikini briefs. Judy's hand came up to stop her but paused and fell away. When Caroline had loosened the ties, Judy raised her hips an inch or so and Caroline slid her mom's briefs out of the way.

"There, now we're all naked," Caroline said softly. "Now we embarrass Carl."

Judy reached out and stopped Caroline. "No, honey, let him be. You haven't finished my sunblock yet. There's still my ass and legs."

Carl had heard very little of what his sister and mom had been saying, but he saw the bikini bottom come off and felt his prick give another little lurch towards full erection. Oh, shit, he thought, just what I need. He glanced across at his mom who lay with her head turned away. He admired the lovely curve of her back into her ass and the swell of her buttocks. A swimmer, like her children, Judy's butt was firm and shapely. Carl groaned silently. God, I'd love to slip my prick between those cheeks!

The three of them sunned themselves for a while, Carl not daring to move because of his erection, until Judy eased herself up and sat back on her heels. There was a bright spot of colour on her cheeks when she caught Carl's eye but she made no attempt to cover herself and he was able to admire her loveliness. For Judy was lovely. Fuller-figured than Caroline, but it only served to give her body a softness that the more athletic Caroline didn't quite have.

Judy stood, and Carl was surprised to see that his mother, too, had trimmed her fleece. "I'm going for a swim," she said. "Anyone else?"

"Sure thing, Mom," said Caroline. "Carl?"

"No," he said. "I need to use the can."

In the pool Judy and Caroline swam quietly along together. Caroline glanced back over her shoulder to see Carl disappearing indoors. She chuckled.

"What's so funny?"said Judy.

"Carl. Poor baby has a huge boner. Probably gone to jack off, get it to go down."

Judy closed her eyes for a moment, the earlier vision of Carl's erection coming unbidden to her mind.


"Yes, sweetheart?"

"I'm sorry you caught us earlier," Caroline said softly, "but I'm not sorry I did it."

"You know it's wrong."

"Yeah, but it felt so good. I swear, I was using Carl as a substitute dildo but he felt so good I'd love to have him fuck me properly."

"Was it fair to Carl? I mean, using him to replace a dildo?"

Caroline giggled. "I guess not, but he didn't complain."

The women swam in silence for a while, until Judy said, "Be careful, Caroline. I don't want either of you to get hurt."

"Does that mean you'll let us make love?"

"If I'm out at work, how do I stop you?"

"Forbid us."

"Would you listen?"

"Yes, Mom, I'd listen. And obey, but it would be damned frustrating. It's so much nicer having a nice warm man attached to the prick that goes into me, rather than just a handle."

"Tell me about it," said Judy softly, her mind miles away.


"Are you getting any?"

"None of your business, young lady," said Judy sharply, then chuckled, her tone wry. "Not since your Dad left us."

"Mom! That's three years!"

"Don't I know it."

"Carl would help, I know he would."

"Caroline! I am not going to fuck my son."

"You'd enjoy it."

"That, young lady, is beside the point. It's wrong."

"So why are your nipples erect and your pussy wet?" said Caroline softly.

"Because we're in a swimming pool, or hadn't you noticed?" Judy retorted.

"Mom, I'll stay in my own bed tonight and play with my dildo, just in case you want Carl to help you scratch that itch."

"Fat chance. Come on, I'll race you."

"Mom, I beat Carl earlier. He owes me an hour's slavery. If you want to race I'll give you a lap free."

"What do you mean, slavery?"

"We had a race. I won. The bet was that the other would act as a slave for an hour, doing anything the winner required." Caroline laughed. "He still owes me that hour. I was just trying to think what to ask of him when you came home."

"And spoiled it for you," Judy said softly.

"No, Mom, just postponed."

"So what are you going to ask him to do? Fuck you?"

"He'd do that for free! No, I'll think of something." Caroline reached out and touched her mother's shoulder. "Still want to race?"

"Yes. Handicap?"

"You swim eight laps, I'll swim ten. First wins an hour's slavery from the other, just like with Carl. Okay?"

Judy glanced across at her daughter, amused. "Okay. Dive start?"

"Yeah, come on, let's get out here."

In the john Carl stroked his erection lightly. He had to jack off, just had to, or else he would be wearing a stiffie all day. Easily accomplished with his sister and his mom wandering around naked. With the two of them firmly in his mind's eye he began to stroke his hardness, his hand lightly coated with Caroline's hand cream from the bathroom cabinet next door. As the old familiar feelings began to creep over him he closed his eyes and let the visions take him, visions of his mom on her back, legs spread, his prick moving slowly into her, of his sister sucking his prick while he lapped at her pussy, visions of Caroline eating Judy while he fucked his sister from behind. With a deep groan he came, the excitement taking him quickly, aroused as he was from Caroline riding him earlier. He had the presence of mind to point his prick into the john, bending over at the waist, his weight on one arm, the other firmly around his pulsing weapon.

He took a deep breath, held it for a moment, then relaxed, exhaling loudly as he straightened, stroking his prick, squeezing to coax the semen through. At least his prick had softened enough that he thought he could face the others again. Probably go stiff straight away, he thought ruefully, as soon as I see those naked beauties. He laughed at himself, flushed the john, washed his hands and went back out to the pool, coming out just as Judy and Caroline lined up for their race. With their backs to him, bent over as they were, he could see the clefts of their pussies. Surprisingly similar, save that one was bare, the other with just a trace of fine dark hair.

"One, two, three, go!" said Caroline launching herself into a flat dive, her mother a heartbeat behind her. Carl watched, amused, as Caroline quickly established a lead. She was swimming hard, as was Judy, but Judy didn't have the regular daily practice behind her that Caroline did. In the end, Caroline finished her tenth lap about three yards ahead of Judy finishing her eighth. They hung onto the edge of the pool, panting, until Judy lifted her head and spotted Carl. She smiled and held out her hand.

"Help me out, son. Your sister just blew me away."

Carl reached out a hand to Judy, hauling her easily from the water. "She beat me, too," he said, taking note of the fact that his mother was standing easily beside him, naked, showing no sign of the shyness which had been so obvious earlier. He eyed her surreptitiously while her attention was on Caroline, who was now floating on her back, a grin threatening to consume her whole face.

Judy's tits were a little bigger than Caroline's, Carl decided, and they hung a little lower, but they were lovely. In fact, they reminded him of Rhonda's. He made a face at the thought of his girlfriend. In college, they had both had free periods at this time of day and usually took the opportunity for a quick, enjoyable fuck. His Mom's pubic hair was trimmed to her bikini line, but it was sparse and he could see the line of her cleft quite clearly. His prick twitched and he tried to think of something else, aware suddenly that his mom was speaking to him.

"Sorry, Mom, I was miles away there for a moment."

"So I noticed. I said, your sister now has two slaves for an hour. You and me."

Carl laughed. "Tough, Mom. Hey, we outnumber her. Maybe we should revolt."

"You're revolting enough, bro," said Caroline, pulling herself lithely from the pool beside them. She palmed the water from her face and smoothed her hair back, grinning at the others. "Two slaves. Whoopee." She gave a mock-evil grin. "I'll think of something for you both, don't worry."

"Oh, dear," said Judy, "now I am worried." But she didn't look it, Carl thought. She looked relaxed and unworried, in fact. She smiled across at him. "It's funny, here I am, naked, and I feel liberated. I was very conscious of my nudity earlier, but now, I don't know why, it just feels good."

"That's because it is good, Mom," said Caroline. She cocked her head. "What's for dinner tonight?"

"I don't feel like cooking anything, so how about if we phone for a Chinese?"

"Sounds good to me," said Carl, and Caroline nodded.

"Me too," she said.

"What time is it now? Carl, you're the only one with a watch on."

"Just after three, Mom. Plenty of time yet."

"Okay. Unless mistress here has any immediate plans for me?" Caroline shook her head, grinning. "Okay, since I have free time I'll watch that programme I recorded last night. Come in whenever you like, kids. I'll order the food for about six. Okay?"

"Fine, Mom. By six I'll be hungry." Caroline smiled, a sweet, innocent, smile. "And you two will be getting nervous."

"You wish," said Judy, laughing. She wiggled her fingers in goodbye and went off into the house. Carl watched her go, admiring the roll of her ass as she moved.

"Thinking carnal thoughts, bro?" said Caroline.

Carl grinned at her. "But of course. She's a tasty piece of ass, Mom."

"Yeah. Now what can I think of for the two of you?"

"I'm sure something uterly evil will spring fully-formed from that murky brain of yours," said Carl. "Do I worry?"

"Maybe a little," Caroline said with a lopsided grin. "Maybe a little."

They spent the afternoon just loafing about. Sunning themselves, taking the occasional swim. Around five they went indoors and showered - together - before making their giggling way to the living room, still nude. Judy was sitting relaxed on the couch reading. To their surprise, she too was still naked. She smiled at their surprised looks.

"It feels good, in this warm weather. I think I might spend more time without clothes, so long as we're private. I'm finding I like it."

"We're private at the moment, Mom, because Carl parked his van to obscure the pool."

"As I noticed when I came home. My car's still parked out there. You'll need to move the van before I can put it in the garage."

"What should we do out there?" said Caroline. "If we're going to be nude again, we need screening."

"About ten feet of fencing would do it," said Carl. "It wouldn't take long to put it up, either."

"I have tomorrow afternoon off, kids," said Judy, "so how about we take Carl's van and go get our new privacy screen together?"

"Great idea, Mom," said Carl. "We can get it in the van to bring it home, I think, and put it up next day. At least, Caroline and I can, because you'll be at work. We should have it done for you getting home, though, and then we can take our naked bodies in and out without needing the van to be parked where it is."

"Okay, we'll do that." Judy jumped, startled, as the doorbell rang. She laughed, reaching for her robe and shrugging it on. "I guess that's the Chinese. You two stay out of sight."

Dinner was fun, the three of them giggling over their chopsticks, sitting naked around the kitchen table. Luckily, it was at the back of the house and not overlooked. When they'd finished they sat in the living room, still naked, chatting about college, grades, teachers, aspirations. Carl sat on an armchair while Caroline and his mom sat on the couch. The armchair was at a right angle to the couch and he took the opportunity to admire afresh the graceful form of his sister, and the elegance of his mother. I'm damn' lucky, he thought, to have two such gorgeous women in my family, sitting naked beside me.

"He's studying us again, Mom," said Caroline, casting a sideways look at Carl.

Judy glanced up, amused. "Are you?"

Carl nodded. "I am, Mom. I've never seen either of you naked before and I'm making the most of it. How many guys can be this lucky, two gorgeous woman to ogle, both of them naked as jaybirds? One, I reckon. Me."

Caroline laughed. "Flatterer. I can think of an improvement, from your point of view."



"Yeah, you're right. Having Rhonda sitting there naked with the two of you, my cup would runneth over."

"More likely your prick would."

"Caroline!" Judy was having difficulty playing the stern mother, fighting a laugh.

"Come on, Mom, it's true," Caroline said, laughing. "If Rhonda was sitting here naked, Carl would have a stiffie."

"Or he'd have taken her to bed by now," Judy said, smiling at her son.

Carl stared at her. "Whoa, hold up there, Mom. Are you saying that if Rhonda was here, you'd let us sleep together?"

Judy nodded, a rueful look on her face. "I might as well. I reckon you'd would be sneaking off somewhere if I didn't. I know the two of you have been having sex. You've never tried to hide the fact so I might as well acknowledge it."

"Thank you for that, Mom," Carl said slowly. "Thank you one hell of a lot."

"And if Jimmy was here?" Caroline said, eyeing her mother cautiously.

Again Judy nodded. "It's happened. It can't unhappen, so I live with it. I just want to make sure you're not trying to do something in some sleazy motel, when you can be safe and warm at home."

Caroline nodded slowly. "Like Carl said, thank you, Mom, thank you very much." She leaned across impulsively and kissed Judy's cheek. "For that, you're excused slavery."

"Oh, and there was me wondering what I'd have to do," said Judy laughing. "You mean I don't need to worry anymore?"

"You don't."

"But I do, is that it?" said Carl.

"Yes, I've decided no freedom for you yet."

"There's a surprise. I wonder what horror you have in mind."

"Keep wondering, although it wasn't horror."

"So what was it?" Judy turned to Caroline, curious.

Caroline flushed. "I dunno, I guess I was still thinking about trying to get you to fuck Carl. I've decided it's not for me to say, one way or the other. It's none of my business." Great, sis, thought Carl, thanks for nothing.

"I'm delighted we agree on that," said Judy dryly. She stood and stretched, her breasts lifting before Carl's fascinated gaze. "I know it's only nine-thirty, but I think I'll go to bed."

"Me, too," said Caroline. "Too much sun, I think."

"I'll watch TV for a while," said Carl.

"Okay, son. See you tomorrow, probably after work unless you're up early."

"After work. When, about one?"

"Should be about then, if I get away on time. I'll pick some sandwiches up at the deli, they'll do for lunch."

"Okay, Mom, goodnight. Goodnight, Caroline."

"G'night, bro. See you in the morning."

The two women went out, but Judy popped her head back round the door. "Carl, will you move your van and put the car in the garage?"

"Sure thing, mom. I'll do it now."

"Better put your shorts on, then. We don't want to give Mrs. Kominski heart failure."

"I guess not, Mom."

It took Carl only a few minutes to move the vehicles and as he locked the van he noticed his mom's bedroom light go off. I guess she was tired, he mused. He had a sudden thought and moved to where he could see Caroline's bedroon window, just in time to see the light go out there, too. I'll give them ten minutes, he thought, then I'll put that porn video on that Charlie gave me. He said it was good. Better keep the sound down.

Back in the living room Carl turned on the TV. There was a movie playing and he left it on while he crept up to his room and took the video from its hiding place in his closet. Back downstairs he waited longer than the ten minutes he'd promised himself, nearer twenty-five as he watched the ending of 'Independence Day', before slipping the video cassette into the player and dimming the lamp.

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