tagMatureMom's Friend was My First Love Ch. 03

Mom's Friend was My First Love Ch. 03


I would like to thank all of you who have taken the time to read my stories and to give me feedback. This story is from my memories and is 90% true. I do not remember the exact dialog between us and have tried to insert what probably was said and I am sure I was more clumsy and stumbling with my real words than appears here. If you wonder why this story has the "fetishes" I can only say that "It is what it is, because it was". Shirley infected me for life, with an appreciation for natural women. I am amazed that today if a man prefers a woman to remove all of her body hair it is normal and if he prefers her in her God given state it is a fetish. I would love feedback. If the lady from Arkansas who sent me feedback on Part one will do so again, I would like to correspond with you on ideas and thoughts. Thank you again for reading.


Shirley never tired of my suckling her large brown nipples. Later on I was to learn that other women seemed to tire quickly of too much attention paid to their nipples, becoming tender and sore, but Shirley always seemed to want more and never pushed me away.

As she lay there enjoying my attention to her breasts she moaned and whimpered occasionally and lightly rubbed her fingers through my hair. I watched her face as I flicked her hard nipples with my tongue, loving the play of expressions and emotions. Her face was very tan and was framed by her short blond hair.

At 38 she had fine lines beginning next to her eyes and by her mouth. Her lips were full and hard to resist as I often went from her breasts to her lips for a long soft kiss. She smoked her cigarette slowly, each drag taking several seconds and then pausing just briefly with the dense smoke showing before inhaling it deeply. After a few seconds she would very slowly release the smoke towards the ceiling as if hesitant to let it go. At the end of each exhale trickles of smoke from her nose would join the larger stream from her lips.

Those lips drew me back again and again for long slow deep kisses that she never seemed to tire of. Finally, she finished her cigarette and reached to the night table to crush it out while holding the last deep inhale. As she lay back on the pillow I covered her mouth with mine kissing her deeply. I didn't smoke and never have, but the smoke that was in her mouth and that I inhaled while kissing her did not phase me at all, passion overcame my previous distaste for smoking.

From her lips I kissed my way down her chest to those wonderful erect nipples again as my fingers continued to toy in the thick hair under her arms. On impulse I trailed my lips from her breast to her underarm, burying my nose and lips in the thick fur. She inhaled sharply but did not push me away as I trailed my tongue through the hair. Since we had just showered she tasted only faintly salty from her perspiration and this act that I would previously have thought disgusting made my flaccid cock start to harden yet again.

She seemed to enjoy this attention to her underarms and I continued pushing her other arm over her head and slicking down the hair there with my tongue as well. My fingers roamed to her hairy pussy and I cupped her whole mound and massaged it. She once again inhaled deeply arching her back and I slipped a finger inside of her finding an abundance of her slick lubricant. I followed the first finger with a second and with my fingertips massaged the inner walls for her pussy.

Her breathing was getting deeper and I remembered how much she had enjoyed the tip of my tongue on her clit so I rubbed around it and flicked it with my thumb. She gasped and said, "Gently Hon, that part of a woman is very sensitive. I little light attention goes a long way there. When I am cumming I like a lot more pressure but just be gentle now."

Shirley's right hand felt for my cock which was now fully erect again. She began to stroke it gently and to smear the pre-cum around the head. I again took one of her big brown nipples into my mouth and gently sucked and tongued it as I continued to stroke my fingers in and out of her soaking pussy. Shirley's breathing deepened and she arched her back again and realizing she was having an orgasm I began to rub her soaking clit a little firmer with my thumb. She whimpered and moaned and humped my hand as I stroked her faster and faster.

I was amazed how long her orgasm lasted and began a lifelong envy of women who can come long and cum often. After what seemed like two or three minutes of thrashing under my hand she let out a loud moan and relaxed. Looking down, her pussy fur was soaked and matted from my manipulations and my hand and fingers were soaking with her slick juices. Shirley's face had been twisted in orgasmic pleasure and now relaxed as she smiled at me. I met her lips with mine, very softly and we shared a deep long kiss.

"Thank you", she said, "that was wonderful." Shirley then reached to the bedside table and took a cigarette from the pack. I took the lighter from her hands, a worn old Zippo that she always seemed to have handy. I lit the cigarette for her and her first drag was exceptionally long and deep. As she began her usual long slow exhale I placed my pussy soaked hand on her breast and began rubbing the juices into her nipple.

"Gentle, they are still touchy and excited", she said. I lightly spread her cream over both nipples making them shiny and wet and was delighted with the childlike mess I was making. She just smiled at me as I leaned in and began to clean them gently with my tongue.

Shirley's hand continued its light caressing of my cock which was now drooling heavily with pre-cum. She smiled as she watched me lick her cum from a hard nipple and then put her fingers soaked with my pre-cum in her mouth and sucked them clean. "Mmmmm, she said, nice and salty and sweet."

What we were doing seemed extremely nasty to me but I was so turned on I had to kiss her and our tongues shared the taste of our love lubricants. I wanted badly to slide my cock into her and was getting very impatient. Sensing this from my not so subtle thrusts in the direction of her wet fur, Shirley took a long drag on her cigarette and reached to put it in the ashtray. She pulled me over her as she did her slow exhale to the side and reached down to guide me in.

She was the perfect first love telling me, "Take it slow at first, Hon, and if you cum quickly it is ok, just enjoy it because this first time is for you."

Shirley guided my now rock hard cock to her pussy. She rubbed my sensitive head back and forth in her hair and across her lips. She shuddered again as she rubbed the tip several times back and forth over her clit. She then guided my cock to the opening and I eased the head inside. It was hot and wet and wonderful. I had never felt anything so good. I fought the desire to rush, and slowly eased it down another inch holding myself above her on stiff arms.

Shirley was smiling at me and rubbing her hands over my chest. I slid in another inch enjoying the hot wet feeling as I slowly buried myself inside her. Finally, I slowly buried myself to the hilt feeling our pubic bones grind and our pubic hairs much together. Every sensation was vivid and wonderful and as I realized that I was no longer a virgin. I withdrew again just as slowly, savoring each feeling and the lost warmth.

As I began entering Shirley a second time she continued rubbing my chest and began playing with my nipples. She told me later she had expected wild frenzied fucking for my first time and was shocked at my restraint. Like a kids with his first ice cream cone, I wanted this to last. When I bottomed out this time I paused again and ground against Shirley's groin, loving the feeling and the heat.

This time I withdrew a little faster and entered a little faster and began a pace of slow fucking that felt better than anything on earth. Now Shirley was raising her hips and thrusting to meet me and I felt like I became thicker as her pussy walls seemed to massage my cock. I would not have lasted long, but having cum twice in the past two hours gave me a little more stamina.

Shirley's smile was gone now as I stroked my cock in and out of her steaming furry pussy. She held my nipples between her finger and thumb on both hands and flicked and played with them as I fucked her. Shirley's breathing deepened and her breasts became pink and mottled and flushed. She began to whimper and moan again and I began to thrust into her faster.

I lowered myself to kiss her and this time our tongues were not gentle as they too tried to fuck each other as my cock worked like a piston in her pussy. Shirley's moans got louder and she began to thrash beneath me meeting each of my deep thrusts with her own. We broke our kiss and I raised myself up as she began to pinch and twist my nipples with her fingers as she came.

At about the third or fourth loud "Ohhhhhh", that came from Shirley's mouth I felt my orgasm approaching. I began to thrust wildly trying to go even deeper, slamming into Shirley and feeling her heat extend up my cock, through my testicles and into my whole body. I continued pumping wildly as I began to empty my cum into her already soaking pussy. Shirley cried out loud as she felt my hot cum fill her pussy, pulling and twisting my nipples and moaning over and over. As my orgasm started to subside I kept pumping, not wanting the feeling to ever end and then gradually slowing down to the slow even stroking I had started with.

I looked down into Shirley's face. It was red and flushed and tears had filled her eyes and streaked down to her ears. She was whimpering and crying gently. I kissed her lips and asked her "What's wrong, are you ok?"

She said, laughing through her tears, "Everything is fine, it was wonderful, it was perfect."

I lay there on Shirley, suspending most of my weight on my arms and kept myself deep inside her feeling my cock deflating and loving even that feeling as the sensitive head slid down her canal on its way to the outside. We lay there in each others arms, touching our lips gently and holding each other close.

When my cock finally slipped from Shirley, I slipped to her side and we lay facing each other holding each other close. I know I thanked her for the best thing that had ever happened to me and I remember she laughed at me and told me that it was her pleasure too. We lay there in each other's arms for the next hour. We talked and kissed and gently fondled, both too sensitive and sore for much more.

I belatedly worried about Shirley getting pregnant and she assured me that she had been "fixed" in her farm girl words. She worried that she had damaged my tender 19 year old mind by seducing me and admitted she had wanted us to be in each other's arms when she asked me to come and help her on the farm.

Shirley and I got together many more times and while this concludes our first day together and the loss of my virginity, I may be inspired to write more stories about myself and Shirley. Her life was more tragic than I had thought and her brutal husband and daughters would be part of any future stories.

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