tagNonConsent/ReluctanceMom's Surprise

Mom's Surprise


20-year-old Justin lie naked, flat on his back, on his bed as Julia, his beautiful 21-year-old sister undressed for him. Justin grinned his Julia pulled her tee-shirt over her head. Her pretty, tanned face and big brown eyes looked down at him as he long, black hair cascaded about her shoulders. Her round, firm, B-cup tits pressed forward as she reached behind her to undo the clasp of the lacy red bra she was wearing.

As usual, Julia refused to take off her shorts. But Justin did not mind, as long as he got to grope his sister's perky breasts as she sat on his bed beside of him and stroked his rock-hard cock to climax, which had become their daily ritual during the past week.

Justin had always found his sister to be attractive, but he never expected anything like this to happen. Then, while spending time home recovering from surgery on his injured left leg, he had overheard Julia in the next room having sex with her girlfriend. The good looking 20-year-old had often wondered about his sister's sexuality, but never truly believed that she was bi, until he peeked in through her bedroom door and saw her going down on Belinda Johnson, the daughter of Reverend Johnson, his mother's pastor.

Using his cell phone, Justin quickly recorded as much of the action as he could before returning to his bed. After Belinda had left, Justin called for his sister and showed her the recording. Julia was pissed, and tried to take the cell phone from him, but Justin had assured her that he had already e-mailed the file to himself. Justin had originally intended to try to use this knowledge to get Belinda to have sex with him, but what had transpired was something that he had not imagined. After talking to Julia, and hearing her fear of their mother finding out and kicking her out of the house, Justin realized just how horny he was and offered to work out an arrangement with Julie. If she took care of his sexual needs while he was recovering, then he would not tell their mother.

Unfortunately, all Julia had agreed to do was suck his cock and jack him off. Even though she would not let him cum in her mouth, Justin didn't mind. He had gotten off at least twice a day, everyday for a week now. And he still hoped for a shot at Belinda Johnson.

Julia leaned over and took Justin's swollen cock into her mouth. She had never imagined that she would be doing anything like this. She was offended at first, but now she was enjoying this fun with her brother. There were times when she thought that she might bring home some condoms and surprise him by riding his cock, but she just couldn't bring herself to do that yet.

Julia believed that part of the thrill of doing this with her brother was that it was something that would horrify their straight-laced mother, Judy. Both children had little respect for their mother. She had forced their father to leave several years ago when he wouldn't comply with her strict, religious beliefs. Sure, he had an affair, but Julia had always believed that he strayed because her mother had cut him off sexually. After leaving, he ended up moving to the west coast, and the kids had little contact with him now.

Justin resented his mother even more than Julia. He became rebellious towards her, and caused Judy no end of trouble over the past few years. But no matter what he did, his mother refused to kick him out or do anything to him. Judy's reluctance to do anything to Justin not only resulted in his lack of respect for her, but it also made Julia more resentful to her mother. Over the past few days, whenever she watched Justin's cock release in her hand, she would imagine the look on her mother's face if she could see what was happening.

"What the hell are you doing?" Judy's voice demanded from the doorway.

Justin had been so into watching his sister sucking his cock that he failed to notice the bedroom door opening. Neither sibling had heard Judy enter the apartment.

The attractive 43-year-old, Judy had taken half a day off from her job at the bank to run a few errands and had come home early. She heard her kids voices from the living room and came back to say hello, never expecting to find this.

Julia pushed away from her brother in panic. Judy saw Justin's hard cock, wet with Julia's saliva, and gasped in disbelief. Judy had suspected that her children were sexually active, but not with each other. Judy was a very conservative woman, and preached abstinence to her children all the time. She had dated, but never became sexually active with anyone since divorcing her husband. In fact, he was the only man that Judy had ever had sex with.

"This is incest!" Judy exclaimed, "You can be arrested for this!"

Justin stared at his mother, thinking that this may finally be the straw that broke the camel's back. He and Julia both wondered if their mother was not only going to evict them from her apartment, but turn them in to the police. Julia was terrified at having everyone discover that she had been fooling around with her brother.

As his mother yelled at them, Justin swung his legs over the side of the bed and stood up. His injured leg caused him to stumble. When he did so, Judy instinctively reached out to grab for him. As she did, Justin reacted by grabbing his mother and throwing her onto the bed. An idea quickly came to his mind. Justin pounced on his mother and began wrestling with her.

"Help me strip her." He called to Julia.

"What are you trying to do?" Julia asked in fear.

"If we strip her, you can take pictures of her in bed with me. She won't dare kick us out or tell anyone if we have evidence that she's been fooling around with me."

"No, don't!" Judy cried out as she tried to prevent Justin from disrobing her.

Julia rushed to her brother's aid. Together, they pulled Judy's clothing from her despite her pleas for help and her effort to fight them off.

"Grab my cell phone." Justin told his sister. Then he looked down at his naked mother. He was surprised at how sexy her body was. A little too thin for his liking, but she had firm tits, with nipples that were close to an inch long. He was not surprised to see that she did not shave her pubic hair. As he pinned her to the bed beneath him, his eyes could not stop looking at her erect nipples. Without thinking, Justin lowered his head and took her left nipple into his mouth.

Judy cried out in horror as her son sucked and licked her nipples.

"I must have enjoyed these when I was a baby." Justin mocked as he moved his head from breast to breast, enjoying his mother's discomfort.

"Oh my god, I can't believe you're doing that." Julia said, as she took a picture of her mother's ordeal.

Justine's cock was throbbing. He could not believe that he was getting so turned on by his mother. "Well mom, since you stopped Julia from finishing me, I guess that you'll have to do it."

"What, no, you can't be serious." Judy protested as she felt her son forcing himself between her legs.

"Justin, what are you doing?" Julia asked in alarm.

Justin pressed his thick, hard cock against his mother's pussy. "You always called me a mother fucker; well today I will really become one." He joked.

"Justin, no!" Judy pleaded, trying to fight her son off. She felt the head of his cock pressing against her pussy. "This can't be happening." She thought silently. Then Justin was inside of her. Judy cried out as her son's cock filled her pussy. It had been years since she had experienced anything like this.

Justin pushed his cock all the way inside of his mother, and then stayed in place, enjoying the sensation of his mom's cunt wrapped around his cock. He licked her nipples some more before gradually starting to fuck her. Justin went slow and easy, until he could feel his mother's juices begin to coat his cock and then he began fucking her fast and furiously.

"No, please stop!" Judy begged.

"Take some pictures." Justin told his sister.

Judy begged her daughter not to do this as she saw Julia aiming the camera phone at them. Justin continued slamming his cock into her as Judy lay beneath him.

"Open your mouth for me, mom." Justin said, as he pulled out of her pussy and scrambled up over top of her. When Judy opened her mouth to say something, he grabbed her hair and pulled her head up and thrust his cock into her mouth.

Judy tried to pull back as her son's cock slid between her lips. She had never permitted her husband to do this to her, now her son was making her suck him.

"Oh, shit yes!" Justin proclaimed as he began cumming in Judy's mouth.

Judy felt her son's semen spurting into the back of her throat and coating her tongue. She swallowed instinctively, as Justin's cock throbbed in her mouth. Justin held her head tight as he pumped his cock dry in Judy's mouth, laughing as Julia took pictures of their mother's ordeal.

Judy collapsed on the bed when Justin released his hold on her hair and pulled his cock out of her mouth. She did not know what to say, and then she jumped when she felt him lowering between her legs.

"What..." She began, and then felt her son's tongue licking her clit. "Stop that!" She ordered.

"Hold her." Justin told his sister.

Julia climbed over her mother's head and pinned her arms to the bed as Justin began licking his mother's pussy. Judy bucked her hips up and down trying to escape her son's tongue to no avail. His hands reached up and toyed with her nipples as he expertly worked her clit. Judy fought the growing sensation in her loins as her body began to respond to this stimulation. She realized that Justin was going to force her to have an orgasm. Judy resisted, but her body was not going to be denied. After several long minutes she felt her climax beginning. Justin sensed it too, and thrust two fingers into his mother's pussy just before her release. Judy moaned against her will as his fingers caressed her g-spot and his tongue worked her clit. She cried out in orgasm, rolling her head from side to side as she came. But Justin did not stop. He continued licking his mother's pussy, forcing her to a second orgasm.

"Oh god, please stop!" Judy begged as Justin continued. Judy could not take the continued stimulation, it was all too much for her, but there was nothing that she could do to stop it. "No!" She cried as her body erupted a third time in climax. She was shaking from head-to-toe as Justin continued to lick her.

"Damn that is so fucking hot." Julia said.

"Maybe you need your pussy licked too." Justin told her.

Julia jumped off of the bed and removed her shorts and panties. She was so turned on that she looked forward to having her brother lick her shaved pussy. Then Justin said, "Not me, mom."

"No fucking way!" Judy yelled.

Julia grinned. She straddled Judy's face and pushed her wet pussy against Judy's mouth, "Lick me, mom."

"No way." Judy replied.

Justin crawled between his mother's legs and began lapping at her sopping wet cunt. "I'm going to keep this up until you get Julia off." He told his mother.

Judy refused, and endured her son's tongue as long as possible. Her belly ached from the continual forced orgasms. Soon she caved and began licking her daughter's pussy.

"Oh yes." Julia said as her mother ate her snatch.

Justin got up and grabbed his camera and took several close-up pictures of his mom's face buried in Julia's pussy. Then he got back on the bed and raised his mother's legs so he could slide his cock into her pussy.

"No, not again." Judy tried to say, but her words were muffled by her daughter's pussy. Julia's hands clenched her mother's hair and held on tight to prevent Judy from pulling away from her pussy.

Judy felt her son's cock banging inside of her as she continued to lick Julia's clit. Julia moaned with delight as she came on her mother's face. Unlike Judy, Julia continued to hold on tight and force her mother to continue licking, for she wanted to cum again.

Justin slammed his mother's pussy while watching Julia's head bobbing as his sister climaxed. He released his mother's legs and reached around his sister, groping her breasts as Julia neared her second orgasm.

Judy began to cum again too, as her son fucked her. Her eyes rolled back as she climaxed, and then she went back to licking Julia's pussy. Julia bounced up and down on Judy's face as she enjoyed her second orgasm. Finally Julia was satisfied and climbed off of her mother. Justin fell forward and continued to fuck Judy, who was now cumming again. "That's it mom, cum for me." Justin told her.

As Judy's orgasm subsided, Justin's pace quickened, "Oh shit, I'm gonna fill your cunt with my cum."

"No, don't cum in me!" Judy cried out. But her son ignored her and continued thrusting his cock inside of her. Justin groaned and slammed his cock as deep as possible as he came inside of his mother. He continued fucking her until his cock began to go limp. When he pulled out, Judy was on the verge of passing out. She had never endured so many orgasms in her life.

"Damn that was great!" Justin said.

To his surprise, Julia dropped to her knees and began sucking his mother's juices from his cock. Judy watched as Julia made her son hard again. Once Justin was fully erect, Julia said, "I want you to fuck me."

Justin smiled at his sister, "How about you get mom off while I do."

Judy groaned as Julia got on her knees between her mother's legs. Her daughter began licking her pussy as Justin slid his cock into Julia's snatch. Justin began fucking his sister while watching her bring Judy to another orgasm.

Judy was grateful that Julia at least provided her some breaks between orgasms, but she never fully let up on licking her ultra sensitive clit and fingering her pussy and asshole to bring her to a series of endless multiple orgasms.

Julia came twice while Justin pounded her from behind. When she sensed that he was about to cum she said, "Pull out, I have something else in mind."

Justin did, and Julia rolled Judy over and got into a 69 position with her mother on top. "I've loosened her asshole up, cum in there."

"No, please don't." Judy begged.

Justin loved the idea. He climbed behind his mother and shoved his cock into her asshole just as Julia began licking her mother's clit. Judy yelled as her son's cock invaded her ass, but soon felt her body being wracked by yet another orgasm from the combined stimulation of her daughter's tongue on her clit and her son's cock in her ass. She could not understand what had happened to her, but she was so caught up in her orgasms that she no longer cared who it was that was fucking her. She lowered her head and began licking Julia's pussy, bringing her daughter to another orgasm before feeling Justin unloading his seed into her asshole.

When Justin pulled his cock out of her ass, Judy rolled over onto his bed. Judy got up and casually stroked her brother's limp cock, causing it to twitch.

Judy was totally exhausted and trembling. She was covered in sweat, and, as twisted as it was, she had never felt so satisfied. Then she heard Justin say, "Mom, we need to talk about some changes around here."

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