tagLoving WivesMore Dutch & Rosa Ch. 15

More Dutch & Rosa Ch. 15

byParis Waterman©

Chapter 15
Formerly chapter 35

Enter the Three Studs

Molly, ever the innocent, hadn't dreamed this would happen. Rosa was surprised, still in the last throes of her climax, she was satisfied with the nights events and had just thought about getting home and looking in on Kathy.

Alice reacted with a broad smile, licking her lips as the strange men were being introduced. She always craved cock and new cock was a special delight as far as she was concerned.

Big Mitchie was a huge black stud, with a ring through his nose and when he lowered his tight pants the reason for calling him big became readily apparent. His cock was unquestionably a foot long and getting hard.

Long Dong Silver was a Hispanic, swarthy of complexion, but handsome in a rugged fashion. And as he too dropped his slacks, the woman all gasped, for he was even longer than Big Mitchie.

All three women looked to the "Tool," a white male, some six foot five and roughly 245 pounds of mostly muscle; almost fearing what they would see hanging between his legs. He just smiled at each woman in turn.

"My name's Dan, Dan Riggins," he said calmly; then deliberately turned away from them, looking back over his shoulder at them as his pants dropped around his ankles. Knowing full well their eyes were fixated upon his back, he spoke to them.

"I bet you'll love what you see when I front you ladies. I'll just bet you'll love it. Now who wants me first? I know you've seen my friends here, but let's make a game of it. Who'll say they want me sight unseen . . . and remember my nickname is the "Tool."

Rosa found herself shouting, "I will!" and won a virulent smile from all three men.


"Great!" He replied, and turned to face her. He was holding his incredibly thick appendage in his left hand, almost as an offering to her. Rosa's eyes bulged from her head. He was thicker than Dutch! He was at least five or six inches longer than Dutch! She immediately concluded that he could never fit it all into her and that if he tried he would rip her to pieces.

"Um," she began and stopped, staring at his gigantic prick. Rosa was not alone in this, for all eyes were on him and her at this point.

Alice was wondering how many time this man could go before he softened. She cared not about the possibility that he might tear her insides apart.

Molly kept looking from one to the next; admittedly lingering upon "The Tool" a little longer than the others, but a strange hunger for all their cocks started in her belly and spread throughout her body. She started to drool and was unaware of it, so fixated was she with the three prize specimen's of male prowess in front of her.

Dutch found himself wanting to laugh at the situation. Here he and Robert had almost fucked themselves out and he knew that after watching these men in action that both he and Robert would find themselves renewed in a short time; that they would in all probability join these studs in fucking the women, fore and aft and that all three women would be walking bowlegged the next day, that is if they could get out of bed.


Meanwhile, "The Tool," nudged Rosa with his massive instrument and pointed to the dining table across the room. Rosa of course was still nude and she slowly backed up eyes riveted upon "The Tool" until her thighs made contact with the dining room table.

Alice rushed over and quickly removed the flower arrangements and candle ware, clearing the table for them and when she'd finished, Long Dong Silver placed his hands on her shoulders and moved behind her causing her knees to melt when his 12 inch cock rubbed against the cheeks of her ass. All the others stood by, waiting for the performance to begin and there wasn't anyone who didn't consider what was about to happen a performance.

Rosa was now sitting, or rather leaning back from the edge of the table, her legs spread wide. Dan "The Tool" stepped in between her legs and thrust his face into her crotch, tongue-fucking her. The onlookers heard her loud, approving moan. Rosa's hips bucked and writhed. She clenched his hair with one hand, moving his head around in her crotch. With her other hand, she squeezed her breasts heightening her excitement.

After several minutes of slurping the frothy lather pouring from Rosa's cunt, "The Tool" raised his head and the others began to laugh, for it appeared as if "The Tool" was making one of the milk commercials so popular at the time, his mouth having a frothy white moustache from Rosa's bodily fluid. Grinning inanely after seeing his reflection in the large mirror across from where he stood, he licked it away, and asked Rosa if she was ready.

"Fuck me," she gasped. "Fuck me hard!"

Raising her legs high and wide on either side of his broad chest, he deftly maneuvered his prodigious prick to her opening.

Rosa, feeling him at her entrance, fumbled for his cock, found it and inserted him. "The Tool" shifted his hips slightly and surged into her about six or seven inches.

"Oh, Jesus fucking Christ!" Rosa screamed, terrified he had torn her vagina to pieces.

"Are you all right?" He asked tenderly. And after taking a moment to assess the damages, and finding none, Rosa answered, "Let's get it on, big boy! Come on fuck me!"

Dan laughed and urged his cock in even deeper, eliciting yet another, but more primal moan from Rosa's lungs.

Dutch had his arm around Molly's waist. She in turn had his testicles in the palm of her hand. Both looked on with concern as they saw "The Tool" flex his buttocks, and gradually force his substantial spear even deeper into her. Rosa whimpered, but it was a happy whimper and Dutch along with Molly began to relax for the first time since "The Tool" had penetrated Rosa.

Dan "the Tool man" began to fuck her with steady back-and-forth strokes.

"Fuck me," they heard her say, her voice rasping and harsh. "Fuck me hard, man! Fuck my cunt!"

He was already pounding her into another world. A world of exquisite sensation coupled with a lush series of color that she felt she had coveted her entire life without ever seeing.

His buttocks flexed once more and he flowed into her; most of his long, thick cock disappearing into her as he collided into her cervix, tilting it slightly before wending his way into her womb.

Rosa saw a galaxy of multicolored stars and gasped as her head arched back. "The Tool" shifted into high gear, fucking her rapidly; his buttocks twitching, flexing and then unflexing, jerking and thudding back and forth.

Rosa voice was loud, sharp and ragged. Her body snapped and jerked under his fierce lovemaking. Her legs had never been higher, almost wrapped around his neck. Once again she flung her head back as "The Tool" jerked his hips back and forth, ramming himself almost out of her now bubbly, lathered cunt and then all the way in until she moaned in a delirious manner.

No one else had made a move toward fucking anyone else. All eyes were focused on the rampaging couple on the table.

"Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!" She groaned happily. "Ohhhh, yes baby, yes ... fuck me!"

"Ugh! Here bitch, take this!" 'The Tool' roared and slammed into her from a slightly different angle, which happened to drag his mammoth prick into and over her "G" Spot.

Rosa came hard and kept coming. She realized she had become insatiable and didn't care. She wanted him to keep fucking her until she died.

"Fuck me harder! C'mon you bastard shove it in!"

He did.

"Yes!" Rosa whimpered.

'The Tool' was sweating profusely, droplets flew in every direction. Alice caught one on her tongue and almost came as she touched her self while savoring his animalistic abilities.

"Ohhh yes!" Rosa shrieked.

"Yes, ohhh God yes!"

"Take it... take it you whore... take my cock... take it you bitch!" "The Tool" snarled.

"Mmmmm yes!" Rosa whined, as she attempted to spread her legs father apart. "Ohhh God yes!"

He maintained his unbelievable pace, bringing her to one orgasm after another, holding off, not even close to coming himself. He simply cleared his mind and called upon his reserve strength to carry him on.


By now the floor of the adjacent living room was a tangle of writhing, gasping, heaving bodies. Molly was on the floor on all fours, sucking a Robert's black cock while Long Dong Silver, AKA Enrico Suarez, fucked her cunt furiously from behind.


Alice was occupied with Big Mitchie, trying to take his prodigious cock down her throat as Dutch worked his own thick prick into her very receptive asshole. Alice's face twisted in both agony and ecstasy as Big Mitchie began slapping her face with his hose-like member. He signaled Dutch, and Dutch pulled out of her and lay on his back. Alice promptly inserted him back into her ass. Then Big Mitchie moved between her legs and with a brief grunt, pressed his thick prick between her cunt lips and deep inside her with the one thrust. Dutch pulled her face to his and kissed her as Big Mitchie drove his black prick into heretofore unknown territory within her pussy.


Across the room, Rosa lay sprawled over the dining room table, panting and still undergoing minor orgasms within her ravaged cunt. It was obvious even then that she would need assistance to walk from the Rourk's home later on. But for now no one paid the least bit of attention to her as they were all engrossed in debaucheries of their own.


Molly was half twisted on her side, her upper leg raised high, while Long Dong Silver brutally fucked her cunt. She found herself gasping and moaning; jerking and almost snapping in half under his thrusts. But through it all she maintained her grip on Robert's cock, sucking him greedily.


Big Mitchie and Dutch established a viable rhythm as they fucked Alice together, their cocks sawing in and out of her cunt and ass alternately. Alice jerked and thrashed her lithe body between theirs. She turned her face to "The Tool," who had approached her from the left side, holding his slimy member out to her mouth. Alice sniffed and readily recognized Rosa's fragrant sexual aroma on it and enthusiastically took him into her mouth and seconds later, deep into her throat.

"Three cocks," she told herself. "Three cocks – in me all at once, I'm in heaven!"


Molly pulled Robert from her mouth and looked up at him. "Can . . . can you put it up my ass?" she asked, wanting to emulate Alice, several feet away from her.

"I think..." Robert said, and while Molly watched dispassionately, he gestured to his male counterpart that they should rearrange her. And so, hugging her from behind, Robert's shaft found itself wedged against the crack of Molly's ass. He squeezed his hands between Molly and Long Dong Silver's bodies and held Molly's firm, pliant breasts.

She sighed as Long Dong Silver's cock entered her wet, spongy cunt.

Robert nibbled the lobe of her ear, causing her to giggle. He tried to move his hands around on her breasts but Long Dong Silver's arms got in his way. So he contented himself with running his thumbs over her nipples.

"You guys gonna fuck both my holes?" She asked, not realizing she was already half way to her fantasy.

Twisting her body, Molly forced Robert to shift back a little, and looked over her shoulder at Robert's sleek, black body and smiled.

"You guys have the nicest cocks..." and promptly raised her rear so Robert could take a bead on her puckered brown spot.

He was in her immediately, bouncing her forward.

"Oh yeah! That's it! Fuck my ass!" Molly panted, still looking over her shoulder.

Her rectum had already been used earlier and so Robert had little difficulty in wedging himself further inside her.

"Jesus that feels good!" She cried out as Robert sent his black prick surging along her anal canal.

"Wait, wait, wait!" She wailed, and he halted his thrusting, fearing he had inflicted pain and not wanting to do so.

"What is it? Did I go to far to fast?" He asked, and realized she was holding Long Dong Silver's prick in her hand, never having stopped jerking upon it.


Alice was in awe. Three cocks to play with. At the moment all three hovered in front of her shimmering face. She gave them a Cheshire like grin then reached down and pulled her cunt lips wide.

"Yes, c'mon Tool...put it in...all of it! I want all your cocks in me," she panted.

They all chuckled. Slowly, "The Tool" guided his cock to her cunt and squeezed his enormous cockhead through the moist portals of her pussy. She grunted with obvious discomfort as the bulging cockhead popped into her vagina. As far as Alice was concerned his cock felt like a blazing torch, sizzling its way toward her womb.

She recoiled in semi-shock and gasped loudly, "Jesus Christ it's big!"

Still she retained enough sense to grasp the other two cocks and bring them close to her sensual lips. Big Mitchie's was first into her mouth as she laved her tongue over his foreskin, enjoying the presence of an uncircumcised prick in her mouth.

On the third long suck on his cock, her cunt spasmed on "The Tool" clamping down on him like a hot, wet, tight vice and "The Tool" flung his head back and gasped in delight, thinking her cunt wonderful, he thrust hard and sank deeper into her soft, velvety cuntal walls.

"OHHH, YES! OH, GOD YES!" she moaned.

Taking the prick from between her lips, she moaned, "Shove it all in!" Oh, God Yeah, shove it all in!"

"The Tool" answered in kind, twisting and thrusting until his entire length was inside Alice's cunt.

She resumed sucking the two cocks confronting her, first Big Mitchie's and then, Dutch's. Alice decided they were equally perfect and hoped they wouldn't come for a long, long time.

The Tool paused to savor the exquisite heat of her cunt and its powerful contractions on his invading member. Alice's hips writhed and ground in slow, heavy circles, her cunt spasming on his cock. His face craned in delight and he groaned at the wet heat of her slit.

Beneath him, Alice's face contorted in a rictus of lust, her back bowed taut. Her fingers cupped his balls, squeezing gently. "The Tool" moaned loudly and Alice countered with a whimper of her own.

A moment later Alice giggled inanely, and holding both Big Mitchie and Dutch, took both their pricks and fed them into her painfully stretched mouth.

She whimpered as she sucked, teasing two sets of balls as The Tool drove his monstrous instrument in and out at an ever faster pace.

"Gonna Come!" "The Tool" proclaimed, and pulling his prick from her clutching cunt, sent long ropes of come over her ass and lower back.

Alice shuddered at the loss and used one hand to squeeze her left breast, rolling it under her palm while the other hand maintained its hold on Dutch and Big Mitchie's dicks.

Realizing her cunt was devoid of cock; she pulled a prick from her mouth and gazed glassy-eyed upward to see who its owner was.

"C'mon Big Mitchie, fuck me . . . fuck me hard," she muttered and quickly replaced Dutch in her mouth.

'The Tool' made his way back to Rosa to ensure that she was all right.


"No, no. I don't want to come yet." Molly blurted out. "I didn't know I was gonna be there so soon."

All three paused at that point and waited until Molly gasped, "Just gimme a minute, please, just a minute and I'll be ready again. Long Dong, are you set to fuck my other hole?"

"You bet I am," he responded, waiving his thick member in her face.

"Try sliding under me," she rasped and he did so, finding it easy as Molly had positioned herself on her hands and knees. Long Dong Silver placed his cock into her cunt and Molly smiled lewdly and leaned forward to nip at his nipple.

"How are you back there?" she asked Robert.

"I'm ready if you are," he replied.

She giggled and followed with, "All systems go!"

Robert's prick was already in motion, slithering back into her well lubed ass. One, two, three strokes and he was almost fully embedded in her ass.

"Whew! That's so nice," She whispered. "Now you Long Dong!"

Long Dong Silver sent his long prick soaring into her vagina, feeling the pressure of Robert's cock on the underside of his own.

"Oh... oh... yeah! Two cocks! Oh yeah, fuck me!"

The position was awkward, and everyone's legs were in the way, but they shimmied around, this way and that, shifting the angles.

"I'm such a slut. I'm a slutty little cunt," Molly mumbled as she shifted back and forth, causing Robert's testicles to tap lightly against those of Long Dong Silver's.

Both men grunted noncommittally, preferring to ignore the contact. And gradually, they established a rhythm, with Robert pushing into her ass, urging Molly toward Long Dong Silver, and then Molly began to ease back and forth, causing both cocks to slide in and out of both her holes.

By this point, Molly had closed her eyes and was quietly reveling in the weird sensation of having both holes filled at the same time.

"I love your cocks," she whispered, over and over. "I love your cocks."

Long Dong Silver urged his cock to move a little faster and a little deeper while Robert tried to hold onto what gains he had made and remained as deep inside Molly's rectum as he could.

Molly began to groan with appreciation. "Oh, oh, Long Dong, honey, oh, Robert!

"What, baby? Robert asked as he tried to go deeper into her anal recesses.

"I'm gonna come, guys! I'm gonna come!" And her face twisted in a tight grimace, her eyes pinched shut and her teeth clenched.

Molly grunted several times and collapsed on top of Long Dong Silver, her body gone limp.

"Molly?" Long Dong Silver said.

She didn't answer. She didn't even move.

"Is she all right?" Long Dong Silver asked Robert, knowing he was a doctor.

"Let me get off her," Robert said and eased his lubed cock from her ass with a soft "poof."

They moved away from her and Robert examined her. Molly's face had a peaceful look to it, her lips in a gentle smile.

"She's all right," he said and patted Long Dong Silver's on the arm. "We'll have to fuck someone else if we want to get our loads off." And both men looked around the room.


Alice was in love with the snug, full feeling of Big Mitchie's prick as it plunged in and out of her snatch. Rock hard and burning hot; she felt it throb and pulsate inside her flesh. She wound her legs about his back and swung her hips in a hard circle, mashing her cunt into him.

Dutch knelt with his knees on either side of her head, feeding his thick member into her greedy mouth as she sucked upon him harder than ever before. And he grunted in delight, "Ohhhhhh baby, yes that's it!"

Big Mitchie also grunted as he slid slowly out of her, pulling out till only the very tip of his prick remained inside her. Alice gasped at the loss of his massive cock, already mourning the departure of the thick veined, rough skinned shaft that had been rasping over her "G" spot seconds before.

He held himself out of her for a long moment waiting for her whimper and when it came he thrust into her again, grinding down with a fierce roll of his hips, entering her repeatedly, yet each thrust came from a different angle.

Alice released Dutch from her aching jaws and cried out; her head jerking and craning to one side, her back arching steeply, her face twisting as the huge cock went in and in and in, probing the deepest recesses of her cunt.

And then Big Mitchie resorted to his slow fucking technique, rocking his hips in a measured rhythm. His cock glistened and shone as it emerged and disappeared into her cunt. His buttocks flexed and unflexed. His gargantuan instrument throbbed in and out of Alice's spasming cunt. He fucked her unhurriedly. Her cunt was a fiery glove, enveloping him. She thought his cock magnificent and moaned deliriously, her head flipping from side to side in ecstasy, her hands on her breasts,

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