tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersMommy I Feel Like A Girl Ch. 01

Mommy I Feel Like A Girl Ch. 01


At eighteen, I was sitting in my room, thinking about how much life had changed for me. I was feeling very unsure of myself. What concerned me most was my self image, how I felt sexually. I noticed it was getting harder to enjoy the images that I had before.

I reached under my bed and pulled out my Penthouse magazine and opened it up. I gazed through the pages noticing that the images no longer aroused me. As I turned the pages I saw a beautiful woman, nothing stirred within me. I continued to turn the page, she was undressing, still nothing. On the next page, a man appeared with her. He was a very large and muscular man. I became slightly aroused. Turning to the next page I saw his cock near her mouth. It was then I noticed how aroused I had become. Again I tried to convince myself it was the way the girl was holding it, caressing it so close to her mouth.

I had done this many times before. Folding the magazine, I reached back under my bed. Almost afraid, I pulled out the Inches magazine that I had shoplifted from the store. I never would have had the courage to buy it. Even the cover was enough to arouse me, but as I opened the magazine, instantly I was fully aroused! Such well endowed men. My heart pounded. I couldn't deny it much longer. Couldn't deny what truly touched me sexually. I put the magazine back under my bed.

I came to live with Sarah a few years ago when she was dating my dad. My mom had gone off with someone years before and I was living with my dad when he met her. Not long after, dad too had left and Sarah took me in. She wouldn't tell me why dad left, but I have my suspicions. She's only six years older than I am, but she is such a positive and strong influence in my life that I feel like I finally belong. She's become my mom. I know she loves me, but would she still love me if she knew?

I didn't have time to think on it, so I got up and got dressed for school. I brushed my teeth, had a bowl of cereal and went to my room to get my books. As I walked into my room I almost had a heart attack. My mom had been cleaning up my room and was now holding my Inches magazine in her hands, staring down at me. As she held my greatest embarrassment in her hands, I started to stutter, saying something to the affect of it being a girlfriend's magazine that she left here. I could tell by her look that she didn't buy it. I watched as she flipped the pages, amusedly.

"So," she said, "this is what you like huh?"

"No mommy, I like girls." I said

"Really?" she said, in a voice that kind of worried me. "Forget your books today honey. You're not going to school today. I want you to take your pants off, leave just your briefs on and then come into the living room." Her voice always calmed me, even when she seemed upset.

"Yes mommy." I said as she closed my door and walked out.

I was very embarrassed as I walked into the living room. I had always been very ashamed of how tiny I was. Especially after seeing what the men in the magazines I had seen looked like. I was using my hands, kind of trying to covering myself as I walked towards mommy, now seated on the couch.

"Sit here." she said, patting at the couch.

I sat at the other end of the couch and wondered what she was thinking, why I was staying home today.

"So, are you sure like girls?"

"Yes mommy I do." I said trying so hard to seem convincing.

"Ok, let's see then."

She got up and walked to the DVD player and inserted a movie and sat back down. She grabbed the remote and pressed play. As she turned and saw me looking at her she nodded her head towards the TV to watch. I did. The movie began; it was of a beautiful girl. She was sitting down on the edge of her bed, removing her red stiletto heels. She stood and unzipped her red satin dress slowly. One at a time she removed the straps from her shoulders. The dress fell to the floor. She had very large breasts and was quite shapely. I could feel mommy's eyes on me. I tried to appear not to notice. She once again turned and watched what I was now watching. Removing her bra, her breasts were now exposed; mommy again looked over at me.

This time she said, "Honey, I don't see anything."

As I looked at her, I noticed that her eyes were on my briefs. She was smiling. I turned back to the TV. We continued to watch the woman undress and then lie on the bed in just her pink lace thong. Reaching between her legs, she started to rub herself, moaning as her eyes closed. She did this for a few moments, I could feel mommy occasionally glancing at my briefs. Arching her back, she slid off her thong and exposed her juicy pussy.

I heard mommy whisper, "Baby, still nothing."

"But mommy, it's because you are here and I am nervous." A small giggle came from her voice as I looked and protested.

"Oh? Ok then. Let's see."

She stood up and returned to the DVD player, changing the movies she sat back down.

"Look honey." She said to me, directing my attention back to the TV.

The movie came on and the scene began playing from the inside of an apartment. The door opened and a man entered, throwing his keys on the table. He was a very large and handsome man, maybe 6 feet tall. He removed his suit jacket, and tie. Slowly unbuttoning his shirt, one button at a time, he removed his shirt and exposed a very strong, broad chest. I can feel mommy's eyes on me at the same time I feel my briefs move a bit. Afraid of what might happen, I lower my head, trying not to watch.

"Baby! Watch!" Mommy raises her voice to me, my head looking at her.

I turn back to see him now sitting on the edge of the bed unfastening his pants. As he stands, there is a huge bulge in his briefs. Immediately I can feel myself getting aroused. I'm scared that mommy will see, but at the same time, I'm unable to take my eyes off of him. He lowers his briefs and exposes a huge, thick, powerful looking cock. It's big head just hanging there as the camera moves in on it.

"So," mommy says.

I turn and see her looking at my briefs, now standing up. She giggles, but it's clear the affect that he is having on me. I start to weep, and she moves closer to comfort me. Wrapping me up in her arms.

"Aww honey its ok. Mommy knew. I could tell by the way you look at men when we are out. You don't even know it yourself, but you look all the time. I see you when we are shopping. Girls that any boy would be staring out, you don't even notice."

She lifted my chin up and wiped a tear away. "You can be honest with mommy honey. I want you to be."

She pressed pause on the movie and looked at me. She sees a very disappointed look on my face and smiles. "Would you like mommy to put the movie back on? Would you like mommy to let you look at that man again?"

I nod yes, trying to stop sobbing.

"Ok, first I am going to ask you something. You need to be honest with me ok?"

"Yes mommy I say."

"If I say that the only way you can see him again is to promise mommy that you will never be with a girl again, would you?"

I nod yes.

Gently mommy says, "Say it."

Quietly I say, "I promise mommy to never be with a girl again, if you let me see that man continue."

"Good. As a matter of fact, I think you want to BE a girl don't you?"

My eyes widen; embarrassment and shame on my face. I'm unable to speak.

"Ok," she says, "I guess I will put the movie away." She started to get up.

"Ok mommy, Ok I will." And she stops, looks at me as I say, "I do want to be a girl mommy." I look at her, tears now streaming down my face.

She snuggles closer to me and holds me and says, "That makes mommy happy, I always wanted a girl." Looking into my eyes, she smiles at me. "I'm going to teach you to be my girl now. Is that ok?"

And I look up at her and nod yes.

"Good girl." she says, as she presses play and the movie starts again.......

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Becoming a girl

This story is looking promising, let's see where it takes us

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