tagIncest/TabooMom's in Charge Dad, sorry!

Mom's in Charge Dad, sorry!


My mom is one of the hottest women around town. She has bleach blond hair is a super sexy petite at 4'9" and about 87 lbs. Even at her smallish weight she still has a wonderful curve and a fairly good-sized A-cup. I know because as her 18-year old son I am having a fantasy of buying her a racy lingerie set as a private Christmas gift this year!

My mom, Amy Sethwick has been married to my Dad, Tom for 21 years now. My dad is a good man and severely over-worked and underpaid by the telephone company that he works for. He is about 5'9' and 225 lbs. with quite a belly now that he's getting up there a bit in years. (he's ten years older than my mom)

My mom has been acting quite naughty around me lately and it's been exciting me to death! Whenever I can be near her I am and she'll walk right up to me and get in my space and rub her chest right up to me. (I'm not very tall, about 5'6" and 150 lbs.) It makes me so hard and I know that she's caught me more than once lately. She's been wearing black stockings and short skirts to work lately, everyday!

I quit going the local community college with the boys in favor of catching a ride in with mom and "catching" a quick view of her hot, shapely little legs and sexy open toes. (Mom NEVER wore any closed-toe shoes. She once made it a point to call them gross and totally nasty) Needless to say, she had perfect feet and nail polish every day of every year, and always "slut red." (her words, not mine, as I heard he say on the phone to one of her friends before.)

Her new diet consisted of getting down to 78 pounds the "hard way" which meant literally about 4 diet sodas a day and maybe two pots of extra strong coffee, a small salad with no meat or dressing at noon and a ladies protein bar for dinner. (of which she would never finish.) She would top it off with three or four vodkas straight out of the bottle and her "trail mix snack" a mixture of Advil, sleeping pills, a diet pill, a bronchial dilator, (which she would hit like, 4 times even though she had no trouble breathing. I think she liked the buzz!) My mom was a super-sexy pharmacy, but we all had our faults.

After her drinks I would go out onto the deck with mom so she could chain smoke half a pack of menthol cigarettes. Sometimes we would play a game to see how fast she could smoke a half-pack. Twenty-four minutes is her record! (with each smoked to the filter) She liked to hold my hand while she smoked. I would love to put my hand over her wrist and always be astonished at how hard her heart was beating. "A high heart rate", she would say, "burns continuous calories. And I love the feeling of it too!" She would always smoke a full half-pack in about half an hour! She only smoked at night and the combination of her lifestyle and her rapid smoking always made her extremely buzzed.(This was great for me as she would start talking a bit saucier and lean all over me a lot!)

I always thought that was so sexy of my mother, to try to stay super-hot at all costs and I was constantly complimenting her. Tonight after her smokes she wanted a couple of more shots so I was upstairs in her room (mom and dad go separate now) and I was pouring her vodkas while drawing her a bath, I told her about a girl at school. (it was totally made up but I used it to say the girl looked just like her) Totally lame, I know, but mom came up to me and kissed me on the lips and patted my butt and I was in heaven!

A couple of times when mom got so close I would go to touch her just out of instinct but each time she sternly rebuffed me and today was no exception! I tried to linger too long on the kiss for just and extra second and she pulled straight away and gave me the all the sudden motherly, "Now, now." Yeah, it wasn't "now , now" when you got drunk at the mall with your friends and I came to pick you up. I wonder if she remembers the long tongue kiss she gave me or the crotch grab? (she was pretty drunk and I've never discussed it with her) Mom took a few more deep hits of her inhaler and said good-night.

Mom's going shopping today and I'm coming along. "It's just me and her today," I told my dad, with a dumb expression. (I'm buying that lingerie for her today with some money I took from Pop's wallet.) We'll stop by the pizza place to get me a slice and get mom 4-5 vodkas and maybe she'll be in a cheerful enough mood to let me in the changing booth with her like the last time we went shopping. Maybe we'll stay at the pizza place for like, five or six vodkas today. I'll get mom talking and she'll just keep tossing them back like candy! God I love watching that woman drink!

I'm applying all of my efforts to my mom now and my mom IS the boss in the family, absolutely without question. I think it's a smart thing to hang with her because she's the one with the 5.8 million dollar trust fund as well! I love you mom!

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