tagMatureMom's Friend Gert

Mom's Friend Gert


Hi I am Jeff, And though I live with my mom and am twenty two years old I have a good job and I get along pretty good with everyone, possibly because I am a handy guy when it comes to volts and amps.

Well one day mom asks me what I thought about her friend Gertrude.

"She's a pretty nice woman, mom. Looks good. I really like the way she dresses."


"Yeah, a skirt and blouse and nice patent black heels but what I really like is her personality."

"I am glad you feel that way cause I volunteered your services. She has a ceiling fan that won't work and I told her you would be glad to at least check it out for her."

Moms friend Gert is like sixty two or so. She is always pleasant to me and I like her personality a lot. She never married and I wondered why as I would have no trouble having her as my wife.

"That's cool mom just ask her when is a good time or should I just go over?"

"Yes, just go over.

So I did and Gert answered the door looking very nice.

Hi Gert. Mom told me you have a fan on the fritz?"

Gert had a par of black half-glasses hanging across her lovely 44D's and I had my eyes fixed upon them and Gert had to take me out of the trance.

"Ah Jeff, like what you see?"

"Yes and I like those too."

"Well, what are you looking at. . . Jeff?"

"How about me checking the fan first, but if it is o.k. I would very much like to get your opinion on something afterwards."

"Sure Jeff. You want a coke or something?"

"After I get the fan going, Gerty."

"No one has called me Gerty in a long time, Jeff."

"Sorry. So just call you Gert? Gertrude?"

"Gerty is o.k."

So I set about working on her fan which was controlled by a wall switch. I removed the switch cover and pulled out the switch and with a "Wigy" I checked to see if there was voltage present. Nope, no juice. I went down her cellar and part way down I noticed there was some of that ancient wiring known as knob & tube and speaking of knobs Gert has a fine pair.

In this style of wiring, the wires run in pairs either through cleats or suspended from porcelain knobs and someone who knew as much about wiring as the three stooges made the attempt to wire a receptacle into the circuit by breaking one of the two wires and putting the ends to the plug socket, in essence in series with the fan circuit. So I corrected the problem and the fan was working.

Gert was more than pleased and gave me a real hug and a long kiss where our tongues danced. She also gave me a check for fifty dollars.

"Forget the check Gert, but next time you make brownies, keep me in mind. Now I would like to get your opinion on something."

"Sure, lets talk at the kitchen table, want that coke now?"

"Yes, thanks."

"Gert, why is it that I am so turned on by seeing a woman wearing reading glasses, like yours?

"Oh, so that is what you were really looking at."

"Yeah Gert it is. Hope you did no mind but I just like the looks of a woman who wears glasses for reading, I think I like the serious side or the intellectual aspect. And then there's the beaded eyeglass chain that is very feminine.

"Well Jeff, your mom wears reading glasses. Have you ever asked her about this?

"No, I wanted to talk to you first to get an idea if this is like weird or something."

"No it is not weird. It could be that sometime in your life, you came upon a woman who may have helped you with something or other and she wore glasses for reading and that look stayed with you. So if I am not mistaken you get aroused by this?"

"Ah yeah I do."

"Well maybe we should go to my room and check this out more thoroughly."

So I followed her in to her room and she closed the door.

"Drop your pants and have a chair."

I did so and she went to her dresser and from a drawer took out a few pair of glasses. One pair were silver oval style another were gold rectangular which I call "granny glasses" and a third pair in blue which were half-glasses.

"So Jeff, which pair does something for you down there?"

She said this as she wore the black pair of half-rounds with the beads hanging from them. She took the silver ovals and the granny glasses and started to touch me all over. Then she stuffed the blue half-glasses under my balls and went back to touch me. She would drag the silver ovals over the top of my cock as she dragged the granny's up and down the sides of my growing red cock.

"How does this feel Jeff?"

"Just great Gert, and you say there s nothing wrong with a guy liking woman's glasses?"

"That is right Jeff, if you like a woman who wears reading glasses, tell her."

"So the style you have on, what are they called?"

"These are known as half-glasses. One would wear them part way down their nose." She took them off and gave them to me as well as a book.

"It would be easier to explain by you trying them. Put them partway down your nose, then try reading and looking over the tops."

As it turned out I could see better with them and I could over the tops to see farther away also.

Gert went back to touching me than asked if I would like my cock sucked.

"Sure, that would be great."

Gert took my cock with her right hand and brought it to her lovely red lips and started to suck me off. She had all of me in her mouth and she was looking up at me through her black half-round glasses and there was something very erotic about that.

I loved watching her head bobbing up and down as she worked her tongue over my cock while sucking on it at the same time and seeing her in those black half-glasses was a turn-on as well

Gert then took her silver ovals and stroked my balls with them and it was then I came. Gert took the whole load not letting a drop of the man sauce escape her lips.

"Oh Jeff, that was so nice. I might have to fix the fan so it won't work again."

"Oh Gert, if you want it just give me a holler, I would like to have you do things with your reading glasses anyways." and you don't think another woman would find this weird?"

"She will if you do, Jeff. But if you just tell her you like the way a woman looks wearing reading glasses, that you like the style she picked. She will feel complimented. So are you telling me you never messed around with your moms glasses?"

"Yes, I never did but I will now. I know she has a few pair I could have a good time with.

"Jeff, do you fancy your mom?"

"Well I would date her if she was not my mom."

"Did you have girlfriends in high school?"

"No. I did not want any. I would rather hang out with a woman somewhat older than me.

"That's alright too Jeff, some women like young guys some like them older. Why do you want an older woman I mean you are twenty two?"

"Yes Gert and working as an apprentice electrician. When I get my license I will make some good money. So far as why I like older ladies, I really like the way some of them dress and they have more respect for their self than girls I have been with.

"I like a man who is ambitious Jeff. What else are you doing today?"

"Well later on I have to wire up a clothes dryer receptacle for two hundred an forty volts. That job I have to be at around three.

Gert had always liked Jeff and wanted to have him with her for a while. She was about two hundred and fifty pounds with long grayish blonde hair a face that looked like she had some Hawaiian blood in her ancestry and she was quite a pleasant lady to be around. She also had a pair of forty four D's that Jeff seemed to like .She would make use of this fact.

"So Jeff, when I answered the door, your eyes were fixed on my black half-glasses and not my boobs?"Gert asked in a slightly sad way as though her feelings were hurt.

"Oh well Gert, yes they were on your boobs but your glasses stole some of their thunder."

"I am glad to hear that as I thought they were no longer attractive to men. Would you like to see them up close? with no brassiere?"

Jeff's cock answered for him and Gert noticed.

"Jeff. you are going to be an electrician so you're old enough to know the joys of an older woman."

"How about dropping over later for supper Jeff?"


"Yes really. I am doing a meatloaf, vegetables and mashed and the thought of your meat loafing does not sound like a good idea."

"Great Gert, what time?"

"Six would be fine."

"I would like to try something you may like."

"O.k .Gert. "

She went to her closet and took from it a long skinny white belt.and ran the loose end through the strip a few times so there was a nice snug fit. Then she put the whole thing under my nuts and tightened it so my balls were over the top and had gotten very sensitive to any touch. Gert then took her sexy black glasses with the beads and wrapped them round my cock and lightly brushed her glasses all over my balls and the feeling was such as I had never experienced. I would want Gert to do that more often.

"Jeff, I know you like my heels too."


"Don't give me that "OH" stuff Jeff . You have been stealing looks at them since you got here and that is o.k.. why do you like them so.?"

"Well between the black skirt and white blouse, the black patent heels and the black half-glasses. Something very color coordinated here, probably one of the reasons I told mom I liked you a lot because of the way you dress."

"What did you tell your mom?" Asked Gert.

"I told her you were a pretty nice woman, good looking. I like the way she dresses."

If that did nothing for Gert nothing would but it did do something. It made Gert almost fall in love with her best friends son.

The smile Gert had for Jeff was priceless as if it illuminated the room with a two thousand watt lamp.And Jeff was smart enough to know she had some real feelings for him.

She went back to lightly brushing his balls with her half-glasses and a few other pair as well. When he showed signs of cumming, she loosened up the home made cock ring wrapped her red painted fingernails round his cock and jerked him off so he came allover her half-glasses.

Gert loved the load he blew allover her half-glasses and she sucked the cum off them with great pleasure. She knew what they would be doing after supper later in the day.

"How did you like that Jeff?" To show her how much he threw his arms round Gert and began to kiss her with a passion, then he started to french kiss and she did too. They were hugging very close and Jeff loved the feel of her bosoms against his chest as his tongue danced with hers.

Jeff saw the clock on the dresser and knew he had to get going to do that wiring job and said as much.

"O.K. Jeff, see you at six."

"Looking forward to it Gert!"

And like a flash of gunpowder he was gone.

At six in the evening he was at Gert's door with a bottle of red wine and Gert opened the door to welcome him in. Gert was very pleased with her self as she made up her mind she was gonna get laid that evening. She had some soft rock radio station on and the lighting was soft. There were two candles on the table and Jeff knew by instinct there was gonna be more going on than eating.

Gert was not 100% sure but she felt Jeff had not had it yet and thought how good it could be if he had a nice older experienced woman for his first time.

Jeff had also given the matter a lot of thought and figured there would be more going on than eating supper. He really liked what Gert did for him and he wanted to get laid as well. He also liked the beaded eyeglass chain from which Gert's half-rounds hung and came up with a few other ideas for them as well.

"So Jeff, how did the wiring job go?"

"Well, I knew the house was old and had fuses. The owner had gas cooking but an electric water heater so that used the pull-out I was gonna use for the dryer so I had to come up with another fused disconnect for the dryer. They really should get at least a forty amp upgrade bringing the service to a hundred amps.

"Would the electric company have to bring in a heavier wire to the service drops?" Asked Gert.

I was impressed with her knowledge about these things.

"Not likely Gert. They would assume the service was good for at least a hundred amps and size the wire to the drops that way, maybe even for a hundred and a quarter amps so when an upgrade was needed from sixty to a hundred all the contractor had to do was make sure everything after the drops was heavy enough for the new service panel or fuse box. Course ya never know if the original contractor was trying to save a couple of bucks he may have used a wire rated for the sixty amps figuring he would not get the job for the increase of service so yeah everything after the drops is the homeowners concern even though the wire goes through the meter which is the utilities worry.

Talking about service drops does not get me hard but looking at Gert with her black half-glasses hung by a pearl beads style eyeglass chain did as well as the heels she wore. Three inch heels in black patent with white leather between the toes and heel, known as spectators and they had a black and white bow on the toes as well.

Gert had some Beethoven on the stereo and the piece at the moment was "Moonlight sonata" rather hauntingly eerie.

We finished supper and I helped her with the dishes as the dishwasher no longer worked and I asked her about it.

"The solenoid burned out and it would cost about eighty dollars to fix."

I had my head in her washer in a minute and found the nameplate so I could get the serial and model number of the machine. Gert, get me a pencil and scrap paper will ya?"

"You can fix this?"

"Course I can fix this, let me borrow your glasses, these numbers are way too small to read with out them."

So she handed me her half-glasses with beads which I tossed up over the back of my head and seeing clearly I got the numbers I needed.

"You look good wearing my half-glasses Jeff, can you really see better with them?"

"Good enough to get the model and serial numbers with Gert, thanks."

"So how much to fix this, Jeff?"

"The cost of a new solenoid Gert and tax to boot, don't wanna screw the governor, do we?"

"Well, he screws everyone all the time anyways."

"Probably. I will be able to get the part tomorrow morning so it would be fixed by sometime in the afternoon."

"What about labor, Jeff?"

"Well another nice meal complete with brownies would be very nice. That meatloaf is to die for."

"Thanks, I mean you only had three servings, was going to have a few meat;loaf sandwiches for work."

"Sorry but it is your fault Gert."

"My fault?"

"YUP, had a lot of meatloaf dinners but no meatloaf has ever been this good Gert, you really did a great job with this."

Once the dishes were done we headed to the bedroom and we had our clothes off in minutes. I wanted to play with her nipples with her pearl beaded eyeglass chain and told her so.

I started to nibble her ear lobes and kiss her neck and Gert liked that very much.

I was on top of her licking her left nipple as I ran the beads of her glasses as well as her half- glasses over the nipple.

"Oh, that feels so nice Jeff. I might want to give you a few old eyeglass chains and glasses so when you come back, you will have some more ideas about these things."

I then took her half-glasses and beads and touched her down there with them, running the beads past her labia as well as her erotic black half-glasses and Gert was moaning and bucking at the hips. Gert was hot and she wanted me.

"Well Jeff, Gert wants you in her. She has wanted you for a while now." Said Gert between a bit of heavy breathing.

Not wanting to lose her hot sexy librarian style glasses I put the chain over my head and they hung across my chest as I aimed the rocket for its target.

I went in slowly as this felt so good why in hell would I want to hurry it?" Gert is tight and I could feel her love muscles around my cock clamping down and I speed up a bit.

"Oh Jeff, this is so good and I thought you hadn't done it yet. between some heavy sighs and a raspy voice, I said, "I had not done it."

I kept thrusting myself into this lovely older lady wondering if it would be possible to have a real relationship with her. Her sexy hot black half-glasses swinging back an forth was I guess a turn-on as well but really Gert is a very attractive woman. I think that for what was done earlier that day I may have already fallen in love with her and her half-glasses were now very erotic to me.

Suddenly, like the massive alternators at the powerhouse being placed online. Thousands of amperes of sex current flowed into Gert making her buck and tremble.

I heard noises from Gert that were entwined by a joy she may have forgotten existed and I was so glad to have brought her to this point of sexual pleasure.

We laid there for a while with me still in her and I told her I would love to have a real relationship with her.

I was quite surprised when she said,

"I know you would love to have a real relationship with me as you are still here an hour later and it seems you would stay with me all night if I told you I did not want to be alone."

What she said was true but sad and I felt that she had once given herself to a man and after he came, he either split or rolled over an snored.

"Well Gert, seems you have an idea of me already because I would be more than happy to spend the night with you, so you would not be lonely. I have wondered at times why you are not married as you seem to have a very nice personality and always look very good to me."

"You would do that for me, spend the night so we could talk and maybe play checkers so I would not be lonely?" She asked with a voice of happiness and surprise.

"Yes Gert, I would love to. I so much loved what you have done for me and I would love to see you an awful lot more.

"Well Jeff I would love to have a relationship with an ambitious young man. I am not worried about society's attitude about older women and younger men.

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