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Mon's Panties


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Growing up at my parents home, my family had a number of routines you could count on like clockwork. For example, every Saturday morning was cleaning time, and we were all expected to pitch in (except my Dad of course who would golf with friends and avoid the domestic work). Dad traveled a lot for his job and was rarely home, so I always wondered how he got a free pass every weekend, but what could I do? This left myself (Steve, 19), my younger sister Beth (18) and my Mom (43) to do the chores while Dad played. My Mom cleaned the common areas during the week, but on Saturday mornings we were to clean our rooms thoroughly, change our sheets and bring the laundry down for my mother to wash.

The day this story began was like any other Saturday, but ended up changing my life forever. I had just finished cleaning my room when I heard my Mom call out to me "Steven, can you come here sweetie?" I tucked my dirty sheets under my arm and headed off to find her. She was in her room and asked if I could carry the laundry basket downstairs as it was too heavy for her.

"Sure Mom," I said, threw my sheets on top of the heaping pile and headed towards the laundry room. I passed my sister's room on the way and saw she was diligently vacuuming her floor, so I headed onwards.

I had just placed the basket on the laundry table next to the washer and dryer when the pile of sheets tumbled over and fell on the floor. I picked them up, but when I went to place them back I noticed a pair of little yellow panties had been uncovered and was left sitting atop the basket. Being a red-blooded male, I froze and stared at them for a long while. Almost without thinking, I dropped my sheets on top of the washing machine and reached for the yellow treasure before me. My pulse raced as I picked them up and studied their shape and size. As if working on their own, my hands slowly dragged the crotch of the undies to my nose where I took a long whiff.

Instantly blood rushed to my groin and my dick hardened in a flash. I had no idea if they were my Mom's or sister's, but the smell was absolutely intoxicating. I was lost in my own world as I continued to smell the musky scent of the panties and began rubbing my hard cock through the fabric of my shorts. I had no idea how long I stood there; undies pressed to my face in one hand, the other roughly rubbing my cock through my shorts when I saw movement out of the corner of my eye. I quickly looked over and not more than ten feet away found my mom standing with a look of complete shock on her face. I rapidly pulled the panties from my nose and tried to hide them behind me, yet my cock tented my shorts out obscenely before me. "The laundry's all set Mom," I muttered and turned my back to her in complete embarrassment.

There was absolute silence in the room for a long while, then I heard her say "yes, ummm, I guess it is," as she moved past me towards the laundry basket. When she stood next to me I turned and made a bee line for the door and then my room.

I closed the door to my room, took off my shorts and jerked off on my bed like a madman. I was totally embarrassed, yet more turned on than ever before in my life. For some reason getting caught by my mom in such a compromising position excited me immensely. Now I was not a virgin at the time, and had a fair amount of experience with girls, yet this was completely new territory for me. As I stroked my cock, I thought about my mother sexually for the first time. My Mom was a pretty typical housewife of that day and usually wore skirts and blouses, which were most often flattering to her figure. At 43 she was still quite cute, standing at petite 5'2", with a slightly thin build, and always wore her blonde hair fashionably short. As I stroked I though about her in nothing more than the pair of yellow panties, rubbing them and making them wet with her juices, then me pulling them off to go down on her. I realized I still clutched the undies in my left hand, and moved them under my nose once more. In only a minute or so I blew my load all over my chest and stomach, cumming harder than I ever could recall. I couldn't bare to face my Mom after what she'd witnessed, so I cleaned myself off, took a quick shower, and snuck out of the house as quietly as possible.

I stayed away all day out of embarrassment, then somberly headed home at dinner time. I prayed my Mom had not told my Dad, and based on his casual greeting upon my arrival home I assumed she had kept quiet for now. She greeted me with a weak smile, but blushed and quickly turned back to the stove before anyone could notice. Dinner that night was quiet for my Mom and I, but my Dad and Beth were as talkative as ever. After the meal I excused myself to go to my room and stayed there the rest of the evening. The balance of the week went much the same as I avoided both contact and conversation with my Mom as much as possible, yet I jerked off at least twice a day to erotic thoughts of her, cumming hard each time.

Saturday morning arrived once more and as usual my Dad left early, so the rest of us started our morning ritual of cleaning. I was done with my room and was about to hit the shower when I heard my Mom call me again "Steven, can you help me in here?" I walked to her room feeling impending doom, where I found her standing next to her bed, upon which sat a full laundry basket. "Can you carry this downstairs for me honey, it's too heavy?" she asked looking somewhat embarrassed.

"Sure Mom," I said as I moved forward to pick up the basket, my head hanging as I tried to avoid her gaze. I was shocked when I looked down to see a pair of simple white panties stretched squarely across the top of the pile of otherwise colorful clothes. I stared at them for a long moment in disbelief, yet finally came to my senses and picked up the basket and quickly retreated to the laundry room without a glance at my mother.

I placed the basket on the table, then looked behind me to see if my mother had followed. The room was empty and I could not hear anyone coming, so in spite of myself I reached for the panties with shaking hands. I touched the crotch and was stunned to find them damp and warm, my Mom must have just taken them off! Had she placed them on top intentionally for me to find? I slowly moved them to my nose and inhaled deeply, the fresh feminine scent filled my lungs and overwhelmed my senses. My cock hardened in seconds, throbbing in my pants as I imagined where they must have been only moments before.

My right hand once again found it's way to my groin and I started rubbing my erection through my pants. My mind was racing, why had my Mom done this? Was it intentional? Was she trying to turn me on? Did seeing me last weekend turn her on? I almost came right in my jeans as I sniffed the sexy undies and rubbed myself. Once again I saw movement out of the corner of my eye, yet this time for some reason I didn't stop my rubbing and left the panties pressed to my face. I looked and saw my Mom standing at the door gazing at me intently, her cheeks a bright pink. This silent exchange continued until my lecherous thoughts lifted and I realized just what I was doing, and I dropped the panties and ran past my Mom to my room. Once again, I shut the door and jerked off to thoughts of my pretty mother, cumming in a flash.

After I calmed down a bit, my mind raced over the events of the last few minutes trying to process everything as logically as possible. Putting the panties on top of the pile had to be intentional, and based on their warmth, she must have just taken them off. I didn't hear her come to the room, so she must have sneaked up hoping to catch me once again. Her cheeks were flushed, so maybe she was as turned on as I was. My Dad was never home, so maybe she was not only horny, but horny for me. "Holy shit," I thought to myself, my mother wanted me to smell her soiled panties, and wanted to see me playing with my cock! There could be no other explanation that I could possibly think of. I got another erection and quickly rubbed myself off a second time thinking about the scene that played out only moments before. Like the previous week, I quickly showered and snuck out of the house, my mind racing.

The next week was much the same as the last, with little dialog between my mother and I. We were cordial to one another, but otherwise had little unnecessary interaction. I masturbated that week to strong images of my mother, my mind contemplating all the sexy scenarios that could possibly play out between us. Somehow our previously sterile laundry room became the center of my erotic world. I imagined taking her on top of the laundry table, fucking her bent over the dryer, going down on her as she laid on the cold tile floor, and many other nasty things. I could not get the idea of nailing my Mom out of my head, and wondered if she was having similar thoughts. My Mom always seemed pretty submissive, and I wondered how far I could take things, so I formulated a plan in my head in case the events from the weekend were ever repeated, hoping to test the waters with my lovely mother.

Saturday morning dawned and I awoke eagerly anticipating what the day might bring. It was warm so I dressed in only a pair of athletic shorts with no underwear and started my chores. My Dad stopped in briefly on his way out and chatted for a moment before saying his good-byes and headed off as usual. I cleaned with a nervous energy, wondering if my Mom would ask for assistance once more. I didn't have to wait long before she appeared at my door, looking over my almost naked teenage body as I pretended to pick things up off the floor. When we finally made eye contact, she blushed and asked "Steven, could you please help me with the laundry again?"

"Sure Mom, I'd be happy to," I said with a fake smile and marched past her to my parents room. I found the basket on her bed as usual, yet this time sitting right on top was a pair of skimpy black lace panties, the sexiest I'd ever seen. My pulse raced but I tried to keep my composure, hoping this was another part of the game. I picked up the basket and turned towards the door where I found my mother standing looking embarrassed but excited.

I walked slowly down the hall past my sister's room, where I saw her cleaning away, and down to the laundry room. Like always, I placed the basket on the table, yet this time quickly lifted the panties up to my face without care. Just like the previous week, they were damp and warm, and must have been on my mother only moments before. I pressed them to my face and inhaled the intoxicating aroma. I rubbed the gusset all over my face with my left hand, wanting the smell to stay with me, while my right hand once again went to my groin. I ground my palm into my crotch as I sniffed and waited to see if my Mom was daring enough to make another appearance. I heard the vacuum groan to life in my sister's room above, and wondered if my mom would show her face in the laundry room once more. Sure enough, a minute or so later I saw my Mom appear at the door, staring at me, blushing deeply.

This is what I had been waiting for. I turned my body to face her and lewdly continued to rub my erection not more than ten feet from her, the sexy black thong pressed to my nose. Not a word was spoken as we stared intently at one another. I slowly took the panties from my face and placed my hands on the waistband of my shorts. Gazing into her eyes, I slowly pushed them down until they landed in a lump on the floor between my legs. My mother gasped, and covered her mouth, but said nothing. My left hand once again moved back to my face holding my treasured undies, while my right grasped my rock-hard cock. I began to slowly jerk myself off looking directly at her. Her eyes darted back and forth between my eyes and my prick, her face red and her breathing ragged. I was more excited than I had ever been in my life and felt my orgasm rushing towards me like a freight train. I stroked myself wildly and grunted as my spunk shot from my cock in ropes, one after another, landing on the tile floor in front of me. I closed my eyes for a moment to bask in the sensation, but when I opened them she was gone.

When I had come down from the high, I grabbed a paper towel and cleaned the floor, then picked up my shorts and headed upstairs. When I passed my mother's room her door was closed tight and I wondered what she was doing. Was she ashamed of herself and crying, or was she turned on and masturbating feverishly as I had? I went to the shower to clean up from the morning's activities, yet this time I didn't leave the house. I stayed around all day and tried to stick close to my mother to try and gauge her feelings. She didn't say much as I had come to expect, and turned beet red every time she looked at me, but didn't tip her hand. The really good thing was she didn't call me a sicko or try to kick me out of the house, so I assumed she must have enjoyed my little show at least a little bit.

The next week seemed to take forever as I awaited Saturday morning with more anticipation than any other previous day of my life. I jerked off about ten times a day thinking about my mother and all the nasty things we could do together. I tried to picture exactly how the next encounter might go, and how I'd try to push things along. I wanted to fuck my Mom so badly, and I hoped she just might be having similar feelings.

Saturday morning dawned and I was up early with restless energy once more. I dressed in only a pair of old gym shorts and nothing else, hoping things might work out like before. Dad was away and the rest of us cleaned in silence, but shortly after my sister began her weekly vacuuming, Mom appeared at my door. Her eyes wandered over my body for a moment before she asked in barely a whisper "Steven, could you help me again?" Without a word I walked past her and into her room. The basket was in it's customary position on the bed, and as I leaned over to take a look I was not surprised to see a pair of panties sitting on top, this time a tiny red pair. I turned and found my Mom standing behind me at the door, but this time rather than carting the basket away, I grabbed the undies and slowly brought them to my face staring intently at her.

She looked completely shocked that I would be so bold as to do it right in her own room, but I wanted to shock her. She gaped at me with bug-eyes, but didn't move a muscle. I reached down and once again pushed my shorts to the floor, my erection standing up more proudly than ever, and slowly started stroking it right in front of her. My Mom gasped and moved towards me "please, not here. Your sister, she's just down the hall!" "Please Steven, go downstairs," she whispered urgently.

I looked into her eyes and calmly said "okay mother, but only if you come down too."

She was in a state of panic and answered "yes, anything, just not here baby."

I looked directly at her and stated "good, follow me," then bent and pulled my shorts back into place, my erection poking out lewdly. I grabbed the basket, put the undies on top and headed off past my vacuuming sister's room and down the hall.

I entered the laundry room and placed the basket on the table as always, turned and found my mother right behind me. "How could you Steven?" she sobbed, tears welling up in her eyes.

Without saying a word I pushed my shorts to the floor and kicked them away, once again standing completely naked in front of her. She gasped and stared at my cock which began to rapidly rise once more. "Please Steven, you can't. Your sister is right upstairs. Please honey," she pleaded, but her words fell on deaf ears. I wrapped my right hand around my cock and once again began jerking off right in front of her, only this time she was no more than three feet away from me. I slowly rubbed myself with long slow strokes and stared into her eyes smiling. I could see the battle going on in her head, part of her wanting to run but the stronger part wanting to stay and watch.

I then started speaking softly "so good Mommy, this feels so good," as I rubbed my hardness. "Do you like my cock mommy?" I asked looking into her eyes. Her gaze moved from my face to my cock over and over, her cheeks looking redder than if she had just run a marathon. She didn't say a word but just openly began watching my hand move along my shaft. After a long while I spoke again "I asked you a question mommy, do you like my cock?"

Her eyes darted to my face and she stammered "I, ummm, no, I don't think so."

I chuckled and said "you don't think so mommy? I think you know so."

She cast her head down in apparent shame, but continued to stare at my display. I had to take things to another level, this being a big test for us both. "Mother, take your panties off for me," I stated calmly as I stroked.

She looked up with shock once again, and pleaded "please no baby."

A twisted smile crossed my face as I smiled at her and said "yes mommy, your panties." She looked horrified and didn't move for a moment, blushing profusely. Then to my great surprise and pleasure she reached for the hem of her skirt, and slowly raised it until she could grasp her panties. She wiggled her body from side to side, then down came her hands holding a fresh pair of baby blue undies. She stepped out of them and stood, gazing at me with a sheepish look on her face. I smiled at her and said "hold them to my nose while I jerk off mother, I want to smell you." Her face contorted with emotion as she stood in stunned silence for what seemed like an eternity, but then stepped forward and pushed the baby blue fabric up to my face.

I couldn't believe she had actually done it. First I was surprised she took them off, then even more so as she pushed them under my nose. I took a strong sniff of her feminine odor, making my cock pound with excitement. I rubbed myself very gently wanting this to last a long time. "You smell wonderful mommy," I told her looking at her intently. She blushed once more and lowered her gaze to my groin.

We both stayed like that for a while until another thought entered my head. I let go of my cock and moved both hands to my hips and thrust my crotch out. "Put your panties on my cock mommy, I want to feel the soft material against my skin," I told her as calmly as I could. She looked into my eyes for a moment, then slowly moved her hand towards my cock. My prick was sticking out hard before me, and she gently draped the fabric over it being careful not to touch me. "Wrap them around me mommy," I told her and she moaned, but I was not sure if it was from embarrassment or excitement. She moved her right hand back slowly to my cock and wrapped the panties around it in her small hand. "Good girl mommy, now jerk me off!" I said and she moaned once again.

I waited for her next move, would she really do it? She was holding my cock in her hand, but could she really jerk off her only son? My wishes were granted as I felt her hand slowly come to life and began gently moving up and down my rock hard shaft. "Yessss mommy," was all I could say as I leaned back against the table for support. She never looked me in the eyes, yet kept pulling on my incredibly hard dick. I basked in this new sensation for as long as I could stand it, yet still needed more.

I reached my hands out to her shoulders and she jumped when I made contact with her, looking me in the eyes for the first time in a while. I gently but firmly pushed down on her shoulders and casually stated "take me in your mouth mommy."

She looked at me with wide eyes and softly pleaded "please Stevie, please don't make me."

I simply gave her a twisted smile and said "I'm not making you do anything mommy, you know you want to." She moaned much louder this time and looked down. I applied more pressure to her shoulders, and she slowly dropped to her knees in front of me.

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