tagIncest/TabooMom's Red Bikini

Mom's Red Bikini


Melanie had spent the day by the pool and in the pool. The by the pool was for keeping a sexy color to her complexion, the in was for keeping her body so sexy. She was a woman with sexy curves and liked the attention her face and body brought her. She had gotten so much attention, her husband finally left unable to deal with the jealousy of that attention. He left both her and their now adult son, Rob. They had a great relationship, very open and affectionate. She admitted she was very devoted to her son and had actually not gone out since the divorce to raise him.

Melanie decided to go in, have a drink and relax. As she got up, she noticed that all the swimming she had done had left her rather sore. She poured herself some white wine and decided to layout on the couch still in her red bikini. In fifteen minutes or so she would shower and then start preparing dinner for her and Rob.

It was 40 minutes later and she was asleep, tired from the sun and swim and relaxed from the wine. By then Rob was home and was sitting across from her, admiring his mom's body. All his friends made notice of her incredible looks and hot body. It wasn't like he could agree with them out loud, but in truth, he had been masturbating about her for years. Rob hadn't lacked sexual experience, but it was rare when he didn't fantasize about his mom when he did have sex. For the last five minutes, he had thought of getting his camera and snapping a few pictures that he could use to jack-off to.

Suddenly Melanie's eyes started fluttering and she was awake. "Hi Honey, " Melanie sleepily purred. "Hi mom, " Rob responded. "I feel asleep relaxing from a day's swimming and sunning. Do you mind if I just order us a pizza?" asked Melanie? Rob assured her he was up for pizza (but really up for you-thought Rob). When Melanie got up, she noticed she was really sore and could use a massage. Well, there was her handsome son, why not ask him?

Melanie asked her son for a massage, explaining her soreness. Rob had massaged her mom's shoulders before, but now she was asking for a body massage and wearing that little bikini. "Of course," said Rob and he hoped he didn't sound too anxious. They decided to go up to her room. There he grabbed some lotion and watched her lay on her stomach. Her luscious ass was barely covered and he was instantly hard. "Idiot! This is your mom!" thought Rob, but he couldn't help it.

Rob started rubbing his mom's shoulders and back. He was being gentle, but worried that his mom would notice his shaking hands. He decided his best bet was rubbing her harder, it seemed to be less of a chance to have his hands shake. Melanie let out a little moan as his touch was draining tension and soreness from her body. Occasionally his hands would slide along the side of her breasts. Melanie thought she should say something, but then she realized that she was only thinking this way because his touch was turning her on a little. "You pervert!" she thought to herself, "He's your son and are you so aching for tough that an innocent brush of his hands would turn you on?

When Rob got to the small of his mother's back, he skipped over to her thighs. The fact was, Melanie's ass had some soreness as well. Melanie asked her son to not skip over any part of her backside. Rob nervously poured some lotion on his mother's hot ass and Melanie pulled some of her bathing suit into her ass a little. Melanie started to feel her pussy moisten a little as her son's fingers grounded into her ass. For his part, Rob was more rock hard than he had ever been. It was then that Melanie felt her son's hard-on against her thigh when she squirmed slightly. "Has it been so long since you had cock that you would get so turned on by your son?" thought Melanie.

But she couldn't help herself, as his hands worked their way down, she was becoming more excited and wetter. The occasional bumping into his hard cock, incased in jeans or not, only put Melanie into more of a frenzy. When he asked her if that was good, Melanie told him she felt guilty for how good he had made her feel and she wanted to return the favor. Rob wanted to say, "Hello no!" But this was only because he had no idea he could keep it a secret how hard his dick was from touching his mom's hot sexy body. He didn't want to make it to obvious, so his mild protests were ignored away, and upon her insistence, he stripped down to his boxers and was lying on his stomach. He hoped she hadn't noticed his raging hard-on. Of course there was no such luck and Melanie smiled to see he was every bit as turned on as her.

Melanie squeezed and massaged his body. She also increased the 'accidental' contacts of her breasts against her son's body. She then told Rob to turn over so she could rub his chest. Rob definitely didn't want to show off his obvious hard dick, but had no choice. When she saw his hard cock, Rob also noticed that she had a wet spot on her bikini bottoms. They looked into each other's eyes and they both knew that there was no use pretending anymore,

His fantasy was becoming his reality and it just seemed insanity was taking over. Her body so beautiful and so curvy was seemingly weightless as he pulled her close to him and then pushed her down under him. As she lay across the bed, he knew patience was what was called for, but he couldn't respond to the call. They stripped the little clothes they had on. Her lovely pussy was too much temptation, he had to smell Melanie, touch Melanie, taste Melanie. Kissing and licking from the inside of her right thigh, he quickly moved his lips and tongue to her pussy, he licked her lips and pushed his tongue inside her. He just couldn't get enough of her, he was a man famished for the taste of his mother. He licked all around her and inserted a finger and began a rhythmic in and out, picking up the pace of his fingerfuck and tongue licking as he felt her hips buck more and more against him, letting Rob know she was about to cum. She came quickly, the excitement and pace was overwhelming and still Rob continued to lick her. She tried to pull away, felling hypersensitivity throughout her body, electricity running though her from head to toe. She twisted her body around trying to get away. With a finger still plunging in and out of her, his mouth covered her ass with kisses and moved specifically to her butt hole. Robert was fucking his mom's ass with his tongue and her pussy with his finger. She felt she was going to burst and she did with an orgasm that rocked and shook her entire body.

She pulled away from him, both of them in giggles, it was a great start and less than an hour earlier, neither of them would have believed this would happen. They were close, but still mother and son. Melanie looked at her son lying on the other end and looked at his hard cock staring obscenely at her and had to return the favor. She attacked his cock like Rob had his mother's pussy, with an aggressive, yet loving manner. She used her mouth to make love to his cock, as though that was the only part of him that existed. All he could think was, "Is there anything mom isn't perfect at or about?" He could have easily have stayed there, enjoy this tender but aggressive cock sucking by the beautiful lips and face of his exotic sexy mother, but he still felt this was half a dream and he had to take full advantage of the moment. He put one hand on her head, not to control her pace, how do you improve perfection? He wanted to feel the soft hair he had so long admired. He leaned forward and kissed along her back he once again began kissing her sexy ass. With his other hand he reached around and began to play with her nipples that capped breast, so large, so firm, so wonderful!

It was with hands groping each other, mouths and tongues covering the other and bodies rubbing across one another that what had to happen, began. He found himself lying on his back when his mom lowered herself on Rob. His cock entered her pussy and it felt like it was made to be there. She rode her hips up and down with style and grace and a perfect rhythm, his hips met hers in perfect timing. It was impossible to believe it was their first time together. Robert lifted himself up and with both sitting up he was as deep in her as he could be and their bodies kept pushing back and forth, in and out. He slid along the bed after a bit and still inside her, he stood up, he walked her away to a chair before he pulled her off his cock and bent her over the chair. Rob then began licking his mom from her pussy to her asshole and from her asshole to her pussy. He kept the long licks going for a while, but then shifted to licking her clit for a bit and then tongue fucking her sexy little butt hole while squeezing her hot sexy ass. Melanie needed something else right then and she told him what it was.

"Get behind me and fuck me hard, FUCK ME HARD!" she screamed. In an instant Rob was behind her and his cock slipped easily into her wet hot pussy. He started fucking her slowly, getting their pace set, but as she screamed for a harder and harder fuck, he grabbed hold of her sexy tits and really went for a savage fuck of that sexy pussy. They bucked and thrashed at each other. It was an incredible scene and neither was going to last long. He watched as her body convulsed with an epic orgasm. He wanted to last, but the sight of this perfect body that moved with wanton motion, plus she possessed a face so beautiful, it was more sensation than he could hope to control himself in front of. He pulled out of her and he walked back to the bed. Waving a finger to him, he moved over to her. Melanie said, "I need my pussy eaten some more." He lay down beside her and pulled her on top of him, he told her to ride his face so she could direct how she wanted him to eat her, plus he could play with those incredible boobs.

She felt another orgasm course through her body and asked him for the lotion. He handed Melanie the lotion and he watched as she poured a generous amount between her boobs. Melanie then told Rob to lie down and prepare to eat her pussy some more. Once again he did as he was told and sat her legs straddled his head, she was faced in the opposite direction and put her tits around his cock. As his tongue fucked her, her tongues fucked him. As he tasted her, he had the visual pleasure of watching her ass move back and forth. His taste buds pleased, his yes mesmerized, he felt those perfect boobs incase his cock. She rocked her body back and forth, squeezing tightly. Their tempo of their action increased. As her body built up to another orgasm, Melanie could feel her son's cock ready to burst. She felt her body go over the edge as she felt cum burst out of Rob's cock, it sprayed over her tits and face and into her mouth. Their bodies shook as she turned around to pull closer to him. They both began rubbing his cum onto her body. Soon enough, the question of "what now?" would enter their lives, but for a little longer they could enjoy themselves.

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