tagGroup SexMore Dutch & Rosa Ch. 13

More Dutch & Rosa Ch. 13

byParis Waterman©

Chapter 13
Formerly 33 & 34

8/14/99 - Molly Meets the Rourk's

Molly was nervously biting her fingernails when Dutch pulled up in his dented Volvo. She slipped into the passenger seat and looked straight ahead, not saying a word, not reproaching him for being twenty minutes late.

He noticed this and decided he'd better apologize.

"Hey, Molly, I'm sorry about being so late. It's not like me. I'm usually early, but I got tied up in a rather unusual situation."

She glanced over at him and pulled the hem of her flowery dress down below her knees.

"I can't go into all the details... confidentiality, you know, but I now have a date with another woman on a weekly basis."

"Is..." Molly spoke for the first time, "is Rosa aware of this unusual situation?"

"No, not yet, but I'll tell her first chance I get."

She gave him a reproachful look.

"I'm serious," he said, putting the Volvo into gear and pulling away from the parking space. "I've already called her, but she's out with a client. Hey, that's why I'm here instead of Rosa."

He wondered why he was feeling guilty when the Van Sciver thing had just happened. It wasn't as if he'd been spying on them. The thought crossed his mind that he had indeed been spying on them. He had opened the locked door hadn't he?

He cleared his throat and asked Molly if she had any preference in stores for their shopping spree.

"No, Rosa told me she knew just the place to go. Didn't she tell you?"

"Yeah, but I...I've never been into any of them. I was just thinking that you might have a favorite."

"The Rourk's are your friends, you should know what's expected, not me."

It was the first time Molly had ever stood up for herself, if that was what she was doing. It had been a very mild rebuke and could easily mean that she was totally reliant on Dutch and Rosa to guide her through the evening. He thought nothing of it.

"I think you'll enjoy the Rourk's," he said.

"Molly turned to face him, saying, "You and Rosa have been intimate with them haven't you?"

"Um, yes, sure, I thought you knew that."

"No one told me anything. I've drawn my own conclusions. Her hand moved and rested lightly on his knee. "Don't get me wrong. I love the both of you. I'll do anything you want me to do."

"Hey, now," he said trying to reassure her, "We're not getting you involved in any white slavery or anything like that."

She laughed and he felt good hearing the light tinkle in her voice. "I know." She squeezed his knee, "actually I'm looking forward to it. I've never been with a black man before."

"How about a black woman?" Dutch asked.

"You know Rosa is the only woman I've ever made love to."

He reached the intersection of Wilshire and Cienega and was surprised to find a parking space waiting for them. They got out and he was pleased to notice several men glancing at Molly as she lithely stepped out of the car.

They went into a dress shop first. Dutch had his orders from Rosa as to what kind of dresses to select. Molly just went with the flow.

"That's a great dress," he said, pointing to one in the window. "That would look terrific on you."

"Want me to try it on?" Molly asked.

He nodded and she took the dress into the dressing room. When she came out he saw the bra straps. "Molly," he said evenly, "take off the bra and let's see what it looks like then."

When she came out, he noted how prominent her magnificent breasts were, as they strained against the fabric of the dress. Her nipples poked at the bodice, compelling anyone in her vicinity to stare at her magnificent chest.

She turned to Dutch, seeking his opinion.

His voice caught in his throat. "M...Molly, you are absolutely radiant." He finally stuttered.

"I can't believe the transformation. It's not the dress; it's you in the dress.

She stood in front of the three mirrors, her face glowing like a prospective bride, and stuck several poses before looking over her shoulder at him. "It's funny, Dutch, you know I don't think I'd feel comfortable wearing this."

He beckoned to the saleswoman, hovering nearby. "We'll take this one."

"Yes sir," the woman said, "will that be cash or charge?"

"It will be charge, but we're not finished. Molly would you mind trying a couple of these on?"

"Oh, sure," she said and with a wide smile began pondering her next selection.

"And Molly?"


"When you go in the dressing room, lose the panties."

"You think?"

He smiled at her. "I think. You won't need them, not with these outfits."

The saleswoman, about fifty, coughed politely next to him, letting him know others were within earshot.

He nodded at her as Molly, shaking her ass provocatively, took another dress into the dressing room.

She sauntered out, now obviously having experienced a dramatic mood swing, providing Dutch with a steamy smile as she twirled around causing the skimpy dress to flare up enough to provide Dutch and the saleswoman a brief glimpse of her shaven pussy.

"My goodness," gulped the saleswoman who thought she had seen everything by this time.

"What is it?" Dutch asked her.

"Nothing sir," she said, averting her eyes, "Nothing at all."

As if reading her mind, he said, "Figured you'd seen it all 'eh?"

"Something like that, yes sir." And wiped her brow with a tissue she had tucked in her waistband.

"This is a special girl, you know? I want her to look sensational tonight, sensational, understand?"

"I understand, and may I say with what you've selected thus far she will be, believe me."

"Good, then why not help her accessorize? I'm lost in that department."

When they left the store an hour later, they carried four stylish bags containing the two dresses two pair of high heels, and assorted jewelry, bracelets, necklaces, and decorative rings. Without question, Molly would never have chosen them had she been left to her own devices. But she was thrilled beyond words at the attention she was receiving and appeared to be a new person. Her depressed attitude had vanished.

He couldn't wait to tell Rosa; then he laughed out loud. He wouldn't have to tell her a word, one look and she'd know.

Next, he squired her to the hairdresser Rosa had told him about. They were on time and Molly sat down with all the demeanor of a queen; and was treated accordingly by the very attentive staff.

Two hours later, Molly was transformed. Not that she hadn't been a looker to begin with, but her bad marriage had caused her to forget how good she could look if she set her mind to it.

After all the fussing over her, Molly felt like royalty and glancing at the slight bulge in Dutch's slacks grew wanton and her desire for sex there and then almost overpowered her.

"You and Rosa... you're taking me to meet these people... I'm going to fuck them tonight, right?"

"That's right. That is, unless you don't want too."

"Oh, I've never been hornier, Dutch." She said and reached for his appendage.

"Give it ten more minutes, baby," he said, his voice low and gravelly, oozing with testosterone.

"No way I can wait that long," she hissed in his ear, her tongue laving his lobe.

"Then start without me. Someone's gotta drive this fuckin' heap to Rosa's."

Without another word Molly removed her slacks and to his surprise, revealed a pair of black net stockings held up by a lacy black garter belt.

Dutch looked on through narrowly-slitted eyes at the thin thong apparatus that held the garter belt in place and groaned, almost losing control of the car as Molly began to rub her swollen labia slowly and gently. In less than a minute, she had parted the thick, fleshy folds and run her finger in the slit between. She began to quiver, her nipples erected, her voice lost in little mewing whimpers.

"Mmmm . . ."

Dutch hurriedly found a place to park, not caring about passersby, only that he had to do something or go crazy with desire. It wasn't long before Molly went over, plunging into a delightful orgasm. Her lips opened and closed as her sphincter spasmed under the tutelage of her determined fingers.

"Was it good?" He croaked.

"Ummm, very nice, "she panted. "But I still want you in me."

His hands flew to his fly and almost damaged his prick in his haste to get it out into the air. She reached between them, grabbed his swollen cock and pulled it to her flared opening. She didn't wait for him to plunge in. She thrust up, engulfing and capturing his cock in her wet, hungry pussy. The instant that his glans passed her lips and plopped inside she came again.

Dutch croaked once more, "Oh baby," he managed to get out,"I love to watch you as you fuck me. I can't wait to see Robert's black prick spearing you." Then he realized that he may have crossed a line with her and the initial stage of a great panic swept over him.

But then, she started moving again, more intensely than before, slamming her pelvis into him and after capturing her breath managed to pant into his ear, "I love fucking you...I love that hard cock of yours...I love Rosa's tongue licking me and I'm sure I'll love your friends black cock and her black tongue too."

The immense relief that rushed through his system also brought him to the cusp of his own orgasm. "Oh fuck baby, I'm going to come!"

"No, no!" she cried. "Not yet!" And she stopped thrusting at him. But it was too late. She felt his cock swell to unimaginable proportions and then spew his semen along the walls of her vagina until they coated her cervix.

That sensation brought on Molly's final climax and she collapsed against him. In the afterglow of lovemaking, with her head nestled on his shoulder, Dutch tenderly asked her if she wanted to go through with the evening as planned.

"We can call it off anytime you know," he told her as his hand absentmindedly caressed her cheek.

"A girl doesn't get this kind of opportunity very often, Dutch, baby. I want to do it. It should be a fun evening, one that I'll never forget. I need a memory like that. And, by the way, I'll never forget this afternoon either."

They kissed and he fixed himself, tucking his shriveled penis back into his pants as Molly tugged her slacks back up and gave him a huge smile.

"Let's go," she said, "we can't keep our friends waiting.


When they arrived at Rosa's Rosa was waiting with a big smile. "How'd it go, Molly?"

"I feel like a movie star. The clothes are so glamorous, and look at my hair, it's never had sheen like this and the styling... I never, ever thought...."

"You look good enough to eat and if we have time I will," Rosa said gleefully.

Molly laughed and through her arms around Rosa. "I should. After the shampoo, color and set, a manicure, a pedicure and, would you believe I had my legs waxed?"

"You've never had that done before?" Rosa asked.

"Never! I couldn't afford it first off and second I had no reason, that...."

"Forget him," Dutch said, "He's history."

"He's right honey," Rosa chimed in, "I have a present for you. I'm so sorry I wasn't able to take you around myself, but I hope this makes up for it."

Molly accepted the small package, saying, "You shouldn't have," but obviously delighted to receive it and Dutch and Rosa watched as Molly eagerly tore it open.

"You know," she said babbling over with excitement, "I meant to tell you, Dutch here was such a doll, escorting me everywhere and they treated me like a queen... I just can't thank the two of you enough, and...." she finished opening the package and discovered a small bottle of French perfume, one that she had seen advertised and had desired for the longest time.

"Oh, this is..." she began to cry.

"Hey, hey," Rosa said, "don't ruin that makeup."

"Oh, oh... you two are the dearest...." And she dissolved in tears while hugging first Rosa and then Dutch.

Later on, in the bathtub, Molly completed her final grooming. She shaved the sparse, brown pubic hair on her vaginal lips and shaped the tuft above her cleft into a perfectly symmetrical, small triangle, similar to that of Rosa's.

Then after a glass of wine, they all dressed and headed to the Rourk's.

Dinner went well. Molly's entrance was a sensation, with both Robert and Alice 'oooing and ahhing' over her dress, good looks and demeanor.

But Molly was puzzled when Robert excused himself to 'make a few calls' but when another glass of wine magically appeared, Molly put his leaving out of her mind, preferring to envision her hostess, Alice, in the nude kneeling between Rosa's legs while she got behind the lightly skinned black woman and prepared to taste her, front and back.

She was rudely shaken from her day dream by her sexual victim herself, when Alice inquired if she would be kind enough to move from the table to an armchair in the next room.

Placing her half-filled glass on the dining room table, she rose and felt her legs wobble unsteadily for the first few steps before she regained her stability and made her way to the chair without further incident.

"I have a few questions to ask of you, Molly." Alice said with a smile.

"Sure, fire away," Molly replied.

"As I'm sure Rosa has told you, I'm a lawyer and in that capacity I need to probe your reasons for coming here this evening."

"I don't think I...."

"It's simple, really," Alice went on as if Molly hadn't opened her mouth. "We're fairly high in LA's society, Robbie being a surgeon and me having... well, our reputations to protect."

"I have a good reputation myself," Molly said, surprising everyone.

Alice couldn't help but laugh. Molly was right. They had brought her here, she didn't ask to come.

"You are so correct," Alice said with a smile. "So let me ask a few pertinent questions of you. I'll cut to the chase, as it were."

"Fine," Molly responded as she clasped her hands on her knees.

"What's your favorite position?

Molly glanced at Rosa and Dutch before responding, and then said, "Well, I like every position. When I'm lying on my back and he's... you know when he's between my legs... I like that."

Alice smiled. "Oh yes, that would be the missionary position. Do you put your legs over his shoulders? Do you clasp your legs around him and lock your ankles? Or, do you put your feet flat on the bed so you can push up against him?" Alice asked, and felt herself growing wet.

Molly was squirming in the chair, trying to get comfortable before answering. She crossed her legs and tantalized everyone in the room as the final inches of her black netted stockings and two inches of tanned thigh were exposed.

She looked directly at Alice and said, "I like all of that. Sometimes I put my legs over his shoulders. Sometimes I lock my ankles around his waist and sometimes I have my feet flat on the sheets so I can push against him."

"How about doggy style? How about riding on top?"

She thought about the question then answered, "I like both of those positions. I guess I've never really thought about positions. It doesn't matter to me. When I told you that the missionary position, as you called it, was my favorite . . . I should have said that I like all positions. But I'd like to add that I really don't have all that much experience."

Alice pursed her lips before responding. "You don't? Would you mind explaining that to me?"

"My marriage... wasn't so great. I mean we did a lot of things... in cars and movies...."

"Movies? You made movies with your husband?"

"Oh, no, I meant we did it at the movies. I mean, in the theatre, and at the drive in. And I masturbated him at a Rams game once. He... we had this blanket and I thought it would be cute. He didn't like it so much, I mean, he let me finish him off, but then he got surly, worried that he might have stained his trousers." She bit her lip as the memory of that moment played out in her mind.

An amused Alice interrupted her to ask, "And oral sex, what about oral sex? Do you like it when he goes down on you... do you like to be eaten?"

Both Dutch and Rosa knew the answer to that one, Molly absolutely loved it. She loved getting eaten, didn't care whether it was male or female going down on her, she reveled in it either way.

"Don't all women?" Molly asked shyly.

"Molly honey, we're not talking about other women, we're talking about you. Do you like to be eaten?"

"I like to be eaten," she answered, her voice flat with resignation, denoting no excitement, although she was worried silly that her juices would soon be running down her new stockings.

"Do you love to be eaten?"

"Yes, Alice, I love to be eaten." Molly seemed exasperated, uncrossing her legs and then crossing them again, in the process providing Alice with a glimpse of pussy, seemingly glistening with her juices.

"How about giving head? Do you enjoy giving a man a blowjob?"

"I guess, she said, licking her lips." It seemed to Dutch that Molly was getting impatient with the grilling and wanted nothing more than to get on the orgy.

Alice, ever the attorney, frowned and rephrased the question. "Okay, okay let me ask it this way. Does it turn you on when his cock is in your mouth? Do you play with it with your tongue? Do you try to drive him crazy?"

"Yes, yes and yes," Molly admitted with a slight grin.

"Do you find my questions amusing? Alice asked.

"Well, kind of. I mean, if you want to know if I'm agreeable to fucking your husband and you, I am. I'm going to do it and if Rosa and Dutch want some of me that's fine too. The more the merrier. My total experience isn't much I'll grant you that. I've only done some of the things you're asking me about once or twice and very recently at that. My husband wasn't an expert in lovemaking. What's more he stopped fairly soon after we were married. I suspect, but could never prove that he was fooling around with many other women while neglecting me. But I'm not a whore. Don't misunderstand me. I want to experience those things and probably many other things that I haven't dreamed about. Okay? Have I been clear enough on the subject?"

"Are you excited right now?"

"Oh, yeah. Nervous and excited," she said looking at her hands in her lap.

Suddenly Alice's tone changed, and using a dominant tone, told Molly, to stand up.

Rosa gave Dutch a look of concern. He whispered to her, "Alice told me she was going for a dominant theme with her and unless she really resists, she'll continue and we're supposed to go along."

"I don't know," Rosa replied in a whisper, "She came prepared to screw everyone here, but this might be taking it to extremes."

"She knows what she's doing and so far she hasn't done anything to harm Molly. I won't let that happen, you know, I like her too much to see her hurt."

Rosa, placated for the moment, nodded and returned her attention to Molly and Alice.

"I said up! Stand up!" Alice said without really raising her voice, merely emphasizing her enunciation of each syllable.

Molly hesitated, then with a small frown, uncrossed her legs and pushed herself up out of the upholstered chair.

In a much softer tone, Alice said, "Turn around, sweetie, let me get a look at your fabulous body."

Molly complied, but felt a little stiff as she turned around. The new shoes with their six inch heels didn't make it any easier.

"Very nice, you look terrific. Now show us your boobs."

Alice's request didn't catch Molly by surprise. With a furtive glance over at Rosa and Dutch she slipped the spaghetti straps off each arm and the top of her black dress fell to her waist.

"Oh, I will say, Molly you have a great pair of tits," Alice cooed. "Are they very sensitive?"

"I guess so," Molly answered quietly.

"Pinch those luscious nipples for us, baby."

Rosa watching intently noticed that Molly's breath was ragged. Molly's hands involuntarily cupped each breast. Then the thumb and forefinger of each hand pinched and pulled on each suddenly turgid nipple. She looked from one breast to the other and ran her tongue over her lips.

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