tagErotic CouplingsMore Dutch & Rosa Ch. 05

More Dutch & Rosa Ch. 05

byParis Waterman©

Chapter 5

Formerly Ch. 24

Rosa sells Dutch's house; Dutch Buys Her an Engagement Ring

The following day was an especially good one for Rosa; in the morning she had a family close a decent sized home that she had sold them and picked up a handsome commission.

But that afternoon she hit the jackpot. She had convinced Dutch to put his house on the market since they were now living together and it seemed that he would be staying for a while. When he readily agreed, Rosa felt almost euphoric, for that was another sign that he loved her and trusted her. He had floored her by insisting that she handle all the details and not bother him about anything until his signature was required. And he had not even read the papers he was required to read, just scrawled his name next to the "x's" provided on each sheet of paper thrust in front of him.

He had inherited the house from his parents and obviously had no idea of its worth; and as it turned out neither had Rosa. She had listed it at $250,000, just two days earlier and was stunned when a bidding war erupted between three couples over the property that afternoon. By five the price was up to $310,000 and she called Dutch.

"Dutch honey, have you got a minute to discuss the house?"

"Yeah, sure, what's up?"

"Well we seem to have some interested parties already."

"Parties . . . like more than one?"

"That's right," she began to laugh, unable to contain the giddiness she felt. "How does three different couples sound?"

"Three? That's weird. So what happens now?"

"Now? Now they are bidding the price up. What I need to ask you is if you're willing to take a risk here and put a time limit on their offerings. Like say... it's twenty after five... so let's say I give them each one more bid, a final bid and we'll accept the highest of the three at that time."

Not really caring one way or the other, thinking the amount involved was in the hundreds and not thousands, Dutch said, "Sure and then let's have dinner, okay?"

"Okay, baby. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised. I'll call you when it's over and we'll eat, okay?"

"Fine, I'll see you then... Oh, Rosa?"


"I really appreciate you're doing this for me. It's the right thing to do, you know? I mean unloading the place. I haven't been there in months and if much more time passed it would only get run down. I like the place well enough, but it takes time to maintain and time I haven't got."

They hung up and Rosa made the necessary calls to the other realtors asking for one more final bid on the property.

It was almost eight in the evening when Rosa picked him up at his office.

He opened the door before she knocked a second time and greeted her with a huge smile.

"No kisses, no hugs... the walls have eyes," he smirked, took her arm to lead them back to her car. Rosa gently removed her arm from his and took a step back, looking at him.

"I wasn't sure if you wanted me to meet you..." He started to say as he worked to straighten the knot of his necktie.

She stopped his words with her lips, dropping her handbag to the rug and kicked the door closed with the back of her foot. Her arms locked around him before he could remove his hand from his tie and his arm was pinned between their two bodies. She kissed him hot and long. Kissed him with a blind, unchecked, neck-racking fury; kissed him so hard that the tissue of her upper lip split on the curve of his canine tooth and began to bleed. The salt taste of her blood flared on their tongues.

Rosa twisted her head on the pivot their lips made, twisted left, then back to the right, then left again... she tried to core his face as if it were an apple, right again, left... she ground his mouth flesh with her own, moved one hand up to the back of his head and pressed his face hard against hers. All the while savoring the taste of her blood as it mixed with their combined saliva; her tongue forced its way past his teeth and arched over the surface of his tongue, moved from side to side in strong sweeps, drove deep into the warm depth of him, then deeper still.

Her fierce, hungry passion forced them one step further into the room, bodies welded together, the sheer material of her red dress crushed out of reality in the non-existent space between them.

Rosa felt the muscle of his tongue respond, come alive, rise up and push against hers, and she let him force his way into her mouth, plowing her hot tongue backward with his. As she took his tongue into her mouth, Rosa felt a sweet, wrenching release of surrender infuse the entire length of her body.

'Oh, god,' she thought, 'I need his cock inside me!'

Her knees buckled. She felt the moisture inside the warm depths of her hips. She sealed her lips around the circumference of his tongue, suckled hard, pulled him in as fiercely as she could; tried to turn herself inside out with the raw excess of her actions. She wrapped one leg, and then the other, behind his legs. His knees, their sole support, flexed slowly.

His strength lowered them gently to the thick carpet. They knelt, holding tightly, submerged in the dazzling hunger of that endless, furious kiss. Dutch reached behind her thighs. He lifted her slightly with his hands, made her legs extend straight on either side of him. Still they kissed. Her dress slipped up toward her hips, rode across smooth skin. Dutch leaned forward and lowered her backside onto the plush rug. He put his fingers on her shoulders and pushed gently. Rosa lay back on the rug. He brought her legs together, and she raised her hips to let his gentle hands take her panties away.

He spread her legs again. Rosa watched as he stood up, watched him remove his shoes and clothes. Pupils widened as she noted the still thickening length of his prick coming free and swaying, fully erect in front of his stomach as the last of his clothing was tossed aside. He knelt again. His eyes explored her. Panting with sheer excitement she watched him looking at her.

"So... how much did you get for it?" he asked a few minutes later.

"She felt as if his eyes were boring holes in her chest; had trouble forming intelligent words to respond. She had to whisper, "$352,000."

Recoiling in shock, Dutch gasped, "What!"

"They... each had one last offer. The couple from Finland offered $330,000. The ones from Santa Monica said $327,500, and the Florida couple, two guys, won with $352,000."

"I thought... maybe two-twenty five or so. I never imagined anything like this... you are some salesman Rosa."

"Saleswoman, dear," she smiled up at him, deliriously happy.

"Saleswoman of the year," he said and she saw the hunger in his eyes.

Rosa bent her knees, parted her legs more to let him see every swelling curve of her. Something told her to lie still, open and waiting. Dutch lowered himself to her, his lips a fiery fraction above the apex of her cunt. Then he tenderly drew one of her folds into a half-suck, half-kiss. Rosa tried to endure his feather light lips touching, touching... then she was over the edge!

Her spine arched; her head went back; her eyes fluttered, then shut; her neck muscles contracted and time became a blur of shattered seconds.

Rosa knew it was coming, but when it hit it was different than any other time. This was a fury of white sensation; electric, ripping through her body at a fantastic speed without letting up. It kept on... shattering any defenses she might have had in place to check it. Without thinking any further she let the reins of self-control loose and shuddered her way to a new, sparkling place.

Two hours passed.

Two hours near the door.

Things were knocked off tables. A chair was pushed three feet. A curtain was pulled and torn. Ice cubes melted in a plastic cup, and then that cup tipped over. Papers and a yellow pencil, once safe on the desk, were strewn on the floor. Then, worn and sweetly injured, like stragglers from an obscure battlefield, they limped side-by-side to the waiting car; forgetting dinner, obsessed with getting home. They got home had at one another again and then slept on soft white sheets. They woke around ten-thirty and showered together. Then filled the tub and tried to scrub each other with a white washcloth.

But nipples turned to hard erasers.

Things swelled.

Lips found lips again and feasted, and they made love once more, Rosa astride Dutch's lap, facing him. Dutch buried deep inside her. Arms sore from hugging, hugged again. And water splashed on the floor. She turned around, her wet shinny back to him, skin slippery, suds sliding down her dusky curves. She moved back on hands and knees, legs outside his legs, then reached between her thighs and centered him in the folds of her cunt.

"What?" Dutch exclaimed just before Rosa pushed herself back forcing him into her.

"I like it this way," was all she said, accepting him rather easily. She moved agilely up, then down, her fingers tight around his hard, thick shaft that surged in the water. He could see himself filling her. He grew longer and thicker and began to tremble under her urgent remonstrations.

Now that Dutch was reacting to Rosa's actions, the water began to splash over the rim of the tub. Before they finished they got out of the tub and leaving the water on the floor, retreated back to their bed where she mounted him once again.

In good time, she lifted off him and moved the top of his still very rigid prick to the opening of her bottom. She released him and reached out to a liquid lotion dispenser on the night table beside the bed. She pushed the silver plunger with the heel of her hand, filled her palm with cool cream, reached back. His hand touched hers, she tipped her palm.

"Mmmmmm," was all he said to this.

Then Rosa placed both hands on the head board, braced on all fours. She felt one of his hands press down on her lower back. A lean finger on his other hand moved at and then inside her. He massaged her slowly, stretched her; made her ready. Then Rosa reached around behind her and fingered him like a flute as his cock lay along the narrow of her ass. He heard her sigh . . . was it anticipation or resignation, he wondered. But she arched up and aimed his massive instrument to the jelly moistened, dark, prune-like hole.

Dutch realized he had been holding his breath and slowly released it. It sounded similar to Rosa's earlier sigh. His large hands clasped her rear and he looked up along her spine as his cock made its initial contact with her rectum and saw her shoulders twitch and her head burrow down into the pillow.

Rosa felt the push of his cock between her cheeks. She willed herself to relax, but she wanted him so much; lusted for him to ravage her back there . . . .

Both bodies trembled. Long delicious minutes passed as he began to mate with her asshole. She grew dizzy, faint, as her inside muscles began to accept the slow violation. Then both his hands hooked around her waist, forcing her back and down. His power began to slide into her, guiding fingers not needed now.


For the first time, Dutch realized that Rosa made different sounds when he was behind her; deeper, much more guttural in tone. And the view he had of their intercourse was unparalleled: he can see all of her -- all of himself -- until he disappears inside her.

Rosa's backside was now pressed hard against his grinding hips. Rosa had a vision of being impaled on his thick prick as it sloshed through her juicy innards until it choking her by surging to her throat. She knew this wasn't the case, for she felt him rocking back and forth against her buttocks, but the image would stay with her for some time to come.

She felt his testicles slap against her hindquarters and found she had taken all of him into her rectum. 'I never would have thought . . .' she told herself, and then hissed through clenched teeth as he slammed into her again.

Dutch was now laboring for breath. Rosa's breathing was even more ragged than his.

She felt his hand groping between her legs and tried to spread herself wider to grant him unlimited access to her privates.

His fingers scissored along her swollen clitoris and Rosa felt shock waves throughout her entire body as an intense pleasure erupted through her nervous system.

"YES!" She screamed. "MORE! MORE! MORE!"

And slammed her hips back at him in a futile attempt to engulf even more of his cock than he had to give.

"ARGHHH!" She grunted and her juices rushed out from between her legs. Dutch stopped moving and Rosa felt his cock pulsating in her asshole. But Dutch could see as well as feel and he watched almost entranced as her puckered asshole sucked him in then spat him out. He increased his tempo and caused Rosa to shudder and go to a place she'd never been to before.

And from behind her, Dutch moaned loudly and sent his seed spurting out to coat the inner fissures of her ass.

Rosa's whole being was concentrating on the cock still buried in her ass. With a tremendous sense of loss she felt it shrinking. Unwilling to loose the pleasure it provided, she willed her asshole to clench around his deflating prick. This only provided sufficient pressure to expel his cock from her hole.

Rosa cried out in despair as his cock exited her ass. Her eyes closed and her mind drifted in the euphoria of ecstasy.

Several minutes passed as they lay entwined spooning one another. And then she spoke, her voice ragged and hoarse.

"Let me up. I gotta go to the bathroom," she whispered and wobbled on shaky legs to the master bathroom. Her asshole seemed like the center of her universe and she reached back, forgetting that he could see her, and fingered the tender opening. His load started to seep out. Her finger slid in to stop the flow. She walked in to the bathroom and started to close the door.

"Leave it open," Dutch called out, and she did so as she squatted on the toilet bowl. It took her over a minute before she could pee and only after a long fart did she manage that.

"Sorry," she called out and felt herself flush in embarrassment. She wiped herself clean and returned to the bed and saw that his proud cock was now limp and inert. Dutch began to dress, but she continued to stare at his member until he had tucked it away in his briefs. Then she too, reached for her clothing.

It was a little after midnight and they found they were both starving and found a nearby diner and ate voraciously. Then back home and to bed after checking to see if Kathy was home.

As Rosa opened the bedroom door and looked in on her daughter, she was taken with how sensual yet innocent Kathy appeared and signaled Dutch to come over. Just as he got to the doorway Kathy rolled over and presented a great view of her golden fleeced pussy. He drew in his breath at her beauty and got hard instantly. Rosa felt him pressing against her and grew moist.

As if in the midst of a sexy dream, Kathy's hand went to a breast and caressed it lazily while her other hand went down to her pussy. Dutch's jaw fell open as her nipple hardened and her finger slipped inside her slit. Rosa, smiling, closed the door and taking him by the cock, led him into her bedroom.

"Be quiet, don't wake her," was all she said as she took him in her mouth and gave him a frenzied blowjob. After he climaxed they were too tired to go any further and fell asleep.


The following day at the hospital Dutch sought out Robert to ask about engagement rings.

"Engagement rings?" Robert asked with a knowing smile. "Why this is sudden. Is it anyone I know?"

"Cut the shit, Robbie, you know its Rosa. I sold . . . or I should say she sold my place for a bundle; and while I won't get the money until they close I think the time is ripe to do it. So do you know anyone in the diamond business?"

"Yes, I do Moe Shulman's place over on Rodeo Drive."

"That's money lane. Can I get a break there?"

"Sure you can, I operated on his daughter a year ago and he loves me. Sends me flowers, or sends them to Alice at least once a month. He's told us to come by anytime and ask for him, we'll get it at cost."

"That's you, I'm not you."

"Ah, we'll never go there. I'll call him and tell him you're a good friend and I'm sending you over.

And so it was that Dutch found himself at Shulman's Jewelry just before six. It was quiet, not much traffic as most people were just getting home from work and either eating or getting ready to eat.

Robert had called and made arrangements with the owner to expect Dutch, but even Dutch was surprised to be greeted by a dazzling blonde in a deep green dress.

"Mr. Perry?"


"We've been expecting you. I'm Marcia Dyes and may I say you come highly recommended."

"Thank you," he said but his eyes were centered on her cleavage.

"What style ring do you prefer?"

"Let me be honest with you," he said his eyes riveted to her breasts. It didn't seem to bother her at all. "I don't know a thing about rings, engagement or otherwise. I'm relying on you to help me out with this."

As he finished speaking, his eyes lifted and met Marcia's, they were green, the same shade as the dress. He wondered if it was contacts or nature, but she shifted position to bend forward and reach for a tray of rings in the counter below their waists, and he could almost see her nipples.

Rising up, she saw where he was looking and a smug smile crossed her face. It was a fleeting smile and no one noticed, but Marcia's confidence was bolstered. Her tits had never let her down, especially when a sale was involved.

"The prong setting is the one most often used to hold a solitaire. Solitaires being the most popular type stone sold these days." She held the tray out at chest level and Dutch had to will himself to look at the selection of rings before him.

Marcia continued talking. "Prong setting puts the emphasis on the stones and not the metal. It involves fitting the diamond in a metal head or basket and securing it with a minimum of three prongs or metal claws. The purpose of any setting is to hold the diamonds securely in the mounting and at the same time allow light to enter the diamonds for maximum brilliance. The shape of the prongs can vary. They may be rounded, elongated or pointed. There are many decorative variations of this setting style."

She paused to catch her breath then went on, "The more metal used to hold the diamonds, the more secure they are; the less metal used, the greater the chance for the diamond to reflect light. For this reason, platinum is often the metal of choice for diamond solitaires. The ideal prong tapers to a rounded point. . . ."

Half listening, Dutch wonder what kind of point her nipples came too, and then struggled to concentrate on Marcia's words.

"It should be smoothly finished, diminishing any chance of the prong snagging the threads of your clothes. The prongs should also be placed at the key points of the stone, typically at four corners or at four, five or six points evenly spaced around the stone, to offer security without interfering with the stone's brilliance," she demonstrated this by pointing to the various types before them on the tray.

"Believe me, it can hold large diamonds securely, and a woman values that. Imagine losing the stone down the sink drain, or while swimming." She was looking at him staring at her breasts and allowed herself another smug smile.

"Settings with six prongs are more secure than those with four prongs. This setting allows diamonds to be more easily cleaned than the other styles. It can be used to set any type of gemstone, no matter how fragile it is."

"All right," he said interrupting her. "That's what I want, the six prong, yeah, the six."

"Well, if I may provide just a little more information Mr. Perry, this style may not provide as smooth of a ring surface as some of the other styles. For example, it does not protect diamonds as well as other styles since it leaves most of the girdle are exposed."

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