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Mom's Boyfriend


The time was the early 1970's and I had resumed my studies at a local college, being unable to afford to continue out in Colorado. I was very confused about my sexuality, as I was still attracted to girls, despite the feelings not being mutual.

It was only a year before that I had been introduced to the joys of sex with another man, and although I was still able to count my experiences on one hand, they were wonderful experiences that I was eager to expand upon.

I was still very much in the closet, and planned on staying there as well. There were a lot of drawbacks to the world knowing your sexual preferences back then, even more so than now.

My mom and dad had divorced a couple of years ago, and I lived with mom, who was unaware that her only child had these feelings towards men. Mom was rediscovering feelings for men herself, and had become serious about a particular man over the last few months.

Joe was a man's man, or so mom claimed as she constantly babbled about him to me. He certainly was a big guy, standing a half foot taller than I did, with piercing brown eyes and a friendly smile. He was in good shape too, and the only real sign that he was in his mid-50's was his balding skull and the little grey hair that remained on the sides of his head.

We got along well, but I made sure not to pay too much attention to him, although my thoughts did wander at times. Especially late at night when he would stay over, and I would hear the muffled sounds that came from her bedroom down the hall.

Unfortunately, my mom had to go into the hospital for a couple of back operations. During that time late in summer, Joe stopped by the house one hot day after we had seen her at the hospital.

Joe had suggested that we should surprise my mom by clearing out the land behind the house, something she had longed to do for quite a while. There was a lot of brush and broken branches back there, and even though it was town land, she thought it would look nicer cleaned up, as well as maybe cutting down on the mosquitoes.

So it was this project on a hot August afternoon that led to a project much more interesting that evening.


Chapter 1: Two sweaty guys.

It was close to ninety degrees, but it felt like 110 with the humidity as it was. The air was so thick it made it hard to breathe, and although in the woods we were out of the sun, that was of little help.

"The farther in we go the worse it gets!" Joe exclaimed as he wiped his brow with his hand before reaching into the styrofoam cooler and pulling out another beer..

"It's brutal," I agreed as I pulled off my t-shirt, willing to pay the price of bug bites to get the soaking wet thing off me.

"That's a good idea," Joe agreed, and unbuttoned his shirt.

I tried not to look as he took the shirt off, but couldn't help myself as Joe stripped down to his shorts. For an old guy, Joe had a good body on him. He was a big man but not flabby at all, and I supposed his job as a construction foreman kept him fit.

The sight of Joe's upper torso made a shiver go up and down my spine, as I tried not to be too obvious about looking. From his neck to the top of his shorts, Joe was covered with a thick mat of hair. A little bit of grey was showing on his chest hair, but the rest was dark brown, and his back was as hairy as his front. It seemed that the only part of Joe's body that was smooth was the top of his head.

I forced myself back into working, trying to keep my mind away from the man. God, if he ever saw me staring at him, or thought I was queer, he'd probably kill me. Worse yet, he might tell my mom. That would make death preferable.

Still, I found myself looking at him every chance I got, even though I felt guilty about it. Joe was about 6'4", a good half foot taller than myself, and as I watched his muscular torso ripple as he tossed aside limbs and branches of trees I pictured him and my mom together, as perverted as that may sound, and the thought of my little mom underneath Joe as they made love made me feel something. What, I wasn't sure. Fear? Concern? Maybe jealously?

I had been introduced to gay sex by an older gentlemen, and the majority of my lovers had been older men. There was something about them that attracted me for some reason, and the fact that Joe was so incredibly hairy made him doubly interesting to me, because I was definitely a fan of that.

I suppose that it was a case of opposites attracting, because I had to be the least hairy 19 year old on earth. It had gotten so that I had taken to shaving off all my body hair when I had gotten to college. "All of my body hair" consisted of a tiny tuft of hair above my dick and sad little wisps of hair under my arms, and I found it more comfortable to have people think I was a swimmer or a weightlifter with a smooth body.

I had taken to lifting weights over the past year, and my formerly pudgy body was now looking much more manly looking, as long as I kept my pants on that is.

That was on my mind as I realized that I had to take a leak. There wasn't much sense in going all the way in the house to do it, as there was no houses within sight of where we were working, so I slipped behind a tree and let it rip.

A crackling of leaves and twigs startled me as I relieved myself, and I saw that Joe had come up alongside of me and was unzipping his shorts.

"Nobody out here but us two sweaty guys," Joe commented as I tried to shield myself from his view without being too obvious about it. "Maybe it'll act as fertilizer or something."

I chuckled uncomfortably as I tried to make myself go faster, cursing myself for drinking those beers and hoping Joe hadn't gotten a look at me. Joe was not nearly as modest as I was, and out of the corner of my eye I could see why.

Joe's cock hung down between his legs, a long, brown flaccid hose with an enormous vein that ran lazily down the top of it. I had seen bigger, but Joe was well endowed to say the least. Picturing what that cock of his might look like when it was angry made me shudder, and as Joe wagged it around as he finished up, I realized that I had been staring. I also realized that Joe was watching me watching him.

I hurried away and began piling up more of the brush, hoping that I hadn't been as obvious as I feared. Still, the image of Joe's manhood stayed in my mind the rest of the afternoon, and every time I saw his hairy, sweaty body a warm rush surged through my loins.


Chapter 2: After work.

"Your mom won't recognize it," Joe said as we looked out from the patio at the large area of woods we had cleared out. It had been hard work, and the town would be none too pleased at the mountains of brush, branches and leaves we had dragged out to the curb, but it was worth it.

"Yeah, she'll be happy," I agreed before finishing the sandwich that was going to be dinner for me.

The sun was quickly setting as we finished eating and drained the last of our beers. I couldn't wait to get into the shower and wash the funk off of me.

"Say, would you mind if I slept here tonight?" Joe suddenly asked. "I've had quite a few beers and I'm not sure it's a good idea for me to drive. I'm sure your mom wouldn't mind."

I knew that mom wouldn't mind, and besides Joe stayed over almost every weekend.

"No, sure it's okay," I said.

"Good. I wasn't sure if you had plans or anything," Joe answered as he put his hand on my shoulder. "If you've got a girl coming over or something I'll make myself scarce."

"No, nothing like that," I said. "Unfortunately."

I could smell the musky aroma coming from Joe as he stood next to me, the heat radiating off of him as the crinkly hair on his arm touched my skin. My dick got hard as I drained my beer and headed into the house.

I still had my boner a few minutes later as the warm spray of the shower soothed my burning muscles. As my soapy hands reached my genitals I knew this was something that wasn't going away soon, so I grabbed my dick and made quick work of it.

It wasn't girls I was thinking about as my knees buckled, squirting cum into the tub. It was Joe standing there in the woods, his hairy body glistening with sweat, his cock hanging there long and proud, that filled my mind as I came.


Chapter 3: Knock knock.

I went into my bedroom and turned on the radio, finished drying myself off and slid under the sheet. Turning on the light, I decided to read a magazine before going to sleep. As I read, I heard the bathroom door close down the hall, and the shower being turned on.

It was difficult to read as my mind was busy, thinking of things I had no right to think about. I slipped out of bed and padded down the hall, pausing outside the bathroom door. Repeating a perverted hobby I had engaged in occassionally with my mom on the other side of the door, I knelt and peeked through the keyhole, waiting for the shower to turn off and the curtain to open.

When the shower ended, the room was incredibly foggy, as Joe must have taken a hot one. When the curtain finally opened, I could hardly make out Joe's form at first through the fog.

After a minute I was able to see a little better through the tiny opening, and was able to see Joe's backside as he dried off. Even Joe's ass was a little furry, and the backs of his thighs sparkled as the droplets of water clung to the hair on the backs of his legs.

Without thinking my hand went to my dick, which had become hard as I watched, and began slowly stroking myself. How sick it must look, I thought to myself, to see me kneeling naked in the hall and peeking through a keyhole to watch my mother's boyfriend coming out of a shower. Sick or not, I was doing it, and while Joe dried himself off, I was hoping he would turn around.

When he did, I suddenly realized that not only was he turning around, he was coming toward the door. I scrambled to my feet and sprinted the few steps down to my room, the creaking floorboards resonating loudly as I turned the corner and closed the door behind me as quickly and as quietly as I could, before jumping into bed and pulling the sheet over me.

That was close, I thought as my heart raced and sweat beaded up on my forehead. I heard Joe going into my mom's bedroom and let out a sigh of relief. The relief was short-lived, however, because right after that I heard footsteps once again. Footsteps that got closer and closer until they stopped just outside my door.

"Timmy?" Joe said softly as he knocked lightly on the door. "Are you still up?"


Chapter 4: Joe visits.

I managed to squeak out enough of an answer to let Joe know that I was awake, and the door opened up slowly. Joe was wearing only a towel wrapped around his waist, and was holding a tube of something in his hand.

"Say Timmy, I got a scratch on the back of my shoulder," he said while flexing it and grimacing a little. "Really burned when the water hit it. Could you put some of this stuff on it?"

I was somewhat hypnotized by sight of Joe reaching back over his head to feel the abrasion. It was incredibly erotic to see Joe's armpits, which were simply overflowing with dark brown hair, the outrageous denseness of which was the only thing different from the rest of his body.

I shook myself out of my daze as Joe came over to the bed and sat down next to me. With shaky hands I coazed out some ointment and wiped into the scrape hidden deep in his pelt.

"Ah, that's good," Joe said as my oiled fingers rubbed through the coarse fur to cover the scratches. "I really miss your mom at times like this, as well as the other times," he added with a chuckle.

After I finished I rearranged the sheet over me to hide the fact that I created a little tent as my penis throbbed below. Joe turned and leaned back against the headboard and began conversing with me.

We were so close that I could feel the heat radiating from his body, and I tried not to look at him as we chatted. It was a rather benign conversation at first, but somehow along the way the topics changed, and we were getting much more personal.

"Your mom and me, we're really hitting it off," Joe said. "I guess you know that, but we try to keep it quiet, you know? She's a great woman, and she's really... passionate, if you get my meaning. Hope me saying this doesn't bother you, does it?"

I told him that it was alright, although by now the shower I had taken was a distant memory, as perspiration was pouring out of me. The fact that he was such an intimidating presence was not lost on either of us, and it seemed he enjoyed the dominance he had over me, both physically and mentally.

"I'll bet you knock off your share of tail," Joe said while cuffing me playfully on the arm. "You're a real handsome boy, and you really built your body up recently, judging by the pictures of you around the house. You used to be a chubby kid, and now look at you, all well developed and everything."

I chuckled nervously at that last comment, and as Hendrix played Red House on the radio, I squirmed under the sheets.

"Yeah, I guess I was born too early, because you hippie kids have the right idea, what with the 'free love' philosophy," Joe mused. "Boy, I would have really taken advantage of everything that's out there. Heck, before your mom came into my life I nailed a few of them hippie chicks myself."

I laughed nervously and felt ashamed that this old guy was out fucking girls my age who wouldn't give me the time of day. The fact was that only an old geezer would think I was a hippie, since my hair didn't even reach my shoulders.

"You know the best thing about you kids is that you aren't afraid to experiment, you know? Free love, girls making it with girls, guys with guys. It's great that you try stuff like that, otherwise you end up being curious all your life about some things. Bet you could tell some tales, couldn't you?"

I mumbled a reply, not ready to tell Joe about the limited experiences I had, and beginning to wonder where this conversation was headed. I didn't have long to wait to find out.

"Since we're getting to be almost like family, I could tell you something confidentially," Joe asked. "I mean, without you telling your mom or anything?"


"Same goes with me," Joe said. "Anything you say to me stays with me. I promise. Well, last year I picked up this hippie that was hitchhiking. At first I thought it was a girl, but it turned out to be a guy."

"He was a nice guy though," Joe continued. "I ended up driving him up north about 30 miles, and when I stopped the car on a road just off the exit, the kid thanks me for the ride and tells me that he doesn't have any money but wanted to thank me for the ride. Guess what he says next."

"I dunno," I said meekly.

"The guy asks me if I wanted him to suck my cock," Joe said leaning on me. "Can you imagine that?"

"Geez," I said.

"Know what I did?" Joe asked, and I shook my head no. If he had asked me that question yesterday, I would have said that Joe punched his lights out, but now?

"I let him," Joe said, and the silence that filled the room was oppressive as Joe looked at me for my reaction.

"Yeah," Joe went on. "I pulled out my cock and this kid sucked me off. Real good too. Just like a girl would do it, and he didn't even blink when I shot my load down his throat. After I came, he sits back up and pulls out his own dick and asks me if I want to suck his."

The room was spinning as Joe told this story in a raspy voice, his minty breath washing over me as he spoke.

"I didn't do it," Joe said. "Although sometimes I wish that I did... you know, try it and see what it was like. Instead the kid tells me to leave my cock out, and starts jerking himself off while staring at my cock. He shoots his load into a handkerchief, thanks me again and down the road he went. What do you think about that?"

"Wow," I whispered, not knowing what to say.

"What would you have done if you were me?"

"Uh... I dunno," I answered.

"You've had girls give you head, right?"

"Yeah," I answered.

"Ever have a guy do it to you?"

I looked at Joe who was staring intensely at me as he waited for a reply. Not sure that I could manage one, I nodded affirmatively.

"Ever suck another guy's?"

Joe's hand went down to my thigh, squeezing it tightly through the sheet. My entire body was trembling - quivering as I waited an eternity until nodding again.

"Thought so," Joe said as he began slowly pulling the sheet down off me, and I was paralyzed with fear and excitement, unable and/or unwilling to resist. "I saw you looking at my cock this afternoon. Did you like what you saw?"

"Yes," I squeaked in a high pitched voice.

"I'd like you to teach me how to suck a cock," Joe said as cool air washed over my chest as the sheet came down my body. "Maybe we could do each other. You know, it would be our little secret."

As Joe said that, the sheet came down, as my naked body was exposed, causing Joe to gasp softly.


Chapter 5: My little secret.

Joe's shock was obvious as my genitals were exposed. My cock was never harder than it was at that moment. It was never longer and never thicker than the second the sheet came away. My cock was throbbing and pulsating as it stood up straight and stiff.

All four inches of it.

Maybe four and a half, depending on where you measured it from, and not very thick either. Attached to my now rather well developed torso, my pitiful pecker had been a source of humiliation for me all of my life.

"Got a little one, don't ya Timmy?" Joe said matter-of-factly, and for the first time someone mentioned my shortcomings as they became visible. I guess that my shame must have been obvious to Joe, because he reached over and let his fingers toy with the little patch of peach fuzz that had grown above my dick in the month since I had shaved.

"Ah, you're just a kid," Joe said kindly as his hand slid around the base of my pecker. "You're still a growing boy. Heck, you'll end up as big as me before you know it. Besides, I really like the way yours looks."

"But I'm nineteen," I said softly in response, knowing full well that my growing days were past me, and I was resigned to play the hand I was dealt for the rest of my life.

If Joe heard me, or understood what I had said, he didn't say. Instead his hand slid up my stem until it reached the end, his rough finger touching the tip of the crown, dabbing at the ball of pre-cum that had beaded up, and my dick tingled as he rubbed it some more.

"No!" I chirped, as Joe's finger slid down the underside of my boner, but it was too late as my orgasm roared at his touch.

I looked down as my cock spurted all over my stomach and chest. Even though Joe had only run his finger down it once and backed off, I was so aroused by then that my cock kept shooting cum all over me until my entire upper torso was dripping with seed.

"Geez Timmy," Joe exclaimed as he visually surveyed the mess I had made. "You got a little weapon but a hell of a lot of ammo."

Joe rolled off the bed and stood up, slowly undoing the towel from around his waist as he looked down at me with a little smile.

"I guess that means I'm first," Joe said as he opened the towel up and let it fall to the floor.


Chapter 6: Joe takes over.

"My mouth - it's dry," I said as I sat on the edge of the bed, at eye level with his exposed cock, and quickly got up to go to the kitchen.

"Bring us back a couple of beers," Joe said as I turned the corner and headed down the hall.

I wiped my drying semen off of me as best I could before getting the beer out of the fridge and heading back to me room where Joe was patiently waiting, his cock cupped in his hand. He was idly pulling on it as he took the beer from me, and I could see it had lost a little of the elasticity it had before.

Downing half of the beer in one gulp, I set it down on the night stand and looked to Joe for guidance. Joe poured a little beer in his cupped hand and rubbed it all over his cock, which was now glistening and almost hard.

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