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Monster Under Her Bed


Author's Note: Like the fantasy for a friend stories, this story was written on request. Same friend, actually. If you haven't read those stories, she's kinkier than I am, and the stories I write for her reflect that fact. This one isn't a kink of mine, but she really enjoyed it. I hope you do too.


Cassie looked around her bedroom, now seemingly so foreign. She hadn't been home since she first left for school a year and a half ago, and was only coming back now to visit for winter break of her sophomore year. Still, it was clear no one had touched it since she had been gone, all her old things were exactly as she left them. Tossing her bags to the side, she decided to worry about unpacking later -- it had been a long day of driving, and she was ready to get some sleep. She stripped down to her underwear (never having been able to sleep any other way) and curled up in bed, making sure to pile on as many blankets as possible to combat the winter chill.

At some point in the middle of the night, she woke up shivering. "That's odd," she thought as she looked down -- all the blankets were back at the foot of the bed, leaving her exposed to the night air. Figuring she must have been tossing and turning, she pulled them back over herself and quickly fell asleep again.

It couldn't have been more than two hours before she woke up cold again, noticing her nipples hard under her bra from the cool air rushing over them. Before she could worry too much about the blankets being missing again, she noticed something else -- there was something wet and slimy wrapped around her right ankle. Opening her mouth to scream, she was cut off by something else, wet and fleshy, slapping across her mouth and covering it. Cassie was in shock, she had no idea what was going on.

"Did you miss me?" She heard a voice... well, not quite heard, and it wasn't exactly a voice as she'd normally define it, but the words were clear. Miss... oh. Oh, no, it couldn't be. She hadn't seen the monster under he bed since she was what, eight? Nine, the last time must have been when she was nine years old. How could it be back now, ten years later?

"I've waited a long, long time for this," the voice said, somewhere between smirking and sneering. Cassie felt another tentacle wrap around her left ankle, holding her down to the bed. Before she could reach down to try to free herself, another two came up from either side, grabbing her wrists and pulling them down. The girl lay spread-eagle, unable to move or speak, and hardly even able to see in the dark. She was confused by the monster's words, though she shivered again, from fear instead of cold, when she felt yet another appendage drag along her knee and up her thigh. Waited a long time for... Cassie was revolted by the thought of it waiting there, lying under her bed, pondering what it would do as it watched her grow up.

The tentacle soon reached her panties and pulled them down, ripping them off and tossing them aside. "Oh no, no, no..." she tried to say, though she was still muffled by the tentacle across her mouth. It slid along her slit, coating her with its juices, and she couldn't help but shake when it touched her clit.

"Oh yes..." the monster said from somewhere, its tentacle pressing against her lips, pushing inside her folds. She groaned in horror at the feeling, this couldn't be happening. This must be some crazy dream, how could her imagination from when she was just a tiny girl be back to torment her now? It was impossible. And yet, impossible or not, she realized the tentacle was deeper inside her, filling her more completely than anything ever had before. Cassie wasn't a virgin by any means, but this felt entirely different, this was.... she wasn't sure what it was, she was horrified, but it was definitely something new.

At the same time, the tentacle across her face seemed to change its mind, shifting to press into her mouth. Cassie had little choice, her mouth had already been stuck open, and she doubted she could prevent it from entering anyway. She did her best to shut herself away in her mind and not pay attention to what was happening to her body, so that she didn't even notice her bra being tossed aside. She was even able to ignore the tentacle inside her starting to pump itself in and out slowly, but her concentration was broken when the tips of two more tentacles flicked her nipples. Her back arched with the sensation, and despite herself, she realized that not all the juice in her pussy was coming from the monster.

With an emotion somewhere between resignation and curiosity, she flicked her tongue against the tentacle in her mouth. She was too afraid that biting it would just get her in a worse situation, and it was... surprisingly sweet? Actually, it didn't taste all that bad. She began to lick at it slowly, dragging her tongue along the appendage, and was surprised to feel the monster seem to respond, the tentacles holding her shaking slightly. The one inside her began to move more quickly, sliding in and out, completely filling her every time it pressed in. Cassie moaned again, this time in pleasure, as she felt yet another tentacle tickle her clit. The combination of a filled mouth, her breasts and nipples being played with, her cunt being filled and her clit being gently stroked was too much, and the girl began to enjoy herself, even as her mind protested that no, this was too horrible, how could she be getting off on it?

The four tentacles holding her arms and legs lifted her into the air, holding her body completely off the bed. Finally just giving up and giving in, she began to move her mouth back and forth, sucking and licking the flesh in her mouth. She was beyond the point of worrying about the fact that none of this was possible, and now wrestling with the fact that disgusting as it was, she could feel an orgasm building. The tentacle in her mouth reacted to the extra attention and began to press in and out of her lips even as she dragged her tongue along it, and she felt the ones attacking her pussy and clit speed up. Her body began to shake, back arching, hips thrusting back against the intrusion as much as possible. Cassie was about to cry out in orgasm when something stopped her build.

Oh, no.

She tried to scream and protest as she felt something wet against her ass, but the tentacle pummeling her mouth muffled her. Even as she stopped reacting to the monster's attention, it kept pumping into her, rubbing her clit and nipples, as the new tentacle poked tentatively at her asshole. It paused, as if the monster were debating, and then suddenly surged into her, filling her as deeply as it could all in one guy. She couldn't help but cry in pain, even with her mouth full, and any pleasure she felt was cut off by the sudden thrust.

Still, disgusted as she was, she was helpless to do anything about it. The monster had her body completely restrained as it continued to use her, simultaneously thrusting into her pussy, mouth and ass as well as playing with her clit and nipples. She noticed the tentacle inside her pussy start to shake, and felt sick when she felt something warm and sticky spray inside her. Before she could think about it too hard, she realized it had retreated and been replaced by a fresh one, slamming into her just as hard. The one in her ass started slow, sliding in and out, but began to speed up. She felt like her body would fly into the ceiling from the force if there wasn't something just as powerful pushing her down. And then again, to her revulsion, she realized she was reacting, her tongue and mouth had begun to pleasure the tentacle again without her even noticing, her hips were bucking, and her clit was spending sparks throughout her body. Even the assault on her ass was beginning to feel pleasurable, she was filled like she never had been before, and EVERY sensitive area of her body was stimulated all at once.

Fortunately or unfortunately, this attention didn't take long to build her orgasm. She lost track of time as she sucked greedily, even swallowing when the monster came into her mouth, only to be presented with a new tentacle to fellate right away. Cassie herself came next, groaning, crying and moaning around the fleshy appendage, her entire body bucking and writhing as much as she was able to move.

After her first orgasm, she could hardly remember the rest of the night. How many tentacles fucked her pussy, her mouth, her ass? How many orgasms did she have? How many loads of monster cum filled her body before it finally left her alone? The girl had no idea. After what seemed an eternity, the monster was done, its uncountable tentacles all having emptied themselves into the helpless girl (two had even cum on her tits, not that she had been able to notice.) The monster set her back down on the bed, retreating back to its home underneath. "Good night, Cassie. See you again soon..." it said, somewhere between menacing and amused.

Shaking, though she wasn't even sure what she was shaking from anymore, Cassie curled up under the blanket again, holding herself as she tried to fall asleep. She was too exhausted to even clean herself off first. And the worst part was... she wasn't sure she wasn't looking forward to the next night...

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