tagIncest/TabooMom's Christmas Party

Mom's Christmas Party


Christmas has always been my mother's favorite holiday.

She loves everything about it; from the white snow, the family gatherings, to the gift exchanges. But above all, she loves being the host of an annual Christmas party for family and friends. She certainly has the personality for it. Trust me, you'll never meet a more energetic and vibrant person than her. She's someone who constantly enjoys staying busy with her career, her social life, and she still has the strength for a vigorous workout routine to stay in shape. And to top it all off, she's an incredibly gorgeous woman.

For those reasons, she was my ideal woman- yes, my own mom. I don't normally admit this, but even though I've just turned 20, my mother is still my favorite person to fantasize about. In recent years, our relationship has become even more flirtatious, where we would always laugh and play, and before she would go out on dates, she would ask me for my opinion on different outfits by modeling her clothes to me in a sexy manner. Or she would come out of the shower scantily clad in her bedroom with the door wide open.

I don't think it was ever her intention to try and tease me, that's just how her personality was. We loved each other and were very open about everything as if we were best friends. But in time, we became a little bit closer than that.

Mom's Christmas Party

I walked down the stairs early Christmas morning to the sound of my mother arguing with someone over the phone. She was sitting by the dining room table wearing her robe and slammed the phone after she gave the last word.

"Ugghhh...what an asshole," she muttered to herself.

"What's wrong?" I asked as I sat down next to her.

She looked uncharacteristically dressed down this morning without any make up. Her hair was sloppily done and she looked like she was on the verge of tears- a stark contrast to the usual 'upbeat soccer mom' image she always presents herself as.

"It's nothing," she replied in a deflated tone. "Actually...I heard from my friend last night that my latest boyfriend had been out with another woman."

"Well that doesn't automatically mean that he's cheating. For all you know, that could have been his sister or his co-worker," I replied, trying to make her feel better.

"My friend said her head was buried in his lap in a parking lot."


She grabbed a tissue and wiped a tear from her eye. "I didn't want to believe that he was cheating on me either, so I called him just now to talk about it and he was tripping over his words. That jerk eventually admitted it. He tried telling me how she 'didn't mean anything to him' and how sorry he was. It's unfortunate because our relationship was really starting to take off."

"Jeez, I can't believe he would do something like that when he's already got someone like you."

"You know, it's so hard to find a good man these days. I guess that I've been married to your father for so long that I forgot that some men just don't know how to appreciate a good woman anymore."

"Mom, you're one of the most beautiful and intelligent women I've ever met in my life. If a guy doesn't appreciate you, then he's an idiot and it's his loss."

"Thank you," she said with a warm smile. "You're the best. I'm so lucky to have someone like you in my life. You always know how to cheer me up and make me feel better."

"No problem. So I'm assuming it's over between you and him right?" I asked.

She let out a loud sigh. "Well to me it's over. But he says he still wants to talk, even after I've made it clear that I don't want to see him anymore."

"Well, if you want my opinion, the best way for him to get the message is by telling him you're already with someone else already- or something like that."

A grin slowly appeared on her face. "Making him jealous certainly doesn't sound like a bad idea...I could make it seem like I have another man already; like he wasn't the only one who's been unfaithful between us. That outta teach him."

"I've got a bad, bad, feeling about that mischievous look on your face," I said with a grin of my own.

"Well you're the one that gave me the idea," she replied playfully. "It would serve him right for cheating on me. But for now, we should forget him and get ready for the party. I want to look my best."


An hour had passed when my mother had called me to her room. When I got there, she struck a model pose for me to show off her new Christmas outfit.

"So what do you think?" she asked, still looking fresh out of the shower. "Not bad for a 45 year old woman huh?"

Her hands were around her waist as she stood barefoot in a female Santa outfit; which consisted of a thick red dress that came down to her knees, displaying her toned calves and thighs from all the long distance running she does. And a thick red jacket with a large black belt. Her make up and hair were also nicely done. Simply put, she was stunning.

"You look fantastic mom," I replied honestly. "I don't think I've ever seen you look so sexy for a party before."

"Thanks! I saw it at the mall a few days ago and I just couldn't resist."

"Well I can see why. This is still a family friendly party right?" I joked.

She smiled, "Of course it is. I know it's a little more revealing than what I usually wear for Christmas, but since this year's party will only have grown-ups, I figured why not. You only live once right?"

Her phone suddenly rang as she received a text. Judging by the miserable look on her face when she read it, it had to be her (soon-to-be-ex) boyfriend.

"Ugh..." she sighed. "He says wants to come over right now to talk, and that he's really sorry and this and that. The last thing I need is for him to be here to make a big scene when the guests start arriving."

"Just call him back and tell him that you'll talk to him tomorrow."

"At this point, I don't think that would do any good." The same mischievous grin from earlier this morning suddenly re-appeared on her face. "I've got an idea; I don't know how you would feel about it, but I need a huge favor from you."

"Sure. Anything."

She took a few steps forward and stood right in front of me. "Look, I know this is going to sound a little weird, but can you pretend to be my 'new boyfriend' for a moment? It's the only way he'll get a clue that it's over between me and him. It will only take 2 seconds."

"I guess so, but how exactly is..."

She suddenly grabbed the back of my neck with one hand, leaned forward, and planted a wet and strong kiss on my lips. It felt wonderful feeling her mouth forcefully pressed again mine. I then heard a click from her phone before she pulled away from me.

Her attention went back to her phone as she looked at the image on its screen. "Here, have a look," she said, showing me the picture of us kissing. "I'm going to send that to him and I'm sure he's going to freak out. It's a nice way of getting him back for what he's put me through all morning."

"Yeah...uh...I'm sure that would do the trick."

A little smirk appeared on her face. "You enjoyed that kiss didn't you?"

"What!? Of course not! I was just going along with it since I KNEW you had your phone out," I strongly replied, but obviously lying.

"Oh, don't try to deny it. I know that you've been fantasizing about me throughout the years. It's obvious by the way that you stare at my body when you think I'm not looking. Trust me, us mothers talk, and it seems pretty common that boys your age would feel this way about us."

"I guess there's no point in denying it," I reluctantly admitted. "And it's not exactly my fault either, the way you're so casual and open with your body all the time."

The smirk on her face grew in to a full grin. "Well, I think we should send him a more explicit picture so he fully gets the message. Just so you know, really loves cumming on my chest after one of my blowjobs. So maybe I can offer you something that would make us both happy; I'll take my top off for you, and you masturbate for me the same he does after I pleasure him. Afterwards I'll send him the picture of the mess you've made. I know he'd be REALLY upset if he saw that another man was already doing that to me. Does that sound like something you would be interested in?"

"Are you sure about this?" I asked, unsure if she was serious or not.

Her fingers immediately went to work undoing the large black buttons on her Santa outfit. "Maybe this will help convince you."

My eyes were glued to her chest as her top opened. She wore a sexy white bra underneath, and my eyes were captivated by how athletic her upper body looked. Her arms and shoulders were nicely toned, yet feminine, and her stomach was perfectly defined.

"Well...are you interested or not?" she asked playfully.

"...uh...yeah...sure..." I stammered.

She sat down on the bed, and her hands reached behind her back to unclasp her bra. "Good."

She flung the bra to the floor and her bare breasts looked firm and beautiful. They were average sized, and she had a bikini tan line where her breasts were pale compared to the rest of her body. Her areolas were fairly wide for the size of her breasts, and they were light pink. As for her nipples, they were a darker shade of pink, large, and they stood out well over half an inch.

"It looks like you see something you like," my mother said, looking at my growing bulge.

"You have no idea mom. Your breasts are amazing. And those nipples...I can't believe how big they are. They're perfect."

She smiled and playfully pinched both of them for my viewing pleasure. "I'm so glad you like them. Now get to work before he gets here. Guests will be arriving soon."

I reached down to free my semi-erect cock which immediately sprang to life once my mother's eyes were on me. I began stroking myself to the sight of my mother's breast, and she made it easier for me to climax as she fondled herself and played with her nipples. But what was almost as hot as seeing my mother's chest up close was seeing the curious look on her face. Her eyes lustfully stared at my hard cock while I was stroking it, and her mouth was open and it looked like she wanted to lick her lips.

"That's it," she said, encouraging me. "Keep stroking it."

I stroked myself as fast I could for her. And she continued playing with her breasts for me. When I started to breath harder, she knew what was about to happen and she leaned forward to catch my orgasm which was squirting itself onto her bare chest. I hadn't cum in a while, so it was quite a mess I made on her. And when it was over, she leaned forward to show her appreciation by giving the head of my cock a big kiss, and cleaned me by licking a few drops of cum from the tip of my penis. She stood up and immediately headed towards the mirror to examine the mess I made on her chest. "Perfect!" she exclaimed. "I only wish I could see the look on his face when he sees this."

My mother then took explicit pictures of herself topless with my cum on her chest in the mirror. Once she had the pictures she wanted, she gleefully sent it to him before wiping her breasts clean and putting her top back on.


It was mid-afternoon and the party went off without a hitch. Our house was filled laugher and talking from family and friends who were all glad to see each other again. As for my mother, she walked around with a big smile, proudly socializing with all of her guests and making everyone smile. She looked really sexy in her tight little Santa outfit, complete with her high heeled black boots, and a long red Santa hat.

I was in the kitchen preparing food, and the moment I was alone, my mother approached me to talk.

"It looks like the plan worked," she said with a smile. "I haven't heard from him since this morning. I really owe you one for this. Anyway, how are you doing?"

"Great thanks. And you're doing a fantastic job hosting this party as usual."

"Actually, I was referring to what we did earlier. I never imagined that I would ever do something like that with you...and....let's just say it was an interesting experience."

"Oh, that. Well to tell you the truth, I haven't been able to stop thinking about it all afternoon. Especially seeing you walk around in that sexy outfit. I don't know if you know this or not, but some of your guy friends here have been checking you out as well."

"Of course I knew that. But don't tell me that I'm making you aroused right now."

"I can't help it mom, you look incredible."

"Well I certainly can't have my son standing around serving food with a hard-on," she grinned. "That would look terrible for both of us. Come on, let's sneak down to the basement and I'll see if I can take care of this situation for you."


We headed down the stairs unnoticed by all of the guests who were busy talking. And once we got there, my mother held me by the hand as she leaned her back against the washing machine.

"So you've still been thinking about your mother huh?" she asked seductively. "Letting you cum on my tits wasn't enough?"

"Unfortunately it wasn't. Mom, you have no idea how badly I've wanted you after all these years."

She reached down and grabbed my semi-erect cock through my pants.

"Oh my, you aren't kidding about that. As inappropriate as incest is, I think it's even more inappropriate for you to walk around serving food at my Christmas party with a hard cock in your pants. I think we better get rid of it, don't you agree?"

"You always know best," I told her, feeling so much more aroused. "So what should we do about it?"

She reached down again, but this time to pull her panties down to her boots, and she kicked them off to the side. She put her hands on the edge of the washing machine and lifted herself so that she could sit on it, and then she spread her legs open to reveal her bare vagina to me.

"You know what to do. So make it quick," my mother grinned.

I looked down in delight to see her cleanly shaven crotch. It had the same bikini tan line as her breasts, where it was pale white compared to her tanned athletic legs. Her labia was thin and light brown. And I could see a trickle of wetness on her pink insides from how aroused she must have been in doing this for me.

I pulled my pants down, exposing myself, and I took a step forward to press my erection against her entrance. She wrapped her arms and athletic legs around me and pulled me closer to her. We were face to face, looking each other straight in the eyes as I pushed my manhood deeper inside of her body.

It felt sensational being in my mother. But as much as I loved that feeling, I got even more pleasure from seeing that look on her face. It was a look which showed that she was getting as much out of this as I was. Her eyes became open and filled with lust as her son penetrated her. The tip of nose wiggled slightly with each of her facial movements. And her mouth was opening from her panting and moaning, and I was able to feel her hot breath on my skin.

She became wetter with every thrust I gave. Her panting became harder. Neither of us cared that we were having sex while our family and her friends were upstairs chatting away. If anything, it made the moment even MORE erotic because of how big the taboo we were committing, with just an unlocked door separating us for everyone else.

"That's it...fuck me...fuck your mother...get it out your system..." she moaned lustfully. "I want you to cum inside me this time."

Hearing my mother talk dirty sent me to my climax and I thrusted as hard as I could. The white ball on her long Christmas hat was frantically waving back and forth as a large load of my cum was gushing deep inside of her vagina. I didn't stop pumping my cock in her until every drop of sperm was released.

"God that felt amazing," I moaned in my mother's ear a moment after I finished. "I can't believe we just did that together."

She was still breathing heavily. "Neither can I. Getting fucked by my son isn't exactly on my Christmas wish list. But I enjoyed it."

"So did I, obviously. Thanks for letting me do this."

"There's no need to thank me," she replied. "I needed that as much as you did. Now if you'll excuse me, I have guests to attend to."

She gave me a gentle push to get my flaccid cock out of her body. She got off the edge of the washing machine, and without bothering to clean herself, she pulled her panties back up and left the basement with a smile on her face.


It was night time when the party was finally over. I watched my mother say her 'goodbyes' to the last of our guests with hugs and smiles, and when they left, she gave me a look of appreciation.

"I'm so glad that this party turned out well," she said happily, but exhausted. "It was so close to being an utter disaster."

"Well if anyone could pull it off, it's you," I told her with a smile.

She smiled back at me and replied, "Thanks for everything. You've been a tremendous help today with this party, and of course my ex-boyfriend. I just wanted to make sure that you understand how thankful I am."

"Don't mention it mom. I'm always glad to be of service."

"Look, I know what we did today isn't normal by any means, you know, the sexual stuff. And, well, there are still some things I want to go over with you. Meet me in my room in a few minutes. I really need to clear my head first."


I cleaned the kitchen and waited a few minutes like she asked. When I headed towards the stairs to see her, I saw that her black boots were sloppily tossed on the floor. Her red Santa jacket was also sloppily lying on the stair case when I got there. And on the upstairs hallway was her belt and red skirt. Finally, I saw her bra by the entrance to her bedroom, and her panties by the bathroom door.

As I followed her trailed of clothing and garments, I entered her room which was filled with the sound of her shower running. It was loud, and when I saw the view inside her bathroom, I understood why- her shower door was wide open.

I stood in complete awe of my mother's nudity. Seeing parts of her at different times was one thing, but seeing her bare physique in its entirety was something else. Her athletic body looked jaw dropping as she stood under the running water, letting the soap and shampoo flow freely down her physically fit frame. Her bikini tan lines looked even more stark as her breasts and crotch were pale white, and the rest of her skin had a nice tan, making her large pink nipples stand out even further. It was especially arousing watching her breasts jiggle while her hands were up rubbing her hair in the water.

She suddenly realized that I was standing there watching her after the shampoo was rinsed off, and she said, "I was just finishing up. Why don't you join me? You look like you could use a hot shower."

I didn't need to be offered twice. I pulled my clothes off and threw them on the floor, the same way she had carelessly threw her clothes off around the house. Her eyes were curiously looking at my body the same way I had looked at her. And when I got in the shower with her, she greeted me with a big huge, pressing her breasts and nipples firmly against my body.

"What a day," she said with a sigh of relief.

"I know. But honestly, I'm glad that things happened the way it did. I couldn't have asked for a better Christmas."

Her eyes became filled with a look of complete sincerity. "That's what I wanted to talk to you about. I never would have thought that committing acts of incest would feel the way that it did. And frankly, it feels so natural being with you. You've always been there for me, unlike those creeps I've been dating lately. And after what we've been through today, I can't help but think about what it would be like if it continued."

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