tagIncest/TabooMom's Insatiable Hunger

Mom's Insatiable Hunger


This story is 100 % fictional and any resemblance to real names, events, or places was not intended and I apologize for. I hope you all sit back and enjoy reading this and have fun with yourself while doing so.


My life has always been a typical teenage male's. I am still a virgin at 18 and like any virgin male I continuously jerk off to subdue my urges but of course no matter how many times I try I can never satisfy them. My name is Bryan by the way and I stand at 5'11" and weigh 200 lbs with an athletic build and have short brown hair with green eyes. I am a senior at my high school and am a member of the football team. I live at home with only my mother and sister since my father passes away 8 years ago and since then I have not seen my mother date but I have heard humming noises from her room at night so I know she tries to satisfy her urges but on the other hand my sister is a freak and brings home a new man pretty much each night. When I say man I mean a man she doesn't date guys her age but older ones.

My mom and my sister look almost identical except my mom's has a little bit more weight to her but she carries it nicely. My mom stands at 5'8" weighs 140 lbs with long brown hair that travels down to her plump sexy round ass with a nice sexy pair of full breasts. My sister looks pretty much the same except she only weighs 125 lbs but has the same sexy ass and cup smaller breasts. I have had countless fantasies of both of them and they have fueled countless masturbation sessions of mine but I never tried to make them realities.

Lately I have noticed that my urges have been growing and are becoming more and harder to ignore. My cock seems like it never goes down and for a while I tried to hide it but for a week now I have decided that if I am not going to hide it and am just going to let it do its things. I have had people at school make fun of me but I also have noticed a lot of girls staring down there since my cock is around 8 inches when hard and makes a big tent in whatever I wear.

I had not really paid much attention to the reaction of my mom or my sister but I started to notice my sister licking her lips whenever I was in the room but I played it off as her usual nympho self but for the past couple of days I have noticed my mom staring down at my cock while I wasn't looking and even drooling at one point. I have to admit it got me extra turned on to know my mom was looking and it even made me leak precum sometimes.

The series of events that would change my life forever started today when my mom called me into her room.

"Hey Bryan can you come into my room for a second I need to talk to you," she said as she peaked her head out of her room.

I always obeyed my mom so I didn't think twice about going into her room. I walked over to room and walked in half way into the room but didn't see my mom. I wheeled around when I heard the door slam behind me and I was shocked by what I saw. My mom was standing behind the door stark naked smiling at me.

"Mom what the hell are you doing?" I asked as my mouth dropped open staring at her gorgeous body.

"Bryan! Don't have a potty mouth," my mom said as she walked toward me with a smile.

"Oh um sorry mom but why on earth are you naked?" I asked her as I stared at her magnificent big breasts.

"Well I guess I should explain myself. I have always been a very horny woman and since I reached puberty I have needed my urges met or else I can't function. When I was a teen and before I started having sex masturbation was capable of satisfying but since I first had sex it was the only thing that could satisfy me so yes your mom did sleep around a lot. Once I met your dad I stopped looking around and I gave myself solely to him but since he passed away I my urges have really been hitting me and my masturbation hasn't been working out. I tried to find men to satisfy my urges but men today are too aggressive and there is too much of a chance of getting an STD so I decided to find someone I knew to do it but that backfired on me actually that is why we moved last time. I finally made a decision a few days ago that for a while ago I have noticed you have a continuous bulge in your pants that never goes down and since you seem to have relentless urges I was thinking maybe you could help me satisfy mine," she said as she reached me and had a hopeful look on her face.

"Wait you mean for me to help find a guy to satisfy your urges?" I asked in hope I may be wrong.

"No son I am asking you to fuck me and fuck me hard," mom said as she started to rub my crotch as she smiled at me.

"Well um I am not sure I mean you are very sexy and of course you are turning me on and I would love to fuck you but you are my mom and you could get pregnant," I said as I stared at her hand rubbing my crotch.

"It is ok sweety I am on the pill so I can't get pregnant and I don't know about you but I think it is hotter that I am your mother and if you won't tell anybody then I won't," she said as she started to unbutton my pants.

I couldn't even respond I was so turned on and I felt that since I didn't stop her from opening my pants she got what I thought. I just laid back on my forearms as she finally finished unbuttoning my pants and slowly unzipped my pants making my cock jump as she slowly slid my pants off along with my boxers as I raised my hips so she could slide them from my body. As she was down by my feet she took my shoes off and socks off.

"Well I guess I know your answer," she said as she smiled at me as she saw my mouth open letting out a groan of pleasure.

She slowly snaked her tongue out and licked her way up my leg right up to my crotch but didn't lick it but went down and did the same thing to my other leg. I let out a sound of disappointment from my lips.

"Don't worry sweety in due time in due time," she said as she stroked my legs.

"Oh god mommy please you are turning me on so much I need it and I need it bad," I said as I tried to thrust my cock into her face.

She moved back away from my cock and said, "No, no sweety not yet just lay back and wait and I promise you sweety you will not be disappointed."

I stopped the thrusts and looked deep in my mom's eyes and I just knew somehow she knew what she was doing so I obliged her wishes and moved back and laid on the bed with my cock sticking up in the air waiting for my mommy's next move.

"There you go sweety now just relax and be patient and it will all be worth it," she said as she slid sexily up my body.

I did as my mommy told me and I laid there as she slid up my body kissing my chest all the way up till she reached my lips and bent down and we started kissing each other passionately slowly letting our tongues entwine with each other. My cock was pressed right against her pussy and it was torture feeling the heat of her pussy against my cock but not being able to do anything about it but meanwhile she was starting to kiss my neck and nibbling on it giving me a hickie. I just groaned from the pleasure as she kissed her way down my chest sliding her body down mine as she did. She started to get close to my cock with her lips.

I was getting more and more excited as she got closer and closer to my cock and I said, "Yes mommy please go faster. Please lick my cock."

She seemed like she was going to oblige me at first as she reached the top of my crotch and was about to touch my cock when she moved way right and started down my leg.

I groaned in frustration but she said, "Don't worry sweety I know it is tough but just wait and it will be all worth it."

I knew my mommy knew what she was doing and I just sat back and groaned as she went back up my leg and did the other one and then her mouth left my body and I didn't feel anything. I was half way sitting up before I felt her wet mouth engulf my cock which felt so good I threw my head back and groaned like an animal. My mommy was right it sure was worth the wait because it felt amazing with her hot wet mouth sliding up and down my cock sucking away. The anticipation of the moment and the actual moment was too much and I knew I was getting close.

"Oh fuck mommy I am getting so close," I said as I started sliding my hand through her hair as she sucked my cock in deep.

"It is ok sweety cum in mommy's mouth," she said when she came up for air.

"Here it cums mommy! I am cumming!" I yelled as I felt my balls twitch and felt my cum shoot up through my balls to my cock and shoot rope after rope of hot thick cum deep down her throat.

My mommy didn't even seem to notice she just kept on sucking my cock as my cum flowed down her throat without a single glob of my cum leaking out of her mouth. My mommy kept sucking on my cock eating up the last of my cum until my limp cock flopped out of her mouth.

"Mmm sweety that tasted good. What a desert." She said as she swooshed my cum around in her mouth.

I think I shocked her when I walked up to her and grabbed her head in my hands and gave her a passionate French kiss which at first she didn't respond to but when I let my tongue slide in her mouth she responded by letting my cum flow into my mouth. We played with my cum in our mouths before we each swallowed half.

"Wow sweety that was so hot and kinky, your father would never do something like that but I sure wish he would," she said as she stood back.

"I am kind of shocked with myself as well but I am happy I did it because it was tasty," I said as I smiled at her, "but now it is my turn to please you."

"Oh and what do you have in mind for me," she asked me seductively with a finger between her lips.

"Just wait and see," I said smiling as I grabbed her by the hips and picked her up and carried her to the bed and laid her down on her back.

"Uhhh what do you have in mind sweety?" she asked giggling.

I didn't answer mommy but just got on my knees and opened her legs wide and instead of torturing her like she did to me I just went right to it. I stuck my tongue out and started to take long licks from her asshole to her clit making her groan and moan so loud it only got me more excited. I decided I couldn't wait any longer.

"I am sorry mommy but I can't wait any longer. I have to have your pussy wrapped around my cock now mommy," I said as I stood up and wrapped my hand around my cock.

"Oh god sweety I have been fantasizing about this for years and I have been waiting to hear you say that forever. Please sweety stick your cock in my pussy and fuck me please sweety do it for mommy," she begged me as she saw my cock in my hand.

I was not going to be one to deprive my mommy of what she wants so I took a hold of her hips and slammed forward impaling my mommy on my cock. I never heard a woman scream so loud or moan so loud as she did as I started to slowly go in and out of her pussy with my cock. Her moans and screams were getting me hornier and hornier.

"Please sweety faster, fuck me faster please!" she screamed as her eyes glazed over with pure lust and she grabbed a hold of my ass and started to pull herself onto my cock.

I obliged my mommy and started to rock faster in and out of her pussy creating a rhythm with her hands on my ass. I was starting to really fuck my mommy good pounding away into her tight hot wet juicy pussy as her nails dug into my hard ass as we created a rhythm together. My pubes started to tickle her clit making her moan and groan like an animal which only fueled my fucking even more.

"Oh fuck sweety I am getting close, so close sweety," she said as she closed her eyes.

I started to fuck her as fast as I can as I grabbed a hold of her shoulders and pulled her onto my cock. I was in heaven as I felt her orgasm build and explode as her back arched and her pussy squeezed so tight on my cock I thought it was going to fall off along with a horde of screams and moans. Her screams, moans and her orgasm only led to the setting of of my orgasm as I took one last thrust and started to spurt no squirt loads of cum deep into her pussy and while I was doing that I thought I vaguely heard someone say," Yes there you go bro fill mommy with your hot cum." I was so out of it I dismissed it until I finished filling her with my cum and I slid out of her and collapsed next to her on the bed.

"Bravo Bravo bro that was such a hot show. You really gave it to mommy," My sis said as she stood at the door way looking at us.

"Oh my god sis how long have you been there?" I asked as I tried to cover up embarrassed of what I just did.

"Don't worry sweety your sis already knew about this because I told her about it in fact I think she would like to join us, wouldn't you sweety," My mommy asked as she looked over at my sister not even trying to cover up.

"Oh hell yeah I would," my sister said as she was getting undressed.

I just sat there staring at my gorgeous sister getting undressed as my mom started sucking on my cock to clean it up but that is a story for another time. I hope you all enjoyed my stories and any comments would be greatly appreciated and I hope you all vote for this story. Thanks again.

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