tagHumor & SatireMonsters of Las Vegas Ch. 01

Monsters of Las Vegas Ch. 01


It was a dark and stormy night. As many nights in Seattle were, particularly this time of year. So despite that it makes for interesting storytelling for what is about to happen, the truth of the matter was, the rain was almost completely and utterly banal. Things had been getting increasingly heated between Alan and Laura. They had been dating for several months, but Alan had always pulled away before their kisses drew too much heat. Then before there was too much groping. But tonight, insofar as Laura could tell, it was on.

She could feel Alan's erection against her thigh, as she'd felt it several times before. It didn't completely allay her fear that Alan might be gay. He dressed a little too well, kept himself a little too fit; his skin was just a bit too perfect, if not a bit pale. He had a definite aversion to the church, as those judged by it often will, and he was just so vain. Not that she could ever recall him spending too much time around mirrors, but he was always afraid to be in settings where lights would be too bright. He was so worried about skin cancer, to the point of obsessive compulsive. And he always claimed he looked better in indirect lighting.

But anyone her age that was still single who still had a full head of hair and had never been married was bound to have their quirks. She'd pondered them and decided they were not disagreeable to the point of not seeing him. She had consented early on to take things slow. He'd been burned before, hadn't he? And it must have been painful. He just had so many walls. Walls she was trying her best to scale and could just about see over.

Alan hissed through his teeth as Laura shook back her long, brown hair over her shoulder to get it out of the way of his pants, giving her hand free clearance to slide down the front. She loved her boyfriend, but even his cock in the heat of passion felt oddly cool. Still, her fingers encircled it and she started to pull at him as she kissed over his neck and then stretched her own out for him. She hadn't made out this much since she was a teenager, and Alan always seemed to just enjoy nuzzling at and licking her neck. He once spent a couple of hours doing nothing but that till finally she had to stop it. Not just because she was aroused, but also because she was starting to feel that skin pucker and prune like she'd been in the tub for too long.

Predictably, he went for her neck, nipping and sucking and licking at it tenderly. She'd never gotten this close with him before and she could feel her pulse quicken and her heart flutter as her chest heaved. Alan slid down a little bit on the couch and pulled her on top of him. Laura sat back a bit on his legs, balancing with her knees pushed deep under the cushions of the dark brown velvety sofa. She caught her reflection in the windows of her condo that looked out onto greater Seattle. Lightning flashed and her eyes were a bit dazzled as she looked back at her lover on the couch. For a moment it actually looked as if he had fangs as his mouth opened to groan in the pleasure of her touch.

She used her free hand to unbutton his burgundy dress shirt, exposing his pale, but decently muscled chest. His head pushed back a bit into the cushion and his head twisted to the side as if he were trying to muffle his moans. He bit at the throw pillow as her hand moved over his chest and then back down to his pants. She had still been working at him diligently before her free hand came down to release his length from the burden of his trousers. He had been so good, so patient, and she was afraid to initiate actual sex, so she thought perhaps he wouldn't stop a blowjob. What kind of man did that? A gay man. And usually not even those if it was done with skill.

She pulled his manhood over the top of his stretched white underwear and lowered her head down to the head of it. Laura's eyes flicked up to his face, which was still buried in the pillow, his chest was rising and falling with anticipation. It looked as if he wasn't going to stop her. Her hot pink tongue slid languidly from her mouth and slid over the top of him and then pointed a little to tease at his opening. Moving her tongue up and down his full length slowly, she felt him go rigid with pleasure and blew lightly, cooling his already tepid sex.

He moaned again, it was almost a gurgling sound, and so she finally engulfed his rigidity into her mouth and pulled him back into her slowly, now warming him with her own body heat. Her lips formed a light seal around him while also covering her teeth and while one hand steadied him, the other moved to fondle his scrotum. Alan's hips started moving a bit, trying to encourage her movements, urging her on to go faster, while one hand moved to the back of her head to force her to take her in deeper.

Laura let this go, if this was his first release that wasn't done by him in as long as they'd been dating; he deserved to be a bit piggish about it. She relaxed her throat and let him slide all the way in. She sucked and licked at him as his hand behind her head and his hip movements took over for what she was doing. It was hard to concentrate on not gagging, but that was all she really had room to do right now as he fucked her face. It actually turned her on a bit that her sweet man turned into such a forceful brute in the sack. Maybe this was what he had been "protecting her" from all these months. Perhaps he had voracious appetites in bed that would lead to humiliations and spankings. The idea made her almost swoon with desire until a feeling at the back of her throat that wasn't unlike swallowing cold oysters interrupted her thoughts.

It was incredibly difficult not to gag and even start to scream as the cool sludge slid down her throat, but she didn't have much room to move. His fingers were woven through her hair and held her head in a vice-like grip right where it was. She swallowed it down with much effort and then felt Alan shiver a bit under her. His fingers uncoiled as he released her and he pulled the cushion over his face as if he were ashamed of his actions.

Laura backed up a bit and let his cock slide from her mouth with a small trail of spittle that snapped when she got out of reach. "It's alright, Alan, I wanted you to. I wanted you to enjoy it. You shouldn't be ashamed. I rather enjoy getting a little kinky and aggressive," she cooed to him as she pulled back the pillow. She wouldn't have believed that the man could have grown paler, but now he looked, well, like death. And had he not blinked, she would have called 911.

Alan sat up slowly and smiled a little at her. There was another flash of light, and she thought she'd seen something pass over his face... something almost sinister, but there was nothing sinister about Alan. He was a bartender at a rather tame neighborhood bar. Just an ordinary guy who, as of right now, she suspected might enjoy rough sex. She smiled back at him; maybe he was going to tie her up! That would be rather exciting. She'd often had rape fantasies, hadn't she? A big dominating male taking of her what she wanted?

Alan leaned forward and kissed her forcefully now. His hands were cool and all over her body that felt like it was fevered. She slid back down to laying on the couch and mumbled airily, "I love you, Alan."

He smiled as his fingers slid back to unclasp her bra as he kissed at her neck and he nipped perhaps a bit too hard for comfort at her earlobe. "I love you too, Laura," he whispered back huskily. He went back to adoring her neck, which was usual and she was prepared to just enjoy the feeling of his teeth grazing at her when she felt his hand sliding down her body and pulling up at the skirt of her dress.

She couldn't believe it. Was it going to happen? Even if he just fingered her a bit it would be bliss at this point. She'd waited for so long! Her back arched into him as he kissed down over her collarbone and trailed his tongue over her. He bit at the top of her breast as it poked up over her low cut dress. The first nips were pleasurable but this last one stung a bit at first and she cried out. But soon he was sucking at her, licking at her and she felt nothing but the shuddering and pulsing of her own body. Her hips moved up and her legs spread as his hand trailed up her inner thigh.

She couldn't feel his erection, perhaps he was spent for that for the evening, but his body was easing it's way down hers and down the couch. Laura felt weak and desired and beyond pleasure and excitement. The only thing she could compare it to was when she was in college and got high and she and her roommate experimented a bit with each other. It had been so blissful and surreal and even so completely naughty. And like her roommate had, he slid from the couch and sat her up and spread her legs after carefully pulling off her panties.

His hands were so cool against the heat of her inner thighs. And Alan seemed to have so much confidence now that he'd never seemed to have before. Amongst her suspicions had been that maybe he was still a virgin, but it was clear he'd done this before when his thumb expertly found her clitoris and started to rub at it while his fingers slid into her. He kept pulling her legs further and further open to him. She felt like a whore on display for him, as if he couldn't get enough of looking at her hot sucking opening. She clenched her muscles around him, trying to suck his fingers further, deeper, and harder into her.

Her ass pushed up off of the couch as she struggled to keep pulling his fingers in. Laura moaned as he moved them out entirely and slid his hands under her ass. He pulled her body forward to the edge of the couch and plunged his face between her legs. It was a myriad of sensations. There was lips, tongue and even teeth all brushing against her clit, his tongue darted in and out of her and she felt a sharp sting at her clit that made her scream again, but then she felt him sucking directly at it as he slid three fingers in and out of her. The surge of pain and then the pleasure of the relief had started to her to buck at him. She stormed on as her fists balled up on the cushions of the couch. Her body shuddered and shook against him and she felt unable to hold on anymore, her body shivered and jolted and she came with screams and wails that she didn't even know where in her. She felt such pain and pleasure she didn't even know what Alan was doing anymore, just that she didn't want it to stop. Ever.

Her body felt lost, plunged into an abyss. She felt like her eyes were opened but she couldn't see anything. She was weightless and at peace, and felt oddly loved, but that she had somewhere to be. With a sudden thought she realized she actually was weightless. And that she really was looking down at herself laying there with her eyes open and her body limp. Alan was holding her and rocking her. His face turned up to heaven and was covered in blood and he was crying? That was curious. But she had to go, that white light was calling. "Thanks Alan, best fuck I ever had," she said as she waved and vanished into the beyond.

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