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Mommy's Boys


Dear Robbie... yes... this IS us! Love, Mommy

All three of us there on the bed together, we've been watching a movie, snuggled up close, my two handsome boys, men really, 18 &19, but still my boys cuddling with Mommy, having a little close family time. You on one side of me, him on the other, I have been teasing you both a little, whispering in your ear, playful giggles, light brushes of the finger tips. The movie is over, we are all so comfy snuggled up to each other, and I turn to you and say, "Robbie, are you my good little boy?"

To this question you reply lovingly as always, "Yes Mommy."

I turn and ask your brother the same question, and he replies in the same manner as you did which prompts me to say "Good, Mommy loves her boys very much!"

I turn my cheek to you and say, "Give Mommy a kiss." As you turn to kiss me, I move my head and your lips are suddenly locked with mine in a passionate embrace. I hear your brother gasp, surprised, but unable to stop watching. I pull away gently and say "That's my good boy Robbie." then I turn and do the same to your brother and say "Mommy doesn't want to leave you out either sweetie".

I tell you that Mommy is feeling so snuggly with her little boys and wants to show you how much she adores you, so to be good little boys and show Mommy how you used to nurse when you were babies. I slowly remove my top, and move each of your hands to cup over my bra, feeling the lacy fabric before slipping your hands underneath and helping you pull out my full, swollen breasts, heavy with the milk Mommy still carries, tiny droplets dripping off the tip in anticipation of feeling the sweet tongues of my little boys suckling.

You both tease the nipples, letting them grow hard to your touch then lay your heads almost in my lap and put my breasts in your mouths, sucking slowly at first, a little timidly, but then, when at last the first drops of dewey sweet milk cross your lips, your sucking becomes more intense craving you mouth filled with creamy droplets.

As you suck, I moan slightly and whisper what good boys you are to let Mommy take care of you. And I reach down between your legs and begin to very gently you're your sweet little cocks over your pants at first, then unzipping and reaching my hand underneath your little boy shorts to lay my soft fingers on each of you, feeling your bodies arch just slightly, little moans of pleasure slipping from your lips as you continue to suck.

"Hm, you are very good boys!" I say, almost purring the words. "I think Mommy needs to reward you." Slowly I start undressing you fully; the electricity in the room is palpable, the sense of the unknown looms large and exciting, your hands resting on my thighs, looking at each other in wonderment over what it might feel like between my legs, but I'm not ready to let you find out. Instead, I take your hand from it's place on my thigh and move it over slowly to hover above your brothers cock.

You can feel the heat radiating and you're nervous and unsure of what I might do, but I lean close to you, kiss you passionately, and whisper in your ear "You are such a good boy Robbie, Mommy's favorite. I want you to do whatever Mommy says." and you look at me with burgeoning blue eyes and shake your head in agreement, unable to find the words; and then you feel your hand around him, a slight moan escapes from his lips. The feeling alone intrigues you, smooth, hard yet soft, you feel it begin to grow as your hand moves slowly up and down the shaft knowing it is so naughty what you are doing, but not wanting to stop..

As you feel him begin to enjoy what you are doing to him you look down and realize by your growing cock that you are enjoying it too. You see me reach my hand over to his and in the same manner I kiss him passionately, slowly placing his hand just above your cock. The anticipation is almost too much to bear as you are surprised by how eagerly you are waiting to feel his hand upon you. And then, in an instant, his grip is around you and an uncontrollable moan parts your lips.

I am down between you two, facing you both on my knees, one hand rubbing your balls and one rubbing his, watching you watch yourselves and each other as you realize you two brothers are stroking each others' cocks and liking it even more than you imagined possible, all under Mommy's watchful gaze.

It is as exciting to watch your hand stroking his cock as it is to watch his stroking yours, and the addition of my hands rubbing your balls, my words teasing you both, asking you if it feels good, if you like it, if you want Mommy to let you have more... only encourages you to become harder, pre-cum dripping from both of you. You continue to stroke as I reach into my bag, you look at each other, comfortable at what you are doing now, enjoying the excitement of it and a little anxious about where I might take you next, but you keep stroking, you can't help it, the feeling is so naughty... and when I turn around you realize I have a vibrator in each hand...

Your eyes widen and your breath quickens at the sight of what I'm holding and the knowledge of where you will be teased, and it only proves to make you both more eager. "Spread your legs for Mommy like good little boys." I say teasingly, softly but with genuine intent. And you both start to spread them slowly, as I encourage you to spread wider in a sweetly cajoling manner. Being so close on the bed, still stroking each others' hard cocks, the only way to spread wide enough for me is for you to overlap one leg with each other, which you do without hesitation. I take the slippery wet gel into my hands and rub each of you slowly, it's a little cool, yet feels so good in anticipation of what will follow.

"Don't stop stroking my sweet boys." I say as I slowly, gently slide a vibrator into each of you, your bodies melting at the feeling, moans of pleasure escape your lips, your cocks stiffen even more at the feeling and I notice you are both so caught up in the moment you haven't moved your hands but have stopped the motion. "Keep stroking for me like my good naughty little boys!" I say, to which you willingly oblige.

Now each fully filled with a vibrator, having had me slowly move it in and out to warm you up, I turn on the vibrations and begin to pump with more intensity as you both subconsciously pick up the pace of your stroking to match my moves. Beads of sweat begin to form on your bodies, your breath intermittent, moaning more often, verbally expressing how good it feels in answer to my teasing, probing questions the sound of each others' pleasure serving to enhance yours.

Your hips rocking, backs arching to meet my increasingly intense thrusts, your hands stroking with deliberate intensity, unable to keep your eyes off each others' cocks swelling with pleasure, of watching and feeling your Mommy filling both of your tight, hot asses with vibrating cocks... it is as if one finely oiled machine all moving in perfect precision.

I softly continue to speak, "Do you like it boys? Do you like being made to be naughty with each other? Do you like touching each others' cocks and being filled by mine?"

To all of the questions you both answer moaning at the pleasure, at the realization of what you are doing and how incredibly erotic and dirty it is. Your bodies moving to a fevered pitch, feeling as if at any moment you will no longer be able to control what you've been holding back, partially wanting to extend the pleasure, partially not knowing if you can let go in the hands of another boy, or him in yours.

Then as the seemingly endless moments build, the delicious pressure engorging you both, your hips moving wildly to meet the thrusts of me filling you with vibrating cocks in tandem, I look at you both and tell you to look at me, only at me, and when your gaze is fixed on me, I tell you both "Next time, we are going to be even naughtier boys. Next time, it won't be your hands on each other, maybe your mouths, maybe more, but I know my good boys are going to do anything Mommy tells them!"

At which point you both completely lose all hope of controlling the waves of pleasure surging through your bodies and both moaning and tensing in incredible rhythm you explode your hot, sweet juices, continuing to stroke each other as I slowly slip out of being inside you, milking every delicious drop, bodies shuddering, minds racing with desire, passion, reveling in the naughtiness of it all until at once you collapse physically and mentally drained - and close your eyes drifting just lightly in and out of a daze listening to me get in the shower, and wondering what I might truly have in store next for my sweet little boys.

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