tagIncest/TabooMom's Nighttime Surprise

Mom's Nighttime Surprise


I am a 41 year old mom of two. I would say I am a typical mother in her 40's, not ugly, not a ten, not skinny, not fat, just average. I do have fairly large breasts that men seem to like, but they sag too much for my likes.

It is summer now and it seemed like it might be one of the last chances we have to get all the family together for a vacation. I think this year will be the last year we can get our oldest son to go on a "family" vacation with all of us.

So we rented a mobile recreational vehicle, tent, and camping gear and headed out to the mountains.

At this point, nothing unusual has occurred. Normal pains of getting ready to go and driving out to the camping area. The first day was normal, totally normal. When I think back now, nothing happened that would have set the stage for what happened next.

It only took about one night to get the sleeping arrangements down. Our youngest wanted to sleep in the tent and my husband slept in the tent with him. I was not going to sleep in the tent and my oldest wasn't into that much so he and I slept in the RV.

We were all sitting outside eating .. around the fire till late. My oldest son was the first to call it a night and went to the RV to bed. I didn't go back to the RV until about an hour or two later. As I was waking to the door, I was a little irritated trying to figure out how I was going to change into my night clothes.

The RV was dark, I had to turn on some sort of light to see anything. My oldest son is a deep sleeper so I wasn't too worried about that except for my need to change. Once I turned on the light I checked to see that he was where I thought he was, and he was. He sleeps in the the bed at the far end of the RV. My bed was near there, but off to the side. As I walked to the back to get my clothes, I watched him carefully to see if he was awake. No, he was asleep, on his back, head turned away from me. This made me feel a lot better, I needed to change.

I undressed in a manner that showed the least, just in case he woke up. I was watching him as I dropped my pants, then my undies. This was reasonably safe, my shirt was long enough to cover my butt. Now for the risky part, i had to unbutton my shirt and get my bra off then put my night shirt on.

I paused to listen to his breathing. He sounded asleep. Just when I was ready to do it, he moved his legs, I froze. I was still. Did he wake up? No, he was still breathing the same. OMG, that is when I saw it. He wasn't covered and his penis fell out of his shorts. I could see it all, even some of his balls. The first thought that went through my mind was "Is he hard?"

At this point is was more like watching an accident, I didn't want to look, but I had to. "No, he wasn't hard, he just had a man size soft cock, pretty big and thick"

I found myself looking at his cock from time to time as I changed, but I managed to put it out of my mind. For about 5 seconds, and it felt like much longer, I was totally nude and my sons cock was 4 feet away. A wave of guilt hit me and I finished changing, pushing that perversion out of my mind.

I turned off the light and headed my bed to get some sleep.

At some point during the night I had to pee really bad, so I got up and left the RV to take care of business. The moon was full and very bright. I had no need for the flash light as I made my way to the restroom building.

After returning to the RV, I walked inside. The moon was beaming through the window, so I didn't need the light. As I walked over to my bed, I did the unthinkable, I looked to see if his cock was still hanging out. OMG it was and it was rock hard. That was the biggest cock I have seen in real life. I bet I could put two hands on it, holding it like a baseball bat and the head would still be showing. Damn, it would be just like the handle of a baseball bat. His cock was so hard and stiff it wanted to be standing up but the weight of it laid it on this stomach.

I put it out of my mind and got into bed, but I just tossed and turned. I knew what need to be done. I can masturbate very quietly and I didn't have a choice.

I could hear him sleeping as I pulled up my shirt some to start masturbating. I kept the covers on so I could play it off as sleeping if he woke up. I started thinking about some of the men I saw that day then just started to think about how good rubbing my pussy felt. I was getting closer and closer, damn, I need a cock right now. Thats when I crossed the line, I opened my eyes and looked right at his big cock. Boom, boom, the wave of pleasure hit me. I came the second I looked at that big fat cock. I closed my eyes and pretended that didn't happen.

Part II

My pussy was still throbbing, I was hot. I tossed of the blanket not thinking about my pussy being in full view.

It really was an innocent idea at first. I really wanted to get the windows open to get some air flowing. I got up, opened one near my bed but the other was near my sons bed. I started toward the bed and window and son, damn, that is when it got weird.

As I reached his bed, I did look at that cock. It really was big. I tried to reach for the window at the foot of his bed, I could touch it but didn't have the leverage to open it. I knew I needed to put at least one knee on the bed to open it. When I did that, the mattress pressed down and caused his lower body to lean my way, but he was still asleep. Now I am halfway on the bed, knee and foot turned sideways, my ass pointing towards his face and he rolled. He rolled towards me, his massive semi-hard cock flopped right on the back of my ankle. I froze and waited, my pussy throbbed again. Damn, his cock was getting hard again. I used two fingers and gently lifted the head of his cock off my leg as I put my leg back on the ground.

The head of his cock was now right at the edge of the bed, hanging over the edge about 1 inch by the time he got mostly hard. I was totally out of control. I started to rub my pussy as I watched it. He could have opened his eyes at any time. I was so close to cumming. I just had to do it. I leaned my body into the bed, spread my pussy lips and let them gently wrap the head of his massive cock. I held it there for about 5 seconds while rubbing my clit.

I came so hard I pulled back away from the bed, falling to the floor. The noise woke him. He noticed I was on the ground and asked me if I was OK. Just then he noticed his cock was out and put it away.

As I laid in bed after that, "I'm sure he was awake." "I think he saw my pussy as I was on the floor." I acted like I was sleeping, breathing heavy.

I thought it might happen, he rolled on his back and started masturbating. I watched everything and rubbed my clit as he did it. He made me cum for a third time when I saw that cum shoot out of his cock.

I don't know that I would ever make it happen but if he ever tries to fuck me, I just couldn't turn him down.

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i would love to read these articles and see some pictures...but this is great too

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