tagBDSMMomoko Ch. 09

Momoko Ch. 09


Disclaimer: This story is fiction cast in the future. No resemblance to persons living or dead is intended or should be inferred.

Mistress Jane and Oleg Romanov enter the cell housing Momoko Tau and Sandra Smith. Today is the day they are to be prepped for the game grid. The first order of business, as always, is the humiliating and degrading body cavity search. Following the search, each girl must use the toilet keeping eye contact with Mistress Jane.

Oleg and Jane attach the saddles to the girls nether parts. Momoko has a bright blue saddle, indicating that she is a straight female, where Sandra has a fire engine red saddle, indicating that she is a lesbian or tomboy. The saddles cover everything from clitoris to anus and are secured in place by a dildo in front and a butt plug in the rear. Several Light Emitting Devices (LED) flash on the saddles and several Universal Serial Busses (USB) are active.

Oleg attaches leashed to the steel ring in the center of each saddle. The rings are directly below the girls' perineum. Jerking a leash causes a rod to press into the flesh of the perineum. The custom with girls like Momoko was to punish them with a toothbrush, striking the same spot many times to induce a deep bruise.

Mistress Jane leads as the four head to the cybersex preparation room. There they meet Nara, the attendant.

"Greetings Lady Jane, Oleg," Nara greets. "I see you've brought the two new girls. Let me see---Momoko and Sandra?"

"Yes, Nara," Mistress Jane responds. "They are to be prepared for the game grids."

"Let's start with their personal hygiene," Nara says. Sandra is wearing fingernail and toenail polish. Nara uses Witch Hazel to remove the nail polish. She trims the girls nails short. She then runs a clipper over their heads, leaving their scalp hair approximately one-half inch long. The next station is the isolation booth.

Oleg dons a field protective mask (AKA a "gas mask"). Nara activates the exhaust fan, expelling residual air from the isolation booth. The two girls are brought in and have their hands cuffed high above their heads, exposing armpit stubble. Oleg leaves and Lady Jane enters. She is wearing a white contamination suit and a fully-hooded mask. She uncovers a dish of some ointment and smears it on each girl's armpits. The two wiggle and jiggle as the cold swabs tickle their underarms. The two wonder why Oleg and Mistress Jane are so careful to avoid exposure to the elixir. Lady Jane exits. After about ten minutes a high pressure shower sprays warm water on the girls. They realize that they have been administered some potent drug. What the effects are remains to be seen.

After the isolation booth, Lady Jane introduces the two girls to the Virtual Reality (VR) helmet. Here a three-dimensional (3D) image is projected with stereophonic sound. The girls are generally strapped into chair with wire, cables, pressure vessels, and the like connecting them to a computer console. This arrangement allows the client to induce sensations in the bound girl. If she is permitted a keyboard, hers might be a game, twosome or multi-player. A display tutorial defines a girls avatar and various movements and the like.

Having completed the tutorial, which seems elementary to the girls. Momoko and Sandra have experienced real life connectivity to on line masters and mistresses. Still, this apparatus seems to be without the usual player limits or restrictions. "Your client may make further demands," Jane explains. "Momoko's urinary catheter has a stop cock that might play into a fantasy of forcing a girl to retain her urine; Sandra's enema port could also be a role play instrument. Electrical contacts routinely are affixed to nipples and wired either into a port on the saddle or to the computer console. Do you two understand?"

The two girls answer in the affirmative. Lady Jane continues: "We aim to please our clientele. Should a girl fail to please, punishment will be swift and severe. The black leather riding crop and the bull whip are the usual instruments of punishment. A client may even recommend or pay extra to see the actual girl behind the avatar be whipped."

Lady Jane goes over to a terminal and logs in to see who the girl's clients of the day. She smiles at Momoko and tells her that her first client is Lee Wai. "Your day will be on the treadmill, Momoko." Oleg then cuffs Momoko's hands behind her back in a "U" pose. Electrical connections are attached all over her young, toned body. Her delicate, velvet skin itches as the electrical contacts are glued in place.

Momoko is apprehensive as she is fitted with a VR helmet. She wonders how long she will be on the treadmill. To her horror the opening screen says that Lee Wai has her for eight sessions of fifty minutes each. Lee Wai appears as a Nineteenth Century warlord.

In the VR helmet she is forced to be a "pony girl." She is being forced to pull a carriage. Her tail is attached as her Real Life butt plug. Her driver is a sadistic mistress with a whip. Her motion in the 3D environment is determined as the way she turns her head. She is continually having to run and turn, all the while each whip is received as an electric shock. After the first session, she is hot and sweaty. When the next fifty minute begins Lee Wai appears before the hapless girl. "Are you ready to cooperated, Momoko?" Lee Wai asks.

"I can never do seven more sessions on the treadmill," Momoko says. "I have told you all that I know." Momoko realizes that should she fail to please that she will be severely punished.

"I see that you have a urinary catheter, Momoko," Lee Wai comments. "Have you had to endure a severely distended bladder yet?" Momoko blanches in terror.

"Please, Master," Momoko begs. She now fully appreciates her helplessness. She rummages through her mind trying to glean any detail. "I do remember the name of the Swamp Man, the man Master Albert was to meet in the Okefenokee Swamp.

"Do tell," Lee Wai interjects.

"His name was Jake, Jake Hand, Master," Momoko relates.

"Good girl," Lee Wai says. "Enough for today---tomorrow we will work you again. I can use you every day forever." Lee Wai guffaws at the bound prisoner.

Meanwhile a mistress is putting Sandra's enema port to good use. She has flushed her out with a number of warm water enemas. Now she is filling Sandra's large bowel with ice cold water. After she has input a liter, she gives the command that Sandra masturbate and cum within the next five minutes. The vibrator in Sandra's vagina is activated, but the freezing water is a deterrent. Sandra is unable to arouse herself.

The five minutes are up and Sandra wasn't able to cum. She knows that she will be reported to Mistress Jane for failure to please her client. Sandra can only imagine the punishment that Mistress Jane will have for her.

9 November 2012

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