tagIncest/TabooMom's Thong

Mom's Thong


It feels weird when your mom looks good in a thong. It feels even weirder when you are pulling that thong away from your mother's tan-lined ass-crack and sliding your own hard cock up into her dripping wet pussy. I think I better start at the beginning.

It had been about a year since I had last seen anyone in my family, my neighbourhood or my hometown. I had taken a job in New York that kept me pretty busy throughout the year. My time away from either my office or my apartment was just enough to enjoy an evening at a nightclub or bar with some guys from work or friends. Jaunts to the old family homestead were not really practical for me. Still, my salary was enough to make any 24 year old happy. Even as a lowly legal assistant, I was still making double what I could expect to earn in my hometown and I had no intention of going back.

I had finally earned enough vacation time that I could get out of New York for more than a couple of days. My parents had more than enough contact with me. They had been bragging about the new pool and hot tub they had installed in the backyard, and they wanted me to see it. Dad had called me and said that he was going to be going on a business trip to LA and he invited me home for the weekend. I booked my ticket so my dad and I could be home within a few hours of each other and the three of us could sit down for an old-fashioned home-cooked meal. My folks were anxious to see their only child again. We were never really that sentimental a family but I'd heard from all my other friends in the city what parents can get like once they get home to the empty nest.

It was a pleasant ninety minute flight. I grabbed my luggage and flipped on my cell phone, checking to see how long I had to wait for dad to arrive. Within a few seconds, a text message came up from my dad telling me he's been delayed in LA and wasn't sure if he would be getting back that night, but assured me he'd be back for tomorrow morning. I understood and dragged my suitcase over to where the cabs were lined up. Before long, I was nearing the front of the line and decided to let mom know I was close. Mom picked up with her usually cheery disposition.

"Hi mom!"

"Hi Peter! I'm so sorry I wasn't there to pick you up. Dad's held up, I know. I'm still slaving over a hot stove and all that other crap! Just kidding, homemade dinner is tomorrow. If you're hungry there's pizza on the kitchen table. I'll be in the backyard. Can't wait to show off the new toys!"

I laughed and said goodbye. I had to admit, it was getting close to 7:00 pm and I'd eaten before boarding the flight anyway. I jumped in the cab as an attendant put my suitcase in the trunk. Soon I'd be at home and catching up with mom. I couldn't believe it had been a year since I'd seen her. A brief tinge of guilt hit me then subsided. It wasn't like I lived in the same town anymore. For the first time in my life I was truly independent and coming home was the chance to show what I had really done for myself since I left. I was 25 pounds lighter. I was wearing a suit. My mother had only ever seen me in a t-shirt and jeans. The watch I was wearing cost more than my first car.

"Small town boy makes good" I whispered to myself as I watched the shoulder of the road whip by.

"I"m sorry sir. What was that?" the cab driver said looking into his rear-view.

"Just talking to myself" I replied.

Soon I was lifting my suitcase up onto the porch at the front door. The cabbie backed out of the driveway and scurried off back to the airport as I peeked through the brand new stain-glassed window that had replaced the old brown door with the retro porthole style window. The inside was obscured but I could make out the general outline of the house I had grew up in. Still, there was so much unfamiliar about what awaited me inside. I pushed the door open, and gazed up at a wrought iron chandelier hanging from ceiling.

My jaw opened wider and wider as I closed the door behind me and stepped closer and closer to the kitchen at the end of the corridor. Everything I could remember about the house was different! The stairs were still on the immediate left of the front door, but the carpet was gone. In its place lay dark brown hardwood floor and the rickety old bannister had given way to what looked like mahogany wood railing. I dropped my suitcase next to the stairs and walked into the kitchen, hoping I was in the right house. To my relief, there was a couple of pizza boxes stacked on the kitchen table. I opened the first and saw a Hawaiian pizza with a couple of slices missing. Next to them, there was a half-full bottle of red wine. I knew then I was definitely in my mother's house. Then I looked outside.

The pool was enormous. Dad had emailed me pictures of the hole being dug, but I'd not yet seen the final product. The lawn I had mowed four times a month as a kid was almost completely gone. Interlocking brick, retaining walls, and planters filled with flowers and bushes covered every angle. A diving board the far right end of the pool caught my eye. After a moment, I realized the reason I was staring at it was the fibre-optic lights running underneath it fading from red to blue to green. I then turned my head to the left and saw an in-ground square hot-tub just a few feet from the staircase descending into the shallow end of the pool. And then the biggest surprise of the night (so far) came to me.

Her head was just coming up over the edge of the hot-tub. A hand was holding a goblet with just a sip of red wine left in it. She was blonde. My mother had brown hair. This woman's hair was to the base of the neck. My mother had had shoulder length hair my entire life. Lastly, this woman in the hot tub had a tattoo of some kind of Celtic knot or something on the back of her neck starting at the hairline, and I could tell I could only see a part of it. I never knew mom had such hot friends.

My footsteps became louder as I approached the tub. I could smell the bromine and see the steam slowly twisting into the air by the time the woman heard me. She turned her head and gave me a smile that I had known my whole life.

"Hi honey!" my mother squeaked in her usually upbeat way. I almost fell over.

"Uh, hi Mom?" I croaked. I was in total shock. Mom put the glass on the deck next to the tub and turned completely toward me and I couldn't believe what I saw. Mom was wearing a red spaghetti strap bikini top! I averted my eyes as best as I could while my mother turned and rested on her knees with her torso above the water's edge. She was grinning like a schoolgirl. She was very happy to see me.

"Could you throw me that towel, sweetheart?" my mom said as she rose up out of the tub. Her red bikini bottoms hugged her hips like something out of Sport Illustrated. I clumsily reached for the large white towel on a lounger next to me and tossed it to her. I couldn't help but rest my eyes on her midriff and breasts for a moment. I could tell Mom had been taking good care of herself in the last year. She was going to be 46 in a month and she looked like she could be a model. Even a slight hint of a six-pack. I think she must have lost almost 40 pounds. I had never seen my mother this way before. Always the conservative suburban housewife, she had worn one-piece bathing suits the three or so times we had been anywhere swimming.

As the towel wrapped around my mother's breasts, I looked up into her smiling face and had to brace myself for the enormous hug that my mom gave me. She kissed me on the cheek with at loud "mwah" and welcomed me home. This was also the kind of hug that lasted longer than a usual hug between you and your mother. She seemed to be teeming with a kind of energy that I was unused to. I tacked it up to the wine and blushingly stepped back as my mom cast her hand out and presented the new and improved backyard to me like a girl on Price is Right.

"Amazing isn't it?" my mom giggled.

"Incredible" I replied as I started to blush at the awful double-entendre that had just slipped into my head. I looked at her hair. It was so new and exotic and yet seemed to suit her completely. I could not believe how hot she looked. Mom then turned to me.

"You must be wondering what the hell we've been up to, your father and I? Well, after you left we just realized that this house just would never sell if we didn't put some money into it. I can't believe all the things that we did with this place once you went to New York."

I said nothing as Mom waited for me to ask or say something but I couldn't get anything to make sense in my head. I was in the middle of an full-on Oedipus Complex and I needed to chill. Mom laughed softly and walked past me.

"You must be tired from the flight. Would you like a glass of wine?"

"I think that would be great." I said as I slipped my jacket off and loosened my tie. Mom went inside. I sat on the lounger and watched my mother grab a second goblet from the cupboard and snatch the wine from the table. She glided up to me and poured a generous amount of wine into the glass and handed it to me.

"I'm sorry I was in the tub when you got home. I try to have a 20 or 30 minute soak every night I can. This hot tub is the best thing in the world. My back feels so much better every night. My feet too. Go put on some shorts and come on out with me."

"Uh, sure. I'll be right back." I said as I picked up my suitcase and stepped onto the patio. I looked over my shoulder to see my mother drop the towel onto the lounger and step down into the hot tub. That's when I saw it. My mom's thong. Just a thin red string running between her two absolutely perfect ass cheeks. That and I got a glimpse of the rest of that tattoo I had noticed. It ran all the way down her spine and stopped almost exactly where her g-string started. I didn't look too long. I just went upstairs to my old bedroom (probably the only room in the house they hadn't touched) and opened my suitcase.

As I undressed, I could tell that my cock was pretty much solid. Too many flashes of mom's body not to have some kind of reaction. I must confess I had always had a "thing" for older women but this was making my mind spin. I took a deep breath and tried to clear my mind. It wasn't working. My cock was sticking straight out under my shorts. This was not the way I had wanted the first half hour with my mother in a year turn out. I decided the only way was to cheat a bit. I did what a lot of guys have done. I put my cock in my waistband and just made sure to be holding the towel in front of me before I could safely hide my embarrassment under the foam of the bubbling tub. Easy solution, right?

I came out, holding the towel in front of me. Mom was sitting facing me, smiling at her first chance to show her son why she loved sitting in it. As I got closer, my mom's mouth opened in a stare. I looked down, hoping I had not let the towel slip from its position and looked up again, relieved that there was no way should could see my bulge without x-ray vision.

"My God, Peter!" my mom gasped as she looked at me. I froze, wondering what she meant.

"...you look absolutely amazing" she exclaimed as I watched her eyes go from head to toe and back again before I stepped into the tub. My hard-on had subsided somewhat but her flirtatious glance had snapped me to attention. I turned around as I stepped into the water. It was a lot hotter than it looked.

"Ahhh wow." I groaned as I dropped the towel a half second before lowering myself up to my shoulders in the foamy water. The rush of heat was like a thousand needles gently pricking my skin and a mild head rush came over me. I looked straight up to the sky. The slow fade from red to blue to black ran west to east. My head came back down and when I opened my eyes my mother was grinning at me. Almost a look of mischief. My cock was still not pointing anywhere but up.

"Feels good doesn't it?" said my mom as she sipped her wine. I reached back for mine and took a small gulp. We talked for a few minutes and caught up on the small things that get missed after a while apart. No girlfriend. Loving the city life. My job was amazing. My life hadn't changed really at all since leaving. I wanted to know was how my mother had transformed into the temptress she had become.

"So you've told me all about the new backyard, and the renovations in house. I can't wait to see all of it. When did you get a tattoo?" I asked.

"Oh isn't it wicked?" she blurted back to me with a wide smile. I love how my mom would uses words that women her age don't use. She set her goblet down again and stood up in the tub. She turned around and told me all about the way the ancient Celts tied knots to tell stories or some other such story the tattoo artist probably told her. I took in the sight that was my mom's well-toned back and hips, and then I stared at her upside-down heart of an ass. I knew my mom was not a shy woman. I'd caught her coming out of the shower as a kid and hid my eyes. Mom played it down as part of living with a woman. I wished I had a woman like her to go home to in New York.

Mom turned again and sat back down in the tub but not before I caught a look at her nipples sticking straight out of her bikini top before they disappeared under the bubbles. I took another gulp of my wine and set the nearly empty wine glass on the deck. Mom saw this and reached for the bottle.

"Here honey have some mo-oh shit!" my mom cursed as her hand slipped. We watched the bottle tip over onto the bright white towel I had dropped next to it. The stain was instant.

"Damn it I just bought these...." she grumbled as she held the towel in front of her. She then dunked the towel into the tub in front of her. "Might as well start soaking it now" she added with a smirk and threw it like a used rag over to the lounger. I never knew my mother to be so relaxed about ruining something new. I was starting to understand just how much my mom had changed.

"Well I guess I won't be getting that refill?" I joked. I moved to get up out of the hot tub. My hard-on had subsided somewhat and I wasn't afraid to get out and find another towel now. I needed a break from the heat. As I rose from the tub, I felt the chill pass over my skin and stood still for a second.

"Hot stuff!" my mom chirped at me from the tub. I looked back and laughed. Mom was standing in the water, letting the air get to her as well. I felt the charge in my bathing suit as I grabbed another bottle of wine and a second towel from inside.

As I returned to the tub, Mom's eyes were closed. He head was the only thing above the water. I approached the tub and watched her face as I got closer. She was motionless, except for a slight movement when she bit her lower lip. It was a very sexy look and I slipped into the water as quietly as I could. She seemed very relaxed and I had never known my mom to be a very "relaxed" person.

"If it feels good, do it" my mom announced without opening her eyes. I looked at her and waited to see if there was any second part to that strange offering. Mom opened her eyes slightly and looked right into mine. I was fixated on her.

"What was that?" I enquired. She closed her eyes again.

"That's been my whole philosophy ever since you got out of this silly suburb, Peter" she answered while she shifted her weight in the tub. "I realized how much time and fun you can let slip right by you if you don't just reach out and take it."

"Well you look like you can have whatever you want, Mom."

Mom suddenly shifted across the tub and put her face to mine. I looked into her eyes and saw a look of lust that I had never seen in ANY woman in my life. I could feel her breath against my lips. Soon, I felt a hand on my thigh and another on my stomach. My cock shot to attention almost instantly. The hand on my thigh soon moved over to my bulge and the other came up to the back of my head. Mom's hand stroked me through my bathing suit as I looked back at her lustful eyes. My hands went to her breasts. I kneaded and played with them as the intensity of this incestuous exchange stampeded through my mind.

"I don't know why I'm doing this..." my mom whispered. "All I know is that if I don't, I'll lose my fucking mind."

"If it feels good, do it." I replied just before our faces mashed together. Our tongues met and my hands curled around from my mother's breasts to her ass. It felt as amazing as it looked. My hands cupped and pawed at her ass as Mom straddled me.

"You look so fucking hot Mom." I said as my hand went up her back. She smiled and rolled her hips on top of me. The friction of our bathing suits felt like fire. I pushed my mother off of me. Her eyes shot a look of fury at pushing her away. I smiled as I slid my bathing suit down into the water and sat on the deck. I saw my mom bite her lip again as she stared at my cock.

"Oh my God..." she said softly as she moved toward me. She grabbed the base of my cock and kissed me again. Her other hand massaging my balls, she put her mouth up to my ear.

"You want your mommy to suck you?" she cooed. My hand went to the back of her head and I guided her down until she had all seven inches of my hardness in her mouth. I watched the top of her head bob up and down as she sucked my cock. She deep-throated me a couple of times and then looked up into my eyes with a naughty stare. Her tongue circled the purple head of my dick while her fingers played with my ball sack.

"This is so crazy" I breathed as Mom sucked me deep. I was starting to wind down from the initial shock of what was happening and I started to relax a little and just feel the sensation of my mother's lips wrapped around my shaft. The vacuum inside her mouth made me feel like my cock grew a full inch every time her face came down toward my pelvis. My hands went to her hair and shoulders and back again until I just laid back on the deck of the hot-tub. I stared up at the night sky while I listened to the muffled slurping coming from my mother's face. I looked down again to see my mother looking deep into my eyes. The sight of my cock disappearing into her mouth almost made me come right then.

"Come here, Mom." I said to her. My cock popped out of her mouth and she asked me what I meant while her hand went up and down my shaft. I reached down and pulled her face to mine.

"Sit on my face while you do that." I whispered into her ear and then licked it. She frowned and tried to protest.

"Ahh honey no I haven't showered and I'm not-"

I pushed her up and slid my body sideways. My mother gasped yet followed my guiding hands as I man-handled my mom into a 69 position. I laid there with my mother's pussy hovering over my face covered by a thin layer of red fabric. I breathed in deeply, and smelled the acrid scent of her sex fill my nostrils. The strange twist of bromine and wet pussy hung in the air. My mother had frozen, waiting to see what I would do next. I reached and pulled the red fabric away from her slit and slashed my tongue lightly across her pussy lips. My hands went to her bared ass-cheeks and I massaged her toned ass while my tongue darted and dashed across her slit.

"Uhhhhhh my god!" my mother groaned as her mouth descended right down onto my prick with added gusto. My tongue started to probe deeper and wider around her pussy as she grunted and groaned with her mouth full of cock.

"Jesus Christ that feels so good honey." Mom said as she jerked my cock. "Your father hasn't eaten my pussy like that since you were in grade school."

The reminder that I was eating my mother's cunt filled me with a twisted lust that again made it hard not to come immediately. I was licking the pussy that had given birth to me. I was delirious with the over-powering fact that I was doing something despicable in the eyes of society. I was getting the feeling Mom was experiencing the same thing. Her breathing was getting louder and her grip on my cock was bordering on painful.

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