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The phone rung and it was my baby on it asking me what I was doing. I told him that I wasn't doing anything but being bored out of my mind. It was a Friday night and I had nothing to do, my baby asked me if I wanted to come over and chill for a while. I answered real quick that I would like that very much and I asked my baby what we was going to do.

He laughed out loud and said to me, we will find something to do.

I laughed back and said, ok whatever you say. We hung up from each other and I raced upstairs so I could get ready to leave. I looked in the mirror at myself and thought, damn girl, maybe you will get some of that delicious dick that he has. Man would that be just exciting. You rubbed up against it and it felt like it was huge, I mean extremely huge.

Yes lord, I have heard other people say that my boo had a monster dick in his possession. A good 12 inches of pure massive manly meat and it was 3 inches wide. Man that's a big dick that I didn't know if I could take all of that, but I sure in hell would try to. You can bet your bottom dollar on that tip. I laughed out loud to myself while I looked in the mirror. Then I jumped into the shower and took me a quick shower, thinking about what I was going to wear over there to my baby's house. I am a bold bitch so I tol' myself to just wear a coat, and I got so excited from just the idea of doing that scandalous shit I noticed that my pussy got to twitching and pulsating and my nipples started to get extremely hard.

I took my shower and rubbed down with my special oils that I had bought, smelling like a fruit ready to be eaten up. I Laughed out loud to myself once again cuz that's what I was hoping for. So I was finally thru getting myself ready, so I slipped on my coat and headed out of the door to get into my car so I could head on up to my baby's crib. I was grinning all the way, knowing that I was going to get some of that massive sweet meat tonight. My legs were extremely sore from all the stretching exercises that I had done earlier in the day.

Driving to my baby's place I started to get a little bit hot and bothered, but I knew that my boo would take good care of that problem that I was having. My cell phone rung and it was my boo wondering how far it was before I got to his place. I said to him about that I was about 5 minutes away.

He whispered in that sexy ass voice, cool baby, I got something special for you. When he chuckled in that voice of his my pussy just boil over with excitement. I told him that I couldn't wait till I got there and he said neither could he. That made me hurry up to get on over there. He told me just to come on in because the door will be open. I said ok and that I will be there in 2 minutes now.

When I got to my baby's place all the lights where out except the den, so I proceeded into the den very cautious and nervous, didn't know what was in store for me. I heard slow music playing and I got that funny feeling into my stomach but the music made me felt like relaxing.

Stepped into the den and saw my boo bent over by the stereo, he turned and said, hay baby you finally made it, give me a sec and let me put the stereo on continuous mode.

I told him ok, cool and he said baby they playing our song. I said for sho' they are. My boo asked me did I want something to drink and I told him coke and rum on ice.

Ok, be right back with it. Don't run off, just make yourself comfortable, he said

I went and sat down on the sofa with my stomach in knots, waiting on him to come back. He finally made it back with my drink and I took a big drink of it. He asked me baby are you nervous and I said to him yes I was.

He looked at me and took my hand and said don't be, I wont hurt you. He bent down and kissed me ever so softly on the lips, which helped me to relax. I asked him whats that for and he told me its for being my baby boo. That made me blush so big, like I was a little school girl. He said to me baby you are so damn fine when you blush. He said to me come baby and I got up off the sofa and walked toward him. He pulled me into him and started kissing me very passionately which was taking my breath away as he was doing that. He was darting his tongue in and out of my mouth so I could get a taste of his tongue. My boo knew that I loved to suck on a man's tongue. It drives me so wild.

I opened my mouth and before I could say anything his tongue popped into my mouth. Ummmmm I love to suck on a man's tongue, I can suck on it all night long. Come on baby give me that sweet tasty tongue. He pulled me in closer to him and I could feel the bulge of his dick pressing into my stomach. That excited me very much, I could feel my pussy starting to throb and twitch. He began to grind into me and man did that feel good, I didn't think that I would be able to hold my composure much longer.

He said baby let me take your coat because I know that you are hot in it. I'm saying to myself you damn right I am, and its not from the coat.

He untied my coat and opened it up and his eyes popped almost out of his head. He tol' me damn baby, I'm speechless, I wasn't expecting this, but damn, damn, damn.

I said to him you like what you see, he say to me I love it boo, I would have never dreamed in a million years that you would come to me like this. My coat fell to the floor and he stared and drooledat the sight of me with nothing on. I was so excited when he pulled me into him and started licking my lips and neck, I moaned softly. His hands were rubbing up and down my back, sliding their way down to my ass. I could now feel the cum running down my legs. He started really grinding into me and this time I responded back to him by slowing grinding back into him. He looked at me and told me that's my baby boo, you want this dick don't you. In a slow gaspy voice I say yes I do, and he say well boo you are about to get it real soon, but not right now, I got something else for you.

I was so excited I just couldn't hide it anymore, he pulled me down onto the floor and started licking and sucking on my neck. I was moaning out and the feel of his tongue on my neck had my mouth opened. His tongue find its way back into my mouth and his hands started to travel down onto my hardened nipples, squeezing and caressing them ever so gently. He pulled his tongue out of my mouth and proceeded to lick and suck on my erect nipples that were standing out at attention. He licked and licked and sucked and sucked on them so gently making my back arch to his licks. His hand had found its way between my legs and his fingers were massaging and rubbing on my swollen clit, ummmmmm damn it was feeling so damn good, yes keep going I moan out.

My boo say to me my baby likes that don't she, and I say yes i do, don't stop, please don't stop. Oh baby I want you to believe me there's more to cum then this. He slid his tongue down onto my tummy and kissed my belly button, I felt my legs falling apart as his fingers were rubbing onto my pulsating swollen clit. He slid his fingers between my aching juicy pussy lips and found my pussy soaking wet, running like a river. He say to me my baby is hot ain't she, I'm going to take real good care of her. He began to kiss my inner thighs and my legs fell completely apart now. He told me I know what she wants and placed his tongue on my swollen clit, sending shock waves up my back and I moaned out. He inserted a finger inside of my wet pussy and she begins to suck and grip his finger. He rise up and say oh yes baby suck on this finger, because I'm about to do something. I looked down at him and said oh yea what is that? He looked up at me and said just this. He took his fingers and spread my swollen pussy apart and shoved his tongue deep up into my wet, juicy pussy and began to tongue fuck me and I immediately started cumming.

He licked and licked and sucked and sucked up my sweet nectar that was running out of my hot box pussy. He moaned out oh yes baby cum on this tongue, its all yours. I came and came while he was tongue fucking me. I started begging for the dick and he said not yet but real soon. He continued to eat out my pussy, making me shiver and shake with pleasure. For 15 minutes he continued to tongue fuck me till ecstasy. I reached for him but he shoved my hands out of the way. He finally looked up at me smiling so devilish at me and said my baby is good and ready now. I whispered between breaths yes I am. He stood up over me and began to undress, he had the nicest, sexiest set of abs that you could ever want to see. I rose up from the floor as his hands went to unzip his pants and I moved his hands and started to unzip his pants for him, I felt his throbbing dick pulsating as I continued to unzip his pants.

I pulled his pants down and reached inside his boxes and pulled out his monster ass dick that was already coming out of his boxers. I blew my breath on it and it started to jump, I pulled his boxers down and proceeded with what I wanted to do with his boy toy. When his boxers hit the floor his dick damn near jumped out at me. I said oh my god look at this dick you are packing. He smiled down at me and said 12 inches of pure massive meat and 3 inches wide. I couldn't say a word because I was so shocked.

I reached up for it and placed my lips around the head and started to suck on it like a pacifier. He let out a soft moan and said baby stop because you don't have to do this. I looked up at my boo and said to him I know that I don't but I want to and I'm going to taste him before she does because my pussy she is so damn greedy for dick.

So I licked and sucked all around the tip and licked down the sides like you would some ice cream, slurping and slurping all over it. I even sucked on his nuts and he moaned out and said baby wait but I kept on doing what I was doing. He finally pulled out of my mouth and went back to licking my pussy that was boiling over now, cum running like the water from a faucet. In and out his tongue darted, moving it around and around inside of my pussy, licking me up and down. Finally he raised up and said to me I got a present for you. I looked at him and said what is that may I ask, and he said this, and he inserted his dick up inside of me. I opened my mouth and he dropped his tongue in it to keep me from hollering out.

He pushed and pushed till he got about 8 inches in and he begin thrusting moving his dick around and around in me. He whispered to me she is grabbing my dick and holding onto him. I whispered back to him that I knew she would do just that because my pussy is starving for dick. He kept on thrusting and thrusting, pushing and pushing more inches into me, making me arch up against him. He grabbed my legs and pulled them up into my chest so he could go little more deep inside of my burning pussy that was sucking on his dick like no tomorrow. Faster and faster we rolled, damn baby your pussy is so damn juicy and wet. I said to my baby I know and she is steady begging for more of this dick.

I'm going to give him all to you, till you cant handle it. So inch by inch he kept pushing into me and I could feel all of him going deep into me and I was grasping for air. Man oh man it felt so damn good, and I hollered out in pure ecstasy. I reached up and pulled him down on top of me and wrapped my legs up around his back so I could feel every bit of his massive dick. I wanted to hold him in place and not let him go because he was feeling so damn good inside of me. I'm shocked that I took all of that 12 inches of massive meat that his was packing, but by damn I took every inch of it and loved every moment of it. It was like I was in heaven riding on cloud 9. I came so much till my legs was wobbling, we rolled over and I ended up on top so I could ride this horse, because I was going to be the best jockette that every rode a horse. I rode this dick of mine like it was no tomorrow, up and down I rode this monster dick.

Faster and faster I went till I heard him moan out which let me know that he was cumming and I felt the pulsating explosion that rushed up into me like a volcano exploding on the land beneath it. I laid down on top of him and we fell asleep holding each other until the sun came up the next morning. When I woke up my baby had fixed me breakfast in bed and we continued where we left off exploring each others body all over again.

Man oh man this is one delicious massive dick that I can eat over and over again and again and never get tired of.

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