Mom's Second Chance


It didn't last long.

Mom leaned down into my lap, her big tits resting on my legs, and stood my cock up with her hand. Then she kissed the head.

"It's been so long," she said, barely loud enough for me to hear her, and then kissed it again, right on the tip. That kiss turned into a wider parting of her lips, and she sucked the head between them.

I groaned, and she moaned around me. She pumped her hand at the bottom while she sucked the head and swirled her tongue around it.

"God, Mom."

"Mmm hmm," she moaned, and then sucked deeper, taking me all the way down to her hand in her hot mouth.

I put one hand on the back of her head while I fondled her breast with the other. She kept moaning as she sucked up and down my cock, and I could feel it vibrating through me. I was breathing hard and fast, grunting from how good it felt. My balls were tightening, and I knew it wasn't going to be long.

Right when I thought I was going to blow my load, she slurped back to the head and let it pop from between her lips. "Are you about to come?"

"Uh huh," I admitted.

"I want you to, honey. Tell me when you're about to do it."

Her breath from the last couple of words tickled my wet cock, and it jumped in her hand as she slid her lips down over it again.

"Yeah, Mom. Oh, fuck," I groaned, unable to hold it back as her head bobbed over my lap, sucking me hard and fast. In only a few seconds, I was there. "Gonna come," I remembered to say at the last second.

Mom slipped her lips back to the head and stroked my erection fast with her hand. I jerked and let out a loud growl as I went off in her mouth. She squealed as the first squirt shot out, then moaned as more and more pumped into her mouth. She took every single drop, and then let me go just as the intense pleasure turned to mild discomfort.

"Sorry," I said, embarrassed that I'd come so quickly.

"It was your first time, Chance. It's okay. Mmm, you taste so good, honey."

My head was a complete muddle. No matter how hard I'd went off while watching her, it paled in comparison to coming in her mouth. I looked over and smiled as Mom sat up, and then stood. I gasped as she walked in front of me and pushed down her bikini bottom.

Like her tits, the pale skin beneath the cloth stood out and attracted even more attention to her pussy. The nest of curly hairs between her legs was only shaved just enough on the sides not to peek out from under her bikini bottom. It wasn't like a pelt, hiding everything, because I could see hints of her pussy beneath.

She parted her legs, sliding one knee on either side of me until she was kneeling on the couch with her breasts right in my face.

"Please, honey. I've been waiting so long," she said as she gave them a jiggle.

Even as lethargic as I was, I couldn't resist that. I cupped both of the heavy globes in my hands, squeezing them together, and kissed the valley between them.

"That's it, honey. I know you like them."

"Love them," I agreed between kisses.

"Suck on them, honey. They're aching."

I turned my head a little, lifted the right one higher, and sucked the nipple between my lips. I can't even begin to describe how it felt between my lips as I nursed on her nipples and she cradled my head in her hand. The coconut scent of the lotion smeared on her body filled my lungs.

"Yes, honey. Harder."

She yelped as I did what she asked, sucking hard enough to draw some of the bumpy circle around her nipple into my lips as well. She pushed her hips against me, and I could feel the hair between her legs tickling my tummy.

"Just like that. You're making me so wet, honey."

I had no reason to doubt that when I switched nipples. Mom ground her pussy against me, and I could feel the hair getting slippery.

Back and forth I went between her nipples as Mom moaned and whimpered, constantly rubbing her pussy against me. I would have been perfectly content to suck on her tits for hours, but she leaned back and pulled away with a gasp after a while.

"Would you like to touch my pussy, honey?"

"Yeah," I blurted out far more exuberantly than I intended.

A sexy chuckle shook her and she said, "Move down to the other end of the couch for a second."

My legs were still a little wobbly as I lifted up and half slid, half bounced to the other side of the couch. As soon as I'd made room, Mom lay back against the arm of the couch, and spread her legs wide, putting one foot down on the floor, and the other on the back of the couch.

"Come here, and let me show you."

I didn't have any trouble finding the strength to do that. As I moved in next to her, she smoothed back the hair to show me her pussy. I could see wetness glistening from the pink lips.

"These are my lips," she explained, rubbing a finger up and down them. "It feels good if you lick them and suck on them."

I nodded, leaning in closer as she used two fingers to push her nether lips apart.

"Give me a finger," she requested, and when I did, she slid it inside of her. "Down here at the bottom is my vagina. That's where your cock goes."

"It's so hot and wet inside," I said, fascinated by the sensation, and the texture of her walls.

"Come closer. This is the important part," she said as she pulled my finger out of her and spread the lips at the top of her pussy apart again.

I put a hand down on the cushion and bent over until I was only inches away from the V of her legs. The scent of her that had so excited me from her panties was much stronger, to the point that it made me feel lightheaded, and mingled with the coconut from the sunscreen.

"Right here is my hood, and under that is my clit. It's sensitive, just like the head of your cock, and if you rub it or lick it right, you'll make me come."

"Do you want me to lick it?"

She shivered, and I saw her pussy lips contract, pulling away from her fingers. "Yes. Please, Chance."

Mom's hands settled on either side of my head as I slipped between her legs. She tugged gently, guiding me to her, and I pressed my tongue into her folds.

I felt drunk from the very first lick. I could feel her folds slipping beneath my tongue as her hairs tickled my face. Her taste was much like her scent, a little off-putting, but at the same time, so exciting that I couldn't get enough.

"Harder. Wiggle your tongue a little."

I followed that direction, and the silent ones from her hands that tugged me toward her clit. I could feel it beneath my tongue as I lapped her. It was smoother than her lips, which had spongy little bumps everywhere.

"Oh, yes, Chance," she moaned. "Harder. Faster. Make me come, honey."

I didn't have the slightest problem with that, even though my neck and jaw were both starting to ache a little. I lapped her as hard and fast as I could, encouraged by her whimpers growing louder and her legs twitching.

"Uh huh. Uh huh. Mmm. Do you like it?"

"Yeah," is all I was willing to say before diving back in with my tongue.

"Do you want me to come for you, honey?"

"Yeah, I want you to come."

"Oh yes," she cried out, lifting her hips to press her pussy tighter against me.

Her right leg settled on my back, and her fingers twined into my hair. She started to twitch, and I could hear her breathing hard. The flow of her juices increased, and I drank them up eagerly.

"So close, sweetie," she cried out. "Don't stop."

As if.

Suddenly, all the words running together and loud, she said, "Suck it. Suck on my clit."

It took a little sucking and wiggling my head around before I managed to pull it between my lips, but I knew I had it right when she let out a high-pitched, warbling scream.

"Yes. Yes. Yes. I'm going to c-c-c-c... Ohhhh! YES!"

I winced as her fingers pulled at my hair. She shook like she had an earthquake inside her, and I could feel her clit throbbing between my lips. After that first cry, she lurched, nearly bucking me from between her legs, and let out a screech.

I kept sucking, and pressed my tongue against her clit as well when I noticed that caused her to stiffen and scream again. She just kept coming and coming, until I thought she was going to pull all my hair out and break my neck from the way she was thrashing around.

Finally, she sucked in a long, noisy gasp and let it out as a groan. Her fingers relaxed and slipped down the side of my face. Her leg slid off my back as well. I pulled back to catch a deep breath, and then went back for more.

Mom let out a squeaky sound and pushed against my face with a quivering hand. "Oh. Oh lord. W-wait."

"Did it feel good?"

She let out a weak chuckle and cupped her hand between her legs, which caused her back to arch up off the couch. "Wonderful. Oh, and you're only going to get better at it."

That implied that I was going to get to lick her pussy again, and actually caused my cock to twitch.

"Come here and give me a kiss while I catch my breath."

I got up and leaned over her, putting my hands on the arm of the couch beside her head. For the first time, I kissed her lips, and a chill shot through me when her tongue slipped out as well.

"Mmm. So sweet," she whispered when our lips parted. "I love you, Chance."

"I love you too, Mom," I breathed, and it meant something far different this time than it ever had before.

I sat back down and just looked at her. Her face was flushed, and she was still quivering every once in a while. My face was smeared with her juices, and all of her pussy hair was damp. It was hard to believe it was real, in a way.

After a couple of minutes, she let out a groan and sat up. "Mmm. I needed that so much — for so long."

"It was great."

"Mmm hmm," she agreed, and then chuckled. "But I want you inside me, too."

The problem with that was that I wasn't hard. I still hadn't recovered from coming in her mouth.

She obviously knew what I was thinking, because she said, "I think I can fix that."

Mom slipped off the couch and on to her knees in front of me. She pushed my legs apart, and then pulled until I moved right to the edge of the cushion. She looked up at me with the most incredibly sexy expression I'd ever seen in my life, and then ducked her head down to lick my balls.

She only used the tip of her tongue, running it all over my balls, and then up my shaft. When she circled it under the ridge of my cockhead, it twitched, and she moaned.

Back to my balls she went, this time lapping them with broad strokes a few times, and then teasing with the tip again. Slowly, but surely, I began to swell, much to my amazement. It usually took me about an hour to get hard after coming once, and in less than half that time, Mom had me rising.

As soon as it has straightened to about half-mast, she leaned over me and wiggled while looking up into my eyes. Her tits bounced my cock back and forth while she said, "Make it hard for me, Chance."

As soon as she said that, she squeezed her breasts around me. They were so warm and soft, and felt incredible when she stroked me between them. Soon enough, I was rock hard, though a little numb.

She released me from the warm nest of her breasts, and slowly stood up, dragging her nipples over my chest, and kissed me.

"You're probably not going to last long your first time. Your dad didn't either, but I found a way to make him last longer, so I bet it will work for you, too. Tell me if you're getting too close so I can stop for a little bit. Okay?"

I nodded, unable to summon up a single word as I considered that I was about to have my cock inside a real, live pussy for the first time.

Mom pulled her knees up on the couch again, and centered her bottom over my hips. I swallowed as she stood my cock straight up beneath her and wiggled it between her legs. I groaned from the feeling of her slippery juices coating me, and then held my breath as she sank down.

A loud grunt rumbling from my throat, I lost my virginity deep inside my mother's, tight, hot pussy.

"Ohh, Chance. Oh, it feels so big. It's been so long. It feels so good."

"I love your pussy, Mom," I breathed.

"I love your cock, honey. Tell me if you're getting too close, or if I hurt you," she reminded me, and then pulled my shirt over my head, so we were finally both completely naked.

Mom rocked her hips forward and back, rubbing her clit at the same time. Her breasts made little clapping sounds as they swung with her motion. Grunts and groans tumbled from my lips as I watched her ride me, her pussy caressing me as it stirred in her depths.

Her breathing quickened, and her hips moved farther. It started to pull at the root of my cock, but it couldn't take away from the feeling of her wrapped around me, or the sight of me buried inside her. Her face grew flushed, and she started to move faster.

"Oh. Oh, Chance. You're so deep inside me. Oh, I'm going to come so hard."

"Yeah, come for me," I encouraged her, remembering how she reacted the last time I'd said it.

Her voice jumped an octave. "Going to come on your cock, baby."

After that, I absolutely felt the pull. She slammed her hips back and forth at a relentless pace, her fingers almost a blur as she rubbed her clit. The clap of her breasts turned into smacks. With every stroke, she let out a loud whimper. Then, she froze in place, threw her head back, and wailed to the ceiling above.

Her pussy squeezed even tighter around me as she came, trembling violently atop me. She fell forward after a few seconds, her head thumping into my chest, but she still wasn't done coming. I wrapped my arms around her as she shivered and whimpered through her orgasm.

Her voice sounded more than a little funny because one cheek was pressed against my chest when she said, "Oh, honey. I came so hard."

I had no idea what to say, but I know I had a grin on my face about a mile wide.

Mom took a few panting breaths, and then put her hands on my chest to push back up into a seated position. She groaned and stiffened for a moment from the sensation, but then caught her breath and wiggled into a comfortable position.

"I'm going to ride you again, but this time, just before I come, I'm going to get off, and I want you to fuck me. I want to come with you when you fill me up."

"In your pussy?"

"Ohh, yes. It's okay. Don't worry. I want to feel you come inside me, Chance."


"Mmm. Good boy."

She didn't waste any time, going straight into a strong rocking motion atop my cock. This time, she added a few circles now and then, which always made her moan. It didn't take long for her to start whimpering.

"Oh, I'm already getting close. Are you ready, honey?"

"Yeah. You're so hot when you come."

She rode me hard again after that. I could feel her juices dripping down my balls as she slammed her hips back and forth and rubbed her clit. Her face was bright red as she gasped for breath between yelps and whimpers.

She lifted up with no warning, a ragged gasp escaping her as my cock slapped against me and spattered her juices on my stomach. She slid her knees back off the cushion and instantly turned to bend over with her hands on the arms of the couch.

"Hurry," she begged, and reached back with one hand to rub her clit again.

I rocked up off the couch and moved in behind her. As soon as I was close, she stopped playing with her clit and held an open hand behind her. Once my cock touched her hand, she guided it against her pussy lips, and I pushed it in.

"Ah! Yes, honey. Give it to me."

"Oh my god, Mom," I groaned as I fucked her, and then almost instantly slipped free to poke hard against her butt.

She guided me back in again, and I made sure to take shorter strokes this time. As good as her pussy had felt before, it was a thousand times better sliding in and out of it. Her butt jiggled and a loud smack sounded every time I thrust into her. I could see her tits swinging every which way as I rocked her body with a virgin's enthusiasm.

"Baby, going to c-come," she cried out.

She'd been absolutely right about me not lasting long the first time. "Me too."

"Yes! Give it to m-eee!" The last word turned into an ear-piercing shriek as she came.

I growled as her pussy squeezed me like a vice. Two strokes later, I jammed my cock into her and let out a roar.

"Yes, b-baby," she cried out as I pumped my mother's pussy full of cum.

It was like every ounce of strength I had went straight out of me with my cum. My knees were wobbling, and I hung over her bent back, gasping for breath. Mom let her head sink down to the arm of the couch too, moaning between her own gasps.

I don't even remember pulling out, other than the shock of her tight pussy sliding all along it. The next thing I knew, I was sitting down on the couch, barely able to keep my eyes open.

Mom slid in next to me and snuggled up against me. "Thank you, honey. I didn't think I'd ever feel this good — this happy — again."

When she turned my head toward her, I fell into the long, sweet kiss she gave me. I knew right then and there that I was going to do anything I could to make sure she felt this good all the time.

This was what had always been missing in taking over as man of the house — in becoming my beautiful, sexy mother's Second Chance at happiness.


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