tagIncest/TabooMommy Instructs

Mommy Instructs


"Alright, son. You just keep sitting there on that bed and listen to me. I want to speak to you. Mmm. My my, just look at you. You are 20 years old. My sexy stud son. You are a grown man now. You're such a good boy to come back and visit Mommy from time to time. I thank you so much, but you have your own private reasons for coming to see me, don't you. Don't look away, keep your eyes on Mommy. Mommy knows your secret. Did you really think that I never noticed you staring at my tits so many times? You poor horny boy, it has been so obvious. Even today when I opened the door for you. Even now until right before I made you sit down. Momma, doesn't mind though, sweetie. I'm actually very flattered. Have you ever made your big cock cum about your momma's tits, son? Hmm? I hope so. Have you ever slid your big dick into a woman and imagined it was your own, sweet, Mother.

"I see that bulge in your pants, dear. I think it really turns you on to hear your mother talk about cocks and tits and cumming doesn't it? Does it turn you on to hear Mommy talk about dirty things? Yes, you are very horny. So horny for Mummy. Take off your pants. Yes, good and your undies too. Very good, my son, my man, my sexy stud. Take your shirt off too. Sit there hard and naked for Mommy. I can see that you're a little embarrassed, but you keep doing what I'm telling you and that's good. And you keep getting harder and harder. Most sweet boys would be sitting there with a red face and a shrunken little member if their Mommies made them get naked for them. You're such a good boy, staying hard for Mommy. Look at your cock, standing at attention for me. I'm so proud of you.

"Let Mother get really close and inspect your cock. Let Momma crawl over to your dick. Mommy's so close. Don't you wish I would take you in my mouth and blow your mind? Poor dear, you want it so bad, hmm? Look down Momma's shirt, stare into Momma's cleavage. Don't you wish Momma would let you touch her breasts? Let you put your hands all over her soft skin? I know you do.

How is it when mommy stands up? Watch my hips, watch Momma sway her hips. You sweet hypnotized boy. You're drooling over Mother aren't you? Take hold of yourself, now. Touch your cock. Squeeze it, sweetie. Masturbate for me. Show Mommy how you touch yourself when you think about her. When you fantasize about fucking me. Stroke your cock up and down. Pretend your tight grip is Mommy soothing your cock inside her body.

"Do you like it wet? Huh? You like it wet when you jerk your cock? Yes, I'm so close to you again. Feel my hot breath on your cock. Here, honey, here's some of Momma's spit. Mmm, oozing out of my mouth all over your cock. Your cock getting all slippery with Mommy's saliva. Hot saliva running down over your balls, getting a wet spot onto your bed.

"Take your hands away. Rest for a moment. If you cum too fast, you'll spoil all our fun. I want your nuts to ache with jizz. I want you to cum like a stallion when I finally let you blow your load. I want to make my son beg for that reward. Will you beg Momma for release? If you cum before I tell you, I will never do this with you again. I promise you that, dear. You must wait until I say you may empty those big swinging balls. Good boy.

"Start pumping yourself again. Hold out your hand. Make a cup for Momma to spit into and pour it onto your hard cock. Yes baby, ooze Mommy's saliva onto your dick and stroke yourself. Imagine it's Mommy's hot wet pussy that is on your cock. Get on your knees and thrust your cock into your fist like you would fuck my pussy. That's right, baby. Keep your hand still and fuck it. Don't you cum yet, baby. It is not time to empty those balls yet. Stop if you are about to cum. Oh, good boy, oh I caught you just in time didn't I? My horny guy need a rest? Such a sweetie, sit on your hands. Don't go near that dick.

"Are you calmer now? Ready to start up again? You can handle it right? No cumming? Good boy. Get at it, hold that rod of yours and pump. Pump away at yourself while Mommy tells you what she wants from you.

"Keep pumping your cock for Mommy, Mommy really likes to watch you. I love seeing my stud son jerk his cock for me. I absolutely love watching you pretend to fuck me. So you think I'm sexy, son? Good mommies don't fuck their sons, but you can cum about me as I cheer you on.

"Listen to me, you are going to cum for Momma. I can see you getting sooooo close. STOP. You will cum, but not quite yet. Relax and wait. I want it to feel really good for you. I want you to ejaculate so hard that you yell out without trying to. Just sit there and squirm in your horniness. Let yourself calm down a little bit.

"Oh, honey. Do you want to cum now? Huh? Yes, you do. Oh I know. I know that your cock feels so good right now and you just want to let it explode. Mmm, squeeze your hard cock for me. Slowly tighten your hand around it. Firmly, but not too hard. Now let go. Rest again. Mommy's driving you crazy isn't she? It would be fun for me to do this for hours. To make you cry with desire. To make you finally cum when you truly can't take it anymore.

"Don't worry, keep pumping yourself. I'm going to let you shoot your cum very soon. Mommy was just teasing you, sweetie. Here, son. Let mommy show you what you have been lusting over. Look at Mommy's naked breasts as I take off my shirt for you. I'm not wearing a bra today. You love this don't you. Mommy's tits are all yours to look at and admire. Look how they sway when I gently move my body. Masturbate yourself while mommy sways her big tits for you. Watch Mommy's big tits hang down as I crawl toward you.

"Do you like seeing my ass up in the air? There are lots of sexy things Mommy can show you aren't there. I have a secret for you. Can you imagine what it is? I'm also not wearing any underwear. Mommy would love it if you shot your load all over yourself while staring at my pussy. Will you do that for Momma? Oooh, good, sweet boy. I love you.

"Lie back and pump yourself hard. Let Mommy re-wet your big aching cock with her saliva. Mmmm, slide your hand all over your soaked cock as I lie back and spread my legs for you. Stare into Mommy's pussy and jerk yourself. Want to cum? Ready to blow? Come on, beg me to let you. Tell Mommy how bad you want to ejaculate for her. Tell me just how much you want to shoot your cum for me. That's it, good boy. You've been such a good boy for momma. Ok sweetie. Come on, it's time now. Cum for me, cum about Mommy. Yell out for me as your cum shoots all over yourself. I'm lying on your floor naked begging you to cum for me.

"Yes, you good loud cummer. That's just what Mommy wanted to see. Such a strong cumshot you made for me. You have such a good bunch of cum in you, dear. Let it all out for Mommy. Make yourself all messy as you stare at Mommy. Squeeze it all out of your cock, don't leave even a single drop behind. Mmm, was that good? Did you enjoy yourself, hon? Tell me it felt as good as it looked? Good boy, you made Momma so glad today."

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