tagNonHumanMonsters and Men

Monsters and Men


Opening the door to the terrace of her suite Alicia waits for her eyes to adjust to the darkness. The moon casts enough light for her to see into the small courtyard and the bordering forest. Clad in a light blue nightgown and matching robe, she tries to carry a conversation with her husband on the phone. The moonlight graces her beauty as the night air seems to flow through her. For a moment the light material hugs her voluptuous form. Standing at the threshold of her room she watches the shadows shift the summer breeze cools her flushed cheeks.

Her soul was free just moments ago now becomes trapped in a box of ugliness as the strong baritone voice steadily berates her. Nervously she tucks a stray ebony lock behind her ear. Her husband is displeased once again. Even thousands of miles away he reins her in. Slowly the façade of the quick-minded well respected executive crumbles revealing the desperate, lonely battered woman. Her gentle brown eyes shifts worriedly as she bites down on her bottom lip. Shame fills her as she listens to him breaking her character down into mere shadows of herself.

Leaning on the door she tucks her head into the crook of her arm. Turning her head she sorrowfully looks to the moon, tears glisten against her cheeks. Her mind struggles from the edge of despair as her lips tremble.

Memories flood her mind of how they first met to the day of their marriage. His fraternity brother introduced them. From that first day she was swept off her feet. The courtship was filled with romance and the wedding was a dream. Only after the ink was dry on their marriage certificate did she find out about his true nature. The monster he kept in hidden jus below the surface.

His appetite for brutality was always followed by apologies. Then the cheating, excusing it with her inability to please him causing her humiliation. Some how she lost her strength, her sense of worth.

Replying with a polite but monotonous voice she masks her pain, "Yes Dexter, I should be home in the next couple of days; if not sooner. No, I have to stay to check out the rest of the competition. Yes, in time for your parents' dinner party. Yes, I will pick up a souvenir from London for them before I leave."

Oh, sweet gods in the heavens, please help me. I just don't want to be alone.

Her plea is heard by the silver goddess, outside a room in the west wing of the same hotel a man steps out into the night air. High among the stars draped in her silver robes her belly is full. In her ever-smiling face she calls to all her night-children. Secrets are spoken and hidden agendas are reveled. The thin barrier that hides the supernatural is lifted. Those who can accept the truth are allowed into an epsilon of the wise or disturbed. Stepping into the darkness he answers the silver goddess running deeply into the forest his body sheds its cloak to frolic in its true form.

Calling his brethren, he searches for another after some time something answers a short distance away. Shifting his form from a shadow of eight feet he changes to a looming wolf that haunts centuries of folk tales. Hours later as the moon hangs in her zenith the wolf heads back to the hotel from the east. He catches a sent, a woman his human side covets, she has a mate but that shall soon change.

Crossing the threshold she welcomes the incoming night fog. Like a drone Alicia bids goodbye. Hanging up she leans against the stone banister idly looking into the night. In the background she heard another's voice. No doubt his newest conquest. In the beginning he was discreet now he was blatant. Knowing none of his actions were her fault was the only reason for her surviving this long. Just when she thought she had the strength to leave he would pull her back with sweet words and promises. He wasn't going to change only become worse. Shaking her head in disgust of her lack of self-preservation she clings to her anger.

Caressing the stone in appreciation the stillness of the night helps quiet her thoughts. This was one of the oldest hotels in Westchester, comfortable and pleasant. One could see why the sponsors of the Information Convention picked this out of the way place. The air was crisp and the only noise was from the hotel itself. Now that the hotel was only a quarter full not much activity was taking place. No traffic sounds just peaceful quiet.

Remembering the brochure the architecture of the hotel was old, full of history and folklore. Sitting on twenty acres of land the structure hasn't been changed since the rein of Louis the fourteenth.

Whispering "The land of Shakespeare and magic."

The corners of her lips curve up as she mentally pushes her dilemma to the side. Thousands of miles away she shall enjoy her time alone without his shadow. Biding welcome to the night she whispers a prayer:

Holy is the god and parent of the Entirety

Holy is the god that wills to be known and is known by its own

Holy are you of whom all the natural order is naturally an image

Holy are you whose form the natural order has not been able to represent

Holy are you who are mightier than all power

Holy are you who are greater than all preeminence

Holy are you who are mightier than praises

O you who are beyond verbal expression, ineffable, and invoked in silence

Give me your grace.

Studying the moon Alicia feels strength enter her. This time she can there is no obstacles in her way but herself. Hugging herself the finality of her decision of divorce is made. In the morning she will contact her lawyer. The hairs on the back of her neck rise as goose bumps began to form on her skin. Some how the air has changed heavy with an animal musk. Turning towards the sanctuary of her room she stops. From the shadows a creature of imagination blocks her path to safety. The phone drops from her hand, crashing on the stone floor. She finds her vocal cords frozen. Backing into the banister, her mind tries to comprehend the very existence of the creature outside horror movies.

Covered in seemingly black fur the massive creature stands on hind legs. Its brown eyes seem to glow as it raises its head sniffing the air. Sinking to the ground she tries to breath instead collapses onto the cold stone. Quickly lifting her limp body the creature disappears behind the curtains of her room. The world stops spinning and her body is against something warm and sold opening her eyes into his she panics and yelps attempting to crawl away. Easily capturing her ankle it slides her back, pressing her back to its chest. Opening her mouth to scream a large leathery hand covered her mouth and neck. Half closing its eyes the creature bends towards her sniffing her scent. The contact of its warm wet nose stills any movement she was about to make. Nuzzling her neck it inhales her scent then drifts down pulling the robe with it. The acid stench of fear radiated off her skin. Lapping against the base of her cheek it tastes her salty tears. Tasting her misery it quickly circles her then sits next to her.

Wrapping its arms around her it draws her closer. The dam of emotions breaks as she sobs uncontrollably; shifting her it tucks her face into its neck. Slowly the fear ebbs as the need for comfort overwhelms her. Surrounded by warm soft fur she sighs, it has been so long since she has been held. Even in this false sense of security she presses closer. Tired from the constant mental battles and physical beatings her body goes limp with the finality of her life.

Death didn't seem so bad at the moment, an easy way out of the long battle she was prepared to face with her abusive husband. Now this mythical creature was going to take her life, which is seemingly giving comfort. The scent of earth and pine wraps around her almost sighing metal scratches her cheek. Curiosity makes her bold, reaching up she finds a gold chain, fingering the delicate strand the charm slides down into her palm. Peering at it she recognizes the figure, Anubis, Judge of the dead.

Gently pulling away she lies on the floor hoping for a swift death. Lying before him with eyes shut she waits for the strike. Instead it begins to nuzzle her leg then licks. Bolting up in shock her legs lock; a deep growl fills the air. Hurriedly she lies back down in confusion. Soon it becomes apparent what it wants. The fear it tasted has disappeared but apprehension still poisons her sweet taste. It has wanted her for a long time, watching, waiting craving for the chance to reveal itself.

Gently cupping her legs it begins to rub against her. Causing her skin to tingle. Spreading her legs farther the wolf's tongue licks her dark bush. Gasping for breath she couldn't believe what was happening, as another shock of pleasure surges through her. Thrusting deeply inside her it tastes her essence making her weak and frighten, gripping its shoulders she moans. As the pleasure begins to mount she tries to push away. Grabbing her wrists the beast immobilizes her without disrupting its rhythm. Biting her lip she tries to control the sounds that escape her throat. The immense pleasure overrides logical thought. Her body became hot as the material of her clothes began to cling to her skin.

Carelessly throwing her legs over its shoulders she is lifted her until the tips of her fingers graze the floor. Her clothes block her vision as she struggles for breath. Frustrated she pulls off the obstruction panting then an involuntary moan escapes her. Clutching at his wrists she mews her stomach quivers then thighs begin to trembles. His claws caress her exposed flesh. Each stroke across her stomach tremors of delight pulses a more escapes, sending her further over the edge of lustful insanity. Sweeping aside her clothing it kneels on the floor bringing her knees to her shoulders then eases carefully inside her. Surprising herself she arches against it griping the fur, stilling the beast.

Full was about the only word that could come to mind for the moment, looking down she saw that there was more to accommodate. Looking up the fear began to show in her eyes as her body began to tighten. Easily it can rip into her causing pain and suffering. Slightly pulling away the beast thrust inside of her. Slowly working her body to take its full length a soft growl emanates from her, as she becomes lost in the sensations. Watching her it seems to smile as it concentrates on her pleasure. Tender skin sweetly flushed; gentle sighs and moans with each thrust of his invasion. Gripping his fur she unconsciously urges him deeper milking both his body and restraint. Tightly gripping him her nails dig into him as her body beings to quake.

Thrashing she whimpers "Oh, god."

Surrendering completely she causes him to lose control. Letting out a howl he erupts deep inside of her, screaming she follows. Her gown forgotten her hair was wild; the look on her face was pure lust and confusion. Bending forward to lick her shoulder, she pushes in protest.

"My legs are cramping."

Lifting her to her knees she is able to look in its eyes, as claws brush across her nipples and down her side. Bending towards her the beast licks the salt off her shoulders and neck. Whimpers escape from her, as his teeth graze her skin heightening her pleasure. Her arms cross her chest, unconsciously trying to stop the pleasure pulsing through her. Shuddering in surrender she leans into him.

Whispering "I'm going to hell for this."

Slowly gripping the fur it slipped between her fingers. The fur was black with the hint of brown highlights. Boldly she returns it caresses as she peeks over its shoulder while reveling in its fur. Her small hands glide over the chest, arms, and shoulders, up the neck smelling the hair then finally caressing the face. He smells like the cool night yet so warm to the touch. Soon she feels its hardness pressing against her leg. Lifting her the creature easily penetrates her. Gasping her nails dig into his shoulders. Looking in its eyes she saw something, an emotion that has haunted her since the day of the convention. Gripping her with one arm the beast lifts her off the floor, balancing her on its knees. Claws dig into her skin as sheets of sweat poured from her rocking back and forth. Electricity shoots through her body in bursts like a thunderstorm. Lifting his mouth to capture a nipple it pushes deeper inside of her. Locking her ankles around his waist she presses harder against him. Pushing her to the floor the beast continue driving inside her as she pumps against it.

Lifting her as if she was a rag doll, the creature turns her over to her knees, entering from behind. Sitting her straight, placing her hands on the bedpost it pounds into her. As his tongue licks her ear she saw their reflection across the room. It was an unholy sight; wet fur clinging to her skin as whips of her hair drip with sweat stinging her eyes. One massive hand on her thigh as the other squeezes her breast. Pushed to the very limits of its control the beast explodes, sinking its teeth into her soft flesh. Leaning forward she screams into the bed as the combination of pain and orgasms rack her body.

The night must give way to day as the moon sets in the west. The sun rises in the east chasing away the demons and hides the night secrets. Weak sunbeams peek through the bedroom curtains hitting werewolf causing the beast to grow smaller and the fur to burn away. The features of the wolf dissipate leaving behind the man.

Awaking to the sound of running water his eyes focus on the shambles of the room. Pieces of the night begin to surface in his mind as he cautiously rises from the bed. Her standing near the stone banister with a mixed surprised horrified expression then fainting. Bellowing steam pours out of the bathroom looking at the reflection of the mirror he is able to see inside.

Stretched against the tile wall. Her long hair plastered to her back as her hands spread open. Softly moaning the water soothes her cuts and bite mark. The rest of the night fell into place possessing her was not planned. He would never approach a human for mating; it was far too dangerous for his kind to mix with humans. Size and strength wasn't the problem the notion that humans weren't the only beings walking this Earth for many to take in. Sliding down she lays on the floor facing him he can see her eyes are vacant. Remorse fills him as he enters the shower. She as escaped in to a dark corner of her mind, far from the reality of him.

Pulling her into his embrace limply she settles against him. Pressing his nose into her hair he mummers his regret. "You must think of me as a monster." Kissing her crown, "I meant no harm to you." Silent moments pass as he strokes her arm. " I was weak and took you." Lifting her into his lap he needed to share his warmth against her clammy skin. "I will take care of you for the rest of your life and take no other. When you die so shall I." A tear blends with the streaming water.

There are rules, which were established long ago to guide them, the hybrid beast and human. Before the great prophet died for the sin of all there were men and women whom walked the earth, which served the will of the one God. One great man was Anubis, father of their great society creator of the Asimbabbar Law. A man whom was tale was made into legend then transcended into godhood.

His heart was breaking. He noticed her years ago, a dark haunting beauty. He knew of her husband's abuse and wanted to rip him into shreds. She is a warm funny woman; her eyes could light up a room and a contagious smile. But she was married to the ungrateful bastard full of jealousy and paranoia. A man that could disappear easily, like a pebble in the sand. Closing his eyes he holds her closer, never has he thought in taking another life before in cold blood. It was chilling but he knew he could do it for it was in justice of his love.

His heart-felt words penetrate her thoughts, as his warm touch sooth her anxiety. Moaning from sore muscles she kisses the hollow of his neck.

"You're not a monster."

Lightly twisting she groans, caressing her wounds she wonders how is she going to explain this. Shyly look into the eyes of her friend, Cesar Hernandez she bites her lips. He smiles then bends to lick her thigh. Before her eyes the scratch disappears. Tenderly he smiles as she looks in wonder.


He replies huskily "Yeah."

Slowly each scratch and bruise is tenderly kissed. No has ever tended to her before. Then with infinite tenderness washes her body. Soon her body was humming with anticipation. So long has she forgotten what it is to feel wanted. Moaning softly he carries her out of the marble shower. Patting the water from her skin he revels in her shy responses. Caressing her face he wants her again. But he must wait; she must initiate this time. It must be clear she wants him.

Cupping his cheek she turns to kiss him. Joy fills him as she seeks entry to his mouth. His arms encircle her in the sweetest embrace. Both moan from the contact but slow down.

Sadly she smiles "I want to but... I have to end my marriage. Then I need time to adjust."

Shaking his head he agrees then slips his necklace over his head to her. "Wear this. It shows you are protect by my kind."

The delicate charm settles warmly against her skin. Grinning like a schoolgirl she looks up with hope.

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