Mommies Make Great Pets!

byPhoenix Arrow©

I was now on my hands and knees, fully naked before my daughter. Tugging on my leash, she led me into the bath tub, removed my collar, and turned on the shower. In moments I was drenched by the ice cold water as it sprayed down on my back and head. I began to shiver as the tub slowly filled. When it finally did, Stacey turned off the water, took hold of the liquid soup and poured it all over my back.

"Butter Cup, you are being such a good girl doggy, now hold still as I wash that dirty body of yours."

I can remember when Stacey was a little girl, and I washed my baby in this very same bath tub. Now that same little girl was washing me.

I squirmed as she began scrubbing hard with a sponge. She scrubbed my back, my belly, my thighs, ass....and vagina. I was starting to really get worked up as she seemed to concentrate on these three areas, and when she started scrubbing my slit hard, I found myself rocking back and forth against the sponge.

"Butter Cup, you really have to stop moving so much. I have to clean this messy pussy of yours." I flinched at these vulgar words words coming from her mouth.

By the time she had finished, it was all I could do to not reach back between my legs and finger my clitty. I was so hot. Even after she tried drying my vagina three times with the towel, I was still wet between my legs.

"Hmmmm, does Butter Cup like all the attention her owner is giving her??"

I couldn't answer her, it was too embarrassing. I tried to turn away from her eyes. But she took my chin and made me look at her.

"Does my little puppy like all the attention her new master is giving her?

I nodded yes in humiliation. It was one thing to surrender control to my daughter, it was another thing to admit I liked it.

She patted me on the head and fitted me with the collar. Attaching the leash she took me to her room, where she sat on a chair. Like a little child she had me sit on her lap as she began combing my hair, or "grooming me" as she called it. To my ever growing frustration, she took great delight in wedging her knee between my legs and gently rubbing it back and forth.

Despite my best efforts, within 5 minutes I was practically shaking with need. By the time she was done, I was getting desperate and she knew it. When I got off her lap, she scolded me for leaving her knee wet. My face burned in shame as I looked at my daughter's knee covered in my juices. But I wasn't surprised when she told me to like it off "Like a good Doggy".

I was appalled at the idea of tasting my own juice, but when she suggested that I was being a bad doggy I became terrified. I became very aware that I so desperately wanted to show my daughter I was a good puppy. I must be a sick woman.

I stuck out my tongue and gently began licking the bare skin of her wet knee. It felt so perverse, but I licked it all.

By this time she could most definitely smell the must in the room from my pussy. I really needed to get off bad.

"Does Butter Cup need a little release?"

From the floor, I looked up to her and whined as I shook my head desperately.

"Does she need it really really bad?"

To my surprise, I started panting.

"Will she be willing to do almost anything to get it?"

"Roof" She had me, and she knew it.

With another wicked smile, she took my leash and led me out of her room. We entered the living room and I followed her to my favorite seat, the leather chair.

She turned around and before her mother, lowered her shorts and panties to the ground. Stepping out of them, she left her shoes and socks on as she stared down at me. For the first time since my little girl was.....a little girl, I saw her young cunt. I stared at the tender flesh of her vulva as the light pubic hair did little to hide her wet lips.

Then I quickly realized what she was planning to do. She was going to sit in my favorite chair. The same chair I've forbad her to use. Now she stood in front of it, ready to lower her wet sex upon it.....right in front of her kneeling mother.

This was a big statement she was making. This was another measure of her new dominance over me. I gave a little whimper as she slowly began lowering her moist cunt onto her mommy's precious chair.

My pussy spasmed when she sat.

Smiling with yet another victory over her mother, Stacey took hold of my leash and started pulling me closer and closer between her legs. I tried to resist at first, I mean this was my own daughter, but all I could do was stare at her bare cunt. I couldn't believe how adorable it looked, so young, so

I found myself salivating when Stacey began spreading her pink folds before me like a flower. My face was now right above her sex and her smell was intoxicating as I shamefully inhaled deeply, my nostrils filling with her perfume.

This was the price. This was the price I now had to pay for something that not two hours ago, I could have done in the privacy of my room with a vibrator. But not any more. I had surrendered my free will to the control of my daughter, and that included my pussy. She now controlled that as well, and in order for her to allow it to cum, I had to stick my face in hers. And I was only too eager.

I lowered my face and gently kissed her bud, before slowly running my tongue down the length of her slit, licking the tasty syrup from her folds. I continued licking up and down her slit until there were no more juices left, then I fully extended my tongue inside her as I allowed my my nose tickled her clit.

"Ohhhhhhhh, gooooood doggy.....use that looooooong tongue of yours.....ohhhhhh such a goood doggy!"

Her degrading words made me more excited as I fucked my daughter with my tongue. To my shame I was really enjoying her taste and I couldn't get enough. I wiggling my tongue deep inside my daughter's tight vagina to get more of her sweet nectar. As she held my head tightly against her, Stacy had placed her legs over my shoulders. As she jerked her hips against my tongue her shoes began digging painful against my back.

I moaned from the pain but I dare not stop. I dutifully continued licking my daughter as she desired.

By now my saliva and her juices were freely flowing onto the leather sofa but I didn't care. All that mattered was making my daughter cum and then hopefully....hopefully it would be my turn.

But she was taking way too long. Five minutes, than ten, than fifteen. For a young girl she showed an enormous sense of self control as I continued to plug my numb tongue inside her.

She just moaned and moaned....until....until.... Finally!!! She came like a water cannon as my face became covered with her young liquid. Her cunt muscles practically pulling my tongue out from my mouth as she bucked and shook. For a full 5 minutes she held my face tightly clenched between her legs. When I finally rose, I didn't notice that I was licking my lips.

In a panting, lack of breath she spoke to her puppy: "Oh Butter Cup, you truly are a man's best friends....or a girl's. I can see I'm going to be using that tongue a lot more often."

I blushed.

"Is my little puppy still all hot and horny????"

I whined again, I was soooo dame horny.

"Ok Butter Cup, you can get off for your new master."

Relieved, I dived my fingers into my sopping wet pussy, I was finally going to be allowed to cum. But a quick slap to the face ended that.

"No you stupid puppy, dogs aren't suppose to use their fingers to masturbate!"

I looked at her with a little bit of confusion.

"I wonder if you actually have a brain in that dumb head of yours, dogs are suppose to hump their owner's legs when they masturbate silly."

I looked at her in total shock as she crossed her legs. Was she was really serious? She was taking this doggy act all the way. How humiliating this was going to be to "Hump" my daughter's legs to get off.

But I was so desperate with need that I hardly waited more than a second as I crawled up to Stacey and straddled her crossed leg. My cunt was now between her knee and her shoe and I looked up at her for permission.

She didn't have to nod twice. Soon I was rocking my hips up and down as I grinded my leaking pussy along my daughter's legs.

"Bark for me Butter Cup, show mommy how much you enjoy humping her leg."

"Roof...roof...bark...arf....arf....." I barked for my new mommy as I fucked my daughter's leg like the bitch in heat I was. I didn't care about any dignity I had left. I barked and whined like a complete whore as my daughter watched in awe her mother make a complete fool of herself.

Her leg was getting drenched as I desperately slide my cunt along. She was now pulling and twisting my nipples as I howled for my new owner. What a sight I must have been. For close to ten minutes I fucked Stacey's leg until finally my whole body shook with an earth shattering organism unlike any I've ever had. I only remember the very first seconds of my depraved release, for I blacked out almost immediately.

The next thing I remember, I was waking up on my back as Stacey watched TV. As I came to, I noticed there was pressure on my breasts. I looked at my chest and saw Stacey's dirty sneakers resting on them. I could not believe she was using my breasts as a footstool. Countless times I had told her not to wear her dirty shoes inside my house. But that's when I was the adult mommy. Now I'm nothing more than a pet puppy to my daughter, and my breasts are mere foot stools.

She noticed me shifting under her. "Oh, so my little puppy is finally awake. She was quite the horny doggy today wasn't she?"

I didn't responded as my breasts continued to suffer under her shoes.

"I hope my puppy enjoyed it, because it's going to be a long time before she gets to do it again."

I whined, but for the next half hour she continued watching TV while her feet remained on me. This gave me time to reflect at the situation. If you would have told me a day ago that I would allow my daughter to sit her leaking cunt on my favorite leather sofa, while she rests her filthy sneakers on my bare breasts while I lay naked before her, I would have said you were crazy. But that's exactly where I found myself.

Finally she lifted her feet off my chest and tugged on my leash.

"Come doggy, its almost dark outside and it's getting late. Time for bed." I began crawling after her but became very worried when she led me to the back door.

"Come on Butter Cup, its sleepy poo time. Lets see your new home!"

She led me outside and for the first time I really got a good look at the dog house. It looked bigger from inside the house. It was panted white and pink with one opening in the front.

As we got closer, I could see the name written on the top ...."Butter Cup". I held my head down as I crawled into my doggy home. Stacey tied my leash to a poll in the ground, then patted me on the head.

"Good night Butter Cup, have a good sleep and see you in the morning when I bring you your dog food."

Then she turned around and walked back into our house...... or her house now.

How truly pathetic I really am. Today was suppose to be the day I demonstrate who was the real authority of this home. That I was the woman in charge. As Stacey comfortably falls asleep in my big soft bed, I can still her dogs barking in the distance and birds chirping as I try to sleep naked in my new Doggy House.

3 weeks later....

Over the course of the next week Stacey continued to train me to be the best puppy I could be. She's taught me how to do all kinds of humiliating things for her, especially using my tongue.

Her favorite game is called "Find the Doggy Treat", which is usually lodge deep inside her vagina or ass. Shamefully, I'm getting very good at finding it. Especially since I've been able to stretch my tongue an extra 2 1/2 inches longer out of my mouth. Stacey's goal is to get it to stretch at least 3 inches longer. I guess I'll be doing a lot of cunt and ass licking in the near future.

I also hate it when she makes me go fetch the newspaper. I just know someone is going to catch me one of these days crawling naked across the front lawn in the morning light, then scampering back with the paper between my teeth.

Stacey has also refused to allow me to go to work. They've been calling to find out were I've been, but my daughter just tells them I'm on vacation. I don't know how much longer I can stay away before I get fired.

Then, a week later my world completely came crashing down. While Stacey and I were in the back yard practicing how to lift my leg under a tree and pee, I heard a tremendous laugh coming from behind. When I turned around, my heart sank. It was my ex-husband and his new 23 year old blond bimbo wife.

"Oh my goodness, its true, its really really true. Stacey has actually turned you into her puppy!"

I looked over at Stacey and whined for an explanation.

"That's right, I've invited daddy to see my new puppy. When I told him all about you he just had to come and see for himself. Is this your new wife daddy?"

"Yes she is sweetie, this is Mary, my new gorgeous wife. Mary let me introduce you to my ex-wife.

Mary giggled: "Bob, when you told me your ex-wife was a real bitch, I had no idea you were being serious!"

They all laughed at this, causing my vulva to spasm involuntarily (or voluntarily). Then Stacey furthered my humiliating position: "Come on Butter Cup, how do you say hello to real humans?"

With my head hung low, I crawled up to the big titted slut who stole my husband....and sniffed her crotch. She giggled, pushing my head to Bob, who stood victoriously over me as I sniffed his crotch as well.

"So Stacey, you say that your mother has completely accepted becoming your dog?" Bob chimed in.

"Well, why don't you just ask her yourself?"

"Is it true Butter Cup? Have you fully accepted becoming your daughter's bitch?"

This was it. This was my last chance to preserve any last bit of respect I could possibly have left. This was the moment to reverse all the horrible things I've allowed my daughter to do to me. I could rise up, stand tall and end this.

But who was I kidding. I'm no longer a human, or a mother. I'm a puppy. I need my daughter to control me, I need her to dominate me, and especially I need to be her bitch.

I looked up from the ground into my ex-husbands eyes, and with my breasts swaying beneath me, and a doggy tail wedge inside my ass, I announced my acceptance as Pet Mommy:


All three of them laughed as I continued to bark a few more times for their amusement. Before they left, I proudly humped my ex's leg, and licked his new wife's toes. He promised to start sending over more money immediately to make up for the job I was just fired from.

After they left, we were back to the tree practicing how to properly lift my leg to pee.

1 year later.....

Hello everyone, I just happened to come across my mother's computer journals the other day. It seems she wrote all about the beginning of her descent into dog hood. Unfortunately not long after that, her stupid doggy brain made it virtually impossible for her to think any more. Lucky for you, I found her journals and you wouldn't believe what else I found, but that's for later.

First let me get you up to speed on my pet puppy. Butter Cup has completely turned into my dog. She no longer does anything that resembles being a human. She eats, sleeps, and lives as my little bitch, and she loves every second of it. There isn't a moment that goes by that her nasty cunt isn't leaking mommy juice down her thighs. Its become such a problem that I'm worried she might dehydrate, so I make sure there's always plenty of toilet water inside her big belly.

Sometimes its tough to imagine that I came from the very same pussy that she rubs up against the bark of a tree when she's in heat, but I've gotten used to it. However, what she hasn't gotten used to is daddy and his wife coming over to humiliating her and abuse her ass.

She can never get used to the humiliation of neeling down with her ass high in the air as she is being belted by the very bitch that stole her husband, then taking it up the ass like a good puppy by him. The ultimate humiliatin was when Mary cut off all of mommies hair wife except for the sides of her head, to give her two long floppy doggy ears. She just looks so cute.

You know I can still remember the time when my mommy was the head of this house. When she ran the show. And I admit that I definitely wanted to take it away from her.

Even from an early age I wanted my mother at my feet. I wanted to completely take over as the woman of this house. And in many ways I already was. She would always do anything I asked for, as most people did. I was just used to getting my way.

Despite practically always bending over backwards for me, I never had the courage to completely take away her power until a few years later. When she finally decided to put her foot down and not get me a real puppy. Big mistake.

Never the less, I was still surprised at how quickly and completely she submitted to me. After all she was my mother. But within the day I had her humping my leg. Now she's my complete and total submissive pet.

Not long after daddy saw mommy under the tree, he had her sign away all rights and property over to my control. Even though I already ran her life, this made it official. She happily signed her life away, grunting as she rocked her swollen vagina over my sneaker. So guess whose now the coolest kid in school, driving a Mercedes to class.

Now I know I promised Butter Cup that I would let her inside the house if she behaved like a good puppy, but she really doesnt want to come inside the house anymore. She's much more at home outside in the back yard where all the real animals live than inside the house like the mother she used to be.

So that brings us up to today, when I stumbled across her password protected files. Besides finding this journal, I found several other things that reveal why my former mother was so eager to submit. It seems mommy dearest had a little thing for younger girls dominating older women.

There were pictures, videos, and lots and lots of stories. All of them dealing with the theme of budding young vixens humiliating and debasing their female superiors. Teachers, judges, doctors, and yes mothers were all submissive to young girls.

Sick I know, but who am I to deny her fantasy? That is why I've contacted her former secretary. She seemed very interested in coming over and seeing her ex boss in her new position. She also promised to bring along severale of the other office girls as well. I'm sure mommy will love seeing them all again.

It should be of no surprise how things turned out for my once proud, in command mother. The day her daughter challenged her control of the family, was the day her greatest fantasy came true.

Any way, I've got to go. I have a large group of friends coming over for a party later. Sure hope mom won't mind. In fact, I may even let them play with her if she's real good today. After all, what's better than having your bratty daughter dominate you? Try 20 of her bratty friends!

Mommies Make Great Pets! The End!


All Comments are greatly appreciated, please send them to the link below.

Your encouragements keep me going :)


This work is copyright (c) 2002 by Phoenix Arrow. You may download and keep copies for your personal use as long as the author's byline and e-mail address and this paragraph remain on the copies. Please do not post this story to any web site without permission from the author. All other rights reserved. No alteration of the contents is permitted.

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous09/05/17

Great story

I really would like to read more on this story maybe including coworkers and husband and wife having more fun with her and definitely daughter and friends using her !

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by Anonymous08/03/17

I like the story

I would like to read more definitely include the party that sounds like a good way to go plus more dad and step mom and maybe a naughty friend are 2 !

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