Mommy's Panty Boy Ch. 03


"Here, let's lie down together," she said, taking my hand and pulling me down on the bed beside her.

We lay down side by side looking into each other's eyes. I began to gently finger her pussy while she rubbed my still hot latex mini all over her nipples.

Mom tossed my mini skirt aside and grabbed me into another intense embrace. We made out furiously while fingering each other's very wet snatchs. The "squish! Squish! Squish!" Sounds both of our pussies made brought smiles to our lips and made us both hornier.

I rolled mom on to her back and lowered my cunt over her face.

"Yesssssssssweetie! Stick it in mommy's face. Mommy wants to sniff your sexy cunt while I lick you. Come on baby!" She grabbed my ass and pulled my cunt down to her waiting lips and tongue.

As soon as I felt her velvet tongue washing over my engorged pussy lips I bent forward so I could return the favor.

As we licked each other to orgasm, our bodies thrashed musically on the bed making the most beautiful harmony—backed by the rhythm of the squeaking bed springs.

We made love several more times in various positions that night before finally falling asleep exhausted and totally satiated.

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