Monica's Dance


Monica's dance was performed with the gracefulness of someone who had taken ballet and gymnastics for years. Every subtle sway to the left was an art form; every movement to the left a sonnet. Her thin frame, if she moved the wrong way, could have snapped in two. But Monica had danced this dance for me numerous times. Every choreographed pose was memorized.

This dance was special.

For three years Monica and I had dated and she knew practically everything about me. She knew what turned me on, and her dance routine was a combination of sexuality and her love for me. In just under three days we would be getting married, and it seemed as if this would be the last chance for her to perform the dance as my fiancee.

She had turned on some sexy classical music; for some reason, she got turned on when she danced to this piece. She told me when the cymbals crashed, she felt it deep in her pussy; when the horns reached a crescendo, her nipples would harden.

Monica's dance had different costumes every time, and the next time always proved to be better than the last. A lacy veil shielded her nose and her lips, a simple bustier made of soft velvet held her breasts, her flat belly was bare except for her piercing, and around her upper legs was a sheer skirt tied to her left hip. As she spun around, I caught a wisp of her bikini panties. Her dance was stimulating to the eye, to the mind, to the soul; every time she performed this dance I was aroused in more ways than sexual.

But I have to admit, my cock started to become erect as her movements entranced me; she shimmied her hips around like a belly dancer before starting to shake her body to the music. She rubbed her hands along the creases of her sexy abdomen, running them up over the bustier, then over the top of her breasts. She eyed me seductively.

As the tempo of the music increased, so did Monica's dance. Kicking her right leg up as the violins and violas took it up a notch, I caught a glimpse again of her panties. She didn't immediately bring the leg down, giving me more than a glimpse. She ran a hand from her ankle down her leg to her covered vaginal area and began to rub her pussy slowly on the material. She removed her hand, then lowered her leg.

Her hands then moved left to the hip where the skirt was tied. Her nimble fingers unsecured the knot before turning around, her ass facing me. She spread her arms, extending the silky skirt so that the front of her body was exposed. She swayed her ass against the material, in time to the music. She shifted her weight on her feet, moving the material against her ass. Then she wiggled her ass against the material as she rocked her body from side to side while lowering herself to the floor. Her feet were raised slightly and her legs were bent at the knees. When she got up, the material was on the floor and the back of her bikini panties was visible.

I could see the outline of her ass through the panties and as she cocked her head over her shoulder, she caught me staring at her ass. I don't know how many times she caught me looking at it. I just love her little heart-shaped ass. I was absent-mindedly rubbing the crotch of my khakis, and when I glanced up at her, I saw her smiling at me through the veil. Her hands were in front of her up by her chest, and when she turned around, her hands were on the bustier and it was unsnapped in the front. She was moving to the music and still looking deeply into my eyes.

She moved closer to me and then straddled my waist. Letting the bustier hang, she grabbed my hands and placed them on her stomach. She then raised her hands to remove the veil as my hands slowly inched upward to her breasts. As the veil was removed, I saw again the reason I fell in love with her. Her smile is so dazzling it can stop my heart for a second, and her kiss tastes so good it revives me. I almost forgot what I was doing as her smile caught my eye, but as she placed her hands on mine and guided me upward, I quickly remembered my task.

My hands found her breasts and I lightly rubbed them. We would definitely be making love of the highest order tonight, not "fucking" or "having sex". My thumbs teased her nipples, making them erect. I took the outside of my right index finger and grazed the inside of her left breast. She shivered, then leaned in and kissed me. As we were kissing, I took my hands off her breasts and gently removed the bustier, leaving her naked except for her bikini panties. After kissing me, she presented her breasts to me and I began to worship them, placing her palms on top of them, bringing them close to my face so I could lick her nipples. After I gave each nipple the proper attention they deserved, she slid out of my lap and onto the floor. Pushing my upper body back, she ran her fingertips down my polo shirt to my belt, where she unbuckled it while looking me right in the eyes. Continuing my disrobing, she never broke eye contact as my khakis were unbuttoned and unzipped, and she kept her eyes focused on mine as she slipped my pants down to my ankles.

Reaching out she grasped her cock, and I say her cock because my cock belongs to her. She began to stroke it in time to the music, her body swaying a little bit. Her dance all but finished, she was beginning to concentrate on pleasuring me rather than dancing. She started to lick me, conscious of the fact that she had brought me off many times this way, contented with herself. After she had slid my cock deep into her mouth, she released her grip and began to stand up. She then began to move her body as her thumbs hooked into her bikini panties, preparing the material for its long descent down her long, silky legs. As they found her ankles, Monica continued our staring contest, kicking out of the panties before straddling me once again.

Grabbing my cock again, she started to rub it against her pussy lips, brushing up with her clit on several swipes. She then impaled herself on my shaft, letting herself get used to the 7 inches she crammed in her pussy. She was shaved I noticed, just like she knows I like it.

She quickly got used to the feeling of my cock standing straight up, pointing directly at her womb. Then, with her eyes fixated at me, she wrapped her arms around my neck and started to rock her body back and forth, then around and around in my lap. Then she started bucking on me, and I could feel her pussy muscles start to grip my cock like a vise. It was only a matter of time before we would both cum. The dance, coupled with our touching each other, was building our mutual orgasm.

Monica was beside herself, whimpering as she drove my cock deeper and deeper into her. She was controlling the tempo of our love making. Only she would allow us to cum at the same time.

Not soon after, we both came together. I laid back with Monica's body pinned under the weight of my arms, my cock still buried deep in her wet crevice. We kissed as the music ended, but our love making was not over.

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