tagIncest/TabooMom's Sexy Feet and More Ch. 01

Mom's Sexy Feet and More Ch. 01


WARNING: This story contains strong language and incest/taboo content. So if you are offended by the above mentioned, please do not continue. If you are not offended, enjoy! This is my first story, so any feedback whatsoever would be greatly appreciated.


It's always been my Mom and me. I never knew my dad and didn't really care. Mom's a classy lady who is 45 years old, 5'4" in height with shoulder length brunette hair and a bust size of 34FF with size 10-12 panties and has the most scrumptious pair of feet you have ever seen. She wears a size 5 shoe, has slightly hammer shaped toes, smooth soles and a picturesque arch. Her toes go in perfect descending order in height and shape, from her big toe to her tiniest toe. Their shape also gets more hammer like the further down you go in toe size. I guess it's because her feet are squashed together in her work shoes, which have a 3" heel.

She works for British Airways, but always wanted to work for Virgin Atlantic. Those girls are so much hotter in red than the BA uniform, which is a navy blue. I guess it is appropriate work attire being a smart navy than a hot red. The uniform she wears consists of a navy blazer, white blouse, navy skirt/trousers (the skirt comes just below the knee with a slit in the back) tan or thin black coloured pantyhose (optional) and 3 inch heeled shoes which are also coloured navy.

Mom always did a lot of work throughout her life in those shoes, the pay wasn't great but we got through, so I guess that's how she got those perfectly shaped peds. An average day at work would be to help passengers get their luggage checked in and issue boarding passes, or help accompany a minor through security to board their plane, or generally help passengers that didn't know what the hell they were doing. She worked shifts and my favourite shift would have to be the early shift because she would go to work at about 5am and come home at around 2pm, which meant I had just got ready from showering and was ready to eat something. She would come home and quickly get dressed into something that is comfy and light. The usual would be jogger pants and a white Tee with a zipper-hoody. She would put her peds into black lacy style toe-covered slippers most days and in winter she wore these sheep like socks and pink slippers. She would do a little house work for a few hours then get dinner on and once dinner was cooking, she would shower then paint her nails. Her usual colours were a shade of pink or red.

Ever since I had sexual feelings I was always into mature women. I would search internet sites for hours just to find someone who resembled my Mom. Whenever I got close I would have the most amazing jerk off, lasting from 30 minutes to an hour! I only really got into feet when I became aroused by my mother's in the summer of 2006, I was 18, and since that day I always fantasised about feet.

It was a hot summer's day, about 30°C and she came home from an early shift...

"Hi hun, I'm home." She would always say this when she walked into the house.

I was watching the FIFA World Cup match between France and Switzerland in a pair of denim shorts and a Tee, not paying much attention to the game though because of how hot it was. I was drinking some coke in a tall glass full of ice with a straw... is there any other way?

"Hi Mom."

As she walked into the living room I noticed she still had her shoes on. She was a stylish lady and took pride in the way she dressed. Even for her work uniform she would buy other shoes to wear that wouldn't look too out of the ordinary but were of her own unique style. She had on these size 5 dolly's.

"Hun, I had SUCH a busy day at work today I feel like dying!"

"Aww, bad times." I replied.

"I know right!"

She saw that my glass was nearly finished so she offered to get me another, how could I refuse. It was about 2:10pm and nearing half-time in the game. She came back with my drink, but this time she wasn't wearing her work blazer. When she put down the glass of coke I couldn't believe what I had in my sights. I had an inside shot of her left 34FF tit and noticed she wore a white bra that had a design on it like flowers or something; like lingerie. As she was getting back up from putting the glass down, I noticed how undone her blouse was! (Or maybe I was imagining this) I could see her cleavage! (Nope, not imagining here) It was so deep I swear it would swallow about half a 30cm ruler!!

"Okay hun I'm goin' up to change. When I come down I'll make us some sandwiches, how does that sound?"

"That sounds great!"

I don't know if I was more excited about what I just saw or the sandwiches! I don't think she realised just how revealing she was. I started to grow a boner thinking about what Mom looked like before she left to get changed.

Mom left the living room door open and you could see some of the stairs, enough to notice if someone went up or down them. About 10 minutes after Mom went up I heard her footsteps, soon enough and turned to look. As she was coming down the stairs I noticed she had on her classic pair of joggers, no zipper-hoody, but she did have a Tee on. I wasn't sure if I heard the sound of flip-flops, because Mom never wore those. As she walked passed I sat up so I could see what she was wearing, and to my dismay they weren't flip-flops but were those black lacy toe-covered slippers she had for years. I also noticed how she had tan coloured pop-socks; you know the ones women wear when they don't want to wear a full pair of socks.

I carried on watching the half-time clips.

About 15 minutes later she walked into the living room with a tray of sandwiches and chips. I noticed how she had on a V-neck Tee with buttons and the first two buttons were undone. However, it wasn't as revealing as I would have liked; but did show an inch worth of cleavage. By now my boner had gone and a little pre-cum residue was on my boxers. I tried to position myself as to not feel the cold wetness in my boxers. Mom put the tray down on the table and as I leant forward she was moving right in front of me; I guess she wanted to sit next to me. I leaned forward whilst looking down at myself and could feel she was close to me, out of reaction I looked up whilst sorting myself out and my nose scraped her right ass cheek.

"WOop, Easy tiger."

"Sorry Mom, I didn't mean to do that I was just..."

"It's alright hun, no problem."

She said cutting me off mid sentenced. Mom plonked herself beside me on the couch with a plate of sandwiches and some chips, crossed her legs then started eating. I was hungry too so I started eating. The second half began, so we watched the game.

When she finished eating, she put her plate down on the table, then kicked her slippers off and put her feet up on the couch. She was sitting closer to the arm rest of the sofa so when she put her feet up they were closer to me. Mom sat in a Z-like shape, if you know what I mean. As the game went on I finished my food and leant forward to put it on the table. As I did so, Mom asked me to put the fan on to a faster setting, seen as I was moving I figured why not, so I did. I plonked myself down and slouched to the left. A few minutes after sitting down I noticed a faint smell in the air, I couldn't quite make out what it was. I looked at Mom to see if she noticed it, but she didn't and continued watching T.V. I looked at the tray and thought, 'naah it can't be that'. Then I noticed my mom's feet. They were about a hands length away from my right knee. I thought to myself, could that musky smell be coming from mom's feet? So I checked them out for a bit and re-positioned myself to get a bit closer to them. This wasn't going to work unless I lifted her feet up and smelt them; that would be weird, so that plan failed.

"Hun, I'm just going to rest for a little while. Scoot over to the other couch so I can stretch out my legs."

I wouldn't have minded if she put her feet up on my legs to be honest with you, but she might think I'm a pervert or something, so on second thought, I moved. When I sat down on the other couch I couldn't help but check out her feet from time-to-time. That musky scent was still in the room. To tell you the truth, I began to get slightly aroused by this aroma. It was quite alluring. I really wanted to investigate this smell, so once she's in a deeper sleep I might go and smell her feet.

NO! This is my MOM for fuck sake! What's the matter with me? That scent is really getting me aroused though.

I thought about it for a long time.

Mom was lying on her back and by now she must be in a deep sleep...I was just eyeing up her feet...I looked at her face from time to time to see if she was wondering what I was up to...nope, she was K.O. I was so engrossed in wanting to smell her feet that I totally missed how hard her nipples were! I'm such a fiend for this scent that I forgot about her huge tits! Her nipples were medium sized and had big areola space. Her montgomery glands were also visible around the circumference of her areola through her bra and Tee. It must have been because of the fan as to why her nipples were hard. As I was now aware I'm checking out my Mom, I figured what the hell, so I eyed her all the way down and stopped at her crotch. Oh my god!! It can't be! Her jogger pants must have ridden up her because I saw what I knew to be camel toe! Oh how wonderful it was to look at this woman lying down. I'm getting a full peep show here, hard nips, camel toe and the scent of musky feet. I had a raging hard on now and had to jerk this off.

I left the room as quietly as possible, thought about smelling her feet, but I might just cum my pants if I did, not to mention what Mom might think if she happened to wake up and see me sniffing her feet. So I went upstairs. As I was passing the shoe rack, I saw her work shoes...'I wonder?' I thought to myself...If her feet had that marvellous scent, then her shoes definitely will! So, as quiet as a mouse, I picked up one of her shoes...raised it slowly to my face...open end close to my nose...and took a small sniff.

Ecstasy! It was her feet that smelt this way! I knew it! I took the shoe with me upstairs, went to the bathroom and started jerking off with the shoe in my face sniffing it like I was Tony Montana with a big pile of cocaine in front of me. As I was nearing climax, I was looking over the picture in my mind of Mom lying down. I started at her face, then went down to her tits and imagined she didn't have a bra on, went down to her crotch area. I saw camel toe...wait a second...she must not be wearing any panties!...I came...

After sorting myself out, I took the shoe downstairs and put it back where it was. I walked into the living room and Mom wasn't there. I freaked for a second then heard the clanging of pots and pans, ah yes, she must be in the kitchen. I walked over and there she was making dinner. I thought... Oh man, I hope she didn't see the missing shoe. What if she did? What would she say?

I walked into the kitchen. She was cutting food and doing stuff over the cooker. I wasn't going to leave her alone today; I was too aroused by her! I sat down at the dinner table and pulled a magazine over to me that was on the table. I started to fiddle with the pages whilst hovering glances at this hot mature lady.

"Where did you get off to?"

"Oh, I just went upstairs for a bit"

"Oh, okay. Were you working out?" What? I thought to myself.

"No, what makes you say that?"

"Because your face is slightly pink..." She looked at me with this sly grin, kind of knowing that I might have been playing with myself...

"Nah, erm..." I stumbled to find an excuse "...erm, yeah I was, just doing a few push ups and sit ups."

I was in kind of good shape for my age, I had an athletic body, more slim than muscular however. She 'hmmed' to acknowledge what I said then carried on with preparing dinner.

I positioned the magazine so that I could see her over it, so that if she turned around I could quickly avert my eyes from her and make it look as though I was reading. I got about 15 minutes of oogling her ass. She had a nice figure, curves in the right places, her tits were definitely better than her ass, but her ass was still nice; it was firm with a nice roundness to it. From time to time she would need to get something out of the lower cupboards and when she would bend over I could see a little of her inside tits. Oh how I wanted to suck those tits so bad! They looked soft, but not like if you slapped your cock on them they would be watery. They were more firm and juicy looking, like they were full of milk! I don't know why they would be full of milk, but they looked that way. I bet the guys at her work would talk about her and how they would like to do all the things I'm thinking to her. I don't blame them either, she is a total MILF!

"Hun, the dinner is nearly done. Could you keep an eye on it for me while I go shower?"

"Of course Mom. No problem."

"That's a good boy." She said, and fiddled with the cooker a bit before coming over to me to kiss me on the forehead. When she did that I had the privilege of checking out her bust and saw some more cleavage; I think I am far from a 'good boy'.

"I won't be too long." She said as she walked away.

After 5 minutes I heard the shower room door shut. I was pondering with my own thoughts...If mom's in the shower now, she might have left her clothes in her room on the floor or something. I might be able to see if she really wasn't wearing any underwear. I'm such a naughty boy I thought to myself. So, with a cheeky grin I got up, turned the cooker on simmer and went upstairs. I had to be quick and quiet if I didn't want Mom to find out. I was now on the landing and could hear that the shower water was on and the water was making irregular sounds against the water flow, so I definitely knew she was washing herself. I looked at the door to her room...I took a mental picture of how the door was positioned before going in. My heart was racing by this point, knowing that what I was about to do was so wrong.

I walked into the room and saw clothes in a pile on the floor. The first thing I picked up to fondle was her Tee, not much going on there so I put it to one side, I picked up her bra and checked out the size, 34FF, nice, next were her joggers, and NOT to my surprise no underwear/panties. I checked out the part of the crotch where her love tunnel would have been placed for a while...then there were her pop-socks. Considering the way I came from sniffing her shoe, I wondered what her pop socks would smell like. I picked them up and gave them a sniff...they smelt even better than her shoes! I was getting hard again. Then I heard the water stop flowing. Terror sank in! I realised how long I'd spent in her room, I got scared she was going to come into the room any minute, so I had a last sniff then put them back where they were along with the other clothes. I rushed back downstairs, quietly of course.

About 5 minutes later Mom came downstairs and I was still sitting where I was before she left for her shower.

"Hun, did you come upstairs at all?"

"What makes you say that Mom..." I was shitting myself, what if she found out I was looking through her clothes? In her room?!!

"Oh, no reason..." PHEW I thought "...Do you want to eat now or later?"

"Erm, it's up to you Mom, what do you want to do?"

"I think we should eat now."

She was wearing a white fluffy robe and had her hair tied in a towel turban, on her feet were those same pair of black lacy toe-covered slippers, but without the pop-socks. I set the table and then we started eating. She had a red wine with her dinner, I just had some milk, for some reason I had a thirst for drinking milk...

We had a straight forward dinner, not much conversation. Mom went through like two glasses of wine though, so I figured I should let her chill and offered to do the dishes.

"Thanks hun, you're such a goodboy. What would I do without you?"

I thought about my answer here, and got a bit cheeky...

"I don't know, but I could tell you this much, you wouldn't be able to relax and take your time painting your nails now would ya?"

"Oooh, well, aren't I a lucky gal..." she said in a sarcastic way, with a tone of hotness to it.

I think the wine was getting to her to be honest.

"...SO, what colour do you think I should paint my nails hun? A Sultry Red..." she said in a sexy tone "...or a Gorgeous Pink?" she said in a cute voice.

I was halfway done with the dishes and opted for the 'Sultry Red'...wouldn't you?...

"Good choice!" and started painting her nails.

Once I finished the dishes and wiped down the surfaces, I sat down at the head of the table, close to her. She was sitting first in on the right from the head of the table. I picked up my magazine, and was flicking through it watching her paint her nails with precision, when she said, "Hun, would you pour me another glass of wine please..." I did as I was asked. She wasn't much of a drinker, so this being the third glass I thought it might tip her over the edge. "...and fill it up, riiiiight to the top."

"Are you celebrating something Mom?"

"Nope, but can't an old lady enjoy herself once in a while?"

"Sure, but you're not even old Mom..."

"Aww, aren't you just the cutest, most adorable person?..." I got a bit bashful when she said that and felt my cheeks going red. "...there's no reason to be embarrassed."

"I know. I'm just saying you don't look old at all. You look pretty good. Very youthful..." Very youthful? What a dick, what are you thinking?

"Really?" Mom said.


"Thanks son, I appreciate that."

Mom just finished her last coat on the little finger of her left hand. She was packing up the nail polish stuff when I said (in the spirit of me complimenting my Mom, and being hot in the face from embarrassment already)

"What about your toes?" Again...What was are you thinking!? I just blurted that out, I didn't think about what I was saying at all!

"Oh stop it you. I'm not going to waste time on these old things, no one would even notice, with the hours that I work in those dolly's of mine. When would I ever get the chance to show them off?"

"Maybe if you wore flip-flops at home...I could see them..."

I thought now that I was on this path, there is no point backing down. Why not try and get a glimpse of the toes on her peds. I was already red in the face from telling my Mom she was a good-looking gal. So, shit man, fuck it.

She looked at me with slight concern. I thought, shit, what have I done. But then she began to smile a little and looked at me with these eyes that made me twinge down below.

"Well...I'll tell you what. I'm going to finish off this wine in front of the T.V so why don't you join me, and while I watch T.V maybe you could paint my toes for me?..."

My jaw dropped.

"...that is if you don't mind of course?"

"Sure Mom, not at all. It would be my pleasure." YES!!!

So Mom got up from the table which meant I saw more cleavage. And we walked to the living room; Mom was in front of me. I noticed how 'hugging' her robe was. She sat down on the couch and pointed with her finger for me to sit down on the floor. I did as instructed and I grabbed the foot stool so she could rest her feet on it. Then she handed me the nail polish.

"Whenever you're ready hun."

She still had her black lacy toe-covered slippers on.

"Oh, can you take them off for me please?" She asked with a cheeky grin.

I slowly took off both her slippers at the same time. As they came off, she straightened her feet and stretched them right in front of me. Two pairs of feet were staring right at me. I could smell her scent, but it wasn't as strong as before. It was enough to give me a semi though. Mom put her right foot on the foot stool and her left foot on the floor next to my leg. I positioned myself so that my legs were either side of the foot stool. This was the first time I got this close to my mother's feet...any woman's feet for that matter. I wanted to take my sweet time with this so that I could remember every little detail.

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