tagIncest/TabooMom's Sexy Feet and More Ch. 02

Mom's Sexy Feet and More Ch. 02


WARNING: This story contains strong language, foot fetish and incest/taboo content. So if you are offended by the above mentioned, please do not continue. If you are not offended, please enjoy! This is my second story. Any feedback whatsoever would be greatly appreciated.


The next day I woke up with a hard on. I got out of bed and stood on the landing. The house was quiet, so I thought I would shout out, "MOM!?" There was no reply.

I was home alone.

I walked into her bedroom and noticed that she must have changed the sheets. The pile of clothes on the floor weren't there anymore either and her room smelled kind of fresh, like she cleaned it or something. I jumped in the shower and jerked off going over the awesome night I had with Mom.

Man! What a night.

The time is 13:30.

I got out of the shower and padded myself a bit with the towel then walked out of the shower room naked. It feels good walking around the house naked. I pumped some music while getting changed. Led Zeppelin -- Dazed and Confused. This song rocks! I put on an orange Tee and basketball shorts then played air guitar to the music. I stopped before getting too sweaty though. After the song finished I turned off the stereo and walked downstairs into the kitchen to prepare some lunch. After I took out all the sandwich stuff, I heard the front door shut. For some reason the front door closing startled me and I felt the hairs on the back of my neck stand up.

"Hi hun, I'm home!"

Phew, well at least she isn't embarrassed about last night. After all, she did kind of insist on a foot massage, how was I supposed to know she was going to get so hot and turned on by it. However, I still felt a little silly, almost embarrassed you could say; but not red in the face embarrassed.

"Hi Mom." I spoke cautiously.

I heard her 3 inch heels clapping on the ground behind me, and the sound of her footsteps were getting closer and closer to me by the second. I could sense she was in the kitchen with me. I looked down at the chopping board and was cutting cucumber slices when all of a sudden...

HONK! My bum got pinched! I jolted forward slightly when that happened.

Mom stood beside me brushing her huge breasts on my left arm.

"You gonna make me one of those hun?"

I didn't know what to make of that. Does this mean she definitely remembered what happened last night, or was she just being friendly? But, being friendly after last night's escapade? What was I to make of that?

"Yeah, sure Mom. Do you want pickles in yours?"

"Nah, just make mine the same as yours."

She patted my bum then walked over to the dining table. I turned around and Mom was looking through some bags; I guess she did some shopping at the airport. I could see some groceries and a clothes store bag. She turned around and gave me the groceries bag.

"Could you put the groceries away please, while I go upstairs and change."

I looked at the other bag. It seemed like she'd been to a fashion shop or something; there were definitely clothes in that bag.

"What did you get Mom?"

"Never you mind that..." she said with mischievous eyes, "...you just put the groceries away."

She took both her work bag and shopping bag upstairs with her.

I had all sorts of thoughts going through my mind. For instance, what if she bought some lingerie and wanted another foot massage tonight, was she going to wear it? What if she bought some nylons? Was she going to wear them now, and tease me with them? I thought about what she bought while making lunch.

I put together some chips; the same way Mom made lunch yesterday. Then placed the sandwiches and chips on two plates and set the table. I opened the patio door to let some air in then sat down; the dining table was in the conservatory. I waited for Mom before starting to eat.

When Mom came downstairs I heard the amazing sound of flip-flops! She was approaching the kitchen and I already had my eyes on the floor waiting for those pretty toes to enter...

She was wearing flip-flops!! White ones too. I could see her lovely toes once again.


She stopped by the fridge and bent her right knee a little bit then angled her heel up in the air with her toes barely touching the ground holding the flip-flop between her big and second big toe...

"I see you didn't get us any drinks..."

I snapped out of my stare and looked up at her. "No, I didn't, sorry Mom. I'll have lemonade please."

She smiled and tutted at the same time rolling her eyes up. I couldn't believe it, to my satisfaction Mom must have bought these today along with the white daisy-dukes and pink half-sleeve shirt she is wearing (with the bottom buttons undone and tied into a knot.) Her huge tits were practically squashed in that shirt. Hot!

She walked towards the cupboard and opened one of the top cupboards to get the glasses. She had to tip-toe, and her butt cheeks squeezed together. I was growing a boner again...those legs are so shiny and firm, they compliment her ripe ass perfectly. She walked over to the fridge, took out the lemonade and ice, poured them into each glass and walked over to the dining table with my glass in one hand and hers in the other.

"Okay you cheeky monkey, here you go."

She put my glass down on the table and I smiled because I got a shot of 3" cleavage and noticed she had on the same bra as yesterday; the white 34FF cupped bra with that flowery/lingerie pattern. Her hooters are so big, I don't actually see the point of her having the shirt on, that's how visibly blinding those battering rams are in that tiny pink shirt of hers.

She sat down opposite me then said, "So, what's on the agenda today?"

"Well, it's so hot today. I just want to chill out...maybe watch a movie or something."

"A movie sounds good."

I was just throwing ideas out there of things to do, whilst gawping at her massive mammary glands.

"Yeah, might watch a DVD or something."

"Oh, I thought you were on about going to the cinema to watch one. Never mind."

She sounded disappointed.

I thought for a bit and wondered if I should go to the cinema with Mom. Why not? She IS my mother, and it's not like I'm going to bump into any of my friends at the cinema, they're all doing summer camp stuff or road trip stuff while I'm sitting at home like a douche.

"Would you like to go watch a movie?"

I carried on eating and waited for a response.

"Yeah okay..." Her face lit up. "...you'll have to check and see what's on first."

"Cool. After this I'll go upstairs and check out the listings for tonight. Don't you have work tomorrow?" I asked.

"Nope, day off tomorrow."

Sweet, this means I could get a late night showing. During lunch, I continued to glare at her marvellous tits. Mom was oblivious to me staring because she was now eating while looking outside into the sunshine. Every now and then she would brush off the bread crumbs from her gigantic bosom. They jiggled ever so subtly. My boner got harder every time she did that.

After lunch, I tucked my boner under the elastic part of my shorts, got up and placed my plate in the sink then went upstairs. I surfed a few cinema websites before coming across a late night showing of 'Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Rick Bobby' at a cinema 30 minutes away from us. I didn't have to worry about any friends being at this one. The showing was for 21:00. I wouldn't know if Mom would go for this showing. So, I went downstairs to tell her and popped my head into the living room.

She wasn't there.

I went into the kitchen.

She wasn't there.

I saw the patio door open and walked over to it. As I approached the door I could see her legs and feet first. She had her legs crossed (she must be reading a book or something.) Damn they looked sexy. The crossed leg was dangling a flip-flop. She was bobbing her foot up and down at irregular intervals. I checked her out from this view, and after last night I wanted more, wishing I could lick her from her toes all the way up her legs to her...

"Hun, is that you?" She moved her head in view of mine, then smiled at me in the, 'I caught you being naughty' sort of way.

I stuttered, "err-yeah Mom. I found a movie."

"Oh yeah, which one?"

"Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby. It's on at 21:00"

"Yeah, that sounds good."

"Sweet." I replied.

She wasn't reading a book but was on her mobile. I watched her for a bit while she bounced her foot with the flip-flop merely hanging in between her toes. She rested the phone on her clavicle when she turned to me and said, "Okay do this for me..." another foot doing I hoped "...get me the sun block from inside please."

I turned around and walked to the cupboard under the stairs; this is where we keep all the once a year things. I pulled out the 15+ and 30+ sun factor then went back to her.

"Here you go Mom."

"Thanks hun..." She took the 15+ and finished her conversation then put the mobile down on the table. I could tell she was speaking with her younger sister; who is a stunning fox by the way. "...What are you doing now?" she asked.

"Oh nothing, just chilling..."

I really hoped she would ask me to chill with her so I could check her out some more!

"Well, I'll give you a job to do then. Go back inside and get me a beach towel please. The sun is so soothing I think I'm going to sun bathe for a while."

She smiled at me and gave me a crafty look.

I didn't even say anything to acknowledge her. I just raced back inside and got the first beach towel I saw. Telling me she is about to sun bathe gave me an instant semi, so I jerked my cock a bit and pulled it upwards, to the safe position. As I walked back to the patio door I slowed down having her legs and feet in view to catch her bobbing foot. Oh how I would love to suck those 'Sultry Red' painted toes again! I saw her take the bobbing foot from its position to rest it on the ground. She was applying sun cream to her luscious legs. I shivered slightly then walked out and greeted her with a smile, "Here's the beach towel Mom."

"Thanks hun. Could you lay it out on the lawn over there please?"

She pointed with her right foot to somewhere on the lawn, I wasn't paying attention to where she pointed to but only at what she was pointing with. I walked over to the lawn and placed it under the blazing hot sun. I started to grow a sweat patch in the middle of my back due to the heat from the sun; not to mention all the crude thoughts going through my mind over this woman. Mom got up and walked over to where I was. I watched the 45 year old fox glide over to the lawn area. She noticed the sweat patch on my back and said, "Why don't you take your Tee off if you're hot?"

"Nah, I'm alright."

I noticed her back had a bigger patch of sweat than mine, so I said the same thing to her. She sarcastically responded "Nah, I'm alright thanks." She bent over to sort out the edges of the towel. Not a squat or anything, but a full 'bend over to the front and touch your toes!' type of bending over. Her legs were straight and closed together. I looked directly at her bodacious mound and noticed something staring back at me, her camel toe! Yes, you guessed it, no panties...again!! She was giving me a full view! When Mom moved to the corner opposite and adjacent to me she showed so much more cleavage, if she didn't have a bra on, they would spill out.

Man how I would love to...

"Hun, can you get off the towel please." She said looking up at me bent over, ass in the air, tits dangling, eyes staring.

I did as she said and stepped back.

She sorted out the towel and then sat down in the middle of it. I grabbed a chair to sit on under the blazing sun. I positioned it so that I was near her sexy feet. I watched her apply sun cream to her hot legs again. This time they were in the air while she was applying sun cream to them. I noticed how she stopped at her ankles on each leg. She looked at me while touching up her legs and spoke in an innocent manner, "Could you take my flip-flops off for me please..."

Hell yes!

I got up and stood over her. She put her legs straight together and moved her feet close to me. I could see how shapely her calves and the tightness of her thighs were. Oh my goodness...the line they produced once they were together in the middle...Mmmm! She is just amazing! I positioned myself so that my crotch was close to her ankles. Mom pointed her toes up to the sky as I took off her flip-flops.

Aaah... smooth soles... the softness of them.

I was going to touch them but she positioned her left foot next to my shaft and motioned with her other foot for me to move out of the way. I smirked at her; she knew what I wanted to do with them. She picked up the sun cream bottle and handed it to me, "Be a darling hun, squeeze some cream onto the soles of my feet for me please." I know what cream I would really like to squeeze onto them.

I took my time. There was some excess cream from the nozzle so I wiped it with one finger and with the other hand I trickled the cream onto her smooth, wrinkleless soles. I trickled one straight line from her heel over her beautiful arch then to her middle toes. Mom thrusted the heel of her other foot near my boner. My hard-on wasn't very visible through my basketball shorts, but it wasn't un-noticeable either and my ball sack felt heavy; they were full of sperm. I looked at Mom and we smiled at each other.

I used the finger that had excess cream on it and wiped it under her toes. As I did this she wiggled her toes and bit the side of her bottom lip in a seductive way. I trickled cream up her other foot from her heel to arch and toes. She pointed upward and downward with her left foot and some of the cream was dribbling onto the inside of her ankle. I was tempted to whip out my cock and rub the cream into her skin. But had to refrain, after all, what if the neighbours were watching this show, what would they say? And Mom wasn't even drunk so how would I explain myself if she decided switched at me?

Once I was done, she looked at me and said, "Thanks hun, I'll take it from here..."

And boy did she...

I stepped back and took a seat. What she did was like something out of a Burlesque show.

She rubbed the cream into her feet with both feet in the air. The sole of her right foot rubbed cream into the top of her left foot and she did the same with the opposite foot. The cream drizzling down her inside ankle was rubbed in with a toe from the other foot. The cream still wasn't rubbing in 100%, so she continued until it disappeared into her skin. She rubbed her toes between one another and up her legs, all the while stealing glance at me...Fucking tease. I noticed how her arms were slowly caressing her belly and sides just below her tits.

This activity continued for about 5 minutes.

"(Humph) I'm tired now..." she said looking directly at me, "...I'm going to rest my eyes for a bit."

She closed the sun cream cap and put it to one side then closed her eyes and placed her legs down. Her feet slumped to their natural position, slightly out to the side. I stayed for a bit and marvelled at this woman. I soon realised that loads of pre-cum residue was in my shorts. I walked into the house and cleaned my cock and the inside of my shorts without saying anything, man what a show...

It was now 18:30 and I was watching T.V....

"I didn't realise how long I'd been out for." Mom said.

"Well, you did start work at 5am and were up before then don't forget."

Mom 'hmm-ed' in acknowledgement. She was standing in the doorway looking like you do when you just wake up. I looked at her and saw her headlights were turned on through the bra and pink shirt. I looked down and saw her camel toe. Either, she liked the way it felt or was still tired and not aware of the fact her daisy dukes were pulled up into her crotch...either way I got a nice view of her. She yawned and stretched up, reaching as high as she could on her tip-toes through to her finger tips. When she did this, her huge juggs squashed together which sucked in her pink shirt and formed a longer line of cleavage lifting it up a small extent. I got a view of the bottom of her bra and titties too.

"Well..." she yawned "...I say we eat out today, because I can't be bothered to cook anything."

"Sure Mom, or I could make something if you wanted?"

I knew she would say no.

"Okay then, what you gonna make?"

Shit, she called my bluff.

"Erm, I can make Spaghetti Bolognese?"

"Nah, I want a burger and chips!"

She put her hands on her hips when she said that, and her big boobs bounced a little.

"Okay, cool." I said.

"I'm going to get dressed and I suggest you do as well. We'll leave in half an hour, okay?."

I turned the T.V. off then went upstairs behind her. I looked up at her ass which moved with rhythmic flow from side to side. We both parted and went into our rooms. 15 minutes later I was downstairs and ready to go out. I was wearing a blue pair of 501's with a black slim fit Tee and a pair of brown slip on shoes. I closed up all the windows and locked the back door then waited by the front door. I wondered what Mom would be wearing...

Before I had time to think, she was at the top of the stairs. I looked up at her and noticed she had on a black summer dress that swayed just below her knees with black sling-back loop shoes and what seemed to be sheer nylons. She walked downstairs minding each step. I watched in awe at how much of a MILF she really was...man...I wish I could bone her...STOP THAT! She's your Mom...but what about last night...forget about last night, it was a one off, remember she was drunk!

"What do you think?" She asked in a cautious manner.

"Where's my mother?" I teased

"Oh stop it you." She blushed.

"No really, what did you do with her?" I joked.

"So, it's okay right?" Mom asked, still looking cautious.

"You look lovely." I responded.

Mom smiled at me and said, "Thank you hun, and you look very handsome if I may say so myself."

She then set the alarm and as she walked passed me I caught a whiff of some diluted musky scent. It was stronger than yesterday's foot musk, but was barely noticeable, I mean you really had to sniff hard to get excited by it; which I did.

We locked up and got into the car then drove to dinner.

On our way there I glanced over at Mom a few times and noticed how her tits bounced every time we went over a tiny bump, and the 3 inches of cleavage was on show for everyone to see. About 10 minutes later we arrived at a restaurant and were greeted by this waiter who had his hair slicked back and looked kind of European. The restaurant had a GBK/Nando's theme. He smiled at Mom and me.

I noticed that he scoped her 34FF juggs and the cleavage on show. Mom asked if we could have a quiet spot at the back. It was a quiet night, not many people about. The waiter showed us to our booth which was at the back of the restaurant and offered Mom to sit down first. To sit down you kind of had to position yourself forward then plonk yourself on the sofa seat and scoot across. She did just that, and her tits were practically on show again...The waiter and I just looked on at the hooters and I noticed her bra was black and lacy 'was she wearing lingerie?' I thought to myself. Looking out of the corner of my eye and saw the waiter's mouth was slightly ajar.

The booth we had was curved. Mom sat in view of half the restaurant and I just took the sofa booth seat opposite her not in view of much, except Mom...all the viewing pleasure I needed really.

"Here are your menus, I will come back in..."

"I'll have a burger and chips meal please, with a rum and coke." Mom cut him off mid-sentenced.

I was surprised at how forward Mom was. I opted for the same, but with a regular coke. The waiter said "Very well." And smiled at Mom, she smiled back out of politeness, or so I thought...As the waiter turned to leave, Mom kind of checked him out as he walked away. She positioned her seating so that her legs were crossed facing the view of the restaurant.

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